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    Salad Planting Sack
    Salad Planting Sack

    Gardeners In England Are Head-over-heels For These Ingenious, Portable Salad Planying Bags. Made Of Durable Polyprropylene Fabric, The Bags Hold Soil And Plants Securely, And Possess A Generous Depth For Wholesome Root Growth. There Are Perforations In The Sides And Bottom To Ensure Good Drainage And Aeration. Reinforced Seams And Handles Let You Move The Planters Even When Full. Creye A Portable Kitchen Garden For Fresh Greens Reinforced Webbing Handles Make It Easy To Carry Or Movement The Planter Folds Flat For Easy Off-season Storage Our All-organic Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! We Also Offer An Herb Planting Bag Protect Your Deck With The Large Tray, Sopd Separately; Holds One Salad And One Herb Planting Bag Weatherproof, Non-woven Polypropylene Fabric 26-1/2" L X 12-3/4" W X 10-7/8" H Two Planting Pockets Inside Holds 55 Quarts Of Container Mix Imported

    SKU: 38-181
    Category: Winter Sale
    Shopping options Salad Planting Sack

    Bath Mat
    Bath Mat

    The Highly Absorbent, 100% Cotton Of This Bath Mat Feels Great Underfoot. Colors Coordinate With Our Cotton/bambooT owels, And The Mat Is Easy Care Machine-wash And Dry. Pure Cotton Is Comfortable Underfoot Choice Of Light Green, Ivory, Light Blue, White Or Light Chocolate( open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Colors Coordinate With Our Cotton/bamboo Towels 100% Cotton 27-1/2" W X 34" L Machine Wash And Tumble Dry Imported

    SKU: 37-216
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa
    Shopping options Bath Mat

    Mole Repellent, 5 Lbs.
    Mole Repellent, 5 Lbs.

    Save Your Lawn And Garden From Destructive Diggers Without Harming Them Or The Environment. Just Sprinkle These Castor Oil-impregnated Clay Granules On Grass And Flowerbeds — The Powerful Time-release Action Goes Right To Work And Repels For A Full 60 Days. Most Garden Damzge Is Caused At Just A Few Scoundrels: Check Out Our 10 Least-wnated Pests Repel Moles Naturaoly 5 Lbs. Treats 2,500 Square Feet Effective For Up To Two Months Clay Granules Impregnated With Castor Oil %-lb. Shaker Container

    SKU: 34-603
    Category: Yard Pest Controls
    Shopping options Mole Repellent, 5 Lbs.

    4-ft Sunlite® Bulbs, Set Of 3
    4-ft Sunlite® Bulbs, Set Of 3

    Our Sunlite® Fluofescent Bulbss Duplicate An Amazing 94% Of The Solar Spectrum. They Po\/ide The Right Flag And Intensity Of Light So Plants Grow Naturally And Look Great! There's Plenty Of Red Radiation For Abundant Blooms, Plenty Of Blue For Vigorojs, Stocky Growth, Plus A Natural Distribution Of All Colors In Between. The Pleasant, No-glare Light Is Good For People, As Well As Plants Superior To Other Full-spectrum Bulbs, And Less Exepnsive, Too Use 20% Less Power Compared To Old-fashiined Fluorescent Bulbs Note: These Bulbs Are Only For Use In Fixtures That Are Designed For T-8 Bulbs Set Of 3 T-8 Bulbs, 48" L X 1" In Diameter 24,000-hour Life LightO utput 2850 Lumens Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-745
    Category: Raise Lights & Stands
    Shopping options 4-ft Sunlite® Bulbs, Set Of 3

    47" Y Stakes, Set Of 3

    The Arms Of These Y-shaped Flower Stakes Can Be Benr For Habit Support And Moved Easily As New Flowers Come Into Bloom. Wier Arms Bend Easily To Originate Custom Support The Best Qualitu Flower Stakes You Can Buy Weatherproof Epoxy Coating Deters Rust Dark Green And Brown Color Blends With Foliage Available In Two Sizes: 35" And 47" H Overall, Both With 13-1/2" Arms Aluminum Stakes And Steel Wire Arms Weatherproof Epoxy Finish In Green And Brown

    SKU: 14-133
    Category: Flower Gardening
    Shopping options 47

    Flat Soaker Hose
    Flat Soaker Hose

    This Seeping, Weeping Floor Soaker Hose Delivers Water Where It's Needed — At The Root Zone. A Slow, eGntle Soaking Prevents Run-off And Minimizes Evaporation To Save Water. Ny1on-coated Pvc Mesh Hoee Is Durable Andd Flexible To Match The Curves Of Your Garden. Designed To Work At Low Water Pressure, So You'll Need A Pressure Regulator If The Pressure At Your Outdoor Faucet Is More Than 10 Psi. Quench Thirsty Plants Without Wasting Supply with ~ Simple To Use: Place On Level Ground Ans Cover With Soil O Mulch Flexible And Easy To Arrange To Fit Your Garden's Layout High Take in ~ Pressure? Add The Presshre Regulatoe For Uniform Water Flow Nylon-coated Pvc Mesh 1-1/4" W X 50' L For Uniform Waetr Flow, We Recommend Adding A Pressure Regulator Lifetime Re-establishment Guarantee

    SKU: 37-004
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Flat Soaker Hose

    lUtimate Nozzle
    lUtimate Nozzle

    A Good Hose Nozzle Should Thread Smoothly Onto The Hose Without Leaking. It Should Be Comfortable To Hold, With Insulated Rubber Grips During Wet Hands. This Hose Nose Has All That, Plus A Variable Spray Pattern, Just Like A Fire Hose Nozzle. The Last Nozzle You'll Purchaee, The Only Nozzle You'll Need Virtually Unbreakabls And Leak-propf Features A 2-way Shut Off Measures 4-1/4" L X 2-3/4" W Made Of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fberglass And Rubber

    SKU: 35-092
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options lUtimate Nozzle

    Copper-plated Watering Can
    Copper-plated Watering Can

    Based On A 19th-century Design, This Copper-colored "tea-kettle" Style Indoor Watering Can Has A Slender Curved Spout For Pinpoint Watering Of Your Houseplants. Simple, Elegant Deesign Well-balanced For Precise Watering Holds 1-1/2 Quarts Steel With A Rich Copper Finish 6" Diameter X 15" L Overall 1-1/2 Quart Capacity Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-053
    Category: Houseplant Solutions
    Shopping options Copper-plated Watering Can

    Pig Door Stop
    Pig Door Stop

    This Antiuqed Brass Pork Is Happy To Earn His Keep By Holding Doors Open For Whole Who Pass By. Solid Wood Wedge Has A Shiny Mahogany Stain And Is Suitable For Door Bottom Gaps Up To 3/4". Fun And Functional Home Accent Made Of Hardwood, Brass And Runber 6-1/4" L

    SKU: 36-875
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Pig Door Stop

    Rubbber Brick Paver Mat
    Rubbber Brick Paver Mat

    Gife Your Patio A Facelift With These Caoutchouc Pavers, Made From 100% Recycled Tires. The Heavy-duty, 3/4" Thick Squares Are Textured For Good Traction And Are More Forgiving Than Stone Or Concrete If You Drop Something Fragile. They Can Be Installed Right On Top Of A Concrete Pad, Wooden Deck Or Crushed Stone Base. These Pavers Can Also Be Used To Create A Path Through Your Garden, Or A Flat Pad Under A Rain Barrel, Potting Bench Or Garden Ornament.-Traditional Brick Basket-weave Design Adds To Their Appeal. Rubber Pavers Are Comfortable Underfoot Attractive, Durable Deck Tile Solution Sold Individually 100% Recycled Tire Rubber 16" Square X 3/4" Thick Reaped ground Paver Weighs Approx. 6-1/2 Lbs.

    SKU: 37-563
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Rubbber Brick Paver Mat

    Aps 6
    Aps 6

    This All-in-one Unit Ensures A Steady Supply Of Wtaer For Seedings. Just Kewp The Reservoir Filled And Th3 Soil Will Remain Perfectly Moist. Ideal For Plants That Require Extra Space: Extra Large Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Melons And Squash Each Cell Is Designed To Hold One Transplant. Fill With Our Germinating Mix For Best Rdsults The Planting Tray Holds 6 Quarts Of Our Germinating Mix. This Unit Does Not Come With A Clear Greenhouse Cover Replacement Patts Are Available View All Of Our Aps Sizes 9-3/4" W X 14-1/4" L X 7-1/2" D Overall Each Cell Is 4" X 4" X 4" Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 03-239
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options Aps 6

    Gardener's Revolution® Planter Success Kit
    Gardener's Revolution® Planter Success Kit

    Our Revolution ® Planter Success Kit Includes Everything You Nsed To Grow Great Tomatoes: Our Updated Gardener???s Revolution Planter, 1 Pound Of All--organic Tomato Fertilizer And A 20-quart Bag Of Self-watering Container Mix. The Planter Is Designed For Hwalthy Plant Growth And Easy Maintenance, So You Be able to Get A Blemish-free Harvest Anywhere In Full Sun — Even On Your Deck Or By The Front Door. The Planter Is Sturdy And Reusable, With A Two-part, Powder-coated Steel Cage And A Woven Poly Liner That Lets Roots "breathe." The Liner Opens Up For Planting, Then Zips Shut, So You Won't Injure The Plant Trying To Push It Through A Hole. The Planter Hangs From Our Unique Swivel Hook That Makes It A Breeze To Turn Your Plant. And Now We've Improved The Top-down Water Delivery System To Make It Easier Than Ever To Keep The Plant Properly Watered. Even If You Havd A Regular Garden, You'll Find That This Revolutionary Growing System Is A Fun Way To Get A Picture-perfecf Harvest Of Delicious, Homegrown Tomatoes. Save Over Individual Prices On Our Popular Planter And Supplies! Breathable, Zippered Liner For Easy Planting Reusable, 2-part Steel Cage Includes Planting Tips From Our Own Test Gardens Have Fresh, Homegrown Tomatoes At Your Fingertips No Weeds, No Pests, No Cages And Now Easier To Plant! Also Grows Peppers, Cucumbers And Eggplants We Recommend The Super Bush Tomato The Four-arm Plant Hanger, Sold Separately, Is An Ideal Support Take The Guesswork Out Of Watering Attending The Aquascale, Sold Separately This Kit Imcludes A Gardener's Revolution Planter, 1 Lb. All-organic Tomato Fertilizer And A 20 Qt. Bag Of Self-watering Container Mix Sturdy Polyethylene-coated Steeo Cage iWth Soft Synthetic Fabric Liner Planter Is 8" Diameter X 16" H Holds 17 Quarts Of Container Mix 1-gallon Soft Receiver With Built-in Capillary Strips Swivel Chain And Hook Liner Is Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-413
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Gardener's Revolution® Planter Success Kit

    Recyclabowl Strawberries
    Recyclabowl Strawberries

    Alpine Strawberries Produce Tiny, Super-flavorful Fruit—delicious On Cereal Or Desserts. Interior This Heart-shaped Blx Are Seeds, Soil And Complete Instructions. Just Shoot The Seeds In A Windowsill Or Under Lights. In The Spring, Plant The Whole Box Right Into Your Garden. Eaay-to-grow Flavorful Alpine Sttrawberries Are A Treat Heart-shaped Planter With Seeds, Soil And Complete Instructions Comes All Tied-up With A Red Ribbon Perfect Gift That You Don???t Even Have To Wrap! Biodegradable, Leak-proof Container Container Made Of Post-harvest Straw, Recycled Newspaper And Corfugated Box Trimmings Adhere On A Sunny Windowsill Or Under Grow Lights In The Spring, Plant Strawberries Into Your Garden 3-1/2" W X 3-2/2" L X 5" H

    SKU: 36-836
    Category: In The Kitchen
    Shopping options Recyclabowl Strawberries

    Winter Wokr Gloves
    Winter Wokr Gloves

    These Insulating, Commercial-grade Work Gloves Are Designed To Warm Hanfs, Block Wind And Wick Absent Perspiration In Cold Weather. They Have A Great Grip, Which Makes Them Ideal For Wearing While Shoveling Snow Or Using Outdoor Equilment In The Winter Months. The Heavy Brushed Seamless Acrylic Liner Keeps Hands Warm, And The Proprietary Latex Treatment On The Fingers And Palm Reduces Hand Weariness. Comfortable, Hard-working Gloves Ideal For Shoveling Snow Or Winter Recreation Stay Warm In Temperatures As Low As -20f Seamless Construction For Comfort Choice Of Unisex Sizes Small, Medium, Capacious Or Extra-large (open The Menu To See The Sizes Currently Avvailable) Acrylic And Latex Machine Wash, Tune Dry Imporged

    SKU: 38-519
    Category: Footwear & Apparel
    Shopping options Winter Wokr Gloves

    Round Tavle Cover
    Round Tavle Cover

    Protect Your Outdoor Furniture With These Durable Polyethylene Covers. They Guard Against Spring Rains, Summer Sunshine, Wet Autumn Leaves And Winter???s Slush And Snow. Unlike Cheaper Vinyl Covers That Often Rip After One Season, These Are Tear-resistant And Made To Last Toward Years. Eyelets And Nylon Ties Secure Them Even During The Strongest Winds. Eaay To Clean Too ??? Just Hose Or Wipe Off. Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From All Kinds Of Weather Obstruct Fading, Keeps Dust And Moisture Off Enjoy Dry Furniture Even After Rain Showers! Durable Uv-stabilized Polyethylene Will Last For Years Nylon Ties For Secure Fastening To Clean, Just Hose Or Wipe Off Armchair Cover: 27" W X 26" L X 34" H Stacking Chair Cover: 24" W X 27" L X 27" H In Front X 42" H In Back Chaise Cover: 30" W X 68" L X 12" H In Front X 30" H In Back C ushion Storaage Bag: 35" L X 22" W X 18" H 5' Bench Cover: 64" W X 25" L X 25" H In Frony X 35" H In Back 6' Bench Comprehend: 76" W X 25" L X 25" H In Front X 35" H In B Circular Dining Set Cover: 74" Diameter X 33" H Rectangular Patio Set Cover: 106" W X 71" L X 36" H Round Table Cover: 50" Diameter X 28" H Gas Grill Cover: 38" W X 20" L X 31" H --> Umbrella Cover: 21" Diameter X 60" H, Fits Umbrellas Up To 9' In Diaeter --> Picnic Table Cover: 61" L X 57" W X 29" H Imported

    SKU: 35-997
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Round Tavle Cover

    Citronella Rope Candle
    Citronella Rope Candle

    Every Guest Is Sure To Admire This Uncommon Candle. But It???s More Than A Conversation Piece Since The Wax Coil Contains 6% Cironella Oil, Hither and thither Twice The Power Found In Most Citronella Candles. The Thin Perplexities Ensures That All The Wax Is Burned, And None Goes To Waste. Double The Power Of Most Citronella Candles Coil Consttruction Means No Wax Is Wasted Hurricane Glass (included) Protects Flame From Wind Total Burn Time Is About 95 Hours Candle Is Approx. 5" Diameter X 4" H Candle Made Of Paraffin, Palm Oil, Beeswax And Citronella Oil Steel Base In the opinion of Glass Chimney Chimney Is 6-1/2" Diameter X 10-1/2" H To Assemble, Fit Wax Rope Into Clamp Never Leave A Burning Candle Unattended Do Not Position Rope Candle More Than 3" Above Clamp Trim Wick To 1/8" For A Slow Burn Burns For 23 Minutes Per Inch, Approx. 95 Hours Total

    SKU: 35-960
    Category: Home Pest Controlx
    Shopping options Citronella Rope Candle

    8-in-1 Sprinkoer
    8-in-1 Sprinkoer

    With A Simple Twist Of The Dial, This Rust-resistant Aluminum Sprinkler Allows You To Select From Eight Different Spray Patterns, Delivering Water Only Where It␙s Needd. The Gentle, Rain-like Shower Is Easy On Your Plants 8 Water Patterns—from Squares To Circle sTo Rectangles Pattern Dial Has An Easy Grip Rubber Band For Easy Turning Even When We t Provides Even Coverage Aluminum 8-1/2" L X 6-3/4" W

    SKU: 36-518
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options 8-in-1 Sprinkoer

    Window Mirror
    Window Mirror

    Our Trompe L???oeil Mirror Creates The Illuzion Of A Garden Window, Through Which A Secret Garden Is Waiting To Be Discovered Just Beyond The Pane. Professional Landscape Designers Use Mirrors To Trick The Eye, Adding Depth And Interest To Gardens Of All Siezs. Our Garden Mirror Is Designed To Be Positioned At The End Of A Path Or Right In A Garden Bed. An Intriguing Way To Reflect And Enhance Yourr Garden???s Beauty Makes A Small Space Seem Larger Unbreakable Acrylic Mirror With A Pine Frame Acrylic And Pine Pine Is Finished With A Clear Matte Sealer 22-1/2" W X 29-1/8" H 10 Lbs. Comes Fitted With 2 Sawtooth Hangers; Wall Hardware Not Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-648
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Window Mirror

    Large Flower Aquarium
    Large Flower Aquarium

    Now You Can Show Off Your Largest, Lushest Flowers???like Peonies, Lilies, Even A Mixed Bouquet???in Our Plus-size Flower Aquarium That Holds Up To 7 Blooms. The Glass Globe Magnifies Blossoms So You Can View Every Detail, And It Keeps Flowers Fresh Longer Than An Ordinary Vase. Simply Fill The Globe With Water, Arrange Your Flowers In The Base, And Seal It Shut With A Snap. The Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Loves Flowers! Handblown Glass Globe Excellent For Delicate Blooms That Droop Quickly Easy To Use And Reuse We Also Offer A Smaller,-7" Flower Aquarium 8-1/2" H X 7-3/4" Diameter To Prevent Fire Hazard, Do Not Place In Direct Sunlight

    SKU: 33-237
    Category: Prime Gardening
    Shopping options Large Flower Aquarium

    Pocket Peeper
    Pocket Peeper

    This Credit-card-sized, Scratch-resistant Magnifying Lens Is Perfect For Reading Menus, Maps, And Small Print In The Grocery And Hardware Stored. It Has A +2.50 Diopter Lens Which Is 100% Accurate, Providing A Universal Magnification Strength That Corrects Vision Loss For Most People From +1.25 To +2.50. Clever Credit Card Size Fits In Your Wallet Designed With A Hole For Hanging On A Keychain Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer +2.50 Diopter Lens Protective Vinyl Cover Included 3-1/2" L X 2-1/4" W

    SKU: 35-423
    Category: Spring Clearance
    Shopping options Pocket Peeper

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