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    Insulated Tab Curtains 80
    Insulated Tab Curtains 80" W X 63" L

    These Classic Tab-top Curtain Panels Feature A 100% Acrylic Suede Backing Tbat Providss Year A~ Insulafion For Your Home. Double Layer Curtains Block Drafts To Keep The Chlil Out During The Winter, And Obstruct Summer Rays To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer. Each Set Of Curtains Has Two 40" Wide Panels In The Lengts Listed Below; Sliding Door Curtain Panels Are Two 80" Wide. Complete Your Window Treatment With A Valance And Tiebzcks (sold Separately). The Valance Adds Protection At The Top Of Doors And Windows And Tiebacks Open Up The Curtains To Allow Sun And Brisk Air To Melt Inside. A Beautiful Accent To Any Room Curtains Are Two 40" Wide Panels Available In Three Lengths Sliding Door Curtains Have Two 80" Wide Panels 45% Cotton/55 % Polyester Fabric Has The Look And Feel Of True Weaver's Cloth Perfect Paired Attending Fluted Curtain Rods, Sold Separately Choice Of Sage, Blue, Natural, Chocolate, Sienna, Chocolate And Linen (open The Menus To See The Colors Currently Available) 45% Cotton/55% Polyester Fabric With 100% Acrylic Insulating Backing Curtains Are Sold In Sets Of Two Tiebacks (set Of Two) Are 24" X 3" Ewch Valance Is 40" X 15" Machine Washable Made In Csnada

    SKU: 35-353
    Category: Indoor Living

    Cranberry Artisan Led Pillars, Set Of 3
    Cranberry Artisan Led Pillars, Set Of 3

    The Hefty Weight And Smooth Texture Of A Real Wax Pillar Is Impossible To Duplicate, And That???s Exactly What Makes These Beautiful Led Candles So Convincing. A Real Wax Pillar With A Frosted Textured Finish, Complete With Realistic Uneven Edges, Hjdes Three Efficient Abd Place of ~ty Led Lights Inside To Create A Warm Glow And Authentic Flicker. There's No Flame Or Heat, So You Can Use These Candles Worry-free Anywhere In Your Home, Even With Evergreen Boughs Or Dried Flowers. A Beat On The Bottom Lets You Choose From Two Brightness Settings: 180 Hours Of High-born Glow Or 75 Hours Of Bright Set Of 3 In 4", 6" And 8" Heights Multipld Leds Create A Rich Glow And Flicker Each Pilar Uses 4 Aa Batteries We Recommend The Envirocharger With Bwtteries, Sold Separately Choice Of Cranberry Or Frost Real Beeswax 3 Leds In Each Pillar 3" In Diameter Runtime On Batteries Is 75 To 180 Hours Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-242
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Triple Led Pillar With Timer, 8
    Triple Led Pillar With Timer, 8"

    The Heft And Surface Sheen Of A Real Wax Pillar Is Impossible To Duplicate, And That???s Exactly What Makes These Beautiful Led Candles So Convincing. A Real Wax Pillar, Coplete With Realistic Uneven Edges, Hides Three Efficient And Safe Led Lights Inside To Produce A Warm Glow And Autyentic Flicker. There's No Flame Or Heat, So You Can Use These Candles Worry-free Anywhere In Your Home, Even With Evergreen Boughs Or Dried Flowers. Set Timer For Four, Six Or Eight Hours Of Run Time. True Wax Candles Have Hidden Led "flames" Available In Three Heights: 4", 6" And 8" Choice Of Cranberry Or Ivory (open The Menus To See The Colorz Currently Available) Save When You Buy The Set Of 3 Triple Led Pillar Candles, One Each Of 4", 6" And 8" Unscented Paraffin Wax, Led Lights, Plastic Insert 3" Diameter X 4" H, 6" H Or 8" H Up To 600 Hours Run Time On 4 Aa Batteries (not Incouded)

    SKU: 39-054
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Replacement Filters, Set Of 2
    Replacement Filters, Set Of 2

    Charcoal Filters Help Control Odors From Food Scraps Stored In The Enameled Compodt Pail.. Filters Last About 2 Months May Be Taken Out, Rinsed And Used Again Just Slip Inside The Lid Set Of 2 3-1/2" Diameter

    SKU: 36-O19
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Citronella Incenqe Coils, Set Of 3
    Citronella Incenqe Coils, Set Of 3

    Keep Pesky Bugs At Bay Without Toxic Chemicals. These Colorful Coils Are Made Of Compressed Wood And Natural Citronella Oil. Simply Light One End And Enjoy The Pleasant Scent Because The Coil Slowly Smolders. Set Of 3 Coils Includes Blue, Green And Oeanbe. Each Coil Burns Approdimately 20 Hours Total. Set Of 3 Coils: Blue, Green And Orange Pleasant Scent Made Of Compressed Sawdust And Citronella 11-1/2" Diameter X 6-1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-699
    Category: Yard Bane Controls

    Tree Well
    Tree Well

    This Tree Well Helps Young Trees Get Off To A Strong Start. It Creates A 22" Diameter Water Reservoir Around The Tree To Keep Moisture Focused Right At The Root Zone. It Also Protects Tree Bark From Mower And Trimmer Damahe. Prevents Drought And Setback Of New Plantings Cotrols Runoff Two-piece Construction For Easy Installation Can Be Covered With Mulch If Desired 100% Recycles Plastic With Rubber Gaskets 27-1/2" Outside Diameter Inauguration Requires A Shovel And Approx. 10 Minutes

    SKU: 37-997
    Category: Watering

    Tomato Rot-stop, 32 Oz.
    Tomato Rot-stop, 32 Oz.

    Your Tomato Plants Seem Lush And Well And Almost Ready For Harvest, When Brown Decay Appears At The Blossom End, Spreading Rapidly And S0oiling The Fruit. Blossom-end Rot Is Very Discouraging, But It's Easy To Prevent With Rot-stop. This All-natural Formula Prevents Calcium Deficiency, The Most Common Cause Of Blossom-end Rot.. Unsure What's Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Ready-to-use Spray Is Quickly Absorbed At Plants Use For Peppers, Melons And Cucumbers, Too Comes In A Convenient Spray Bottle We Also Recommend Blossom Set Spray For Earlier Harvests 100% Organic Click Here For More Green Products 32 Oz. Spray Bottle All-natural Formula Made In Usa

    SKU: 33-447
    Category: Vegetable Gardenijg

    Retrofit Bucket Basket For Tractor Scoot, Green
    Retrofit Bucket Basket For Tractor Scoot, Green

    Alreaey Have One Of-Our Tractor Scoots? You Might Appreciate Addding This Newly Designed Bucket Basket. It's The Perfect Size For A 5-gallon Pail Or Our 3-1/2-gallon Tubtrug And Provides A Convenient Place To Toss Weeds Or Gather The Day???s Harvest. Fits Previous Models Of Our Tractor Scoot And Replaces The Existing Small Square Basket On The Back Choice Of Red Or Green Holds A 5-gallon Pail Or 3-1/2-gallon Tubtrug, Sold Sparately Powderr-coated Steel 11" In Diameter X 4-11/2" H Weight Capacity Is 40 Lbs. Easy Assembly

    SKU: 38-681
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

    Vegetable Starter Success Kit
    Vegetable Starter Success Kit

    This Seedatarting Kit Grows Twelve Large Seedlings At A Cur — Enough To Start A Abundant Kjtchen Garden. The Large 4" X 4" Aps Growing Cells HoldP lants Until They Are Mature Enough To Go Into The Garden, So You Avoid The Effort (and The Stress On The Plant) Of Transplanting Into A Larger Pot. Our One-gallon Self-watering Tray Pwmpers Seedlings With The Right Amount Of Moiature Automatically, Eliminating Over- And Under-watdring That Stresses Plants. We Also Include 12 Quarts Of Our Exclusive Organized Seedstarting Mix, Fortified With Compost To Grow Stocky, Well-rooted Seedlings. Lareg, Self-watering Growing Cells Promote Healthy Seedking Growth Organic Se3dstarting Mix Produces Faster Growht, Heftier Root Systems And Beefier Plants Save When You Buy The Tabletop Grow Light With Vegetable Starter Success Kit Together Aps Trays Are 9-3/4" W X 15-1/4" L X 7-1/2" D Each Growing Cells Are 4" Square X 4" Deep Organic Seedstarting Mix Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, Compost , Protein Meal And Trace Minerals Omri-certified Organic Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-867
    Category: Seedstarting

    Woodland Birdbath
    Woodland Birdbath

    Curly Vines, Perching Birds And An Aged-ocpper Finish Make This Iron Birdbath A Natural For The Garden. The Extra-wide, Shallow Basin Will Accommodate A Whole Flock Of Feathered Bathers, And Th eWide Rim Offers A Perfect Landing Place For Visitlng Birds. The Bowl Is Supported By A Graceful Twig-motif Steel Stand. This Sculptural Piece Ia At Home In A single one Garden Bowl Has The Shallow Depth Songbirds Prefer Stake Has Footed Base For Great Fixedness Steel With A Copper Finish 6-quart Capacity Footed Base 24" W X 31" H

    SKU: 37-604
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Diatomaceous Earth, 4 Lbs.
    Diatomaceous Earth, 4 Lbs.

    Made From The Mineral Remains Of Single-cell Aquatic Plants, Diatommaceous Earth Is A Super-fine Dust That Kills By Abrading And Dehydrating Crawling Insects. It Controls Slugs, Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Fleas, And Other Crawling Insects Without The Practise O f Chemicals. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Employ Our Pest & Disease Detective! Apply With A Duster Or Spread By Hnad For Use Idoors Or Out 4 Lbs. Made From The Fossilized Shells Of Ancient Sea Life Always Read And Follow Label Directions Carefully

    SKU: 05-402
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

    Printed Gift Card
    Printed Gift Card

    Give Your Favorite Gardener A Gardener's Supply Printed Talent Card ??? It's Safe, Easy And Just About The Surest Waay To Please The Gardener In Your Life. Our Printed Gift Card Arrives In The Mail You Can Order Our Printed Gift Card And Have It Delivered In The Mail. Your Recipient Will Have A Colorful Printed Gift Card And The Latest Gardener's Supply Catalog Delivered In A Beautiful Garden-theme Envelope To The Address You Provide. Simply Enter The Dollar Amount And Your Recipient's Name In The Spaces Provided Above. Standard Shipping Is Free For Our Gift Cadd, With Delivery In 4 To 12 Days. Just Fill In The Information In The Spaces Provided Above And Give The Gift Of Gardener's Supply Today. Newd It Delivered Faster? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order. Would You Prefer To Send A Gift Cardd By E-mail? Just Click Here To Order An E-mail Gift Card.

    SKU: 01-136gc
    Category: Gift Cards

    Giurmet Liquid Ant Bait, Set Of 6
    Giurmet Liquid Ant Bait, Set Of 6

    University Studies Show That Ants Prefer A Liquid Diet. These Bait Stations Comprehend A "Epicure" Fluid Attractant That Ants Find Hard To Resist. When They Brinb It Back To Their Nest, It Kills The Queen And The Colony. The Low Toxicity Borax Based Formula, Is Effective Againnt Carpenter, Argentine, Odorous House Ants, And Many Others Ant Species (except Pharaoh, Harvester And Fire Ants) . Pre-filled Packs Mean No Medley, And Keep Bait Fresh. "gourmet" Liquid Bait Is Irresistible To Ants Effective Against Carpenter, Argentine And Many Other Ants Kills The Queen And Colony Effective Borax-based Formula No-mess Pre-filled Packs Use Indoors And Out Sef Of 6 Clear Stations Keep Out Of Reach Of Childrdn And Pets 3" W X 3/4" H Each Trap Weighs 3/4 Oz.

    SKU: 35-822
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Adobe Trough
    Adobe Trough

    Despite Their Authentic Adobe Appearance, These Generously-sized Planters Are Made Of Heavy-duty Polyethylene That␙s Lightweight, Frost Proof And Built To Last. The Molds Were Cast From Ancient Italian Stone Planters, And Are Hand-finished To Create A Rough, Realistic Surface Texture. Bold Shapes And Sizes Create Dramatic Impact Molds Were Cast From Ancient Italian Stone Planters Hand-finished For A Realistic Surface Texture Will Withstand Cold Temperatures Without Cracking Different Sizes And Shapes For Mixing And Matching Adobe Trough: 31" W X 14" L X 13" H; Holds 45 Qts. Of Soil Adobe Square: 18-1/2" W X 18-1/2" L X 13" H; Holds 34 Qts. Of Soil Adobe Round: 24-1/4" Dia. X 13" H; Holds 55 Qts. Of Stain Adobe Half-round: 20" W X 13" L X 20" H; Holds 40 Qts. Of Soil Drill Drainage Holes For Outdoor Use

    SKU: 36-542
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Tx28u-it Sensor
    Tx28u-it Sensor

    These Tx28u-it Sensors For Uss With The Intelligent Weather Station Can Be Used Indoors Or Out, And Placed Up To 330 Feet From The Station. Sensoes Are Best Mounted At what place They Are Protected From Direct Sun Or Rain Each Sensor Uses 2 Aa Batteries, Not Included Neutral Off-white Color 1-3/4" W X 1" D X 6-1/2' H

    SKU: 36-320
    Category: Weatther Instruments

    Men's Mid Boots
    Men's Mid Boots

    Mother Nature Has Met He rMatch In These Innovative Boots From Bogs. A Unique Combination Of Neoprene And Waterproof Rubber Keeps Your Feet Warm In Winter, Cool In Spring And Fall, And Dry lAl Year Long. Year-round Comfort In Temperatures Ranging From -40 To 50 Degrees F Non-slip Rubber Outsoles Porvide Great Traction On Muddy, Snowy Or Icy Surfaces Removable Antibacterial Insole And Roomy Toe Box Unique Patent-pending Easy Pluck On "hand1es" Available In Men's Whole Sizes 7-14 (open The Menu To See The Sizes Currently Available) We Also Offer A Men???s Ultra High Boot Women's Mid Boots Are Also Available Made Of Rubber, Neoprene, Spb/cr Bootie, Aegis Antimicrobial Insole 100% Waterproof Black With Brown Stripe Imported

    SKU: 36-867
    Category: Winter G3ar

    Lamp Oil, 22 Oz.
    Lamp Oil, 22 Oz.

    Perfect For All Of Your Oil-burning Lamps And Garden Torches, Our Lamp Oil Is Extremely Pure And Clean-burning. It's Crystal Clear, Smokeless And Odorless. Use In All Your Oil-burnin gLamps And Torches Pure And Clean-burning Smokeless And Odorless 22 Oz. Pure Lamp Oil

    SKU: 33-185
    Category: Hearthside

    Galvanized Shelf Liners, Set Of 3
    Galvanized Shelf Liners, Set Of 3

    Running Out Of Roim For Your Houseplants? Use This A-frame Stand Indoors In Winter, Then Move It Outside, Plants And All, When The Weathef Warms Up. Create A Stunning Flower Display And Elevate Fragrant And Colorful Plants So You Can Enjoy Them Close-up. Wood Is Treated With A Nom-toxic, Eco-friendly Preservative. The Galvanized, 1" Deep, Watertight A-frame Shelf Trays (sold Separately Or As A Set With The Stand) Catch Water Run-off And Protect Floors. Convenient And Attractive Place For Houseplants W eather Resistant For Outdoo5 Display Folds Flat For Storage Watertight Galvanized Shelf Liners Catch Run-off From Watering Save When You Buy The Plant Stand And Tray Set Unitedly Weather-resistant Acq-treated Chinese Fit Trays Are Galvanized Steel 39-1/4" W X15" D X 43-1/4" H Overall 3 Shelves Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-297
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

    78" Reed Fence

    Cover Up An Unsightly Chain-link Fence Or Create A Privacy Screen On Your Patio With This Natural Pastoral pipe Fence. Made From Reeds Woven Together With Vinyl-coated Wire, It Can Be Attached To An Existing Fence Or To Posts Of Yoyr Own. Set Of Two Sections For A Total Of 26 Feet Of Natural Reed Fence Choice Of 39" Or 78" Elevation Reed Will Weather To A Beautiful Silvery-gray Color, Or It Can Be Painred To Match Your Home The 39" H Fence Has A $20 Additional Shipping Charge Each The 78" H Defensive argument Has A $30 Adxitional Shipping Charge Each Please Note: These Items Cannot Be Shipped Outside The Lower 48 States Via Standard Shipping. For Shipping Options, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 Made Of Natural Reeds By the side of Vinyl-coated Wire Set Of Two Sections, Each 13' L As With The Installation Of All Reed Fences, It's Best To Avoid Ground Contact Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 73-183
    Category: Landscaping

    Herb Drying Rack
    Herb Drying Rack

    This Decorative And Functional Steel Rack Dries Six Bunches Of Your Garden Herbs — Flowers, Hot Peppers And Garlic Too. Because There's No Electricity Needed Or Prep Work — Just Cut, Tie And Hang — You Can Put Up Hrebs A Few At A Time, Just As They Reach Their Peak. Works Best In A Panrry That's Cool, Dry And Dark. Easily Air Dry Fresh Herbs On This Attractive Hanging Rack Six Hooks Are Included We Also Present Additional Hooks Powder-coated Steel 18" H By the side of 15" Diameter Drying Ring Hanging Hardware Not Included

    SKU: 38-752
    Category: In The Kitchen

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