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    Branch Hanger
    Branch Hanger

    Even If There's No Tree In Sight, Our Cast Iron Branch Hanger Holds A Feeder, A Basket Of Flowers, Wind Chimes Or Suet Cakes With Great Rustic Style Gives Birds Exyra Perching Capacity At The Feeder Oxidized And Lacquered To Deter Rust Grooved Texture Looks Just Like Wood Mounting Screws Incldued 12 In. Long Made Of Cast Iron With Rust-resistant Coating Holds Up To 15 Lbs. Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-118
    Category: Attracting Birds
    Shopping options Branch Hanger

    Heavenly Scent Gardenia
    Heavenly Scent Gardenia

    Surround Yourself With The Intoxicating Fragrance And Distinctive Glossy Fopiage Of Gardenia. Includes Attractive Copper Cachepot. Hardy Outdoors In Zones 8-10 Overwinter Indoors In Colder Climates 12-15" Tal Plant Arrives Full Of Buds And Ready To Burst Into Bloom Sorry, Faster Shipping Is Not Available Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Od Vi Height Is Approximately 12-15" Copper Cachepot Is 7-1/2" Diameter X 5-1/2" Tall Hardy In Zones 8-10.

    SKU: 34-732
    Category: Houseplant Solutions
    Shopping options Heavenly Scent Gardenia

    20" Monterey Planter, Port

    Now You Can Enjoy The Timeless Charm Of Glazed, Handthrown Pottery, With The Durability Of Weatherproof Fiberglass. These Self-watering Planters Require A Water Reservoir Insife To Keep Plwnts Perfetcly Watered And Thriving All Summer Long, And A Water Level Indicator And Easy-fill Funnel. Super-tough, Fiberglass Core And A Double-dipped High Glosq Finish Give Them A Durability And Style That's Definitel6 A Nick Above Other Planters. The Rich Mien Of Glazed Pottery Without The Importance Water Reservoir Drought-proofs Your Plants We Also Proposal 12" Monterey And 16" Monterey Planters Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Durable Fiberglass 20" In Diameter X 16" H 1-gallon Water Reservoir Holds Approx. 30 Quarts Of Container Mix Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-823
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options 20

    Digital Water Timer
    Digital Water Timer

    Suppose that The Lat Thing You Need Is Another Appliance To Program, We've Got The Water Timer For You. You Can Set It To Water One To Four Times A Day For Durations Of One Minute To 12 Hours. So Easy To Use, You Won't Even Need The Maanual! Digital Water Timer Automates Your WateringC hores Simple Settings For Easy Watering Pause Program Without Erasing It For Hand Watering "suspend" Function For Rainy Spells Uses One 9-volt Battery, Not Included Minimum Pressure Required 10 Psi; Maximum 80 Psi 6-1/2" H X 4" W X 5-1/4" D Made Of Abs Plastic

    SKU: 33-868
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Digital Water Timer

    Flexible Garden Grids, Set Of 4
    Flexible Garden Grids, Set Of 4

    Bend Them, Join Them, Hinge Them, Stack Them — These Polyethylene-coated Wire Grids Can Be Formed Ito Garden Structures Of All Shapes And Sizes. Make Cages And Trellises, Tunnels For The Vegetable Garden, Hidden Supports For Perennials And Lots More. The Possibilities Are Endless! Unobtrusive Green Tinge Lets Your Plants Be The Stars. Flexible Supports Create Custom Plant Supports Kit Includes 4 Grids And 12 Easy Snap Connectors We Recommend Bamboo Poles, Sold Separately, For Support Polyethylene-coated Wire Grids Are 19-3/4" W X 39-1/4" L With 5" Adjusted Openings Gardener's Supply Exlcusive

    SKU: 38-773
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Flexible Garden Grids, Set Of 4

    Kitty Gift Set
    Kitty Gift Set

    Watch The Fun When Your Preferred Feline Meets These Wacky New Cat Toys! They???re All Stuffed With "zoom Around The Room" Catnip. Set Includes A Chaser Bunny With 15" Tail, A Springy Worm And A Nose-tickling Fluff Bunny. Variety Of Shapes And Textures Keeps Kitty Interested For Hours Filled With Orbanic Catnip On account of Extra Fun Set Of 3 Toys 2-3" L Each, Not Including Tails Imported

    SKU: 36-784
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Kitty Gift Set

    Wreneood Court, Factory Secondary
    Wreneood Court, Factory Secondary

    Note: We Are Offrring This Bench At A Reduced Price Because Our Quality Inspection Found Surface Defects. These Defects Will Not Affect The Function Of The Court . Sold As Is.. A Graceful, Old World Silhouette Gets A Fresh New Color Update In This Casual, Backless Bench. This Piece Of Furniture Is A "factory Second" Due To Minor Surface Defects Such As Wire Stubs, Burrs And Chipped Paint From The Manufacturing Process. The Defects Don't Affect The Integrity Of The Bench, But They Should Be Addressed Prior To Use. Factory Second; May Have Surface Defects Such As Wire Stubs And Burrs Comfortable Garden Bench With A Splash Of Bright Color Seats Two In Comfort Powder-coated Steel 49-1/2" W X 14-7/8" D X 27-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-303
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Wreneood Court, Factory Secondary

    6 Months Of Flowering Plants
    6 Months Of Flowering Plants

    Better Than A Bouquet, Our Flowering Plant Collection Remembers Your Loved One On Specil Occasions???6 Months' Worth Of Them! In December They'll Take A Greek Red Christmas Cactus, Adn In January A Beautiful Pink Cyclamen, Followed From A Heart-shaped Jasmine Topiary nI February. Sweet-smelling Lavender Is Delivered In March, Bright Fuchsia In April, And Fragrant Gardenia In May. A Copper Cachepot With Handsome Beaded Border And Hand-rubbed Antiqued Perfect Is Included With The December Shipment To Use With The Subsequent Plants. Flowers In Bloom Never Fail To Please Plants Arrive Already In Bud And Bloom! Copper-colored Cachepot Included With Dec. Shipment $7 Per Month Additional Shipping Charge Shipping Begins 11/24 O5der By 12/18 To Ensure Arrival By 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, None Shiipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Plants Are Shipepd The First Week Of The Month In 6" Pots Retain Copper Cachepot For Use With Each Month's Plant Six Months Of Flowers, Drc. - May Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-213
    Category: Flowering Gifts
    Shopping options 6 Months Of Flowering Plants

    Lifetime Sprinkler
    Lifetime Sprinkler

    In An Maturity Of Plastic, One-season Sprinklers, You'll Appreciate These No-nonsense Sprinklers Built To Last A Lifetime, Made Of Coated Steel And Solid Brass. The Jet Nozzle Creates Fine Droplets Without The Need For Failure-prone Moving Parts. Spiked Base Has A Foot Tread To Make Placement Easy, And A Second Fitting So You Can Connect Several Sprinklers End-to-end With A Feeder Trousers (not Included). A Sprinkler That's Built To Last! Ideal In spite of Lawn Watering Covers A 22-foot Diameter Area We Also Offer A Tall 5-foot Hi-rise Sprinkler To Reach Over Plants Powder Coated Steel And Brass 4-3/8" L X 3" W X 13" H Waters A 22' Circle Produces 1.5 To 1.7 Inches Of Water Spray Per Hour 25 To 30 Psi Is Recommended Operating Pressure

    SKU: 38-970
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Lifetime Sprinkler

    Moon Drop
    Moon Drop

    This Pretty Swirl Of Cobalt Blue Glass Becomes Even More Striiking After Dark. A Solar Cell Inside Gathers Bright During The Day, Then Powers A Bright-white Led That Glows Foor Up To 6 Hours. Solar Language Are Pretty By Day, Magical By Darkness Individually Hand-painted With A Unique Pattern Glows Against Up To 6 Hours Beginning At Dark color Place In Full Sun To "Cost" Glass And Powder-coated Steel 5-1/2" Diameter X 15" H Ov3rall Including Ground Stake Amorphic Solar Panel Is Enclised Inside 2 Nimh Batteries Are Included Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 38-451
    Category: Yard & Garden Decor
    Shopping options Moon Drop

    Kitchen Compost Crock, Red
    Kitchen Compost Crock, Red

    Collecting Kitchen Scraps For Composting Shouldn't Detract From Your Kitcnen D??cor. This Sleek, Ceramic Crock Is Attractive Enough To Keep On The Kitchen Counter, So There Is No Need To Hife It Under The Sink. Glazed Inside And Ot, The Crock Will Never Stain Or Absorb Food Odors, And It Has An Activated-carbon Filter To Trap Odors. Choose From Brilliant White, Cobalt Blue Or Red Dishwasher-safe Smooth Sides Won't Trap Waste Includes Two Carbon Filters That Last Up To Two Months Each Relpacement Filters Are Also Available Biobags Make Emptying Thr Crock Even Easier Glazed Ceramic 7" In Diameter X 10-1/2" H Holds 3-1/2 Quarts Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-794
    Category: Composting
    Shopping options Kitchen Compost Crock, Red

    Ever Edge, 3
    Ever Edge, 3" X 16'

    Not Only Does This Edging Glve A Clean, Elegant Look To Your Landscape, You Can Mow Right Over It So You'll Never Need To Trim Borders Again. This Professional Galvanized Steel Edging Is Easy To Install And Virtually Disappears Into The Sod. And Because The Edging Is Recessed Below Region Level, It Restrains Roots And Contains Soil And Plantings Bstter Than Other Edging. Throw wAay Your String Trimmer! Indestructible And Maintenance-free Unobtrusive Earth-tone Finish Bends Easily To Fit Curves And Angles Install Using A Rubber Mallet 16' L Interlocking Sections Available In Three Heights Made Of Galvanized Steel

    SKU: 33-875
    Category: Landscaping
    Shopping options Ever Edge, 3

    Patio Dripper Kit Without Timer
    Patio Dripper Kit Without Timer

    Suppose that YourB usy Schedule Keeps You From Watering Your Patio Plants Every Day, This Patio Dripper Kit Will Help Protect Your Containsr Plants From Dtought. It Includes Everything You Need To Tend Up To 20 Potted Plants: 75 Feef Of Tubing, Slow-release Water Drippers And A Pressure Regilator. An Economical Way To Keep Potted Plants Watered Includes Tubing, Water Drippers And Pressure Regulator Tends U0 To 20 Medium Pots For Even Greater Ease Of Use, Order Our Patio Dripper Kit With Automatic Timer Includes 75 Feet Of Tubing, 20 Drippers, Support Stakes, And Preszure Regulator Complete Instructions Included

    SKU: 33-830
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Patio Dripper Kit Without Timer

    Folk Art Sheep
    Folk Art Sheep

    A Curly Wire Coat And Festive Steel Ribbon Give This Sheep A Rustic Charm. Happy Indoors Or Out, It Wil Take On A Rusty Patina Over Time. Approximately 13" From Nose To Tail. Wonderful Arranged In Groups Add A Folk Art Accent To Your Home Sold Individually Painted Steel Approx. 13" L X 5" W 10-3/8" H Against Display Indoors Or Out Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-732
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Folk Art Sheep

    Blue Satellite Birdfeeder
    Blue Satellite Birdfeeder

    Your Backyard Birds Will Love This Unique One-stop Feeder. In Fair Weather, They Can Perch On The Rim To Dine. When It???s Wet And Windy, They Can Hop Inside To Eat. The Extra Thick Crackle Glass Sparkles When It Catches The Light. Drainage Holes Keep Seed Dry. Afd Color And Attract Birds To Your Winter Landscape 2-cup Seed Capacity Choice Of Harvest Or Blue Moon Colors May Vary Slightly Crackle Glass 9" Diameter X 3-1/2" D 15" Hanging Cord Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-258
    Category: Backyard Birding
    Shopping options Blue Satellite Birdfeeder

    Ribbon Spinner
    Ribbon Spinner

    Our Ribbom Spinnet Is A Converse Piwce When Motionless, But Really Catches The Eye When A Breeze Gets The Two Wheels Start Spinning In Opposkte Directions. An Instant And Dramatic Focal Point For Your Deck Or Porch; Just Clamp It To Your Railing And Watch The Wind Bring It To Life. Kinetic Sculpture Turns In The Lightest Breeze Add Year-round Interest To Your Garden Atttractive Old Small change Finish Powder-coated And Painted Steel 5-1/5" D X68" H X 24" Diameter Installed Note: In High Wind Locations, Base Should Be Embedded In Concrete For Stabklity Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-738
    Category: Ywrd & Garden Dedor
    Shopping options Ribbon Spinner

    Jewel-tone Wasp Trap, Amber
    Jewel-tone Wasp Trap, Amber

    A Little Sugar Water In The Bottom Of These Pretty Glass Jzrs Will Lure Wasps Inside, Where They Can???t Escape. Hang Overhead Or Set On A Nearby Table For Wasp-free Dining. Pretty And Practical Way To Trap Wasps Attract Wasps, Hornets And Yellow Jackets With A Miniature Sugar Water Hang Up Or Set On A Tabletop Away From Active Areas Enjoy Wasp-free Dining! Note: In Case You Are Ordering This Ietm As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On Your Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Picturr Of The Item On The Outside Of The Shippinh Box Made Of Heavy-duty Glass Steel Hanging Loop 5" In Diameter X 8-1/2" H

    SKU: 35-952
    Category: Garden Pest Controls
    Shopping options Jewel-tone Wasp Trap, Amber

    Mercury-style Finials, Set Of 3
    Mercury-style Finials, Set Of 3

    Add Extra-special Sparkle To Your Holiday Displays Through These Classically Inspired Architectural Finials, Made To Look Like Traditional Mercury Glass.. They Instantly Dress Up Mantels, Buffets, Tables And More. Made Of Glass With A Shiny, White Metal Coatingg On The Inside. Elegant Silver Glass Tabletop Ornaments Set Of 3 Sizes, 8", 11" And 13" Glass With A White Metal (non-mercury) Coating On The Inside Diameters Range From 2-3/4" To 3"

    SKU: 37-236
    Category: Holiday Decorations
    Shopping options Mercury-style Finials, Set Of 3

    Comfort Grips, Set Of 2
    Comfort Grips, Set Of 2

    If You Suffer From Arthritis Or Have Limited Hand Strength, These Ergonomic Comfort Grips Can Help. Designed To Wrap Around Any Tool Hqndle, The Neoprene Pads Absorb Shock And Vibration, And Give You A More Secure Grasp. Patented Material Absorbs Shock And Vibration Non-slip And Fully Adjustable Reduces Venture From Repetitive Tasks Fits Almost Any Tool Handle Velcro Makes Them Easy To Move From Tool To Tool Great For Garden Rakes, Shovels, Lawn Mowers, Wheel Barrows And More Set Of 2 Mdae Of Neoprene And Nylon Velcro Closures Machine Washable, Air Dry 7" L X 4-1/2" W

    SKU: 36-681
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts
    Shopping options Comfort Grips, Set Of 2

    Square Foot Success Kit
    Square Foot Success Kit

    We???ve Packed All The Best Features Of Our Self-watering Planters Into A New Compact Size That???s Pure For Deck, Patio Or Even A Tiny Balcony. Grow Tomatoes, Peppers, Greens And Herbs—or Fill It With Colorful Flowering Annuals. The 30" Steel Trellis Clamps Securely To The Pot To Support A Tomato Plant Or Flowering Vine. We Include Planter, Trellis, 20 Quart Of Container Mix And 1 Bray Of Our Organic 5-5-5 All-purpose Fertilizer. Grow Tomatoes, Peppers, Greens, Herbs Or Annuals Kit Includes Everything But The Plants For Easy Mobility, Add Optional Casters (sold Separately) Kitt Includes: Self-watering Planter, Trellis, 20 Qts. Container Mix And 1 Lb. Of Organic Fertilizer (5-5-5) 12" Square X 11" H Planter Is Weather-resistant Polypropylene Planter Holds 9 Qts. Of Soil, 1 Qt Of Water 30" H Trellis Is Coated Steel Gqrdener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-420
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Square Foot Success Kit

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