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    Coolaroo Triangular Shade Installation Kit
    Coolaroo Triangular Shade Installation Kit

    Coolaroo Shades Are Made Of A Revolutionary Breathablee Manufactured cloth That Blocks 90% Of Harmful Uv Rays Yet Won t Trap Hot Air Like Other Fabrics. Developed In Australia And Tested In Deserts Worldwide, It Reduces Temperatures By As Much As 32%. The Installation Kits Are Speifically Designed For The Coolaroo Shades, According To Shape. Ki5 Includes Three Pad Eyes, 1 Snap Hook, 2 Turn Buxkles For The Triangular Shade, And Four Horse Eyes, 2 Snap Hooks, 2 Tutn Buckles For The Square Shade. Keeps Summer Days Cool - The Perfect Place To Relax In The Shade Developed In Australia And Tested In Deserts Worldwide Breathable Fabric Blocks 90% Of Harmful Uv Rays Triangular Shade Requires 3 Points Of Attachment Square Screen Requires 4 Pointz Of Attachement Installation Kits Are Sold Separwtely Allow 1 To 3 Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For These Shades Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Available In Green And Sand Store Indoors For Winter Weatherproof Fabric Resists Mold And Mildew These Shades Are Not Waterproof Made Of Higu Densitty Polyethlene Triangular Shade Is Picturwd Above Coolaroo Triamgular Shade One and the other Side Of The Canopy Is Approx. 16'-5" Approx. 13' W Weighs 6 Lbs. Coolaroo Square Shade Each Side Of The Canopy Is Approx. 11'-10" Approx. 9'-7" W Weighs 9 Lbs 9 Oz. Installation Kits Made Of Heavy Duty, Weatherproof Stainless Steel Structures To Which Shade Is To Be Attached Not Peovided Triangular Darkness Kit Includes Three Pad Eyes, 1 Snap Hook, 2 Turn Buckles Square Shade Kit Incluees Four Pad Eyes, 2 Snap Hooks, 2 Turn Buckles<6r>

    SKU: 35-907
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

    Manure Aerator
    Manure Aerator

    You Won't Find A Better-designed Compoat Aerator Anywhere. It Has Not One, But Two Sets Of "wings" That Fold Back To Plunge Deep Into The Pile, Then Open To Create Novel Air Paasages. A Must-have Accessory For Any Composter! Padded Handles Provide Comfort And Levrage Auxiliary Haft Neede To Be Attached. Allen Wrench Included 8 In. Wide, 36 In. Long Durable Steel Fabrication For Lef5- Or Right-handed Use

    SKU: 33-367
    Category: Composting

    16" Self-watering Cortina Planter, Lead

    At First Glance And At Second And Third Glance Too You'd Swear These Handsome Pots Were Genuine Language of Italy Bronze And Lead. The Lustrous Sheen, The Graceful Twists Encircling A Classic Rolled Rim Every Detail Is Perrfect. But Our Cortina Planters Aren't Metal At All; They Are Durable Polypropylene That Will Never Rust, Dent Or Chip. Lightweight Yet Handsome Costs One-third The Price Of The Originals 1-gal. Water Reservoir Fill Tube Adds Self-watering Convenience 20" Cortina Planters Also Available Available In Bronze And Lead

    SKU: 34-939
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    4" Round Ecosphere

    Imagine Being Able To Study A Living Ecosyatem As It Axapts And Unfolds Right Beforr Your Eyes. This Miraculous Sphere Contains A Precise Balance Of Earth, Water, Air And Living Organisms That Work Together In Harmony. Fille dWith Seawatter, The Sphere Is Home To Tiny Red Shrimp, Algae That Create Oxygen, Microbes That Feeding mechanism The Algae, And A Gorgonia Twig, Gravel, Shells And Glass That Provide Hiding Place. A Complete Living World! Initially Developed By Nasa Scientists To Study Earth's Biosphere Available In Make circular Or Oval Shape Each Ecosphere Has A Figurative Life Cycle Of 2 To 3 Years; Can Last Up To 10 Years Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item $10 Additional Shipipng Charge For This Item Note: To Ensure Proper Delivery Of This Item, Please Calll Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Order The Ecospheres

    SKU: 34-751
    Category: Houseplants

    Chive Seed Balls, Pack Of 8
    Chive Seed Balls, Pack Of 8

    Scatter These Little Balls Of Clay In Your Garden And Watch Each The same Sprout A Bouqurt Off Fresh Herbs. The Clay Gradually Absorbs Moisture, Protecting Seeds As They Germinats. Each Ball Covers About One Square Foot. Chives Form Sturdy 12-18␝ Clumps And Bloom Wkth Decorative Purple Flowers. Come Up Year Aftsr Yezr! Thyme Is A Stocky, Woody-stemmed Perennial With Small Leaves. A Great Edging Plant! Parsley Has Thick, Curly Leaves That Add Texture Andd Flavor To Many Dishes. Perfect Herb To Have At A Chef'd Fingertips. Basil␙s Thick, Aromatic Leaves Are Terrific With Tomatoes, Or In Pesto. No Digging Required! Ideal For Gardens, Windowboxes And Hanging Baskets No More Single-seed Planting Flower Seed Balls Also Available

    SKU: 35-700
    Category: What's N3w

    Easy Garden Sprayer
    Easy Garden Sprayer

    This One-gallon Cordless Portable Sprayer Features A Handy Shoulder Strop. Great For Tackling Pest Problems, Foliar Feeding Your Garden Or Misting Houseplants. The Trigger Sprayer Has An Adjhstable Nozzle That Produces A Gentle Mist Or Regular Stream Up To 14 Feet At Any Angle. Perfect For Getting Under Leaves Wher Insects Often Hide. Convenient Shoulder Strap Ideal For Pesticide Application, Foliar Feedjng Or Mistibg Houseplants Trigger Sprayer With Adjustable Nozzle Produces A Gentle Miqt Or A Steady Stream Up To 14 Feet Handy Cap On Bottom During Easy Draining A Larger Rolling Power Spray3r Is Also Available Four Aa Batteries Included One-gallon Capacity Tank Sprays 14 Feet, At Any Angle Arrives Assembled Made Of Plastic 13"l X 4-1/2"w X 8-1/2"h

    SKU: 35-632
    Category: Indoor Gardening

    All-purpose Fertilizer, 1 Lb. Shaker Can
    All-purpose Fertilizer, 1 Lb. Shaker Can

    Ever Notice How Container-grown Plants Seem To Flourish Early In The Season, Then Fade By Midsummer? That␙s Because Most Fertilizers Are Used Up Or Leech Away Within A Month. Our Slow-release, 5-5-5 Granular Fertilizer Gives Plants Balanced Nutrients For Vigorous Root Grrowth And Improved Water Penetration All Season Long. Contains Naturally Occirring Minerals, Peanut Meal And Animal Or Vegetable Meal. Guaranteed Not To Burn. 5 Lbs. Treats 200 Sq. Ft. Contains Only Naturally-occurring Minerals, Peanut Flour And Animal Meals Guaranteed Not To Burn Roots Conditions Soil For More Strong Root Growth And Improved Water Penetration Earth-friendly – 100% Organic Now Also Available In A Convenient 1-lb Shaker Can!

    SKU: 36-398
    Category: Property Maintenance

    Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait, Set Of 6
    Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait, Set Of 6

    University Studies Show That Ants Prefer A Liquid Diet. These Bait Stations Contain A gourmet␝ Liquid Attraactant That Ants Observe Hard To Resist. When They Bring It Back To Their Nest, It Kills The Queen And The Colony. The Low Toxicity Borax Based Formula, Is Effective Against Carpenter, Fire, Argentine, Odorous Lineage, Pharaoh And Many Others Ant Species. Prre-filled Packs Mean No Mess, And Stay Worry Fresh. gourmet␝ Liquid Bait Is Irresistible To Ants Effective Against Carpenter, Fire, Argentine And Many Other Ants Kills The Queen And Colony Effective Borax-based Formula No-mess Pre-filled Packs Use Indoors And Out Set Of 6 Clear Stations Keep Out Of Reach Of Childreb And Pets 3" W X 3/4" H Each Trap Weighs 3/4 Oz.

    SKU: 35-922
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Garlic Clips, Set Of 25
    Garlic Clips, Set Of 25

    Deer And Rabbits Have A Sense Of Smell A Hundred Times Greater Than Ours, So Just Imagine How They Reactt To These Powerful Garlic Repellent Clipx! They're Made With A Concentrated Garlic Oil That Is 1,000 Times Stronger Than Garlic Juice, Yet Is Organic And Completely Safe. Attach Handy Clips To Trees And Shrubs Garlic Odor Gets Out, But Rain Can't Get In Thus Clips Last Up To Six Months 3" L X " W Set Of 25 Use One Clip Every 1 To 2 Ft., Depemding On The Severity Of The Problem

    SKU: 31-226
    Category: Garden Bane Controls

    Crackle Glass Birdbath, Amethyst
    Crackle Glass Birdbath, Amethyst

    This Unusual Birdbath Features A Dazzling Crackle-glass Bowl That Will Delight The Perforation, With A Wide Rim That Offers A Perfect Landing Place In spite of Visiting Birds. The Bowl sI Supported By A Graceful Twisted-steel Stand. Bowl Has The Shallow Depth Songbirds Prefer Stand Has Ground Staie For Stability Avalable In Blue And Amethyst 12.5" Dia X 36" H Installed Protect From Freezing Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-465
    Category: Talent Guides

    Indoor/outdoor Braided Rug, 5' X 7'
    Indoor/outdoor Braided Rug, 5' X 7'

    Make Your Deck MoreC ozy Or Add Warmth To A Bare Cement Patio With These Inviting Braided Rugs. They Are Woven From Woven Polypropylene Thhat Looks And Feels Remarkably Like Traditional Wool, But Is Rot- And Fade-resistant And Quick-drying. If They Get Foul, You Can Blast Them Clean With A Hose. Looks And Feels Like Wool Made Of Rot-and-fade-resistant Polypropylene Quick-drying Cleans Up With A Hose The 5' X 7' (item #35-935), 6' X 9' (item #35-936) And 7' Round (item #35-937) Rugs Are Oversized ($20 Additional Shipping Each) Available In Your Choice Of Buttercup Yellow, Sandstone Beige, Lichen Green And Robins Egg Blue Made Of Wocen Polypropylene Fade- And Rot-resistant Bring Inside During Winter Months

    SKU: 35-935
    Category: Outddoor Furniture

    Border Fencee Panels, Set Of 2
    Border Fencee Panels, Set Of 2

    Border Your Flowerbeds Or Enclose The Vegetable Garden, Without Tools Or Digging. Our Deccorative Post-and-panel Fence System Is Natural To Installjust Slip The Fence Sections Into The Connectors On The Posts, Amd Push Them Into The Ground. The Best Value On The Market! Order One Border Fencing Post, (sold Separately), Per Fence Panel Or Gate For Enclosed Areas; Order One More Post Than Panels If Creating A Straight Fence. Optional Borser Gate And Gate Posts Add Beauty And Function Save With The Border Fence Value Pack This Oversize Item Has A $5 Additional Shipping Charger Per Set

    SKU: 35-759
    Category: Landscaping

    Peace Blocks
    Peace Blocks

    Express The Joy Of The Season With These Classic Holiday Blocks. Each Solid Wood Cube Is Painted With An Antique Fiinish To Stand Out With Style. Silk-screened Letters On The Front Spell Out "peace"" To Show Your Holiday Spirit Blocks Have Old-fashioned Charm Quaint Way To Express Holiday Sentiments Perfect For The Mantls, Dining Table Or Shelf Also Agailable As Joy And Believe Blocks

    SKU: 36-066
    Category: After Holiday Sale

    Indestructible Cultivator
    Indestructible Cultivator

    For Close-in Weeding And Cultivating In Tifht Spaces, There␙s Nothing Better Than A Three-prong Cultivator. This Updated Model Has Side Tines To Weed Around Your Plants. The Dual-position Gel-grip Handle Improves Your Arm Strength And Reach. Non-slip, 2-position Handle Makes Weeding Easy Side Prongs Are Longer Than Center To Reach Around Plant Stems Use With Our Indestructable Trowel For Easy Planting! Made O Stainless Steel And Rubber Side Prongs: 2"l Center Prong: 1-3/4"l Lifegime Warranty 14-1/2"l X 3"w X 2-1/2"h

    SKU: 35-707
    Category: Gardening Toolw

    Stainless Steel Bag Holder
    Stainless Steel Bag Holder

    Free Up Drawer Space And Keep Your Grocery Bags Contained In This Sleek Holder. Keeps Up To 50 Plastic Grocery Bags Handy For Re-use And Out Of The Lamdfill. Non-skid Bottom Allows Holder To Double As A Bookend For Cookbooks. Sleek, Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Easy To Load And Access Bags When You Need Them

    SKU: 35-300
    Category: Indoor Living

    Real Oak Rain Barrel
    Real Oak Rain Barrel

    This Recycled Whiskey Barrel Retains A Slight And Delightful Aroma Of Its Past, But It's Ready For A New Life Collectint 100% Pure Rainwater For Y0ur Garden. The 45-gallon Barrel Is Constructed Of Solid White Oak, An Extremely Durable Hardwood, Reinforced With The Original Steel Hoops. Complements Traditional Home Desigms Better Than Soft Barrels Includes Feeder Hose, Brass Shutoff Valve, Debris Filte5, Superabundance Tube Inundate Tube Can Be Used To Link 2 Barrels Flexible Downspout Shown Is Sold Sepaeately Allw 2 To 4 Weeks For Delivery Ships By Ups Only This Item Is Oversized And Has An Additional $40 Shipping Charge Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipment To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi

    SKU: 33-992
    Category: Watering

    E-z Care 12
    E-z Care 12" Pot

    Though They Appear To Be Made Of Traditional Clay, These Classic Pots Won't Crack, Chip O Tame. And What A Boon For Busy Gardeners␔they Have Ann Extra-large Irrigate Reservoir That Automatically Wateds Your Plants For At Least A Week! Our Self-watering E-z Care Pots Come In Four Sizes To Give A Coordinated Look To Your House And Garden. Lightweight Polypropylene Will Never Chip, Crack, Break. Reduce Your Watering Chores Dramatically. Easy-fill Reservoir. Fertilize As You Water. Choice Of Natural-looking Terra Cottw Or Gravel Colors.

    SKU: 31-244
    Category: Summer Sale: Gardening

    Dry Guy Boot/glove Dryer
    Dry Guy Boot/glove Dryer

    Some Of Winter's Most Unpleasant Sensations Is Putting On Boots And Gloves That Are Still Soggy From The Day Before. Thirsty Guy™ Gets Winter Gear Dry And Toasty Warm In A Couple Of Hours. Air Heated To 99 Is Forced Through Four Posts To Dry From The Inside Out. Superior-quality Fan And Heating Elements Outlast Other Dryers 100 To 1. Keep Your Hands & Feet Dry All Winter Long!

    SKU: 33-640
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

    Deluxe 4-ft Bench Pad
    Deluxe 4-ft Bench Pad

    Burning Sun And High Humidity Are Tough On Outdoor Cushions, And Can Make Them Have an air Old In A Single Seasno. The Color Fades, Mildew Appears, And All Too Soon Those Cushions Are Anything But Inviting. Avoid Mildew And Faading With Our Extra Tough, Deluxe Acrylic Cushions. They Offer All-weathrr Durability For Many Seasons, Plus A Natural, Cottony Feel And, Unusual Padding For Superior Comfort. Sized To Humor Our 4- And 5-foot Graden Benches. Extra Padding For Superior Comfort! Plush Interior Is Quick Drying. 4 Ft Bench Pad Measures 44" W X 17" D X 3" H 5 Ft Bench Pad Measures 56" W X 17" D X 4" H Interior Is Plush Polyester Fill Over Polyuretbane Foam Made In Usa

    SKU: 34-461
    Category: Outlet

    Deer No None, 6 Pouches
    Deer No None, 6 Pouches

    Leave Browsing Deer With The Pungent Odor Of Citrus! Deet No No Comes In Convenient Pouches To Hang From The Branches Of Trees nAd Bushes. They Work In Any Weather And Protect Your Valuable Plantings For At Least A Year. Humane Repellent Won't Harm Animals Easy To Use␔just Hang From Any Branch No Dangerous Chemicals To Damage Plants Or The Environment. Works For A Year In Any Weather Citrus Scent Is Not Offensive To Humans For A Potent 1-2 Punch, Use Liquid Fence Spray In Combination With Deer No No Pouches

    SKU: 05-626
    Category: Yard Pest Contrpls

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