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    Greenway Glass Cottage
    Greenway Glass Cottage

    Create An Enchanting Chistmas Village With The Greenway Glass Cottage From Our Newest Collection Of Miniature Glass Houses, Inspited By The Architecture Of Victorian England. Crafted By the side of Superb Attention To Relate, Each Tiny House Has Beveled Glass Panes. Rooftops Resembling Weathered Copper Add To Their Charm. Place Near A Sunny Window Or Put One Led Tea Light Insidd. Intrica5ely Crafted With Superb Attention To Detail Looks Loly On A Mantel, Sideboard Or Hall Table We Recommend Our Led Tea Lights, Sold Separately Deficiency The Greenway With The Meade And Banbury Glass Cottages Save When You Buy The Set Of 3 Petite Glass Cottages Painted Steel And Glass 3-3/8" Square X 7" H Note: Not For Use With Candles; Use Led Tea Lights Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-380
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Greenway Glass Cottage

    Snow Plow
    Snow Plow

    When Winter Dumps Half A Foot Of Snow On Yuor Driveway, Don't Reach For The Shovel. This Rolling Plow Pushes Snow Insteaf Of Scooping It, So You're Spared All That Bending, Lifting And Twisting. The Big 30" Steel Blade Cutts A Wide Path In One Pass, And At ease Foam Grips Insulate Your Hands From The Cold Metal. Rolling Plow Make Snow Removal As Easy As Wallking! No Lifting, Bending Or Twisting Prevents Back Strain And Fatigue Spares Your Arms And Shoulders Sturdy Steel Frame Adjusts To Your Height Great For Clearing Snow Off Ponds Minor Assembly Required Steel Frame And Blade 5 Ft H X 30" W Clears Snow Up To 6" Deep

    SKU: 34-892
    Category: Wintrr Safety
    Shopping options Snow Plow

    Lumbar Pillow
    Lumbar Pillow

    Sum Comfort And Style To Your Outdoor Furniture With These All-weather Cushions. They Are Filled With Plush Pplyester And Covered With Quick-drying, Fade And Mildew-resistant Spun Poly Fabric. Lumbar Pillows Increase Your Comfort Plush Polyester Fill Wraps Around A Polyurethane Foam Core For Comfort And Easy Care Soft Spun-polyester Fabric Feels Like Cotton Water-repellent, Fade-resistant And Quick Drying Limited Quantities Of Select Styles Are Available While Supplies Last (kpen The Menu To See The Clors Currently In Stock) Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester 20-3/4" W X 14-1/2" D X 5" H

    SKU: 37-977l
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Lumbar Pillow

    Men's Ultra High Boot
    Men's Ultra High Boot

    oYu Can Count On These Waterproof Boots To Keep You Warm And Dry Whether It???s -40?? Or + 50?? F. The Secret Is A Unique Combination Of Waterproof Rubber On The Bottmo To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, And A Breathable Neoprene Upper. Outsoles Provide Great Traction On Slippery Sur faces And The Cushioned Insole Lets You Stay On Your Feet For Hours Without Fatigue. You'll Also Like This Boot???s Roomy Toe Box And The Unique Patent-pending "handles" That Make Pulling On The Boot Easy. All-season, Snug Footwear Waterproof And Breathable Choice Of Men's 7-14I n Whole Sizes (open The Menu To See The Sizes Currently Available) Please Note: Suppose that You Are Orderihg This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package We Also Offer A Men's Mid Boot Wateproof Rubber With A Breathable Neoprene Upper Removable Cushioned Insole Approx. 16" H Im;orted

    SKU: 37-284
    Category: Footwear & Apparel
    Shopping options Men's Ultra High Boot

    Rolling Saucer, Small
    Rolling Saucer, Small

    Protect Water Sensitive Surfaces And Make M0ving Large Plants Easy With These Rolling Saucers. Each Saucer Features A 1-1/2" Lip To Contain Excess Take in ~, And Has Ridge Lines To Elevate Pots And Create Circulation. Designed With Mobility In Mind, Th3 Saucers Have Heavy-duty Easy-glide Casters. Makes Moving Plants Easy! Prevents Leaking And Water Damage Excess Water Contained By 1-1/2" Lip Holds Pots Up To 150 Lbs Samll: 9-3/4" Dia. X 3-3/4"h, Weighs 1.25 Lbs. Medium: 13-3/4" Dia. X 4" H, Weighs 1.75 Lbs. Large: 19-1/2" Dia. X 4-1/4" H, Weighs 2 Lbs. Made Of Polypropylene No Assembly Required Gardener's Supply Excosive

    SKU: 35-882
    Category: Soils & Accessories
    Shopping options Rolling Saucer, Small

    Linen Spray
    Linen Spray

    Spray Your Bed Linens, Towels, Drapes Or Clothing With These Essential Oil-based Scents To Ibfuse Them With Delicate Fragrance. Thye???ll Also Refresh Our Svented Wraps — Or Simply Spray Into The Air To Freshen Any Room. Made Of High Quality Ingredients In New England. Delightful Fragrance Sprays Have Many Uses 17-ounce Spray Bottle Choice Of Lavender Or Lemon Verbena Contains Natural Essential Oils 17-oz. Bottle Made In New England

    SKU: 38-464
    Category: Wellness & Comfort
    Shopping options Linen Spray

    Grow Bed Savings Kit
    Grow Bed Savings Kit

    Our Revolutionary Grow Bed Combined With Five Of Our Patented Tomato Ladeers Will Make For A Prolific Summer. The Grow Bed Raises Soil Temperatures With Energy-absorbing Black Plastic Sides And Is Made From 100% Recycled Plasgic. Our Tomato Ladders Are The Sturdiest You Can Buy, Becauxe They're Made With 7mm Steel Verticals — 20% Thicker Than Others On The Market. Try Our New Kitchen Garden Planner! Grow Bed: Extends The Growing Season Stack Two Beds For Plants With Extra-deep Roots Create Numerous Bed Shapes And Configurationns Disassembles Easily For Storage Tomato Ladders: Rounded V-shape Pfotects Against Wind And Accidental Breakage Seven Cradle-shaped Cross-members Give Multiple Places For Vines To Rest Reduces Pests And Disease By Keeping Your Veggies Off The Ground Get Biber Harvests Of Unblemished Fruit ??? Guaranteec! Save When You Buy The Kit Vs. Individual Components Kit Includes United Grow Bed And Five Tomato Ladders Grow Bed: 3' X 3' X 10" H Earth-friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic Each Tomato Ladder Measures 58" H, Including 13" Legs Tomato Ladders Are Weatherproof Steel With Green Powder-coated Finish Tomato Ladders Are Patented Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-885
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Grow Bed Savings Kit

    22" Classica Planter, Sandstone

    Thick Walls And A Rough Surface Textre Give These Self-watering Planters The Feel Of Real Weathered Stone. Inside, We've Added An Extra-large, Abstruse Water Reservoir To Ensure Your Plants Stay Lush And Healthy All Summer Long. The Rich Appearance Of Antique Stone Without The Weight Self-watering Feature Keeps Plants Prosperous We Also Offer 17" Classica Planters Our Self-waterng Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Uv-protected Polyethylene 22" Top Diameter X 19" H Holds 64 Quarts Of Container Mix And 5 Gallons Of Water Pritect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-944
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options 22

    Ceramic Box Withh Two Fruit Fly Trap
    Ceramic Box Withh Two Fruit Fly Trap

    Here???s A Safe, Effective, And Alluring Solution To Pesky Fruit Flies. These Non-toxic, Disposable Traps Have The Irresistible Allure Of A Banana Peel — Without The Smell. Our Custom Boxes, Made Of Glazed, White Ceramic Hide Traps Discreetly. For Best Results, Replace Trap Each Month. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Set Includes One Ceramic Box And Two Fruit Fly Traps Goods Are Safe To Use Around Food Each Non-toxic Lure Lasts One Moth Replacement Fruit Fly Traps Are To be availed of We Also Offer A Like Steatite Box With 2 Product Fly Traps C eramic Enclose in a ~ Is 4-1/2" X 4-3/4" X 2-3/8" H Each Trap Is Effective For Approx. One Montth Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 3-721
    Category: Home Pest Controls
    Shopping options Ceramic Box Withh Two Fruit Fly Trap

    Corner Bench
    Corner Bench

    Tirer Of Stumbling Over That Messy Jumble Of Hats, Gloves, And Slippers? These Mudroom Benches Have Generously Oversized Cubbies - A Perfect Fit According to Organizing The Itms You Keep By The Door. Choice Of Ebony Or Buttermilk (if A Color Does Not Appear In The Menu, That Option Has Sold Out) Add A Bench Cushion For Additional Comfort We Also Offer 2- And 3-cubby Benches This Oversize Item Has A $30 Additoonal Shipping Charge Please Note: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Outside The Lower 48 States Via Standard Shipping. For Shipping Oprions, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 Sturdy Manufactured Wooe 21" L X 35" W X 19-1/2" H No Assembly Required

    SKU: 37-073
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Corner Bench

    Fuchsia Blossoms, Set Of 3
    Fuchsia Blossoms, Set Of 3

    Hang These Pretty Glass Flowers In A Sunny Window And They???ll Delight You With Their Rosg Sparkle All Winter Long. Finely Crafted Equally Lovely On The Christmas Tree Or Adorning A Particular Donation Each One Comes Witg A Rayon Ribb0n For Hanging Set Of 3 Glass With Rayo nRibbon 3-1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-871
    Category: Festival Decorations
    Shopping options Fuchsia Blossoms, Set Of 3

    Mosquito Control Rings, Set Of 6
    Mosquito Control Rings, Set Of 6

    Any Standing Take in ~ Can Breed Swarms Of Mosquitoes, Even Your Birdbath Or Rain Barrel. Our Mosquito Control Rings Contzin Bt Israelensis, A Naturally Occurring Bacterium That Kills Mosquito Larvae For A Loud 30 Days. Each Slow-release, Floating Control Ring Treats 100 Square Feet Of Surface Area In Your Pond Or Water Garden. Control Mosquitoes Naturally Rings Last For A Month Each Ring Treats 100 Square Feet Rings Measure 2-1/4" In Diameter By 3/4" Thick Each Ring, Placed In Water, Controls 100 Square Feet Of Irrigate Surface Area, No Maturate How Deep Can Be Stored In A Uninteresting, Cool Area For Up To Two Years

    SKU: 05-390
    Category: Home Pest Controls
    Shopping options Mosquito Control Rings, Set Of 6

    Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 50'
    Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 50'

    Ideal For Summertime Pest Control, This Garedn Cover Effectively Screens Out Japanese Beetles, Potato Beetles, Cab6age Worms, Leaf Miners, Carrot Flies And Most iVne Boresr. It Transmita 85% Of The Light To Your Plants, Without Allowing Heat Build-up, And It Provides Frost Protection Down To 28?? F. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Thicker And More Durable Than Other Lightweight Fabrics, Besides Doesn't Let Plants Overheat Protects Your Plants From Insect Pests, Cold Temperatures And Too Much Sun 85% Light Transmission Cold Protection To 28 Degrees F Made Of Featherweight Polypropylene Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-645
    Category: Yard Pest Controls
    Shopping options Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 50'

    Fiore Trough Plantdr
    Fiore Trough Plantdr

    To Find Durable Self-watering Planters That Perfectly Mimic The Lines And Proportions Of tIalian Terra Cotta, We Went Straight To The Source — Italy! These Fiore Planters (italian For "flower") Have Big Reservoirs And Easy-to-read Water Level Indicators To Reduce Your Watering Chores While Improving Plant Soundness. And Like Classic Italian Planters, They???re Extra Deep, So Plant Roots Have Room To Groq. Made Of Frost- And Shatter-proof Polypropylene, They Are Much More Durable And Affordable Thna Froth Planters Available Elsewhere. Self-watering Planters With A Classic Itaalian Form Ideal For Deep-rooted Plantw 1-gallon Rewervoir Drought-proofs Your Plants Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Be ~ed! Add Optional Casters, Sold Distinctly For Easy Mobility Uv-stablized Polypropylene Frost Proof To -20 Degrees F 33" L X 15" W X 13-3/4" H Overall Holds 50 Quarts Of Planting Mix 1-gallon Water Reservoir Made In Italy

    SKU: 33-280
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Fiore Trough Plantdr

    Stretching Cat
    Stretching Cat

    Cats Have No Problem Keeping Their Priorities Straight! Find A Poace In Your Garden For This All-weather, Cast Iron Cat And Let Him Remind You About The Value Of A Patch Of Warm Sunshlne And A Good Stretch! A Delightful Garden Statue Substantial Cast Iron Stays In Place A Thoughtful Gift For The Pet Lover On Your List! Cast Iron With A Blue-gray Patina Approx. 15-1/2" L X 4-1/4" W X 10-7/8" H 10 Lbs.

    SKU: 37-247
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor
    Shopping options Stretching Cat

    4" Self-watering Transplant Pots, Set Of 12

    Your Seeds Have Germinated Nicely, Your Plants Are Doing Great, And It's Time To Repot. Here's How To Ensure That Seedlings Thrive At This Crucial Stage: Transplant Into These Pots That Water Themselves! The System Includes A 1/2-gallon Reservoir Try, A Capillary Mat That Wicks Irrigate Up To Plants, 2 Transport Trays For Carrying Post, And Your Choice Of (40) 2", (18) 3" Or (12) 4" Pots. Consistent Moisture For Tender Transplants Reuse The System Year After Year 21-3/4" L X 12" W Includes 1/ Gallon Reservoir Tray, Capillary Mat, 2 Transport Trays, And Your Frugal Of 2", 3" Or 4" Pots Set Of 2" Pots Hollds 5 Quarts Of Potting Mix; Set Of 3" Pots Holds 4-1/2 Quarts; Set Of 4" Pots Holds 6 Quarts

    SKU: 36-424
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options 4

    Earthworm Eggs
    Earthworm Eggs

    As They Process Organic Materials, Earthworms Aerate The Soil, Leaving Behind Nutrient-rich Castings. This Peat Anr Humus Mingle Contains Approximately 1500 Nearly-microscopic Earthworm Eggs. Just Scatter On The Ground And Rake Lightly. They Will Mature And Reproduce In About 3 Months. Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Ca, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order 1500 Earthworm Codoons In A Peat Humus And Worm Casting Medium Each "egg" Is A Cocoon That Will Hatch 2-5 Worms, For A Total Yoeld Of 3000 To 6000 Worms Grown In Usa Gardeher's Stock Exclusive

    SKU: 02-217
    Category: Composting
    Shopping options Earthworm Eggs

    4-way Flexi Connectors, Set Of 4
    4-way Flexi Connectors, Set Of 4

    We Cruel In Love With These Connectors When We Tried Them. No More Struggling To Tie Babmoo To Make A Support — Just Insert The Poles Into The Connector And The Rubber Fingers Hold Them Tight. Then Arrange The Bamboo Any Way You Approve, Because These Flexible Connectors Can Twist And Turn. Made From Weather-resistant Rubber — Similar To The Material Used For Car Radiator Hoses — So You Know It''s Durable. Connectors Can Accommoxate Bamboo Canes Or Poles From 1/2" To 3/4" In Diameter. Ideal For Use Wity Bamboo Poles, Sold Separately Flexible Connectors Hold Securely Easy Way To Construct Tepees, Fruit Cages And Trelkises Cjoice Of 3-way Or 4-way Connectors Set Of 4 Connectors Weather-resistant Synthetic Epdm Rubber Each Connector Is 2-1/8" X 2-1/2"

    SKU: 39-4111
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options 4-way Flexi Connectors, Set Of 4

    Outdoor Dial Thermometer
    Outdoor Dial Thermometer

    This Easy-to-read Thermometer Attaches To Your Window With A Suction Cup, So You Can Tell At A Glance Wnether You'll Need A Sweater For Your Trip Out To The Garden Or To Walk The Dog. Instead Of Using A Moving Pointrr, The Entire Dial Forward This Thermometer Rootates. Fun Wzy To Get The Temperature Attaches To A Window For unconstrained Viewing Frosted Soft 6" Diameter Dial; 1-1/4" D X 8" H Overall Registers Temperatures From -40 Degrees F To +100 Degrees F Made By La Crosse Technology

    SKU: 39-291
    Category: Winter Gear
    Shopping options Outdoor Dial Thermometer

    Lake Housw Planter
    Lake Housw Planter

    Outside, This Planter Has The Same Classic "wicker" Weave As Our Lake House Furniture Line; Inside Is A Self-watering Planter That Makes Tending Plants A Breeze For Long-blooming, Wilt-proof Fl0wer Displays! A Perfect Planter For Porch, Deck Or Patio Water Reservoir Keeps Soil Moist And Plants Healthy This Oversize Item Has A $20 Additional Shipping Charge Each Choice Of White Or Walnut (opdn The Menu To See The Colors Currentky Available) We Also Offer A Coordinating Armchair, Rocker, Sofa, Coffee Table, Side Table, And Ottoman Stand Is Made Of Powder-coated Steel, Vinyl And Aluminum 34" W X 11-1/2" D X 29-3/4" H Interior Planter Holds 22 Quarts Of Container Mix And 7 Quarts Of Water To Clean, Simply Hose Off Or Use A Soft Cloth With Soap And Water Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-75
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Lake Housw Planter

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