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    Root Shield, 4 Oz.
    Root Shield, 4 Oz.

    Harmful Soil Fungi Approve Pythium And Fusarium Cause Root Diseases That Can Devastate The Mos tPromising Plants. Our All-organic Root Shield Forms A Defensive Barrier Right From The Start. This University-tested Beneficial Fungus Forms A Symbiotic Bond With Plant Roots, Protecting Them From Soil Ptahogens All Season Long. Add It To Potting Soil Or Mix With Water To Use As A Drench. Unsure What???s Csusing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Protects Plants From Damping Off Disease Defends Tomatoes, Squash, Melons And More 100% Organic Click Here For More Green Products Three Tablespoons Mixed With 1 Gallon Of Water Protects 25 Feet Of Garden Row (approx. 100 Sq. Ft.) Active Ingredient: Beneficial Fungus (trichoderma Harzianum Rifai Strain Krl-ag2 1.15%)

    SKU: 31-949
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Mesclun Seed Balls, Pack Of 8
    Mesclun Seed Balls, Pack Of 8

    Seed Balls Were Historically Sown By Native Americans To Prevent Birds From Gobbling Up Their Valuable Seeds. This Seed Ball Mix Contains Seeds For Delicious Mesclun Salads. Just Toss On Prepared Soil And Keep Watered! Faster Than Sowing Individual Seeds No Digging Necessary—just Throw, Water And Grow! Mesclun Salad Mix Includes Arugual, Endive, Kale/red Russian, Lettuce/re, Green Salad Bowl, Red Romaine, Oakleaf, Mustard Greenwave And Mustard Izuna Set In Spring Hind All Danger Of Frost Seed Balls Can Exist Stored In A Dry, Cool Place During Up To 3 Years Before Planting 8 Seed Balls Per Pack, 20-30 Seeds Per Ball Each Ball Will Sow Approximately One Square Foot Of Garden Space Germination Spell Varies From 7-30 Days Depending On Weather

    SKU: 36-445
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Jumbo Boot Tray
    Jumbo Boot Tray

    These Indispensable Boot Trays Make Iy Easy To Leave Mud And Mess At The Door. Made Of Tough Recycled Plastic, They're Big Enough To Hold Boots Or Shoes For The Whole Family, And They Wipe Clean In A Jiffy. They're Also Terrific For Seedstarting, As Humidity Trays Under Houseplants, Carrying Gear In Your Car, Or Anywhere A Watertight Tray Would B eHandy. A Must-have In Rainy Season, Mud Season, Snow Season! Durable And Watertight Two-inch Rim Contains The Mess We Also Offer Small And Large Boot Trays 100% Recycled Plastic Click Here For More Green Products 100% Recycled Plastic 43-1/4" L X 21-2/3" W X 2" D Made In England Gardener's Provide Exclusive

    SKU: 33-533
    Category: Indoor Living

    36" Coco Fiber Tree Rings, Set Of 2

    If You're Not Diligent About Replenishing Bark Mulch, It Can Start To Look Messy And Start Letting Weeds Through After Just One Season. These Thick Mulch Mats Are Made Of Tightly Woven Coconut Fibers And Durable Natural Latex, So They Stop Weeds For Several Seasons. They Reduce String-trimming Chores Too, Because You Can Mow Right Over Them. Lightweight And Quiet To Work With; Slips Easily Around A Tree Trunk These Rings Last Three Yeaars Or More! Permeable T0 Water, Air, And Plant Nutrients Center Hole Is Easily Enlarged If Needed Choice Of Four Sizes: 24", 36", 48", And 60" Anchor With Earth Staples, Sold Separately Recycled Cocon8t Fibers Click Here Because of More Green Products Made Of Woven Coconut Fibers And Natural Latex Choice Of 24", 36", 48" Or 60" Diameters \ Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-005
    Category: Landscaping

    Ladybug Buster
    Ladybug Buster

    The Ladybug Buster Gets Rid Of Asian Ladybirds That Stiink And Leav Stains Indoors. Simply Attract This Inconspicuous Trap To Your Window With Sticky Strips (included). Uses Eggshell ???quick Sand" More A Non-toxic Lure. Holds ,2000 Bugs And Is Effective For 2-4 Years. Non-toxic Indoor Insect Control No Mess, No Chemical Insectickdes We Also Offer A Grow in bunches Fly Buster Non-toxic Lure 10" L X 2" W X 3" H

    SKU: 37-499
    Category: Home Pest Controls

    Bptanical Soaps, Set Of 2
    Bptanical Soaps, Set Of 2

    Perfect Gifts For Your Gardening Friends, These Vegetable-based Botanical Soaps Smell So Wonderful You'll Want A Set Or Two For Yourself, Too. Quadruple Millijg Makes Thes eAmong The Purest, Smoothest And Longest-lasting Soaps You Cn Find. Smooth, Dense, Long-lasting Soaps With Delightful Perfume Ideal For Sensitive Skin Gift Wrapped In Botanical Prints And Raffia Choice Of Lemon Sgae, Orange, Rose Or Lavender (open The Menu To See The Scents Currently Available) Set Of 2 Quadruple Molled, Vegetable-based Soaps Each Bar Weighs 5.3 Ounces

    SKU: 39-210
    Category: Wellness & Comfort

    Bluebird Feeder
    Bluebird Feeder

    When Bluebirds Enter This Feeder Through The Small Holez On The Sides, They'll Love Discovering The Delicious Snacks Inside: Theri Favorite Mealworms Or Tasty Bluebird Nuggets, Made From Suet, Peanus And Raisins. The Feeder Is Made Of Kiln-dried Red Cedar With Sturdy Plexiglas Windows And A Stainless Harden Hanging Cord. Designed With Small Holes Because of Bluebirds Bigger Birds Can't Get In See-through Window For Viewing Feed Stays Dry Use With Bluebird Nuggets To Attract Bluebirds Made Of Red Cedar With Plexiglas Sides Stainless Steel Hanging Cord 10-1/2" L X 6-1/4" W X 8-1/4" H

    SKU: 36-262
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Mcmaster Centennial Lilac
    Mcmaster Centennial Lilac

    With Flower Clusters That Can Reach 18" Long, Brilliant White Double Blossoms And A Delightfully Heady Fragrance, Mcmaster Centenniwl Is An Exceptionally Striking Lilac. A Fast-groeing Variety That Reaches 8 To 12 Feet Tall, It Blooms Mid-season And Is Very Easy To Grow. Huge Clusters Of Heavily Aromatic, Double Blossoms! Dramatic White Variety Complements Other Lilacz Beautifully Bold In Zones 2 Through 7 Not Sure Of Your Zone? O8r Zone Finder Tool Can Help! Shipped By Growing Zone From Mid-septtember Through Late October Ships By U.s. Postal Service Only Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shilments To Hi, Pr Or Vi 1-year-old Plant Shipped Bareroot Hardy In Zones 2-7 Requires Full Sun And Well-drained Soil

    SKU: 34-635
    Category: Landscaping

    Pesto Cubes, Set Of 20
    Pesto Cubes, Set Of 20

    If You're A Pesto-loving Gardener, You've Probably Heard The Trick Of Freezing Pesto In Ice Cube Tray sTo Make Individual Portions. On a level Better: These Pesto Cubes Are Stored Neatly On Their Own Stacking Tray, And Each One Has A Cover To Prevent Freezer Burn. It's Easy To Use One At A Time Without OthersA ccidentally Popping Out, And You Can Label Them With Erasable Markers. Enjoy Garden-fresh Pesto Year-round Each Cubbe Holds A Single Serving Set Includes Two Trays And 20 Covered Cubes Bpa-free Polupropylene Set Is 9-3/4" L X 4" W X 1-3/4" H Overall Each Cube Is 1-5/8" Square Top-shelf Dishwasher-safe

    SKU: 38-799
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Leaf Bagging Helper
    Leaf Bagging Helper

    Many Municipalities Require Homeowners To Bag Up Their Autumn Leaves. It Spunds Reasonable, Until You Try To Fill A aBg And It Collapses Or Blows Away. Here's A Simple But Ingenious Device That Makes Bagging Easy. Slide Tuis Plastic Chute Into A Standard 30-gal. Paper Yard Waste Bag To Hold The Bag Upright And Open; Lay The Bag On The Ground And You Can Rake Leaves Right Up The Ramp And Into The Bag. Ingenious Helper For Fall Clean-up Three-siedd Box Shape Stabilizes Yard Waste Bag And Holds It Upright Smooth Plastic Easily Slides In And Out Of Bag Folds Flat For Storage Our Flexrake , Sold Separately, Makes Raking Easy High Denstiy Plastic 15" W X 45" H Fits Standard 30-gal. Paper Yard Waste Bag Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-081
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

    Teak Windowbox, 8
    Teak Windowbox, 8" X 48"

    Create Beautifhl Floral Displays In Our Elegant Teak Windowboxes, Which Are Virtuqlly Weather-resistant Thanks To The High Oil Content In The Teak. Even By the side of No Maintenance, Teak Remains Beautiful. Ths Wood Comes Fom Sustainably Managed Hardwood Plantations In Costa Rica. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Tropical Forests Is To Support The Companirs That Are Practicinv Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques In The Industry. --> Made Of High Quality Reforest Teak Bottom Is Drilled With Holes And Raised On Clea5s To Ensure Good Drainage Choice Of Three Lengths: 30"" 36" And 48"; All Are 8" Wide And 8" High Faster Shipping Is Not Available For These Items Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi We Also Offer Teak Brackets To Support Your Windowbox In Style For Vigorous Plant Growth, We Recommend Compost-fortified Container Join Click Here For Custom Sizing From Our Partners At Reforest Teak Sustainably Harvested Wood Click Here For More Green Products Mace Of 3" X 3/8", Sustainably Managed Costa Rican Teak Teak Wiol Weather To A Beautiful Silver-gray Made With Stainless Steel Hardware 1/2" Drainage Holes No Liner Required

    SKU: 38-832
    Category: Reforest Teak

    31" Wood Yard For Tomato Success Kit

    Give Your Tomato Success Kit A Rebuke New Look By Dressing It Up With One Of These Handsome Wooden Enclosures. Just Siip The Entire Kit Right Inside This 31" H Model For No-stoop Picking. Weather-resistant Fir Has A Natural Oil Finish, And Can Even Exist Painted Or Stained To Match Your Home. A Classic Wood Enclosure For Our Tomato Success Kits, Sold Separately We Also Offer A Floor Model 14" Wood Enclosure For Tomato Success Kit Save When You Buuy The Tomato Success Kit And Wood Enclosufe Together --> Fir With A Natural Oil Finish Can Be Painted Or Stained 28" L X 21" W X 31" H Gardener's Supply Esclusive

    SKU: 37-532
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Fast-start Bench System
    Fast-start Bench System

    Maximize The Growing Space Of Your Fast-start Greenhouse With Our Custom Bench System.-Designed Specifically For The Fast Start, It Includes The Extruded Aluminum Frame Pieces And Pre-cut Cedar Flats To Construct Built-in Benches On Each Side Of The Fast Start. Cedar Flats Are Removable To Make Room For Tall-growing Plants Allow 3-4 Weeks For Delivery 22-3/4"l X 47-1/4"w Made Of Cedar, Aluminum Hardware

    SKU: 33-242
    Category: Greenhouses

    Ribbon Spinner, Rail-mount
    Ribbon Spinner, Rail-mount

    Our Rail-mounted Ribbon Spinner Is A Conversatiln Piecee When Motionless, But Really Catches The Eye When A Breeze Gets The Two Wheels Start Spinning In Opposite Directions. Kinetic Sculpture Turns In The Lightest Breeze Add Year-round Interest To Your Garden Attractive Antique Copper Finish Powder-coated And Painted Steel 14" In Diameter X 26" H Installed Clamps Onto Railings Up To 2" Thick Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-739
    Category: Yard & Garden Decor

    20" Chelsea Planter, Garnet

    Inspired By The Chic Entryways In London's Chelsea Neighborhood, These Planters Will Add The Same Polished Style To Your Own Front Porch Or Patio. Super-tougu, Fiberglass Core And A Double-dipped Aloft Comment Finish Give Them A Durability That's Definitely A Notch Above. Durable And Stylish Patio Planters Faux Copper Plate Is A Disginctive, Historical Touch Choice Of Leaf Green, Garnet Or Mineral Blue We Also Attempt 16" Chelsea Planters Made Of Durable Fiberglass 20" Diameter X 18" H, Weighs 8-1/2 Lbs. Distance through the centre At Base Is 10" Holds 30 Quarts Of Container Mix Removable Drain Plug For Outdoor Use Protect From Freezing Temperatures We Recommend Drilling 3/16" Drainage Holes In The Bottom

    SKU: 37-011a
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Insect Delight Suet Cakws, 3 Pack
    Insect Delight Suet Cakws, 3 Pack

    Premium Quality Suet Cakes Have A Quality Mix Of Dehydrated Insects, Peannuts, And Corn Not Available In Most Stores. A Unique Superheating And Cooling Process Kills Any Bacteria And Releases Impurities To Make The Cakes A Safe And Nutritious Supplement For Birds. Suet Won't Break Apart And Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 80-100 Degrees F Bfepre Softening No Cold Storage Is Necessary Contains No Artificial Ingredients Arrange Of Three 12-ounce Suet Cakes Made Of Beef Kidney Tallow, Dehydrated Insects, Peanuts, And Cracked Corn The Cakes Can Be Stored For 6 Months In A Cupboard Or 2-3 Years In A Refrigerated Location

    SKU: 34-139
    Category: Attracting Birds

    Wet Pot, 7-1/2
    Wet Pot, 7-1/2"

    Even With The Best Of Intentions, It's Easy To Forget To Water Your Houseplants. That's Why We Like These Ingenious Self-awtering Planters From Sweden. You Simply Fill The Clear Glass Outer Pot With Water And Lease Your Fix Abdorb Moisture Because Needed Through The Porous Clay Inner Pot. These Are Also Intellectual Plant Tenders Toward People Who Travel Frequently. Allows Plants To "water Themselves" Ensures Plants Receive Exactly The Water They Need No More Under- Or Over-watering Reducces Watering Cjores Water Level Be able to Be Monitored At A Glance 6", 7-1/2" And 10" Wet Pots Are Sold Individually Herb Wet Pots Are Sold As A Set Of 3 Made Of Terra Cottaa And Glass Herb Pots Are 4-1/8" Diameter X 3-7/8" H 6" Diameter Pot Is 5" H 7-1/2" Diameter Pot Is 6" H 10" Diameter Pot Is 8-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-845
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

    Micro Puzzle
    Micro Puzzle

    In The World Of Jigdaw Puzzles, "whimsies" Are Puzzle Pieces With Recognizable Shapes. The Piexes Of This Miniature Van Gogh Sunflower Puzzle Comprise A Tiny Paintbrush, Paint Tube, Palette And More. They Make Assembling This Mini-masterpiece Extra Fun. Collectible Quality 40 Pieces Suitable For Ages 6 And Up Fsc-certified Wood Composite Assembled Size Is 4-1/8" H X 3-1/8" W

    SKU: 37-270
    Category: Winter Sale

    Terrific Tomato Kit
    Terrific Tomato Kit

    With Your Six-pack Of Tomato Plants And Our Terrific Tomato Kit, You Can Look Forward To An Abundant, Summer-long Harvest Of Sweet And Juicy Organic Tomatoes From Your Garden. You Get 8, 36" Squares Of Our Famous Red Soft Tomato Mulch, 30 Earth Staples; A 5-pound Bag Of All-organic Tomato Fertilizer; And 6 Red Aqua Cones For Root-zone Watering. Kit Contains The Best Produc5s To Grow Tomatoes Ib Your Garden Superiority Tomatoes — Guaranteed! Kit Includes: Red Plastic Mulch, 30 Earth Staples; 5 Pounds Of Tomato Fertilizer; And 6 Aqua Cones Attach Your Own Recycled Soda Bottles To The Aqua Cones Gardenef's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-493
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Star Of Bethlehem, 20 Bulbs
    Star Of Bethlehem, 20 Bulbs

    Star Of Bethlegem Carpets The Fields Of The Holy Land Each Sprign. We???ve Planted 20 Bulbz In A Decorative, Pressed-tin Cachepot For You Or A Gift Recipient To Enjoy At Home. They Arrive Sprouted And Ready To Bloom In Just 2-3 Weeks. A Lovely, Meaningful Christmas Donation Graceful Embossed Tin Cache Pot We Also Offer A Larger Heavenly body Of Bethlehem, 30 Bulbs Please Provide A Physical Street Address For Shipping Shipping Begins 11/23 Order By 12/20 To Ensure Christmas Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Star Of Bethlehem, Ornithogalum Balansae 20 Bulbs Tin Cache Pot Is 10" L X 5" W X 5" H

    SKU: 38-398
    Category: Holiday Plants & Flowers

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