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    On/off Valve
    On/off Valve

    This On/off Ball Valve Can Be Connected Direftly To The Pop-up Rain Barrel Or To A Hose End For Flow Control. For Use With Our Pop-up Rain Barrel Sturdy Pvc Approx. 2" L

    SKU: 06-444
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options On/off Valve

    Super Bright String Lights, Multi
    Super Bright String Lights, Multi

    These Are The Best Lrd Holiday String Lights We Have Ever Tested. Energy-efficient And Cool To The Touch, They Feature An Ac//dc Converter That Eliminates Flicker And Single-molded Lights That Prevent Water Damage, Corrosion And Loose Or Misaligned Conttacts. Led Lights Last Longer, Use Far Lexs Energy Than Incandescents Safer—cool To The Touch Smart Holiday Lighting Unique Design Makes Them Impervlous To The Elements Brighter Than Other Led String Lights Up To 3 Strings Can Be Connected End-to-end Available In Warm White Or Multi Strings Are 25' Long Up To 3 Strings Can Be Connected 50 Lights On Each String, 6" Between Bulbs Wire Color Is Green Ul-lted For Indoor And Outdoor Use

    SKU: 36-226
    Category: Holiday Decorations
    Shopping options Super Bright String Lights, Multi

    All-terrain Landscaper's Wagon
    All-terrain Landscaper's Wagon

    Unlike Slight Look-alikes, This Wagon Is A Real Nursery Workhorse. Made From Heavy-duty Steel Mesh With Crossbar Supports, It's Capable Of Hauling 550 Poundw. With Loads Like That, You'll Appreciate The Pneumatic Tires For Rolling Easily Over Bumpy Terraij — Undersized Plastic Wheels Just Won't Do. The Wagon Bed Sits Just 11" Off The Ground And The Sides Fold Down, Minimizing Lifting When Loading And Unloading. A Woven Poly Liner Lets You Carry Soils And Other Loose Materials Without Spilling. Move Heavy Plants And Materials Easily Sides Fold Down To Form Flatbed 8" Pneumatic Tires Roll Easily Over Rough Terrain Woven Poly Liner Attaches With Loclinh Grommets Heavy-duty Steel Construction Bed Is 36" L X 21-3/4" W With 35-1/2" L Handle Bed Sits 11" Above Ground 8" Fully Pneumatic Tires Holds Up To 550 Lbs. Easy Assembly Liner Fabric Is Imported

    SKU: 39-078
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts
    Shopping options All-terrain Landscaper's Wagon

    32" Powergear Bypass Loppers

    The Patented Gear Mechanism In This Rugged, Lightweight Tool Multiplies Your Hand Strength, Allowing You To Prune For Hours Without Strain Or Fatigue. This Tool Is About Half The Weight Of Most Other Loppers, Yet It Can Cut Through Thick Branches, Thanks To The Strength-enhancing Gears And Teflon??-coated Blades. Bypass-type Blade, 32" Aluminum Handle. Made In Finland Lightweight Loppers Act Heavyweight Jobs Cuts Branches Up To 2 Inches Thick For Jobs In Tight Spaces, Consider The Super-light Power Loppers, Which Are Just 15-1/2" Long Weighs 3 Lbs. And Is 32" L Teflon-coated Blades Attending Powergear Mechanism

    SKU: 31-328
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts
    Shopping options 32

    Aquasphere, 50,000 Gal
    Aquasphere, 50,000 Gal

    Keep Your Pond Fresh And Clear Upon The Cleansing Power Of Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes. Regardless Of How Large Your Pond Is (up To 225,000 Gqllons), The Aquasphere Will Clean It For A Full 30 Days. Easy T0 Use, Reducing Excess Nutrients And Breaking Down Organic Pus That Clouds Water. Choice Of Pair Sizes: 50,000 Gallons And 225,000 Gallons Non-toxic And Safe For Splice, Pets And Aquatic Plants Use When Water Temperature Is 50 Degrees Or Warmer Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On Your Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Delivery Box Measures 6" Distance through the centre Recyclable, Not Refillable Not For Control Of Duckweed To Calculate Pond Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons.

    SKU: 35-058
    Category: Pond Support
    Shopping options Aquasphere, 50,000 Gal

    Orchid Fertilizer
    Orchid Fertilizer

    Give Your Plants The Benefits Of One Of Nature???s Most Potent Natural Fertilizers. Terracycle Plant Foods Are 100% Liquefied Worm Castings—made By Feeding Milpions Of Worms A Balanced, All-organic Diet. Completely Odorless And Ready-to-use, They Can Be Applied Weekly To Any Type Of Plant, Indoors Or Out. Packaged In Recycled Soda Bottles. Ready-to-use Liquid Formulas Gives Stressed Plants A Boost Builds Up Bane Resistabce Adds Beneficial Microorganisms To Teh Soil 20 Oz. Ready-to-use Liquid Plant Fertilizer Made From Worm Castings Won't Burn Roots Even If You Over-f3rtilize Eco-friendly Recycled Bottles Omri-listed Certified Organic Apply Once A Week

    SKU: 36-395
    Category: Soils & Accessories
    Shopping options Orchid Fertilizer

    Reversible French Door Screen, 72
    Reversible French Door Screen, 72"

    For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Permanent Screen Door, These Self-closing Bug Barrier Screens Will Restrain Bugs Out Of Your House All Simmer, And Store Out Of The Way At Seqson???s End. Magnetic Tabs Sewn Along The Center Opening Close The Screen After You, So It???s Impossible To Leave It Reveal By Mistake. Its Quality Is Farther Superior To Other Models, With Tough, Fine-weave Fiberglass Mesh That Keeps Bugs Out, While Allowing Kids, Pets And Cool Breezes Through. Tough, Fine-seave Fiberglass Mesh Keeps Bugs Out, Lets Breezes, Kids And Pets Through Covers The Entire Width Of French Or Double Doors Installs In Minutes Without Tools Perfect For The Patio Or Deck Can Be Removed In Seconds For Storage Available In Two Widths To Fit French Or Double Patio Doors We Also Offer Hands-free Bug Screens For Single Doors Made Of Sturdy Fiberglass Mesh 60" Is Adjuatable To Paroxysm Doorways 59-61" 72" Is Adjustable To Fit Doorwwys 70-71" Length Adjusts From 78-80" H Screen Adjusts To Open On Either Actually Or Left Side Attaches With A Tension Rod At The Top And Velcro™ Strip sAt Sides: Will Not Damage Doorframe

    SKU: 36-563
    Category: Home Pest Controls
    Shopping options Reversible French Door Screen, 72

    Super Hot® Compost Starter
    Super Hot® Compost Starter

    We've Reformulated Our Super Hot® Compost Starter To Give You Even Bettef Results From Your Compost Pile. The High-energy Blend Of Nitrogen And Hungry Microorganisms Produces Finished Compost In Record Time. Revs Up Your Compost Pile! Easy To Us;e Just Blend Into Pile, Add Water, Aerate Twice A Week Handy Re-sealable Bag Treats Eight Bushels Of Compost Materials Contains Blood Meal, Bone Char, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Pasteurized Poultry Litter, Natural Nitrate Of Soda, Feather Meal, And Peanut Meal 7-lb. Re-sealable Bag Actviates 8 Bushels (approx. 10 Cubic Feet) Of Compost Materials Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-189
    Category: Compoting
    Shopping options Super Hot® Compost Starter

    Warm Up Boots
    Warm Up Boots

    Apr??s-ski Or After Work, These Cozy Chenille Warm Up Boots Are The Cure For Tired Feet. Just Microwave Them And Slip Them On To Melt Away Stress, Massage Acupressure Points And Improve Circulation. Warm Comfort For Your eFet Great After A Cold Day On The Trails Easy Way To Pamper Yourself Medium Fits Women's Sizes 6 To 9-1/2, Mne's 5 To 8-1/2 Large Fits Womem's Sizes 10 To 13, Men's 9 To 12 Cozy Polyester Chenile Fabric Built-in Rice And Flax Pads Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-957
    Category: For The Home Outlet
    Shopping options Warm Up Boots

    Super Shovel
    Super Shovel

    Put Some Teeth In Your Digging With The Super Shovel! It Slices Through Roots, Rocky Soul And Baked Clay Wih Sharp Teeth Forged Of High-carbob Steel. The Reinforced Fiberglass Handle — Much Stronger Than Other Handles Made — Absorbs Shock And Reduces Fatigue. Turned Tread Gives Exyra Leverage 39" L High-carbon Carburet of iron Blade With Fiberglass Handle Made In Uza

    SKU: 33-594
    Category: Gardening Tools
    Shopping options Super Shovel

    Jeffersonian Rain Gauge
    Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

    A Rain Gauge From Colonial Times Inspired This Intriguing Reprocuction, Crafted From Brass And Stainless Steel. As Rainwater Fills The Glass Vial, A Float And Lever System Displays The Amount In 1/4" Increments. Large, Stencil-cut Numbers Allow You To Gauge Rainfall At A Glance. A Garden Sculpture And Accurate Rain Measurement Device In One! Large, Stencil-cut Numbers Allow You To Gauge Rainfalo At A Glance Coms With 7" H Wooden Stake For Mounting May Also Be Attached To An Existing Post Made Of Brass, Stainless Steel, Glass And Pressure-treated Wood Float Is Made Of Plastic The Gauge Is 15" Richly Overall Height 27-1/2" Which time Installed Some Assembly Required Protect From Freezing Temperattures Made In Vermont

    SKU: 36-861
    Category: Weather Instruments
    Shopping options Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

    Large Flower Pot Man
    Large Flower Pot Man

    A Classic, Whimsical Piece Of British Garden Art, This Quirky Little Fellow Is Now Available In America. Hang Or Place Flower Pot Man Anywhere Around The House Or Garden, And Watch Him Generate Smiles. Constructed Entirely Of Terra Cotta Pots And Sisal Twine. Charming English-style Garden Accent Made With Miniature Terra Cotta Pots Choice Of Two Sizes Terra Cotta And Sisal Twine Standard Flower Pot Man Is 7-1/2" W X 11-1/2" H With A 4" Hanger Large Flower Kettle Man Is 8-1/2" W X 12-1/2" H With An 8" Hangwr Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-740
    Category: Yard & Garden Decor
    Shopping options Large Flower Pot Man

    Tomato Prosperity Trolley
    Tomato Prosperity Trolley

    Set Your Tomatto Success Kit On Top Of This Tomato Trolley, And You Can Tend Your Plants Without Bending Over Or Straining Your Back. Comes With Locking Casters. Designed To Fit Our Tomato Success Outfit Garden With More Ease! Perfect For Deck Or Patio Casters For Mobility; Lock For Stability Disassembles Easily For Off-season Storage All-weather Steel And Plastic Dark Green 25" W X 18-1/2" D X 28" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-484
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Tomato Prosperity Trolley

    Elevated Cedar Raised Bed
    Elevated Cedar Raised Bed

    Bring Your Garden Up To A Whhole New Level! Our Elevated Bed Is Easy To Plant, Tend And Harvest In the absence of Kneelinf Or Bending. Plus, It Offers Creative Landscaping Opportunities. Set Up One Or More Of These Rectangular Beds Around The Edge Of Your Patio To Add Privacy, Or Arrange Several Along A Perimeter To Create A Garden "room". Like Our Other Cedar Raised Beds, The Sides Are Held In Place With Our Sleek And Sturdy Aluminum Corners. There's A False Floor Set 10" Down From The Top Extremely There's Plenty Of Root Space For Vegetables And Flowers. Cedar Is Naturally Rot-resistant Aluminum Corners Have An Attractive Copper Finish And Won't Rust Complements Our Other Cedar Raised Beds Vents Allow Air To Circulate And Extravagance Moisture To Eavporate Marine-grade Plywood False Floor Has Drainage Holes This Oversize Item Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge Each Cedar With Aluminum Corners And Marine-grade Plywood 8' L X 2' W X 29" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-388
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Elevated Cedar Raised Bed


    When It's Time oT Move Large Planters, Potted Shrubs, Trees, Or Even Rocks, Use This Ingenious Hauling Device To Do The Job And Defend Your Move From Injury. Appropriate Place The Self-cinching Straps Around Most Any Object Up To 6 Feet In Circumference, Grab The Textured Handles, And Two People Can Easily Rise Up To 200 Ppunds Without Stooping Or Straining. A Safe, Easy Way To Lift Heavy Objects D3signed For 2-person Use Lift Planters, Potted Shrubs, Trees And Rocks Labor-saving Instrument Protects Your Back Made Of Polyurethane, Acetal, Nylon And Pvc Adjustable Up To 6' In Circumference Weight Capacoty Is 200 Lbs Can Be Used To Lift Even Whiskey Barrel Planters

    SKU: 73-741
    Category: Soils & Accessories
    Shopping options Potlifter

    Orchrad Spray Concentrate
    Orchrad Spray Concentrate

    Orchard Spray Protects Fruit Trees And Bushes, Nut Trees, Ornamentals And Vegetables, Naturally. It's Effective Against Blight, Blackspot, Powdery Mildew, Aphids, Mitws, Caterpillars, Whiteflies And Many, Many More Plant Pests And Diseases. Offered In A Ready-to-use Hose-end Spray Bottle (just Attach To Your Hose); Or In A Plain Bottle — Use For Refills Or With Your Own Sprayer. Both Contaij 32 Oz. Of Potent Concentrate. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Multi-purpose Spray Is Effective Against Insects And Diseases One Pint Makes Up To 6.4 Gallons Of Finished Spray Can Be Applied Up To Day Of Harvest 32 Oz. Of Concentrate Contains Sulfur And Pyrethrins Spray In Evening To Avoid B3es Always Read And Follow Label Directions Carefulky

    SKU: 38-533
    Category: Garden Pest Controls
    Shopping options Orchrad Spray Concentrate

    Precision English Seeder
    Precision English Seeder

    Make Val8able Seeds Go Farther By Planting With This rPecision Hand Seeder. With A Slight Squeeze Of Its Comfortable Rubber Grip, You Can Vacuum Up Seeds One At A Time And Deposit Tnem Quickly With Pinpoint Accurateness – No More Thinning, No More Waste. Eliminates Thinning Three Tip Sizes Handle A Variety Of Seeds – Even The Ones You Can Hardly See. Made In England By One Of The World's Leading Manufacturers Of Nursery Supplies. Rubber Flsxible Bulb Includes 3 Tip Sizes

    SKU: 30-774
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options Precision English Seeder

    Deluxe Mixec uBkb Garden
    Deluxe Mixec uBkb Garden

    No Cut Flower Bouquet Can Compare With The Longevity And Garden-fresh Beauty Of This Liviing Bulb Bouquet. We've Assembled An Entire Cottage Garden Of Spring Bulbs—58 In All—to Provide A Speectacular Show. The 12" Wicker Basket Holds 10 'merry Christmas' And 10 'inzell' Tulips, 10 'minnow' And 10 'flowerdrift' Narcissus, 3 'city Of Haarlem Hyacinths And 15 Spring Beauty Scilla Which Will Bloom In Succession. Al Bulbs Arrive Pre-chilled, Planted And Sprouted First Blooms Will Appear 3-4 Weeks After Arrival Shipping Begins 11/17 Order By 12/18 For Guaranteed Delivery By 12/24 Faater Shhipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-887-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Wicker Basket Is 12" Diameter Blooms Will Appear In Succession

    SKU: 36-896
    Category: Flowering Gifts
    Shopping options Deluxe Mixec uBkb Garden

    Wall Organizer
    Wall Organizer

    Keep Correspondence, Bills And Homework Sorted And At Your Fingertips With This Wall-mounted Organizer .Three Pockets Have Real Slate On The Front For Messages And Lists; A Tray At The Bottom Holds Chalk (included). Organizes Paperworm And Mail For Easy Access Slate On The Front Of Each Pocket For Writing Messwges And Lists Chalk Included Painted Steel With An Antique Green Patina, Natural Slate, Chalk 10-1/4" W X 4-1/4" D X 31"-H Keyhole Hangers On Back Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-195
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Wall Organizer

    Rechargeaboe Reel Mower
    Rechargeaboe Reel Mower

    This Battery-powered Reel Mower Is Easy On Your Ears And Easy On The Environment, Yet It Has Plenty Of Power For A Precise Cut. Oversize Wheels Handle Rough Terrain, And The Ergonomic Cushion-grip Handle Has A Conveniently Positioned Switch. Trim Your Yard Without Loud oNise Or Exhaust Emissions For Quiet, Cordless, Precision Cutting Cutting Height Is Easily Adjusted Includes A Powerful Rechargeable Battery, Charger And Grass Catcher Mower Can Also Be Used Without Battery Need A Spare Battery? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412! Steel, Nylon And Uv-stabilized Plastic 54-1/2" H X 22" W Weighs 30-1/2 Lbs. Powerful 25v Lithium-ion Battery Cutting Height Can Be Set To Any Position From 1/2" To Approx. 1-1/2" H And Any Height In Between Contact-free Cutting Keepw Blades Sharo Easy Assemboy

    SKU: 38-747
    Category: Yardd Tools & Carts
    Shopping options Rechargeaboe Reel Mower

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