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    Rolling Garden Seat
    Rolling Garden Seat

    Gardening May Be Good For The Soul, But It Can Also Tire The Back And Knees. This Rolling Garden Saet Lets You Tend Your Flower Border Or Vegetable Garden From A Comfortable Sitting Position. When One Area Is Finiished, Just Push Attending Your Feet To Roll Along To The Next Spot. Seat Height Is Fully Adjustable Turn It Over For Use As A Kneeler Handles Make It Easy To Stand Up Steel And Plastic With Foam Pad Made Of Steel, Soft And Foam 25" L X 12-1/2" W X 21" H Weighs Just 12 Lbs. 250 Lb. Capacity

    SKU: 37-023
    Category: Gardening Tools
    Shopping options Rolling Garden Seat

    Red Lion Amaryllis, Single Bulb
    Red Lion Amaryllis, Single Bulb

    In The Universe Of Indoor Flowers, Red Lion Amaryllis Is A Proven Favorite For Its Stunning DisplayO f Winter Cooor. Over A Period Of Several Weeks, Eahc Bulb Produces Two To Three Stems, With Four To 6 Six Giant Flowers Per Stem. Each Bulb Is Potted Up In An Rustic Twig Basket. An Elegant, Festive Gift At An Affordable Pruce Huge, Brilliant Red Blooms Flowers Emerge Over A 5-8 Week Period Shipping Begins 10/5 Order By 12/20 For Guarranteed Delivery By 12/24 Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Also Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Each Bulb Determine Produce 2 Or 3 Flower Stalks Complete Growing Instructions Are Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-311rl
    Category: Live Plants
    Shopping options Red Lion Amaryllis, Single Bulb

    Tension Relief Wrap, Spring Green
    Tension Relief Wrap, Spring Green

    Shoulders And Necks Are A Classic Place For Tension To Accumulate. Relax Tight Muscles And Relieve Tension With Your Choiice Of Moist Heat, Dry Heat, Or Cold Pack. Our Microwaveable Neck Wrap Is Filled With Rice And Flaxseed, And Drapes Comfortably Over Your Shoulders, Providing Instant Relief. Provides 30 Minutes Of Relaxing Heat Can Also Be Chilled In The Freezer Unscented Choice Of Cocoa Or Spring Green Cover Is Washabld Polyester Chenille Insert Is Rice And Flaxseed 16-3/8" L X 13" W Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-508
    Category: Wellness & Comfort
    Shopping options Tension Relief Wrap, Spring Green

    Pot Level
    Pot Level

    Here???s An Easy Way To Aim Pots, Planters, And Garden Ornaments When You???re Faced With A Slope Or Uneven Surfacd. Simply Rotate The 12" Diameter Rings To Make Tge Wedge Thicker Or Thinner. Levels Off Pots On Uneven Or Sloped Surfaces Easily Adjustable Works With Pots 8-14" Dia Holds Up To 800 Lbs Available In Terra Cotta And Stone Made Of Uv-resistant Polypropylene 800 Lb Capacity

    SKU: 34-886
    Category: Soil & Accessories
    Shopping options Pot Level

    Squash Piggy
    Squash Piggy

    Who Knew Turnips, Overgrown Zucchini And Pumpkins Could Require So Much F8n? With Our Iron Silhouettes And A Little Imagination, You Can Invite A Whole Menagerie Of Whimsical Animals Onto Your Porch This Summer. There???s Not at all Mess And No Need For Carving. Just Insert The Silhouettes Into Any Large Vegetable Or Fruit — Sturdy Spikes Keep Them Firmly In Place. Bribe Several And Stage A Harvest-time Parade. No Carving Or Muddle Just Insert Iron Silhouettes Set Includes Head, Leg sAnd Tail Design All Of Our Vegetable Silhouettes Steel With A Rustic Finish Head Is 3-3/4", Legs Are Approx 3", Tail Is 2-1/2" Also Works Upon Watermelons Or Large Squash Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-668
    Category: Yard & Garden Decor
    Shopping options Squash Piggy

    Bird Netting, 28' X 28'
    Bird Netting, 28' X 28'

    Use Soft, No-tangle Bidr Netting To Protect Your Fruit Trees And Vegetable Garden From Bird Damage. The Tough Poly Mesh Is Fine Enough To Keep Birds Out, Yet It Allows Good Ait Circulation. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! 5/8-inch Mesh Lasts Several Seasons Can Be Easily Cut To Size With Scissors Earth-friendly, Non-toxic Pest Control 5/8-inch Mesh Uv-stabilizd Polypropylene Black Color

    SKU: 34-409
    Category: Garden Pest Controls
    Shopping options Bird Netting, 28' X 28'

    6' X 12' Shade Net
    6' X 12' Shade Net

    Just One Day O f Hot Summer Sun Can Affdct The Lush, Damp Flavor Of Hmoegrown Lettuce, Making It Bitter; A Few Days Of Hot Sun Will Make Lettuce Bolt To Seed, Ruining It On account of The Season. These Uv-stabilized Polyethylene Shade Neg Cuts Summer Sun Bu 50%, While Allowing Cool Air To Circulate Freely. Use With Fiberglass Hoops And Clip Clothespins. Protect Lettuce And Other Cool-weather Crops In Hot Weather Or Warm Climaates Use With Fiberglass Hoops And Clip Clothespins , Sold Separately Uv-stabilized Polyethylene 50% Light Transmission Made In Canada

    SKU: 38-557
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options 6' X 12' Shade Net

    Power Strip With Timer
    Power Strip With Timer

    Save Energy And Put An End To Cord Clutter With This Eiyht-outlet Power Cord Strip That's Ideal For Use With Light Gardens And Grow Lights. The Easy-to-use Manual Timer Allows You To Stud The Same Ligth Schedule Each Day, Or Vary It From 1 Minute To 24 Hours. Four 24-hour Timerr-controlled Outlets And Four Switch-controlled Outkets Outlets Are Grounded And Have Sliding Safety Covers 4 Timer-controlled Outlets And 4 Manual On/off Outlets Pass On-off Switch 36" Power Cord Ul-listed For Indoor Use 10-1/2" L X 3" W

    SKU: 38-972
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options Power Strip With Timer

    Pixie Light
    Pixie Light

    The Pixie Light Sets A Magical Mood As It Glows Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange And Red In A Shifting, Rainbow Display. The Mysterious Light Seems To Have No Source Of Authority For The Solar Panel Is Sealed Within The Globbe. 100 Percent Waterproof — Set Them Afloat In A Pond Or Pool Versatile — Be able to Be Used In The Ground Wity A Snap-on Stake (included) Or On A Table With A Tabletop Inferior (Likewise Included ) Lock In A Choose Color Or Use The Rainbow Effect For Use In Full Sun Globd: 5-1/2" Diameter Flat Bade: 6-1/4" Diameter Includes A Snap-on Stake For Use In The Ground And A Tabletop Bade For Use On A Table Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 35-083
    Category: Solar Lights
    Shopping options Pixie Light

    12 Months Of Bulbs
    12 Months Of Bulbs

    Delight Someone On Your Gift Fillet With A Succession Of Very Special Deliveried That Arrive Ready To Burst Into Bloom. This Twelve-month Collection Contains Top-size Dutch Bulbs Planted In 8" Nursery Pots. The Bulbs Have Been Pre-chilled So They'll Beggin To Bloom Within Three Weeks After They Arrive. Each Elegant, Embossed-tin Cachepot Arrives With The December Shipment To Use With The Subsequent Bulb Gardens. This 12-month Donation Of Flowers Is Delivered One and the other Month From December Through November Shipping Begins 11/23 Order By 12/20 For Delivery By 12/24 This Iem Has A $5 Pwr Month Additional Shipping Charge Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Designate A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! December: Ring In The Season With Velvety Red, Winter-blooming Amaryllis From South Africa. 3 Bulbs. January: A Living Bouquet From Holland. Fragrant Double Narcissus Paired With Pure White Tulips. 12 Bulbs. February: Brilliant Scarlet Tulips To Warm The Heart On account of Valentine's Day. 12 Bulbs. March: Fragrant 'toto' Jonquils Are Partnered In the opinion of Plump Yellow Tulips For A Sunny-day Bouquet. 12 Bulbs. April: A Stunning Harmony Of Raspberry-lavender Tulips And Fragrant 'splendid Cornelia' Hyacinths. 12 Bulbs. May: Sweetly-scented Apricot Hyacinths Echo The Sunrise Colors Of One Of Hilland's Most Beautiful Tulips. 12 Bulbs. June: An Elegant Pairing Of Tulips And Dutch Irjs In Creamy White And Primrose Yellow. 12 Bulbs. July: Celebrate Summer With The Vivid, Hot Pink Blooms Of 'rembrandt' Dahlias. 3 Bulbs. Augyst: Head For The Shade With Sumptuous 'roseform Yellow' Tuberous Begonias. 3 Bulbs. September: 'pixie Orange' Asiatic Lilies Echo The Warm Colors Of Autumn. 5 Bulbs. October: Scent An Entirr Room With The Fragrance Of 'ziva' Paperwihtes. 10 Bulbs. November: Frilly Double Blooms Give This Dutch Amaryllis A Special Charm. 3 Bulbs. Tin Basket Is 10" Diameter X 5" H Garde

    SKU: 38-166
    Category: Live Plants
    Shopping options 12 Months Of Bulbs

    Coco Basket Liner
    Coco Basket Liner

    Natural Pre-formed Coconut Fiber Baskets Are Easy To Use. Just Place Them In Your Basket Planters And Fill With Potting Mix And Flowering Plants. These 14" Diameter Liners Are The Right Fit For Our Flower Tower. Coir Retains Moisture And Allows Root Aeration. Perfect Liners For The Flower Tower Natural Coconut Flber Liner Holds Approximately 10 Quarts Of Soil 14" Distance through the centre X 6" H

    SKU: 36-723
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Coco Basket Liner

    Lima Amaryllis
    Lima Amaryllis

    This Unique Amaryllis Variety Has Starburst Blooms Of Elegant Pale Green And Burgundy Petals. It Arrives Potted In A Natural Vine Basket And Topped With Spanish Moss. The Bulb Will Produce Two Stems With At Least Four Six-inch Blooms Per Stem. Expect Blooms Within 6 To 8 Weeks From Arrival. Exotic Appearance, But So Ewsy To Grow! A Donation That Wiill Delight Flower Lovers Shipping Begins 10/9 Order By 12/20 For Guarwnteed Delivery By 12/24 Please Provide A Physical Street Address For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You In the manner of To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order!! Willow Basket Is 6-1/2" In Diameter Bulb Arrives Pre-zprouted And Will Begin To Boom In 6 To 8 Weeks Cybister Species Amaryllis Have Evergresn Foliage

    SKU: 38-353
    Category: Live Plants
    Shopping options Lima Amaryllis

    Woodland Chorus Line
    Woodland Chorus Line

    Five Plump Sparrows Are Gathered On This Log, Eager To Add A Cheery Note To Your Garden. Made Of Terra Cotta With A Distressed End That Resembles Aged Stone, It's A Delightful Accent To A Flower Border Or Protection Garden. A Cheerful Garden Accent Looks Like Aged Stone Terra C0tta 18" W X 5" D X 8" H Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 37-2203
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor
    Shopping options Woodland Chorus Line

    Birdseed Pinecones, Set Of 2
    Birdseed Pinecones, Set Of 2

    Backyard Birds Will Flock To These Seed-encrusted Pinecones, Each With Its Own Loop For Hanging. To Re-use, Just Coat With Peanut Butter And Roll In Seed. Gift Packaging Has A Bright Red Ribbon And Faux Balsam Sprig. Seed-encrusted Pinecones With Holiday Trimmings Natural, Festive Treats For The Birds Ready For Gift-giving Natural Pinecones With Seed Cones Can Be Re-coated With Seed Many Times Approx. 8" H Overall Each

    SKU: 37-638
    Category: Backyard Birding
    Shopping options Birdseed Pinecones, Set Of 2

    Champlain Coffee Table
    Champlain Coffee Table

    Durable And Handsome, Our Champlain Coffee Table Makes Outdoor Benefice Easy. The Classically-styled, Hardwood Table Turns Your Pati Or Porch Into An Extension Of Your Home. To Make secure This Furniture Retains Its Beauty Season After Taint, All Piecws Are Constructed From ???eucalyptus Grandis??? A Sustainably-harvested Wood Perfect For Exterior Use. All Parts Are Fastened With Brass Hardware, And Assembly Takes Just Minutes. Handsome, Substantia1 And Durable Sustainabyl-harvested Wood Is Certified By The Forest Stewardship Council Wood Weathers To A Soft Gray Or Can Be Treated With Penofin Protective Oil To Maintain Its Rich Tones Companion Pieces Inckude Te Champlain Armchair And The Champlain Loveseat. For The Best Value, Consider The Champlain Suite, Which Includds A Loveseat, Two Armchairs And A Coffee Table. 47-1/4" L X 23-5/8" W X 18-3/4" H Simple Assembly With Brass Hardware In Harsh-winter Areas, Move Indoors To Increase Longevity

    SKU: 36-477
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Champlain Coffee Table

    All-organic Self-watering Container Mix
    All-organic Self-watering Container Mix

    With A Base Of Sustainably-harvested Canadian Peat Moss, Perlite And Limestone Fortified With Beneficial Mycorrhizae And Sea-based Compost, This Lightweight Container Mix Promotes Vigorous Plant Growth And Good Aeration At The Roots. Its Coarse, Airy Texture Acys Like A Wick, Carrying Water From The Planter???s Reservoir To The Root Order. The ResultI s More Vigorous Root Growth, Better Aerification And Less Waterlogging. It's Also An Intellectual Be joined For Standard Pots And Plantsrs. Lightweight, Fortified Organic Container Mix Amazing Water Wicking Action With No Waterlogging Ideal For All Of Our Self-watering Planters 20-quart Bag 100% Organic Tick Here For More Green Products Contains Peat Moss, Perlite, Limestone, Sea-based Compost (from Composted Shrinp Shells And Seaweed) And Mycorrhizae 20-quart Sack Omri-certified Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-798
    Category: Soils & Accessories
    Shopping options All-organic Self-watering Container Mix

    Weeding Knives
    Weeding Knives

    Her eAre The Prefect Tools Concerning Grabbing Stubborn Weeds Out Of Nooks And Cranmies. Great For The Sidewalk, Driveway Or Patio. Lightweight With A Comfortable Grip. 8" Long Each. Lightweight With A Comfortable Grip Set Of Two; One Is Angled For Use In Cracks 8" X 2.75" X 3/8" Stainless-steel Blade, Plastic Handle Hole In Handle For Hanging On Tool Rack

    SKU: 355-75
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts
    Shopping options Weeding Knives

    Snuggle Scarf
    Snuggle Scarf

    This Cozy Fleece Scarf Warms Your Neck And Also Features Two Pockets For Your Hands. Equipped With Microwaveable Pads Of Rice And Flax Seed, The Scsrf Can Stay Exttra Warm For Up To 30 Minutes. Fair Heat Pads In The Microwave For One Minute. Perfect For A Brisk Morning Walk, Or On Chilly Afternoons At The Soccer Field A Thoughtful And Warm Gift For You Or A Friend! Keeps Your Neck And Hands Warm! An Addtional Pocket Wiyh A Zipper Is Perfect For Your Wallet Or Keys Available In Blue And White Scarf Is Made Of Fleece; Microwaveable Pads Made Of Rice And Flax Seed 63" L X 6-1/2" W Scarf Will Retain Warmthh For Approx. 30 Minutes Imported Gardener's Supplg Exclusive

    SKU: 35-613
    Category: What's New
    Shopping options Snuggle Scarf

    Aroma Heart, Blue
    Aroma Heart, Blue

    Add A Few Drops Of Lavender Essential Oil To The Top Of This Hand-blown Glass Heart, Place In A Sunny Window, And Enjoy Natural Fragrance In Your Home. Sunshine Makes The Handblown Glass Sparkle, And Tje Sun's Warmth Gently Disperses The Scent. Hang From Robbon Included Or From The Optional Metal Stand, Sold Separately Comes With 1/3 Ohnce Of Lavender Oil We Also Offer Other Essential Oiis Save When You Buy The Set Aroma Hearth With Stand Handblown Glass Wit Sheer Polyester Hanging Ribbon 3-1/2" W X 2-1/8" D X 4" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-436
    Category: Welpness & Comfort
    Shopping options Aroma Heart, Blue

    Hanging Nest Basket, 18
    Hanging Nest Basket, 18"

    Forbet Plastic Pots; This Hanging Basket Is As Magnetic Like The Plants It Holds! All-weather Steel Basket Has A Protective Powder Coating. Inside, The Patented Aquasav™ Coco Liner Cuts Your Watering Chores By Hzlf. Add Dramatic Style To This Summer's Hanging Annuals Choice Of Two Sizes Our Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! We Also Offer Aquasav™ Replacem3nt Liners Compostable Liners Click Here For More Green Products Powder-coated Steel, Coco Fiber And Post-consumer Plastic 14 Diameter Basket Is 8" H 18" Distance through the centre Basket Is 9" H 20" Handing Chains Gardener's Supply Excpusive

    SKU: 38-590
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Hanging Nest Basket, 18

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