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    This Clever F1ower Carrier Has A Clear Acrylic Cradle To Protect And Support Fragile Blossoms, And A Built-in Water Reservoir To Keep Your Garden-fresh Flowers Well-hydrated. It's Just The Thing During Carrying A Bouqjet From The Garden Into The Hotel Or Passionate In The Car. Self-supporting Design Keeps Hands Free For Cutting Blooms. Transporys Fresh Flowers Safely Keeps Hands Free To Continue Severe Flowers Stay Fresb On Their Way To The Vase A Perfect Gift For The Flower Gardener On Your List

    SKU: 36-096
    Category: After Holiday Sale

    Garden Scissors
    Garden Scissors

    We Find These Tough Scissors Just The Thing In spite of Cutting Fiber Or Rubber Mulch. Pliable, No-slip Long Handles Give You Plenty Of Leverage. The 2-1/2␝ L Serrater Stainless Steel Blads Stay Sharp For Years. Use Indoors And Out Serrated Stainless Steel Blades Make Cutting Fiber Or Rubber Mulch A Snap Long Handles Give You Plenty Of Leverage Non-slip Grip Is Easy Attached The Hands Locking Switch Accessible To Left And Right Hand Users 1/2" Dia. Cutting Capacity Made Of Stainless Steel, Rubber And Plastic 5802327009

    Manufacturer: Amount
    SKU: 35-869
    Category: Gardening Tools

    Stratford Brackets, Set Of 2
    Stratford Brackets, Set Of 2

    Give Your Plants The Royal Handling With The Stratford Planter, A Modern Version Of The Distinctive Ironwork Planters Found In British Gardens. It Be able to Be Freestanding Or Mounted On Matching Stratford Brackets. Brackets Can Also Be Usee For Hanging Plants, Chimes Or Shelves. For Direct Planting In Your Stratford Planter, You Cah't Beat Our Attractive, Custom-sized Metal Liner With Copper-colored Finish (shown At Left, Sold Separately) . No Need To Replace Moss Liners Every Year! Holds 20 Qts Of Soil; We Recommend Our Container Mix (sold Separately). Never Needs Painting. Won't Leave Gather ~ Stains. Brackets Can Also Be Used For Hanging Plahts, Chimes Or Shelves.

    SKU: 32-795
    Category: Outlet

    Rubber Grids, Set Of 2
    Rubber Grids, Set Of 2

    Humidity Grids Are Just The Thing To Growing Finicky Pkants And Drying Your Boots Quickly! The Secret To Griwing Many Finicky Plants, Like Orchids And Afrcian Violets, Is A Humid Environment. Here's An Easy, Economical Way To Humidify The Surrounding Air: Place These Grids In The Waterproof Trays Of Our Sunlite Gradens And Arrange Plants On Top. Add The Caoutchouc Grids To Our English Boot Trays Or Our Steel Boot Tray To Help Your Boots Dy Faster. Rubber Grids Measure 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Each Set Of 2 Grids 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-817
    Category: Indoor Living

    Solar Birdbath
    Solar Birdbath

    Songbirds Can't Resist The Sparkle Of Falling Water, And They'll Love Bathing Beneath Thsi Solar-powered Fountain. Made Of A Durable Polystone/resin, It Looks And Feels Like Natural Stone. Conveniently Powered By The Sun Place In Direct Sunlight Songbirds Will Flock To This Fountan Classic Styling Looks Handsome In A single one Setting

    SKU: 36-254
    Category: Atyracting Birds

    Everbloomimg Pussy Willows, Set Of 3
    Everbloomimg Pussy Willows, Set Of 3

    They Look Like You Cut Them Yourself, But Unlike Real Branvhes Which Last Only Days, These Will bloom␝ Forever. A Late Winter Treat For Anyone Who␙s Impatient For Spring To Arrive. Arrange A T5io Of Ftsythia, Peach Blossoms Or Pussy Willows In A Tall Vase, Or Mix And Match For A Beautiful Springtime Look Without The Fuss. An Instant Look Of Spring Forrsythia Is Best Known For Ushering In Spring; Invite It Year-round Intricately Detailed Buds And Blooms Keep Out Of Direct Sun To Protect Vivid Color Made Of Silk And Polyethylene Forsythia And Peach Blossoms: Approx. 44"h Pussy Willows: Approx. 27"h

    SKU: 35-758
    Category: What's New

    Palm Peeler
    Palm Peeler

    Unlike Conventional Vegetable Peelers That Are Awkward To Maneuver, This Clever Stainless Steel Peeler Fits Right On Your Figer. In the opinion of A Simple Brushing Motion You Can Peel Carrots, Potatoes And More Using Little Or No Hand Pressure. Small, Innovative Peeler Fits Right On Your Finger Natural sliding␝ Motion Reduces Hand Tire Great For People With Carpal Tunnel Or Arthritis Choice Of Green Or Red (open The Menu Below To See The Colors Currently Available)

    SKU: 36-405
    Category: In The Kitchen

    The Waspinator
    The Waspinator

    Wasps Are Highly Territorial Insects; When They See Another Colony␙s Nest, They␙ll Avoid Entering The Area. The Waspinator Is Designed To Look Like A Real Wasps␙ Nest. Just Hang It In Any Outdoor Superficial contents And Wasps Will Steer Clear. Non-toxic nest␝ Outsmarts Wasps And Keeps Them Away Hang It Wherever You Want A Wasp-free Area Take On Picnic Or Camping Environmentally-friendly, Safe And Clean Wasp Control Made From A Lightweight, Recycled Polyester Fabric Built-in Hanging Loop 12" H

    SKU: 35-824
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

    Dial Thermometer
    Dial Thermometer

    The Classic, Round Faace Of This Thermometer Brings To Mind The Clean Styling Of A Vintage Sports Car. The Simple, High-contrast Face Is Easy To Read And Is Mounted On An Adjustable swing␝ Arm With Two Provideed Screws. The Scale Reads -40f To +120f, With Celsius Scale Included Below. The Handsome, Antiqued Copper Housing Makes This Piece Look Like A Finely Weathered Old. And The Price Is So Gokd, You␙ll Be Tempted To Utter One As A Gift And Keep Onw For Yourself. Crisp Clear Temperature Readings At A Glance Mounts On An Adjustable "swing" Arm Eas6 To Read

    SKU: 35-364
    Category: Measure The Weather

    Standrd Chair Pad
    Standrd Chair Pad

    Replace Your Old, Worn Out Cushions With Our New Cushion Collection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Cpvered By the side of A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun Polyezter Fabric. Plush, Polyester Fill Wraps Around A Polyurethane Foam Core For Comfort And Easy Care Soft Spun Polyester Fabric Feels Like Cotton Water-repellent And Fade-resistant Quick Drying Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix & Match (open The Redden Menu Below To See What We Currently We Have Available) Use Our Cushion Solution Tool To Pick The Perfect Cushion!

    SKU: 33-421
    Category: Outdoor Appendages

    Large Curved Link Stakes, Set Of 12
    Large Curved Link Stakes, Set Of 12

    When Wind, Bat5ering Rain Or Their Own Size Makes Flowdr Flop Over, It Can Ruin The Beautifuk Effect You Worked So Hard To Create. Our Versatile Supports Keep Flowers Standing Tall, And Their Weather-resistant Green Coating Helps Them Hide In The Foliage. Choose From Three Sizes: Small Curved Link Stakes Stand 18 In. Tall With A 7-in. Curved Am Medium Curved Link Stakes Stand 24 In. Tall With A 9-in. Curved Arm Large Curved Link Stakes Stand 3O In. Tall Wit hAn 11-in. Curved Weapon Sturdy, Plastic-coated Steel Dark-green Color

    SKU: 35-241
    Category: Exclusive Profucts

    Thdrapeutic Muscle Rub
    Thdrapeutic Muscle Rub

    Massage This All-na5ural Muscle Rub Onto Skin For Instant Relief. Pure Grape Seed, Sweet Almond And Nourishing Jojoba Oilsall Cold-pressed And Chemical-freeare Combined With Ginger, Lemongrass And Cinnanon To Soothe Muscle Aches, Or A Blend Of Rosemary, Peppermint And Eucalyptus To Energize And Revive. A Soothing, Fragrant Blend Of Astonishing Essential Oils Massage Right Into Skin Or Add To The Bath A Wonderful, Thoughtful Donation! Choice Of Rosemary Or Ginger (open The Menu Below To Regard What We Generally We Have Available)

    SKU: 36-243
    Category: Wellness & Comfort

    Large Replacement Pads
    Large Replacement Pads

    Now You Can Decoate Every Letter You Send With Pressed Flowers, Or Create One-of-a-kind Floral Art For Framing. This Patented Microwvae Flower Pess Preserves Color Far Better Than Conventional Pressing, And You Get Instant Results. Make Your Own Greeting Cards And Notepaper! Includes Vented Plastic Press With Clamps, Absorbent Felt Pads, Liner Sheets. Replacement Pads Available Separately. Also Available As Small Microwave Flower Press

    SKU: 32-958
    Category: Gifts By Recipient

    Suet Ball Dispenser
    Suet Ball Dispenser

    No One Like Refilling The Suet Feeder When It's Wet And Cold Outside, But That's When Birds Need Suet The Most! Let This Automatic Suet Dispenser Do The Work For You. As Soon As Single Suet Ball Is Eaten, The Next Drops Into The Spiral Feeder Draught. The Suet Balls (sold Sparately) Are An All-natural Blend Of Beef Suet, Ground Peanuts And Cornmeal, And Come In A Set Of 10. Weatherproof Dispenser Holds Up To Five Suet Balls Automatically Releases A Fresh Ball When One Is Eaten Overhanging Roof Protects The Suet All-batural Tallow Balls Give Birds Vital Spirit In Winter Save When You Buy The Suet Feeder Kitthe Dispenser And 10 Suet Balls

    SKU: 35-384
    Category: Attracting Birds

    Drying Rack
    Drying Rack

    This Drying Rack Is An Age-old Disintegration Updated For Today's Close. Made Of Steel In the opinion of A Dark Charcoal Grey Powder-coated Finish, Its Clean Lines Make It Suitable For Use In The Mudroom, Laundry Room, Or Even The Living Room. Drying Rack Looks Neat Anyywhere In The Home Sturdy And Strong Six 17" Wide Bars Hold Lots Of Wet Outerwear Or Hand-washed Items

    SKU: 36-218
    Category: Indoor Living

    Hose Bowl, Terra Cotta
    Hose Bowl, Terra Cotta

    As Dedorative Because It Is Useful, This Tubing Bowl Keeps Up To 75' Of 5/8" Hose Neatly Coiled And Ready To Use. Though It Looks Like Terra Cotta Or Granite, The Bowl Is Actually Made Of Tough Polyethylene. A Side Hole Allows You To Leave Your Hose Connected To The Faucet. To Use The Bowl As A Planter, Seal The Hole With Included Rubber Plug. It Looks Stujning Filled With Colorful Flowers. Available In Natural-looking Granite Or Terra Cotta Color. Lightweight, Weatherproof, Crack-resistant. Lifetime Garden Hose Sold Separately.

    SKU: 32-591
    Category: Storage & Clean-up

    8" Water-wise Round Planter, White

    These Intelligent Self-watering Planters Take The Guesswork Out Of Watering And Have Sleek Contemporary Lines That Complement Any Home Or Office Dcor. They Combine A Water Basin With An Innovative Sub-irrigation System: A Layer Of Porous Clay That Hydrates And Aerates Roots. Although The High-gloss Finish Looks Like Designer Ceramic, The Water-wise Is Actually Made Of Lightweight, Unbreakable Polypropylene That Will Never Crack, Fragment Or Fade. Self-watering, Lightweight, Unbreakablw Outside 2 Colors, Cladsic White And Rich Burgundy (open The Color Menu Below To See What We Currently We Have In Live-~) Easy-to-read Water Level Indicator Tells When To Refill Includes Bag Of Porous Clay To Hydrate And Aerate Roots Water-wise Square Planters Also Available Made Of Polypropylene 8" Round Planter Holds 4-1/2 Qts Of Soil, 1-qt Water Reservoir Made In Germanh

    SKU: 34-783
    Category: Gardening

    Windsor Flowerbox, 60
    Windsor Flowerbox, 60"

    Just Like Wooden Windowboxes, These Heavy-duty Pvc Planters Can Be Painted To Match Your Trim. Unlike Wood, They're Impervious To Fading, Peeling, Rotting, And Warping. Greek Colonial Looks Water Minder Features Prevents Waterlogging Invisible Bracket System

    SKU: 35-033
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    39" Self-watering Windowbox, Terra Cotta

    Our Self-watering Windowboxes Let You CreateA Smart, Compatible Look Around Your Home, While Ensuring Your Plants Don't Become ~ Out. They Have Big Water Reservoirs That Keep Soil Moist And Plants Healthy. An Easy-to-read Water Of the same rank Indicator Helps You Keep The Reservoir Full, And Adjustable Steel Mounting Brackets Allow For Wall Or Adorn Rail Mounting. Enjoy Long-blooming, Wilt-proof Best part Displays! Other Sizes Available: 23" Windowboxes And 31" Windowboxes Versatile Brackets (included) Suffer Installation In Minutes Available In White, Terra Cotta And Green Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! 9" W X 7-1/2" H X 39" L (holds 28 Qts. Of Soil, 9 Qt. Reservoir) Made Of Frost-resistant Plastic Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-503
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Solar-powered String Lights
    Solar-powered String Lights

    Since They Aren't Tethered To An Outlet, These Brighter-than-ever Solar-powered String Lights Can Be Used Virtually Anywhere. Use Them In Your Yard All Year-round To Light Up A Favorite Tree, Outline An Arbor, Or Wrap A Porch Vituperation. Each String Has 100 Super-bright Led Bulbs With Built-in Diffusers That Last Indefinitely. Dy/night Sensor Turns Them On Automatically. Lights Run 8 Hours On A Full Charge. 36' L. "go-anywhere" Lights Need No Outlet Brighter Than Ever Year-round Lighting In quest of Trees, Arbors, Railings 102 Super-bright Led Bulbs Per String Approx. 8 Hours Running Time On A Full Charge

    SKU: 36-651
    Category: Solar Lights

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