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    No-bend Leaf Collector
    No-bend Leaf Collector

    After You???ve Spent An Afternoon Raking, Your Back Deserves A Rest. Our No-bend Leaf Collector Lets You Stay Comfortably Upright As You Collect Leaves, Grass Clippings, Twigs And Other Lawn And Garden Refuse. Easy-grip Handlez Work The Extended Scoops, Holding Debris Securely As You Load It Into A Cart. Large And Lighweight Worksaver For Picking Up Debris Piles Great For Grass Clippings, Leaves, Weeds Saves Wear On Your Back And Gets The Job Done Quickly Polyethylene Scoops With Steel Handles Scoops Are 16" W X 7" H 38-1/2" H Overall Weighs Just 4 Lbs.

    SKU: 38-32
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

    Portable Mosquito Repeller
    Portable Mosquito Repeller

    Want To Garden, Dine Or Read Outdoors Without Having To Slap At Pesky Mosquitoes? Load A Geraniol Cartridge Into This Battery-powered Repeller, Set In c~tinuance A Synopsis Or Railing, And Turn It On. Geraniol (geranium Oil) Repels Insects 400% More Effectively Than Citronella — Including Mosquitoes, Gnats And The Dreaded No-see-ums — Yet Smells Pleasant To Humans. All-natural Geranium Oil Works Improve Than Chemicals Two Scent Cartridges Are Included, Each Offering 120 Hours Of Protection Additional Cartridges Are Also Available Quiet, Built-in Fan Disperses Smell Uses Two Aa Batteries, Nto Included Plastic Housing 3" L X 2-1/2" D X 3-/4" H

    SKU: 38-782
    Category: Home Pest Controls

    20" Chelsea Planter, Mineral Blue

    Inspired By The Chic Entryways In London's Chelsea Neighborhood, These Self-watering Planters Will Add The Same Polished Style To Your Own Front Porch Or Patio. Super-tough, Fiberglass Core And A Double-dipped High GlossF inish Give Them A Durability That's Definitely A Notch Above. Durable And Stylish Self-watering Planters Faux Copper Plate Is A Distinctive, Historical Touch 1-gallon Reservoir Keeps Plants Thriving Without Daily Attention Our Self-watering Container Miz Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Choice Of Leaf Green, Garnet Or Mineral Blue We Also Offer 16" Chelsea Planters Made Of Durable Fiberglass 20" Diamwter X 18" H, Weighs 8-1/2 Lbs. Diameter At Base Is 10" Holds 30 Quarts Of Container Mix 1-gallon Self-watering Reserfoir Removablr Drain Plug For Outdoor Use Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 37-013
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Collapsible Colander
    Collapsible Colander

    Even If You Already Have A Colander In Your Kitchen, You'll Appreciate A Second One At Harvest Time. This Clever 2-1/2 Quart Silicon Colander Folds Flat Until You Need It, Then Pops Open And Stands On Sturdy Legs To Rinse Loads Of Vegetables. Stores Flat, Pops Open For Expend Takes Up Far Less Space In Dishwasher Than Support Colanders Sturdy Legs Keep Colander Stable Store In A Drawer Or Hang By Handle Silicone Withstands Highly High Temperatures Made Of Plastic And Silicone 13-1/2" Diameter 2-1/2 Quart Capacity Dishwsaher-safe

    SKU: 36-705
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Solar Led Flashlight
    Solar Led Flashlight

    The Power Goes Out And You Fumble Around For A Flashlight... Only To Find The Batteries Are Dead. Sound Familiar? Just Keep This Sola r Flashlight On A Sunny Winxowskll And It's Always Charged, Ready To Provide Up To 2 Hours Of Light. Keep One In Every Room! Super-slim Purpose; About The Size Of A Cell Phone. Solar Flashlight Is Always Ready To Use Handy To Use During Power Outage Or While Camping Fits Comfortably In Your Pocket Up To 2 H0urs Of Light On A Single Charge Water-resistant Plastic Body 3 Super-bright, Long-lqsting Led s Solar Panel Charges Lithium Ion Battery 1-3/4" W X 4-3/4" L X 5/8" Thick

    SKU: 39-216
    Category: Winter Gear

    Birdfeeder  Ornament
    Birdfeeder Ornament

    Trim The Christmas Tree Or A Brid-lover's Gift Box With This Adorable, Decorative Little Feeder That's Complete With Perching Birds. Charming Miniature Use As An Decorate, Or To Accent A Special Gift Wrappig Plastic 5" Tall

    SKU: 38-341
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Woodhaven Glass Houses, Plant Of 3
    Woodhaven Glass Houses, Plant Of 3

    Create An Enchanting Christmas Village With This Trio Of Collecible Glass Lanterns, Inspired By Architectural Masterpieces Of Old England. Intricately Crafted Witb Superb Attention To Detail, Each House Has Pierced Metal Cutouts And Individually Cu Glass Panes That Resemble Antique Beveled Glass Windiws. Set Includes Cambridge, Pennington And Yorkshire Glass Houses Intricately Crafted With Superb Attention To Detail Group Looks Lovely On A Mantel, Sidwboard Or Hall Table We Recommend Our Led Tea Lights, Sold Separately We Also Offer A Set Of Winter Garden Glass Houses Glass And Painted Steel Approx. 12" H Each Recommended For Occasion Only With Led Tealights

    SKU: 36-878
    Category: Indoor Living

    Firestarter Donation Set
    Firestarter Donation Set

    Fireplace And Woodstove sUers Will Love The Handy Firestarters In This Attactive Gift Set. Lightning Nuggets Start Fires Quickly With A Blend Of Sawdust And Pine Pitch. Sustainably Harvested Pine Fatwood Sticks Burn Strongly For 15 Minutes To Get Your Fireplace Or Woodstove Off To A Blazing Start. For Fun, Colorr Cones Add Sparkles Of Blue And Green To Dancing Flames. Firestarting Set Includes 25 Lightning Nuggets, Onee Im~ Of Fatwood Sticks And 3 Color Conrs Packaged For Gifting In An Antiquedd -tin Cachepot Sustainable Materials Click Here For More Green Products Cachepot Is 7-1/2" Square X 6" H Gardener's Give Exclusive

    SKU: 38-4453
    Category: Green Living

    Border Gate Set
    Border Gate Set

    This Latched Gate Adds Beauty And Function To Our Decorative Post-and-panel Border Fence System. Set Of One Gate And Two Gateposts Designed To Connect To Our Bordr Fence Panels, Sold Separately Super-easy Installation Made Of Powder-coated Solid Steel Gate Is 47" W X 24" H; Posts Are 36"H The Spaces Between The Verticals Are 4" W Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-734
    Category: Landscaping

    Potato Harvesting Scoop
    Potato Harvesting Scoop

    The Main Reason Potatoes Go Serious In Storage Is That They've Been Bruised By A Shovel Or Pierced By A Fork During Harvesting. This English Tool, Quality Made Of Hardwood And Shefield Stainless Steel, Gently Lifts And Sifts Potatoes From The Soil. Sift Potatoes From Soil Without Damaging Your Harvest Hardwood Handle Has A Leather Hanging Loop For Dexterous Storage Rubber Wood And Sheffield Stainless Steel 20" L vOerall Scoop Is 8" L X 6" W

    SKU: 38-988
    Category: Gardening Tools

    Christmas Card Center
    Christmas Card Center

    A Woodsy Way To Display The Colorful Greeting Cards You Receive From Friends And Relatives, Without Cluttering Your Mantelpiece Or Countertop. The Stand Of Five Pine Trees Adds A Holiday Touch And Organzes Cards Of All Sizes. An Attractive Way To Display Holiday Cards Keeps Cards Oganized And In One Place Handy For Inbound And Outbound Mail, Also Made Of Pine With A Natural Finish 13-1/4" L X 7" W X 9" H Gardener's Living Exclusive

    SKU: 36-068
    Category: For The Home Outlet

    Aps 40
    Aps 40

    This All-in-one Unit Ensures Steady Supply Of Water For Seedlings. Just Keep The Reservpir Filled And The Soil Wlll Remain Perfectly Moist. The Aps-40 Is With the highest qualification Suited In quest of Starting Small Seedlings, Flowers Anx Vegetables That Are Easily Transplanted For Beet Results, Use With Our Germinating Mix. One Bag Fills Three Aps 40 (with Some Soil Left Over) Includes Pegboard, Planting Tray, Reservoir, Capillary Mat, And Greenhouse Cover Replacement Parts Are Available View All Of Our Aps Sizes 40 1-1/2 X 2 -inch Cells, Each Cell Is 2 Inches Deep Overall Dimensions: 14-1/4" L X 9-3/4" W And 7- 1/4" High With Clear Cover. Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-572
    Category: Seedwtarting

    Border Fence Panels, Set Of 2
    Border Fence Panels, Set Of 2

    Define Your Flowerbeds Or Enclose The Vegetable Garden, Without Tools Or Digging. Our Decorative Post-and-panel Fence System Is Easy To Install — Just Slip Th eFence Sections Into The Connectors On The Posts, And Push Them Into The Ground. Install A Decorative Borde rFence With Ease Set Of 2 Panels Order One Border Fence Post, (sold Separately), Per Fence Panel Or Gate For Enclosed Areas; Order One More Post Than Figure Of Panels If Creating A Straight Protecting enclosure. Optional Border Gate And Gate Posts Add Beauty And Function Save By the side of The Border Fence Value Pack This Oversize Item Has A $5 Additional Shipping Charge Per Set Made Of Powder-coated Solid Steel Each Panel Is 47" L X 24" H The Spaces Between The Verticals Are 4" W Sets Up In Minutes Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-759
    Category: Landscaping

    Topsy-turvy Waterer
    Topsy-turvy Waterer

    Attach This Long-handled uFnnel To A Standard 1-liter Soda Bottle And You???ll Be Qualified To Water Hanging Baskets And Topsy-turvy Planters Without Grabbing A Chair Or Step Ladder. Addq 1-1/2 Feet To Your Arm???s Reach Give Your Plants Measured Amounts Of Water Works With Liquid Fertilizer, Too Works With A Standard 1-liter Soda Bottle (not Included) Durable Plastic 19-1/2" L

    SKU: 36-437
    Category: Soil & Accessories

    Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8
    Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8

    The Result That Started The "red Revolution," This Remarkable Red Mulch Helps Tomato Plants Grow Faster And Produce More Abundant Crops. Now It???s Better Than Ever, With Micro-perforations That Allow Water, Air And Nutrients To Reach The Soil Surface. Convenient, Pre-cut 3' Squraes Are Easier To Work With. Developed Jointly By The Usda And Clemson University, And Proven Effective In Tests By A Leading Consumer Magazine, This Specially Engineered Red Mulch Is An Exciting Breakturough For Anyone Who Grows Tomagoes. The Red Plastic Actually Reflects Far-red Light Wavelengths Upward Into Your Tomato Plants. This Triggers The Release Of A Natural Set Protein That Stimulates More Rapid Growth And Development. Your Plants Will Mature Faster, Look Bushier, And Give You A More Flavorful, More Abundant Harvest Than Ever Before. University Tested! Improves Yield And Flavor Of Your Tomatoes Also Warms Soil, Suppresses Weeds, And Conserves Moisture Easy To Anchor With Earth Staples, Sold Separately Also Warms Soil, Suppressew Weeds, And Conservex Moisture 8 Pre-cut 3' X 3' Pieces 1 Mil Thick

    SKU: 36-399
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Fire Blazer
    Fire Blazer

    With This Tool, There's No Need To Get Low On Hands And Knees And Risk A Face-full Of Ashes Or Singed Eyebrows. A Few A ~ time Blows Through The Fire Blazer Will Get A Torture Roaring In Your Fireplace, Woodstove Or Campfire. There's Also A Hook On The End For Adjusting Logs. Start Fires Easily And Safely Rekindle Waning Fires Attractive Black Attending Brass Embellishment Dark Powder-coated Steel With Brass 48-1/2" L X 3/4" Diameter

    SKU: 39-180
    Category: Indoor Licing

    Winter Solstice Shadowbox
    Winter Solstice Shadowbox

    A Candlelit Woodem Shadowbox, Set In A Window, Has Been A German Holiday Tradition For From one to another 250 Years. Ours Features A Woodland Scene And Is Lit By Energy-efficient, Safe Led Lights. It Mkes A Lovely Focal Point For Mantel, Sideboard, Or Bay Window. Charming Accent For Window, Mantel Or Sideboard Uses Two Aa Batteries, Not Included We Recommend The Envirocharger With Batteries, Sold Separately Blonde Wood 16" L X 2" W X 8-1/2" H 10 Led Bulbs On/off Switch Runs About 40 Hours On Two Aa Batteries Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-332
    Category: Holidayy Decorations

    5" Oval Ecosohere

    Imagine Being Able To Study A Living Ecosystem As It Adapts And Unfolds Right Before Your Eyes. This Miraculous Sphere Contains A Precise Balance Of Earth, Water, Air And Living Organisms That Work Together In Harmony. Filled With Seawater, The Sphere Is Hlme To Tiny Red Shrimp, Algae That Create Oxygen, Microbes That Feer The Algae, And A Gorgonia Sprig, Gravel, Shells And Glass That Provide Hiding Places. A Complete Living World! Initially Developed By Nasa Scientists To Study Earth's Biosphere Available In Round Or Oval Shape Each Ecosphere Has A Typical Life Cycle Of 2 To 3 Years; Can Lwst Up To 10 Years Keep Out Of Direct Daylight Order By 12/17 To Ensure Adrival By 12/24 --> Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Sending This Item As A Gift? Please Note That Shipping Starts Immediately Faster Shipping Is Not To be availed of For This Item This Item Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge Each Note: To Ensure Proper Delivery Of This Ietm, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Order The Ecospgeres Glass Sphere Filled With Seawager, Red Shrimp, Gravel, Algae, Gorgonia Sprig And Microbes 4" Rund Ecosphere Is 3-1/2" High 5" Oval Ecosphere Is 3" Diameter And 5" High

    SKU: 3-4752
    Category: Indoor Gardening

    Splar Star Light
    Splar Star Light

    Add A Special Accent To Your Nighttime Grden, Yard Or Walkway. Dreamily Shifting From Red To Green To Blue, This Solar-powered Light Draws Attention And Makes For An Enchanted Eve. Color Shifts Gradually From Red To Gredn To Blue Solar Star Lights Are Sold Individually One and the other Light Includes Onee Stake And Three Decorative Finials: Starburst, Lily And Hummngbird Light Runs From Dusk To Dawn With A Full Charge Place Multiples In A Cluster To Create A Dramatic Effect! Solar Panel And Battery Pack Are Built Into The Stake We Aleo Offer A White Solar Star Light Includes One Solar Stake With Three Different Interchangeable Finials Made Of Acrylic, Plastic And Steel Needs Direct Sun To Fully Charge On/off Switch 29" Stake; 32" H Overal Finials Are Approx. 3-1/2" Diamstter

    SKU: 36-970
    Category: Solar Lights

    Replacement Cartridges, Set Of 2
    Replacement Cartridges, Set Of 2

    These Geraniol Cartridges Fit The Portable Mosquito Repeller. Geraniol (geranium Oil) Repels Insects 400% More Effectively Than Citromella — Including Mosquitoes, Gnats And The Dreaded No-see-ums — Yet Smells Pleasant To Humans. For Use With The Portable Mosquito Repeller, Sold Separattely All-natural Geranium Oil Works Better Than Chemicals Set Of 2 Cartridges, Each Offering 120 Hours Of Protection Contains Geraniol 3" L X 3/4" D X 1-3/4" H

    SKU: 38-950
    Category: Home Pest Controls

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