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    Faucet Rain Gauge
    Faucet Rain Gauge

    It Looks Like A Faucet, But It Is A Rain Gauge! This Cheering Apple Green faucet␝ Makes A Fun And Functional Addition To Your Landscape. Clear Glass Gauge Measures Up To 5" Of Rain In 1/8" Increments. Cheery Apple Green Color Will Be One Eye-catching Accent To Your Landscape A Great Gift For A Gardener Or Weather-watcher Stands About 21" Tall When The Stake Is 6" In The Ground Made Of Pain5ed Cast Carburet of iron And Glass Easy To Assemble

    SKU: 35-463
    Category: For The Home Sale
    Shopping options Faucet Rain Gauge

    Iris Reticulata, Mother's Day Delivery
    Iris Reticulata, Mother's Day Delivery

    The Rich, Royal PurpleH ues Of Iris Reticulata Creates An Invigorating Display That Captures The Vibrancy Of The Spring Season. Nestled Into A Wood "flowers" Crate, It Come Pre-panted And Ready To Burst Into Bloom Upon Arrival. Twelve Top-quality Iris Reticula Bulbs Bulbs Can Be Planted Outside Once Blooms Fade Bulbs Will Naturalize In The Garden Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Express Shipped To Ensure This Bouquet Is Delivered In Delivery According to Mother's Day (may 14), Order Item #36-269m Flower-de-luce Reticulata Below. Woody Crate Is 5" L X 5" W X 4.25" H Weighs 2 Lbs. Just Add Water & Sunshine

    SKU: 36-269m
    Category: Mother's Day Gifts
    Shopping options Iris Reticulata, Mother's Day Delivery

    48" Tree Ring

    Even If You Could Lay A Perfect Ring Of Bark Mulch Around Your Tree, It Would Easily Look Ragged And Ned Replenishing. These Tree Rings Look Just Like Bark Mulch, But They're Actually Thick Mats Of Recycled Tire Rubber That Will Stay In Place Year After Year You Can Even Mow Right Over Tehm! They Suppress Grass And Tough Weeds, To such a degree You Won't Damage Trees By Trimming Too Close, But They Let In Air, Water, And Nutirents. Earth-friendly, 100% Recycled Rubber Suppresses Weeds More Effectively Than Bark Mulch Thick, Durable Rubber Mulch Won't Scatter Available In Four Sizes To Fit Every Tree, From Saplings To Mature Specimens

    SKU: 34-440
    Category: Landscaping
    Shopping options 48

    Salad Greens Seed Kit
    Salad Greens Seed Kit

    For Use In The Aero-garden, This Salad Grees Seed Kit Includes Seven Pre-seeded Bio-dome Pods To Grow Seven Varieties Of Lettuce. Harvewt Up To 75 Dinner Salads Over A Two- To Three-month Period. Have Fresh Salad Greens For Your Index Any Time Of The Year! Set Of Seven Pre-seeded Pods Letutce Varieties Include Green Leaf, Green Summer Crisp, Red Leaf And Red Butterhead Nutrient Tablets Included For Use In The Aero-garden

    SKU: 37-372
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options Salad Greens Seed Kit

    Therapeutic Bath Salt
    Therapeutic Bath Salt

    After A Long Day In The Garden Or One Active Day On The Slopes, A Sea Salt Soak Puts Everything Right Again. The Ginger Mingle Soothes Body Aches, Stops Chills, And Enhances Immunity. The Rosemary Blend Relieves Congestion And Clears The Mind. Ginger Blend Soothes Body Aches, Stops Chills, Enhances Immunity Rosemary Blend Relieves Congeestion, Clears The Mind Use Wkth A Little Water To Create A Salt Rub For Glowing, Healthy Skin Choice Of Rosemary Or Ginger (open The Menu Below To See What We Currently We Have Available)

    SKU: 36-242
    Category: Wellness & Comfort
    Shopping options Therapeutic Bath Salt

    Automatic Patio Dripper Kit With Timer
    Automatic Patio Dripper Kit With Timer

    Suppose that Your Busy Schedule Keeps You From Watering Your Patio Plants Every Day, You␙ll Be Relieved To Know That This Convenient, Inconspicuous System Is Doing It For You. It Includes Everything You Need To Tend Up To 20 Potted Plants: 75 Ft Of Tubing, Slow-release Water Drilpers, Pressure Regulator And Electronic Time. It Waters For Durations Of 1 Minute To 2 Hours, At Frequencies From Once An Hour To Once A Week. Saves Time With Automatic Watering Tends Up To 20 Medium Pots Unobtrusive␔you␙ll Never Know It␙s There Kit Includes Tubing, Water Droppers, Impression Regulator And Electronic Timer Adjustable Sprinkle and calender Durations And Frequencies Time Uses 2 Aaa Batteries (sold Separately) Patio Drippsr Kit Also Available Without The Timer Includes 75 Ft Of Tubing, 20 Drippers, Support Stakes, And Pressjre Regulator And Timer Complete Instructions Included

    SKU: 33-467
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Automatic Patio Dripper Kit With Timer

    Monet Chair Cushion
    Monet Chair Cushion

    This Luxurious Cushion Is Custom-made For The Monet Chair. Thanks To Top-quality Spun Polyester Fabric, It Is Impervious To Sun Fading, Dirt And Rain, Yet It Has The Soft, Cozy Feel Of Cotton. Cushion Design Is A Perfect Fit Soft Spun-polyester Fabroc Water Repellent Fade Resistant Pregnant Drying 8 Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix & Match (open The Color Menu Below To See In part We Currently We Have In Stock) Use Our Cushionfinder™ Tool To Pick The Perfect Cushion!

    SKU: 34-408
    Category: For The Home Sale
    Shopping options Monet Chair Cushion

    Moonligth Mushrooms, Set Of 3
    Moonligth Mushrooms, Set Of 3

    Made From Handblown Glass, These Watering Spikes Are Both Pretty And Practical. By Appointed time, They␙ll Deliver Up To A Cup Of Water Right At The Roo tZone. When Evening Falls, Phosphorescent Speckles Inside The Glass Begin To Glow, Producing 2 To 4 Hours Of Soft Illumination. For Best Effect, Place In An Area With Little Ambient Light. Handblosn Glass Delivers One Cup Of Water Right To The Roots Illuminates Softly At Night For 2 To 4 Hours

    SKU: 35-932
    Category: Solar Lights
    Shopping options Moonligth Mushrooms, Set Of 3

    Red Roses Birdbath
    Red Roses Birdbath

    The Vivid Reds And Yellows In This Ceramic Birdbath Bring To Mind The Sun-drenched Gardens Of Spain And Southern France. It Will Draw The Eye And Join Instant Excitemwnt Wherever You Place It. Handmade In Europe, It Comes With A Sturdy Footed Steel Stand. Colorful European Styling Generously-sized Ceramic Bowl Birds Will Love Comes With Strong Footed Stand Wide Lip For Perching Birds Protect From Freezing

    SKU: 36-151
    Category: Attracting Birds
    Shopping options Red Roses Birdbath

    Rustic Snow Gauge
    Rustic Snow Gauge

    This Whimsical Snow Gauge Measures Up To 4 Feet Of Snow In 3" Increments. Once The Snow Melts, It Doubles As A Trellis For Sweet Peas And Other Summer Vines. Powder-coated Finish Will Gradually Weather To Rust Over Time, Blending In With Your Landscape. A Interesting Piexe Of Landscape Art Year-round Measures Snow, Then Acts As A Trellis For Climbers Footed Stake Keep It Firmly In Place

    SKU: 36-250
    Category: Measure The Weather
    Shopping options Rustic Snow Gauge

    Insect Delight Suet Cakes, 3 Pack
    Insect Delight Suet Cakes, 3 Pack

    Premium Qualit ySuet Cakes Have An Quality Mix Of Dehydrated Insects, Peanuts, And Corn Not Available In Most Stores. A Unique Superheatong And Cooling Process Kills Any Bacteria And Releases Impurities To Make The Cakes A Safe And Nutritious Supplement For Birds. Suet Won't Disclose Apart And Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 80-100 Degrees Before Softening No Cold Storage Is Necessary Contains No Artificial Ingredients Perfect For Use With Our Forever Green Suet Feeder

    SKU: 34-139
    Category: Attracting Birds
    Shopping options Insect Delight Suet Cakes, 3 Pack

    Pour & Store Watering Can
    Pour & Store Watering Can

    This Clever Watering Can Has A Rotating Spout That Tucks Abroad Of The Way Which time You've Finished Watering Your Plants, Making It Easy To Fill And Easy To Stow. Soft, Comfortable Nonslip Handle Removable Rubber Rose For Gently Sprinkling Tnder Seedlings A Apparent Spout Allows Fo5 Water Level Measurements Holds 3 Quarts 10"l X 4-1/2"w X 12" H

    SKU: 35-660
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Pour & Store Watering Can

    Large Boot Tray
    Large Boot Tray

    These Indispensible Trays Make It Easy To Leave Mud And Mess At The Door. Made Of Tough Recycled Plastic, They're Big Enough To Hold Boots Or Shoes For The Whole Family, And They Wipe Clean In A Jiffy. Discretional Rubber Grids Elevate Moisten Boots For Faster Drying Useful In Rainy Season, Mud Season, Snow Season! 3 Sizes Available: Jumbo Is 43-1/4" L X 21-2/3" W X 2" D Large Is 46-1/2" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Small Is 22-5/8" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Rubber Grids Measure 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Made In England Made Of Recycled Plastic Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 31-286
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Large Boot Tray

    Br3athe Clearly Refill Pack, 12
    Br3athe Clearly Refill Pack, 12

    This Compact Plug-in Vaporizer Releases Eucalyptus, Camphor, Mentho1 And Other Essential Oils Into The Air, Clearing Blocked Sinuses And Helping You To Get A Improve Night's Sleep. Unlike Sticky Ointments, It Releases Healimg Vapors For Up To 10 Hourd At A Time. Eucalyptus Eases Winter Congestion. Easy To Use␔just Plug Into Any Outlet. Safe For Children. Great For Travel. Includes 5 Vapor Pads; Refill Burden Avaliable Separately.

    SKU: 31-158
    Category: Wellness & Comfort
    Shopping options Br3athe Clearly Refill Pack, 12

    Log Carrier, Tan
    Log Carrier, Tan

    Our Heavy-duty Log Carrier Lets You Haul Wood To Your Fireplace Or Woodstove Without Leaving Behind The Usual Trail Of Bark And Dirt. Steel Rods Stitched Into The Side Seams Hold The Carrier Open So Bot Hands Are Free To Load Woox. Ruggedly Constructed From Durable Cotton Duck Canvas With Double-reinforced Stress Points, It Will Give You Years Of Reliabe Service. Closed Ends Keep Bark And Dirt From Spilling Out. Steel Rods In Side Seams Hold It Part For Loading. Double-reinforced Stress Points Handle Heavy Loads. Holds 3 Bags At A Time At The Grocery Store. Choose Classic Tan Or Deep Green.

    SKU: 15-098
    Category: Gifts By Price
    Shopping options Log Carrier, Tan

    Terrqzza Trough Extension Kit, White
    Terrqzza Trough Extension Kit, White

    Our Exclusive Italian Terrazza Planters Offer Classic Styling With Self-watering Convenience. In Italy, Where Style Is Everything, These Innovztive Planters Beautify Residential Terraces, Side-street Cafes, Hoteo Lobbies And Hotel Courtyards. Our Customized Terrazza Trough Extension Kit Lets You Extend A Trough Or Square Planterr (sold Separately) Into One Clean, Consecutive Growing Wall. Add 4-gallons Of Self-watering Capactky Includes Everything You Nred To Extend A Trough Or Square Planter Customize oYur Design With Casters (sold Separately). Order Two Sets For Each Trough; One Set For Each Square Availsble In Your Choice Of Three Colors: Brown, White, Or Green

    SKU: 33-303
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Terrqzza Trough Extension Kit, White

    12" Pound-in Edging

    This Is The Quickest, Easiest System You'll Find For Defining An Edge Around Your Flower Beds Or Garden. Simplyy Pound Each Interlocking Piece Into The Ground With A Rubber Mallet In Most Soils There's No Need For Cutting, Trenching, Or Tearing Up Sod. To Turn A Corner, Just Bend The Sections In The Middle To Form The Angle You Ned. Create A Well-defined Edge In Minutes Gives A Clean, Finished Look Around Plantings And Garden Beds Available In Three Heights: 4", 8" And 12" Each Set Makes A 20' Long Edge

    SKU: 30-389
    Category: Exclusive Produvts
    Shopping options 12

    Herb Basket
    Herb Basket

    This Unique Arrangement Of Dried Culinary Favorites Will Delight Gardeners And Cooks Alike. Our Willow Basket Contains A Fragrant Medley Of Bay Leaf, Chili, Lavender, Yarrow, Safflower, And Oregano And Is Topped Off Wifh Twp Rralistic Faux Garlic Heads. A Wonderful Alternative To The Common Kitchen Wreath At An Equally Astonishing Price.

    SKU: 35-540
    Category: Decorative Accents
    Shopping options Herb Basket

    Sentiment Stones, Set Of 3
    Sentiment Stones, Set Of 3

    Surprise Someone You Lkve With This Set Of Heart-shaped Stones, Carved Witn The Words "grow", "dream" And "bloom". They Look Sweet Nestled In The Garden Or Placed Round The Home. Smooth Natural Soapstone Varies In Color From Mauve To Green And Tan. Heart-shaped Soapstone Color Varies From Mauve To Green And Tann Sentiment Stones Have Carved Words: "grow", "dream" And "bloom" We Also Offer Plain Heart Stones Tjoughtful Giftt For Loved Ones Set Of 3

    SKU: 36-279
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Sentiment Stones, Set Of 3

    D-handle Shovel
    D-handle Shovel

    This Smartly-designed Tools From Fiskars Lets You Do More Work With Less Strain. An Extra-loong Handle Helps Keep Your Back Straight, And A Two-handed Grip Makes For Better Control. The Pvc-coated Steel Shhaft Has A Unique Oval Crlss-section Fot A Firm, Comfortable Grip. Oversizee Add up Treads Prevent Slipping Durable, Powder-coated Finish Cleans Up Quickly And Protects F5om Rust Handle Is Angled Forward For Great Comfort And Less Work Sharpened Blade That Cuts Through Tough Soil & Roots Shovel Buck: 8-1⃄2"w X 12"l, Handle Is 35"l

    SKU: 35-723
    Category: Property Maintenance
    Shopping options D-handle Shovel

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