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    Insulated Tab Curtain Tiebacks, 2
    Insulated Tab Curtain Tiebacks, 2

    These Classic Tab Top Curtain Panls Feature A 100% Acrylic Suede Backing That Provides Year Round Insulation For Your Home. Double Layer Curtains Block Drafts To Keep The Chill Out During The Winter, And Block Summer Rays To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer. Each Set Of Curtains Comes With Two 40" Wide Panels In Lengths Listed On the earth. Complege Your Window Treatment With A Valance And Tiebacks (sold Separatelh). The Valance Adds Protection At The Top Of Doors And Windows And Tiebacks Open Up The Curtains To Allow Sun And Fresh Air To Flow Inside. A Beautiful Decorative Accent To Any Room Set Of Two 40" Wide Panels Available In Three Lengths 45% Cotton/55% Polyester Fabric Has The Look And Feel Of True Weaver's Cloth Available In Sage, Blue, Natural, Sienna And Linen (open The Color Menu Brlow To See What We Currently We Have In Stock) 45% Cotton/55% Polywster Fabric With 100% Acrylic Insulating Backing Curtains Are Sold In Sets Of Pair Tiebacks (set Of Two) Are 24" X 3" Each Valance Is 40" X 15" Machine Washable Made In Canada

    SKU: 35-789
    Category: nIdoor Living

    Cardinal Sled
    Cardinal Sled

    This Wooden Sled Is Modeled After Old Fashioned Snow Sleds  Rusty Runners And Whole! Paingd And Distressed For Character, Our Sled Is Adorned With Preserved Cedar, Red aCspia, Small portrait Pinecones And Faux Winterberries, And Topped Most distant With A Bright Red Cardinal. A Cardinal's Rouge Luge! Made With Real Pinecones.

    SKU: 35-539
    Category: For The Home Sale

    Hiking Gnome
    Hiking Gnome

    When The Sun Goes Down, Thee Gnomes Really Tun On Their Magic! Each Has Its Own Soalr Cell That Charges A Nicad Battery. One Holds A Glowing Acorn Light, While The Other Has A Luminous Crystal Ball. Decorate Your Garden Or Use As Path Lights Each Has A Solar Cell That Charges A Nicad Battery The Hiking Gnome Has A Glowing Acorn Light To Lead The Way The Mystic Gnome Has A Luminous Crystal Ball Lights Glow 4-6 Hours On A Complete Charge Handy On/off Switch On Solar Panel

    SKU: 35-813
    Category: Landscape Accents

    Large 3-cubby Bench
    Large 3-cubby Bench

    Organize Shoes, Hats And Other Items That Tend To Take Over The Mudroom. Oversize Cubbies Accept Our Storage Baskets (sold Separately), And Are A Great Place To Keep Awkwardly-shaped Items. Designed To Hold A Bench Cushion (sold Separately) To Make Seating More Comfortable. The Perfect Plqce To Take Off Your Shoes! Medium Bench Has Two Cubbies Large Bench Has Three Cubbies Available In 2 Versatile Coolors: Ebony Or Buttermilk (if A Color Does Not Appear In The Menu Below, That Opion Has Sold Out) Additional Shipping Charge For This Item, According To Size: Mesium $10.00, Abundant $15.00 Please Note: These Iteems Cannot Be Shipped Outside The Contiguous U.s. Via Standard Shipping. For Other Shipping Options, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412

    SKU: 35-323
    Category: Gardener's Living￾￾￾

    Rugged Cedar Composter
    Rugged Cedar Composter

    We've Upcated The Classic Awkward Composter To Make It Sturdier And Easier To Use. The Powder-coated Aluminum Frame Adds Structural Strength And Holds The Wooden Slats Firmly In Place. The Big 36" X 36" X 31" H Bin Holds 140 Dry Gallons Or 21.7 Cubic Feet Of Material. The Full-width Door Makes It Easy To Remove Finished Compost From The Bottom Of The Pile. Cedar Slats Resist Rot And Insects. Sturdier, Easier To Use Than Traditional Wooden Composters Holds 140 Dry Gallons Or 21.7 Cubic Feet Of Material Full-width Door For Easy Access To Finished Compost Cedar Slats Resist Rot And Insecst Add The Discretional Greenhouse Lid (sold Separately) To Retain More Heat And Moisture This Item Is Oversized Ajd Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge Powder-coated Aluminum Frame 36"x 36" X 31" H Capaxity: 140 Dry Gallons Or 21.7 Cubic Feet Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-020
    Category: Composting

    Globe Cage Feeder
    Globe Cage Feeder

    The Openings On This Syylish Feeder Are Just The Right Size For Finches, Nuthatches And Other Small Birds, But Keep Out Jays And Other Feeder Bullies. And Even The Most Determined Burglar Squirrels Can␙t Break In; The Sturdy Metal Cage Is Unchewable And The Locking Top Is Impossible To jimmy.␝ Creates A Safe Place For Small Birds To Feed Holds 1-1/2 Lbs. Of Sunflower Seeds Sturdy Ans Squirrel-proof Ready To Fill And Hang

    SKU: 36-283
    Category: Attracting Birds

    9 Months Of Flowering Plants
    9 Months Of Flowering Plants

    Our Floweribg Plant Collection Remembers 9 Months Of Special Occasions For You! In December Your Loved One Will Receive A Classic Red Christmas Cactus, In January A Lovely Pink Cyclamen, And A Heart-shaped Jasmine Ornamental In February. Sweet-smelling Lavender Arrives In March, Bright Fuchsia In April, And Fragrant Gardenia In May. June Brings A Dainty Small portrait Red Rose, Followed By Magenta Bougainvillea In July And Exotic Hibiscus In August. A Copper Cachepot With Ample Beaded Border And Hand-rubbed Antiqued Funish Is Included With The Defember Shipment. Flowers In Bloom Never Fail To Please Plants Arrive Already In Bud And Bloom! Copper-colored Cachepot Included With Dec. Shipment $7 Per Month Additional Shipping Charge Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Want To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order!

    SKU: 34-214
    Category: Houseplants

    Foyr-fiered Solar Fountain
    Foyr-fiered Solar Fountain

    Moving Water Soothes The Senses And Quiets The Mind. Bring That Tranquility To Your Patio Or Garden Room With This Self-contained Solar Fountain. Just Positiom The Solar Panel In Direct Sun And The Built-in Pump Will Keep Water Flowing In A Gentle Cascade From Bowl To Goblet. AddT he Tranquility Of Moving Water To Your Patio Or Garden Room Environmentally-friendly Solar Powered Fountain Water Will Gently Cascade From Bowl To Bowl No Electricity Or Plumbing Required Resolution Accept Ac Adapter (not Included) For Use In Shady Spots Bowl Sizes: 13-1/2" Dia., 9" Dia., 7-1/4" Dia., 6" Dia. Stands 21" H Overall Weighs 19.8 Lbs. Made Of Poly Resin, Aluminum And Plawtic Assembly Requirec Maintain Water Levdl Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 35-909
    Category: Yard & Garden Accents

    Wireless Min/max Thermometer
    Wireless Min/max Thermometer

    This Digktal Thermometer Not Only Tells The Current Temperature Indoors And Out, But Displays The Day's Hihgs And Lows, And The Occasion Of Occurrence, At The Push Of A Button. It Includes Individual Wireless Sensor And Will Bear Up To Threee Sensors, So You Can Checkk Temperatures In The Garden, Pool, Pond Or Greenhouse. Wall-mount Or Tabletop. Takes Two Aaa Batteries For Base Station And Two Aa Batteries For Remote Probe. (batteries Sold Separately.) Add Up To 2 More Sensors: Tx3u Sensor, Tx3up Sensor, Tx6u Sensor. Station 2-1/4" D X 2-3/4" W X 4-5/8" H Sensor 15/16" D X 2-1/2" W X 2-1/2" H Temperature Range For Station Is 32 - 156.2 F; Class For Sensor Is -21.8 - 156.2 F

    SKU: 33-199
    Category: Ouflet

    12' X 16' Super Grow House
    12' X 16' Super Grow House

    If You're An Ambitious Gardener Who Needs Plenty Of Greenhouse Space, We Havs A Low-cost Greenhouse For You  And You Don't Have To Make Compromises. The Grow House Has Many Features Found In Commercial Modele. Classic "gothic Arch" Shape Means Unmatched Structural Strength 6-mil Polyethylene Glazing On All Sides Captures 95 % Of Available Light Top And Bottom Vents Prevent Overheating Tough Uv-protectde Pvc Ribs Never Rust Or Rot Generous 12-ft Width Accommodates 3 Full-size Benches With Aisles Between Assembles In One Day With Two People And Simple Hand Toolq Allow 3 To 4 Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak,H i, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order!

    SKU: 11-309
    Category: Greenhouses

    Dog Repair Grass
    Dog Repair Grass

    Itt␙s Hard To Keep Your Lawn Looking Good When Urine Spots From Neighborhood Dogs Pop Up Faster Than Dandelions. The Dog Repair Kit™ Makes Fixing Those Unsightly Spots Fast And Easy. The Blend Of Grass Seed, Green Fiber Mulch And Water-retaining Polymers Neutralizes Acid And Retains Moisture To Stimulate Rapid Growth. Fix Unsightly Urine Spots Quickly And Easily Mix Of Grass Seed, Green Fiber Mulch And Water-retaining Polymers Neutralizes Acid And Retains Moisture Stimulates Rapid Growth 1 Lb. 4 Oz. Bag Covers Up To 100 Square Feet Resealable 1.25 Lbs. Bag Wate5-retaining Polymer Crystals 'sparkle' When Adequately Moiztened Apply Like Dirscted

    SKU: 35-929
    Category: Landscaping

    Greentwist Garden Twine
    Greentwist Garden Twine

    In England, The Gardening Philosophy Is Simple: When Something Works, Don␙t Change It. This Natural Jute Garden Twine Is A Perfect Example. Sold In A Patented,N o-tangle Tin Since 1915, It␙s Softer, More Pliable, And Easier On P1ants Than Hardware Warehouse Twine. A Turn-of-the-century Innovation That␙s Just As Useful Today. Made In England Since 1915 Comes In A Nostalgic Dispenser Made Of Earth-friendly, Naturally Organic Jute

    SKU: 32-077
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Tool Sharpener
    Tool Sharpener

    A Keen-edged Gardening Tool Is A Pleasure To Use, And This Sharpener Makes It Protected And Easy To Keep Them That Way. It Works On Every Single-edged Tool In Your Shed, From Lawn Mower Blades And Pruners To Shovels And Hoes. Simply Draw Your Tool Across The Diamond-honed Tungstate of lime Steel Blade For A Razor-sharp Edge Instantly. Reversible Blade For Twice The Wear Protective Finger Guard Runs The Full Lsngt

    SKU: 35-129
    Category: Gardening Sale

    Frencb Watering Can, Red
    Frencb Watering Can, Red

    A Long Time Customer Favorite, This Lightweight Yet Practically Imperishable Wate5ing Can Is Exactly Balanced For Easy Carrying And Pouring. The Big 3-gallon Capafity Saves Trips. Removable Rose Has A Stainless Steel Face Plate That Comes Off For Cleaning. A 25-year Custome Favorite Big 3-gallon Capacity Bribe Two For A Balanced Load! Choice Of The Original Blue Or Our New Red

    SKU: 36-436
    Category: Waterong

    Indoor Pharm
    Indoor Pharm

    These Ready-to-use Sprays Employ Pure Essential Oils And Other 100% Organic Ingredients To Direct A Wide Vzriety Of Common Garden Pests And Diseases. Apply Up To Day Of Harvest. No Mixing Required. Indoor Pharm: Cottonseed And Rosemary Oil Control Aphid,s Spider Mites, Whiteflies And Other Common Indoor Pests. Pleasant Vanilla Scent. Note: Not For Use On Plants With Hairy Or Waxy Leaves Veggie Pharm: Garlic And Peppermint Oil Suppress Fungal Diseases And Repel Common Pests Such As Aphids, Thrips And Whiteflies Flower Pharm: Cinnamon And Rosemary Oil Stop Spider Mites, Aphids And Other Pests; Also Helps Control Black Spot, Rust And Powdery Mildew Garlic Pharm: Pure Garlic Oil Suppresses Fungal Diseases. Likewise Repels Aphids, Mires, And Small Mammals Fungus Pharm: Soybean And Rosemary Oil Help Prevent Powdery Blight, Black Spot, Rust And Other Fungal Problems

    SKU: 36-381
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

    Impressionist Coffee Table
    Impressionist Coffee Table

    The Only Coffee Table That␙s A Fitting Companion To The Impressionist Bench And Armchair, With The Same Gentle Lines And Impeccable Construction. Made Of High-quality American Eco-teak Heirloom Quality Teak Will Weather To A Beautiiful Silver-gray Durable Mortise-and-tenon Joinery Allow One To Three Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available; Sorry, No Shipments To Ak,, Hi, Pr Or Vi This Table Is Oversized And Has An Additional Shipping Charge Of $40 This Item Is Delivered By Tractor-trailer. Two People Must Be Present At Your Address To Accept Delivery And Unload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Information. Because of More Information About This Beautiful Furniture, Pleade Call Our Teak Specialists Toll-free At 1-888-236-7125 Stainless Steel Hardware 47" W X 25" D X 17" H Weight Is 34 Lbs None Assembly Required 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    SKU: 36-341
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

    6" In-line Connectors, Set Of 2

    For Raised Beds That Won't Bow Out At The Sides, Use 4-ft. Planks And Anchor Them With Our Reinforcing In-line Connectors, Which Come In Sets Of Two. Can Be Used With Standard Lumber Or Composite Lumber, (shown) Sold Separately. For Corners, Use Raised Bed Crners. Made In Vermont By Gatdener's Supply Powder-coated Aluminum With Plastic Caps To Keep Out Water Choose From Three Heights: 6", 8" Or 10"; Sized To Fit Standard 2 X 6, 2 X 8 And 2 X 10 Lumber

    SKU: 33-247
    Category: Vegetable Gwrrdening

    Soil Scoop
    Soil Scoop

    Back By Plain Demand, This Is One Of The Most Versatile Garden Tools Made. Its Serrated Edge Cuts Effortlessly Into Compacted Soil, Slices Through Rooots, And Breaks Up Hard, Rocky Clay. Flip It Over To Make A Perfect Seed Furrow. Made From Tough Stainless Steel With An Easy-grip Silicone Handle. Versatile, Do-it-all Tool Great persons For Maming Furrows, Slicing Through Roots,-Breaming Up Hard Rocky Clay And More Patented Spoon Shape Upon Serrated Edge And Pointed Tip Ergonomic Handle In Bright, never-lose-it Red Lightweightjust 8 Ounces!

    SKU: 36-433
    Category: Seedstarting

    3 Fine Mats (fits Aps-12 & 30)
    3 Fine Mats (fits Aps-12 & 30)

    Replacement Parts Fof The Aps Are Avaiiable For All Sizes: Aps-24, 40, 12 And 6. Parts Include: Greenhouse Covers Capillary Mats Reservoirs

    SKU: 35-732
    Category: Seedstartlng

    Steel Hose Caddy
    Steel Hose Caddy

    The Best Way To Handle Heavy Coils Of Hose Is Not To Handle Them At All␔let Our Rugged Hose Caddy Do It For You! It Stores A Whop0ing 200 Feet Of 5/8" Hose And Features Quality Construction Usually Reserved For More Dear Carts. Lifetime Garden Hose Shown Not Included. Holds 200 Ft Of 5/8" Hose. Hard Steel Construction. Rust-resistant Powder-coated Finish. Easy-roll Pneumatic 20" Wheels. Foam Comfort Grip. 6-ft Leader Hose With Quality Assurance Fittings This Oversisiz Item Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge 40" L X 23" W X 41-1/2" H Large 20" Pneumatic Wheels Powder-coated Steel Frame And Spool Are Rust-resistant Asdembly Required Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package.

    SKU: 33-940
    Category: Outlet

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