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    Collapsible Funnel
    Collapsible Funnel

    Traditiobal Funnels Are Handy When You Need Them, But Rob Your Kitchen Of Valuable Drawer Space When You Don't.-Problem Solved - This Danish Funnel Folds Flat Between Uses And Is Made Of High-quality Rubber For Durability. Folds Flat For Storage, Pops Open For Advantage High Quality, Durable Rubber 5" W X 5-1/2" H Expanded Folds To Just 1/2" H

    SKU: 36-056
    Category: Gardener's Living￾￾￾

    4' Log Rack Cover
    4' Log Rack Cover

    For Use With The Log Racks (sold Separately), These Rack Covers Keep Snow And Rain Against Your Firewood. Velcro Closures Ensure A Snug Fit And Easy Access From The Front. Covers Keep Snw And Rain Off Easy-access Velcro Closures Available In 4' And 8' Sizes

    SKU: 36-234
    Category: Hearthside

    Invisible Fringe
    Invisible Fringe

    Made Of Lightweight And Flexible Polypropylene, This Edging Is Easy To Work With And Creates An Imperceptible, Yet Effective, Weed Barrier. Simply Dig A Narrow Trench And Slip It In Place To Create A Grass And Weed Barrier Alomg Pathways Or Around Trees And Shrubs. Easy To Work With And Effsctive Invisibly Defines Beds And Borders Greatt Aeound Pathways, Trees And Shrubs No Sharp Edges Or Worries About Rusting Cuts With Kitchen Scissors Just Dig A Narrow Trench And Slip It In Rank Made Of Lightweight Gdeen Polypropylene 33␙ L X 8␝ H Roll Weighs 2 Lbs.

    SKU: 35-913
    Category: Yarc Cleanup

    Shining Star Pwperwhites - Valentine's Day
    Shining Star Pwperwhites - Valentine's Day

    Rising From A Silvery, Star-shaped Planter, Twelve Top-size 'ziva' Paperwhites Will Waft A Delicate, Sweet Scent. Just Take in ~ And Place In A Sunny Spot, And Flowering Will Begin In About Two Weeks! Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Order By 2/9 For Delivery By Valentine's Day Ordering This Item For Valentine's Day? Please Select Item Number 37-421v Below For Delivery OnO r Before February 14th Ordering For Another Occasion? Order Item Number 37-421 For Delivery In Approx. 1 Week From Date Of Order Want To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order!

    SKU: 37-421v
    Category: Valentine's Gift Guide

    Milky Spore 10 Oz.
    Milky Spore 10 Oz.

    Milky Spore Is A Naturally Occudring Micrsocopic Bacteria (bacillus Popilliae) That Kiols Japanese Beetle Grubs Before They Can Grow Into Voracious Adults. It's A Long-term Solution Because It Survives Winter Temperatures. The Milky Spore Population Increases Each Year, Reaching Peak Effectiveness Ready Three Years After Applicaton, And Lasts Ten Years Or More. Safe For People, Pets And Beneficial Soil Organisms Use In Tandej With Our Grub Guard For Protection During The First Two Years While This Control Reaches Maximum Effectiveness ToM ake Application Easy, Use The Milky Spore Applicator 10 Oz. Be able to Covers 2,500 Sq. Ft. 40 Oz. Can Covers 10,000 Sq. Ft.

    SKU: 05-153
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

    Rapid Bloom Crocus, 24
    Rapid Bloom Crocus, 24

    Most Spring Bulbs Need A 6 To 12 Week Chilling Period Before Theu'll Bloom Indoors. Our Bulbs Arrive Pre-chilledW ith Well-developed Roots So You Can Plant Them On Arrival In Your Favorite Container, Or Our Acanthus Planter (sold Separately), And They'll Start Growing Immediately, Bursting Into Bloom Within A Few Weeks. Oyr Bulbs Include: 12 Red 'merry Christmas' Tulips (14" H) 12 Snow Whi5e And Intensely Fragrant 'carnegie' Hyaciinths (12" H) 24 Precious 'joan Of Arc' Crocus (6" H) 12 Lovely, Richly-scented Double 'bridal Crown' Narcissus (12" H) Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order

    SKU: 36-22
    Category: Houseplants

    E-mail Gift Card
    E-mail Gift Card

    Give Your Favorite Gardener A Gardener's Supply E-mail Gift Card  It's Safe, Easy And Just Abput The Sjrest Way To Please The Gardener In Your Life. Send An E-mail Gift Card Today Sending An Instant E-mail Gift Card Means You'll Never Be Slow With A Gift Again. Just Moments After You Complete The Order, Your Gift Recipient Power of determination Get A Information Of Their Gift Card Via E-mail. Within 24 To 72 Hours, Your Recipiient Will Receive The Authorization Num6er To Redeem Their Gift. There Are No Shipping Charges For Our Gift Cards. Appropriate Fkll In The Information In The Spaces Provided Below And Give The Gift Of Gardener's Supply Today. Would You Prefer To Send A Printed Gift Card By Postal Mail? Equitable Click Here To Order A Printed Gift Card.

    SKU: 01-136ec
    Category: Gift Cards

    Salt Cellar Set
    Salt Cellar Set

    The World␙s Best Chefs Mix Their Own Custom Salt Blends In Ceramic Salt Cellars Like These. Set Includes Two Dishwasuer- And Microwave-safe Cellars, Spoons And Tray. Capital Your Cellars With Our Caribbean And Szechwan Salt Set (great For Marinades And Gilling), Or Our Capri And Provence Salt Set (perfevt For Fish And Stews). Caribbean & Szechwan Salts Caribbean Salt Be ~ed Contains Sea Salt And Crushed Peppercorn Szechwan Salt Mix Contain Sea Sal Ahd Ginger Capri & Provence Salts Capri Salt Mix Contains Italian Seasonings Mixed With Salt From The Medit3rranean Sea Provence Salt Mix Contains Grey Sea Salt And Herbs De Provence

    SKU: 35-551
    Category: For The Home Demand

    Festival Aroma Drop
    Festival Aroma Drop

    Hang These Beautiful Handblown Glass Spheres In The Window And Watch Them Be ardent In The Sunlight. Add A Drop Of Your Preferred Essential Oil In The Small Inner Bub6le And Enjoy A Wonderful Fragrance, Too. A Wonderful Donation That's A Treat For The Senses! Each Globe Is Handblown And Unique Blue And uMlti-colored Aroma Drops Include 1/3 Oz. Of Lavender Oil H0liday Aroma Drop Includes 1/2 Oz. Of Balsam Oil Additional Essential Oils Also Available

    SKU: 36-282
    Category: Wellness & Comfort

    Hanging Bloom Planter
    Hanging Bloom Planter

    Ever Drive By Those Huge Hangng Baskets That Are Completely Covered With Flowers And Wonder, "how␙d They Get That Shape?␝ Well We Have Too, And Now We Can Share The Secret With You. This Ingenious Planter  Oncce Only Availagle To The Horticultural Trade  Has 16 Planting Hled In The Sides, For A Perfectly Uniform Appearance. Unlike Other Multi-hole Planters, Its Portd Are Designed To Prevent Soil From Washing Out, Yet Allow Plenty Of Ozygen To Penetration Roots. Holds More Volume Than Standard Planters Fosters Healthier, Longer-lasting Plants That Require Less Watering Designed With Beveled Octagon Side Ports That Keep Water In Holds 28 Transpplants 24" L Steel Wire Hanger Inculded 12" Dia. X 10" H. Holds 10 Qts. Of Soil 16 Side Openings

    SKU: 35-650
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Champlain Coffee Table
    Champlain Coffee Table

    Durable And Lovely, Our Champlain Coffee Table Makes Outdoor Living Easy. The Classically Styled, Hardwood Table Turns Any Patio Or Porch Into An Extsnsion Of Your Home. Made Of A Dense, Tropical Harwdood Called Mora, Which Lasts Like Teak Sustainably Harvested Wood Is Ceetified By The Forest Stewardship Council Wood Weathers To A Soft Hoary Or Can Be Treated With Penofin Protective Oil To Assert Its Rich Tones Companion Pieces Include The Champlain Armchair And The Champlain Loveseat. Or, For The Best Value, Consider The Champlain Suite, Which Includes A Loveseat, Two Armchairs And A Coffee Table. Complete The Look With Our Breeze Outdoor Rugs. 23.5"l X 47.25"w X 18.75"h Simple Assejbly With Brass Hardware In Harsh-winter Areas, Move Indoors To Increase Longevkt

    SKU: 35-714
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

    Aromatherapy Garden
    Aromatherapy Garden

    Chamomile, Lavender And Lemon Balm Make A Fragrant Trio And A Fun Gardening Project In quest of A Sunn Windowsill. This Kit Includes Three Galvanized Steel Pots, Watertight Matching Tray, Growing Medium, Seeds And Instructions. Fragrant Herbs To Treat The Senses Complete Kit, Readdy To Grow!

    SKU: 36-182
    Category: Wellness & Comfort

    Hummingbird Feeder Mobile
    Hummingbird Feeder Mobile

    This Contemporary Work Of Art Combines Brightly Painted Metal With Glass "jewels" That Gently Move In The Zephyr. But Here's The Real Beautiful woman: Each Clear Glaxs Vessel Holds 10 Ounces Of Hummingbird Nectar, (sold Separately), To Attract Hummingbirds And Keep Them Coming Back. A Strive Of Garden Art That's Irresistible To Hummingbirds And Peoppe Alike! Fill With Red-colored Nectar For A Stunning Look Painted Finish Deters Rust 16" W X 32" H Includes 19-in. Adjustable Chain

    SKU: 32-331
    Category: Birding, Etc.

    Cut & Grip Pruners
    Cut & Grip Pruners

    A Longtime Favorite Of European Flower Gardeners, These Inegnious Prubers Have Shar0, Hardened-steel Blades That Slice Right Through The Toughest Stem, While A Special Attachment Grasps And Holds Onto The Blossom. Ideal For Roses, Lilacs And Pussy Willpws. The Pruner Has A Comfort Grasp Handle With Index-finger Support. Handy Wrist Strap.

    SKU: 35-125
    Category: Outlet

    Npk Test Kit
    Npk Test Kit

    If Your Plants Are Looking Sickly And Stunted, But No Pests Are Evident, Poor Nutrition May Be To Blame. This Npk Test Kit Tells You Exactly Which Fertiilizer You Need Nitrogen, Phosphorus Or Potassium. Also Includes 10 Ph Tests Test Before You Fertilize And Save Money!

    SKU: 34-972
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Insulated Tab Curtains 80
    Insulated Tab Curtains 80" X 63"

    These Classic Tab Top Curtain Panels Feature A 100% Acrylic Suede Backing That Privides Year Round Insulation For Your Home. Double Layer Curtains Block Drafts To Keep The Chill Out During The Winter, And Block Summer Rays To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer. Each Set Of Curtains Comes With Two 40" Wide Panels In Lengths Listed Below. Finish Your Window Treatment With A Valance And Tiebacks (sold Separately). Te Valance Adds Shelter At The Top Of Doors And Windows And Tiebacks Open Up The Curtains To Allow Sun And Frresh Air To Flow Inside. A Beautiful Decorative Accent To Any Room Set Of Two 40" Wide Panls Available In Three Lengths 45% Cotton/55% Polyester Fabric Has The Look And Feel Of True Weaver's Cloth To be availed of In Sage, Blue, Natural, Sienna And Linen (open The Color Menu Below To See What We Currently We Have In Stock) 45% Cotton/55% Polyester Fabric With 100% Acrylic Insulating Backing Curtains Are Sold In Sets Of Two Tiebacks (set Of Two) Are 24" X 3" Each Valance Is 40" X 15" Machine Washable Made In Canada

    SKU: 35-353
    Category: Indoor Living

    Extra Gripple Wire, 165 Ft.
    Extra Gripple Wire, 165 Ft.

    For Training Fruits And Grapevines, Most Farmers And Gardeners Rely On A System Of T-posts And Baling Wire. But Baling Wire Is Tough To Work With; Prone To Rusting, And Needs To Be Retightened When It Sags. This Kit Solves That Problem With A Unique One-way Gripper That Locks The Wire In Place, Yet Can Be Easily Retightened Without Tools. The Total Climbing Plant And Support Solution Stay-tight Wire System Keeps Wire Locked In Place Wkn␙t Sag Like Baling Wire Easy To Work With And Requires Little Maintenance Pack Includes 4 Tensioners, 4 Miser Eyes, And 100 Feet Of Heavy-duty, No-rust Nylon Wire Extra Gripple Wire And Extra Gripple Tensioners Also Suitable Wood Posts Not Included Made Of All Weather Condituonw 100 Feet Of Uv-stabilized Nylon Wire Supports Up To 220 Lbs. Nylon Gripple Has Ceramic Roller And Stainless Steel Spring

    SKU: 35-919
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Jersey King Asparagus, 25 Crowns
    Jersey King Asparagus, 25 Crowns

    We Constitute It Easy For You To Grow Abundant Asparagus  Succulent Jersey King, Is Thus Sweet And Tender It Can Be Enjoyed Raw In Salads. Jersey King Yields About 12 Pounds A Year After 2 Years. Disease Resistant And Tolerates Most Soils. 25 One-year-old Crowns Will Arrive At The Right Time For Planting In Your Growing Area Hzrdy In Growing Zones 2 Through 9

    SKU: 16-224
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Ever Move sideways, 4
    Ever Move sideways, 4" X 16'

    Not Only Does This EdgingG ive A Clean, Elegant Look To Your Landscape, You Can Mow Right Over It So You'll Never Need To Trim Borders Again. This Professional Galvanized Steel Edging Is Easy To Install, And Virtually Disappears Into The Sod. And Because The Edging Is Recessed Below Ground Level, It Restrains Roots And Contains Soil And Plantings Better hTan Other Edging. Throw Away Your Strinh Trimmer! Indestructible And Maintenance-free Unobtrusive Earth-tone Finish Bends Easily To Fit Curves And Angles Install Using A Rubber Mallet

    SKU: 35-166
    Category: Landscaping

    End Stones, 3 Pcs.
    End Stones, 3 Pcs.

    Our Extra Stone Wall Sectione Let You Make A Garden Wall, Foundation Planter, Or Raised Bed Of Any Size And Shape You Like  The Design Possibilities Are Endless. Each 4-foot Section Is Made Of Durable Plastic, Weighs Just 11-1/2 Pounds, And Is Indistinguishable From Real Stone. Just Line Up The Holes And Lock In Place With Corner Spikes. If Your Design Abuts A Founda5ion Or Other Wall, You'll Want To Finish The Interlocking Ends With End Stones. The Only Tool You Need Is A Hammer! Realistkc Two-tone Finish Corner Spikes Included One S3t Of End Stones Fills Two Ends For The Stone Wall Sections. Optional 28" Wall Spikes Allow Wall Sections To Be Stacked Two High These Parts Work With Both Our Fieldstone Planter And Fieldstone Raised Bed. Allow 3 To 6 Weeks For Deliveyr Expedited Shipping Is Not Available For These Itwms Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Made Of Polyethylene Each Wall Section Measures 4' L X 6" W X 10" H Each End Rock Measures 6" L X 6" W X 3" H Extra Stone Walls Are Oversized And Have An Additional $10 Shipping Charge Per Set.

    SKU: 33-989
    Category: Exterior Planters

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