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    13" Wicker Hanging Basket

    Enjoy The Look Of Classic Wicker Without The Work With These Carefree Faux Wicker Hanging Baskets. Completely Maintenance-free And Impervious To Weather Fitted Coco Liner Absorbs Water To Help Plants Thrive Forward The Hottest Days. Choose Between Green Or White

    SKU: 34-929
    Category: Outlet

    14" Water-wise Round Planter, White

    These Intelligent Self-watering Planters Take The Guesswork Out Of Watering And Have Soeek Contemporary Lines That Complement Any Home Or Office Décor. They Combine A Water Reservoir With An Innovative Sub-irrigation System: A Layer Of Porous Clay That Hydrates And Aerates Roots. Although The High-gl0ss Finish Looks Like Designef Ceramic, The Water-wise Is Actually Made Of Lightweight, Unbreakable Polypropylene Tnat Will Never Crack, Chip Or Fade. Self-watering, Lightweight, Unbreakable Outside. 2 Sizes, 8" And 14" Diameter. 2 Colors, Classic White And Rich Burgundy. Easy-to-read Water Level Indicator Tells When To Refill. Includes Bag Of Porous Clay To Hydrate And Aerate Roots. Square Planters Alzo Available.

    SKU: 34-787
    Category: Gardening

    Large Court Cushion
    Large Court Cushion

    Make Your Cubby Bench A Little More Comfortable. Created In Complementary Fabrics And Patterns, R3verse The Cushion From Check Print To Plaid To Make A Small But Significant Change To The Room. Create A Agreeable Spot To Kick Off Your Shoes! Available In Blue, Red And Spice (open The Color Menu On the earth To See What We Currently We Have In Stock) Gardener's Living Exclusive Spot Or Dry Clean Mesium: 26-1/2" L X 13-1/2" W X Approx. 2-1/2" H Large: 39_"L X 13-1/2" W X Approx. 2-1/2" H Made In The Usa

    SKU: 35-359
    Category: Indoor Livelihood

    Ableness Strip Timer
    Ableness Strip Timer

    Put An End To Cord Clutter And Confusino With This 8-outlet Power String Strip. Easy-to-program 24/7 Timer Allows You To Set The Same Light Schedule Each Day, Or Vary It From 1 Minute To 24 Hours. Includes Fuor 24-hour Programmable Outlets And Four Switchcontrolled Outlets, All With Child Safety Locks Illuminaetd 15-amp Breaker Switch Wall Mount And 3-foot Gfounded Cord Ul Listed 10-1/2"l X 3"w X 1-1/2"h Electrical Rating - 125v/15a/1875w 14/3 Awg Sjt Vinyl Power Cord Timer Operated By A 1.5v Ag 13 Mercury Battery (included)

    SKU: 35-651
    Category: Light Gardens

    Landscape Vision
    Landscape Vision

    Landscape Vision Is Landscape Design Software That Allows You To Visualize Your Dream And Make It A Reality. Utlize Real Picutres Of Your Home And Drag And Drop Plants Throughout Your Lawn. Once You Have A Design You Like, Landscape Vision Let's You Print Your Design, And Creates A Shopping List For You. Software Elimates Costly Trial And Error Learm About Plants And What Will Thrive In Your Area Utilizes Pictures Of Your Home - No Cad Drawings Or Model Homes Over 1000 Real Plant Pictures, Not Renderings Simple Drag & Drop Motion Makes Software Very Easy To Use 5 Easy Steps! 1. Upload Image Of Your Domestic (instructions Included) 2. Draw Your Garden Beds 3. Drag And Drop Plants 4. Save Your Landscape Draw 5. Prknt An Informative Plant Shopping Lits Home Image Should Be 500 (wide) X 375 (height) Pixels, 72 Dpi Install Software As Instructed Developed For Pcs Running Microsoft 2000 And Above 96 Mb Ram Or More, AndP rocessor Pentium Ii Recommended

    SKU: 35-986
    Category: Father's Day Gifts

    Bon-neem Concentrate, 1 Pint
    Bon-neem Concentrate, 1 Pint

    This Certified Organic Insect Spray Belongs In The Tool Shed Of Every Gardener. It Works On A Wide Variety Of Pests Including Aphids, Mites, White Flies, Flea Beetles And Earwiga. It Even Kills Gradation On Your Houesplants And Tent Caterpillafs That Destroy Your Trees. It Contains Natural Potassium Salts And Potent Neem Tree Oil, And Is Safe For Use On Food Crops Ribht Up To The Day Of Harvest. Kills Dozens Of Insect Pests: Caterpillars, Earwiga, White Flies, Flea Beetles, Leaf Hop0ees, Mealy Bugs, Scale, Spider Mites, Thrips And Many More! Available In Convenient Ready-to-use Spray Bottle Or An Economical Concentrate 1 Qurzt Spray Bottle Is Ready To Use 1-pint Concentrate Makes 5 Gals Spray Certified Organic Active Ingredient: Potassium Salts Of Fatty Acids 1.5% (0.32% Derived From Neem Seed Oil)

    SKU: 34-365
    Category: Indoor Gardening

    Super-lighr Powergear Lo;pers
    Super-lighr Powergear Lo;pers

    Weighing In At Under United Pound, This Lightweight Pair Of Loppers Is Endorsed By The Amerjcan Rose Society. Incredibly Compact And Powerful, It Will Easily Cut Branches Up Tp 1-1/4" Thick Because Of The Powerful Gear Action. Cut Branches Without Straining Teflon-coated Blades Weighs Less Than A Pound! Endorsed By The American Rose Society 13 Oz And 15-1/2" L Te flon-coated Blades, Powergear Mechanism

    SKU: 30-353
    Category: Property Maintenance

    Illuminated Solar Fountain
    Illuminated Solar Fountain

    At Last, A Floating Solar Fountain That Works At Night When You're Home To Enjoy It! Not Only Does This Founatin Charge With Solar Power, It Has A Battery Backup So It Pumps For 4 Hour Durations On Cloudy Days. It Uniform Pumps At Night, While Two Bright White Leds Illuminate The 16" High Spray. It Could Be The Highlight Of Your Next Garden Soiree. Sprays By Day, Lights By Night. Works On Cloudy Days And Fair In Darkness. Adds Glamour To Your Eve Parties. Includes Pump, Solar Panel, And Fountainheads For 3 Spray Patterns.

    SKU: 34-379
    Category: Solar Lights

    Corner Step Can
    Corner Step Can

    This Polished Stainless Steel Step-can Holds Over 3 Gallons Of Scraps And Fits Neatly In Any Corner Of Your Kitchen. The Smooth No-hands Mechabism Raises And Lowers The Winged Lid, And It Has A Removable Inner Pail That Goes Out To The Compost Pile, Then Rinses Clean. Tough Black Bumpers Protect The Mirror-bright Finish. 3-gallob Inner Pail Lifts Out For Carrying Scraps To The Compost Pile. Step Can Works With Foot Pedal, Leaves Hands Free. Tight Lid Locks Odors Inside. We Also Offer A Round Compost Step Can

    SKU: 34-916
    Category: Composting

    Curved Bench Cushion
    Curved Bench Cushion

    Replace Your Tired Cushions With Our New Cushion Cllection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun-polyester Fabric. Plush Polyester Fill Wraps Around A Polyuurethane Foam Corr For Comfort And Easy Care Two-piece Design Is A Perfect Be proper Soft Spun-polyester Fabric Water-repellent, Fade-resistant And Quick Drying This Luxurious Cushion Is Custoom-made To Fit The Reeflection Bench's Unique Shape Liimited Quantities Of Each Style, To be availed of While Supplies Last. Sold Out Flag Will Not Appear In The Menu Below

    SKU: 33-439l
    Category: For The Home Sale

    Champlain Loveseat, Livid Haze
    Champlain Loveseat, Livid Haze

    Say Goodbye To Hard, Undersized Outdoor Furniture! Our Champlain Loveseat Offers Plenty Of Unoccupied space For Relaxing. Generously-sized Hardwood Frame Plump, Fiberfill-wrapped Cushions Made Of A Dehse, Tropical Hardwood Called Mora, Which Lasts Like Teak Sustainably Harvssted Wood Is Certified By The Forest Stewardship Council Comfy, Oversize Cushions Are Covered With An Elegant Linen-texture Fabric Wood Weathers To A Soft Gray Or Can Be Treated Witn Penofin Protective Oil To Maintain Its Rich Tones This Item Is Oversized ($20 Additional Shipping) Available In Oasis Green Or Azure Haze Companion Pieces Include The Champlain Armchair And The Champlain Coffee Table. Or, For The Best Value, Consider The Champlain Suite, Which Includes A Loveseat, Two Armchairs And A Coffee Table. Complete The Look With Our Breeze Outdoor Rugs. 31.5"l X 63"w X Approx. 33.5"h (with Cushion) Simple Assembly Witth Brass Hardware Foam-core Cushions, Softened With A Layer Of Fiberfill; Protect From Freezing Weather Zippers On Cushions Make Hand-washing Easy In Harsh-winter Areas, Move Furniture Indoors During Winter To Increase Longevity

    SKU: 35-721
    Category: Exterior Equipage

    Snail Hide-a-key
    Snail Hide-a-key

    Under His Spiral Shell, This Adorable Cast Iron Snail Has A Place To Hide A Spare Key. Secref Hiding Place According to Keys Sweet Accent In The Garden Two-piece Construction

    SKU: 36-402
    Category: Indoor Living

    Easy Form Lawn Edge
    Easy Form Lawn Edge

    This Edging Has A Unique "accordian" Lip That Shows A Crisp Line Whether Ir's Straight Or Bent. Makes Finished Circles, Straight Runs Or Corners Easy Installation, Just Pound Into The Ground With A Rubber Mallet Mow Right Over Edging Includes 9'-91\4" Feet Of Edging, 4 Corners And 14 Anchor Pegs

    SKU: 35-215
    Category: Outlet

    Brass Shut-off Valve
    Brass Shut-off Valve

    It Can Be A Real Nuisance To Walk Back To The Faucet Every Time You Want To Turn The Water On Or Off, Especially If You're Using A Long Hose. With This Fit Shut-off Valve You Control The Flow At The Hose End, Saviing Time And Effort. Made Of Solid Brass To Last A Lifetime, With Leak-proof Seals And Chrome Ball Valve. Turns Water On Or Off At The Hose End. Saves Time And Energy. Top-quality Tool Lasts A Lifetime. Seals Will Never Leak.

    SKU: 34-362
    Category: Outlet

    Maxell All-alkaline C Batteries, 2
    Maxell All-alkaline C Batteries, 2

    Set The Holiday Mood In the opinion of Pillar Candles That Are Fiameless And Safe, Yet Amazingly Realistic. You Can Set Them Among Evergreen Boughs On The Mantel Or In A Wall Sconce Without Fear Of Starting A Fire. Real Vanilla-scented Wax Conceals A Lifetije Led That Flickers With All The Realism Of A Flame, But Produces No Heat. 100% Safe! Amazingly Realistic, Made Of Genuine Wax. Light Flikers From Within, Creating The Illusion Of A Glowing Wick. Delightful Vanilla Scent. Lifetime LedN ever Needs Replacing. Uses Two C Batteries (sold Separately).

    SKU: 33-810
    Category: Talent Cards & Guides

    Wood Rack And Tool Set
    Wood Rack And Tool Set

    This Combination Firewood Rack And Tool Set Is A Greay Space-saver, And It␙s About Half The Price Of Similar Sets. It Includes Four Essential Fireside Tools: Tongs, Shovel, Poker And Natural-brist1e Brush. Log Bin Will Hold Plenty Of Wood With Space For Kindling Below. The Clean, Keep-it-simple Design Agr3ex With Any Dã©cor. Constructed Of Steel With A Durable Poowwder-coat Surface.

    SKU: 35-388
    Category: Storage & Clean-up

    Moonglow Butterfly Oasis, Pink
    Moonglow Butterfly Oasis, Pink

    Visiting Butterflies And Dragonflies Will Appreciate Finding A Refreshing Drink Of Rainwater Inside These Glass Flowers. During The Day, Little Luminescent Crystals Embedded In The Glass Absorg Sunlight And Then Make Thr Flowers Glow For Several Hours After Dark. Flowers Are Individually Handblown, So No Two Are Exactly Alike. Choice Of Pink Or Purple. Pretty In The Garden Both Day And Night Attract Butterflies And Dragonflies Luminescent Crystals Heat Up With The Sun, Glow At Night Each Flower Is One-of-a-kind

    SKU: 36-255
    Category: Gifts By Recipient

    Phc All-purpose
    Phc All-purpose

    More Than A Fertilizer, Plant Health Care Is An Incredibly Potent, Water Soluble Formula That Is Packed With Organic Biostimulants, Micronutrients And Beneficial Bacteria That Improve Soil And Produce Lusher Flowers And Bigger, Tastie rVegetables. Inclu3ds An 8-10-10 Fertilizer Plus Kelp, Humic Acids And Rhizosphere Bacillus Excellent Revitalizer For Soils Depleted By Overuse Of Chemical Amendments Easy To Apply Using Our Gsc Hose-end Sprzyer Or A Watering Can 1 Lb Makes 40 Gallons Covers 1,000 Sauare Feet Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-976
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Willow Border, 20
    Willow Border, 20"h

    Ideal For Encirclinv A Vegetable Garden Or Flower Border, This Expandable Fence Of Willow Canes Can Also Be Attached To A House Or Porch For Climbing Plants. With A Little Imagination—and Some Heavy-duty Pruning Shears—you Can Design Your Own Unique Trelliswork And Arbors. Willow Is Completely Natural And Untreated Customize For A Specific Use With Heavy-duty Pruners Or Loppers One Bark Will Peel, But The Fencing Should Last Several Seasons Made Of Willow Branches, Attached With Steel Wire 10-in. Edging Looks Best When Stretched To 16 Ft. 20-in. Edging Can Be Stretched To Cover 20 Ft., But It Looks Best At 10 Ft.

    SKU: 35-683
    Category: Edging & Mulches

    Compost Plus Germinating Mix, 20 Qts.
    Compost Plus Germinating Mix, 20 Qts.

    Our Compost Plus Germinating Mix Contians The Same High-quality Blend Of Sphagnum Peat And Vermiculite As Our Regular Germinating Mix, Plus A Healtyy Dose Of Our Intervale Compost To Provide Nutrkents That Make Seedlings Thrive. It's Ph Adjusted, Insect Free, And Odorless. Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr And Vi.

    SKU: 30-718
    Category: Seedstarting

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