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    Square Foot Gardening Book
    Square Foot Gardening Book

    The Original Edition Of Square Foot Gardenimg Was The Most Popular Gardening Book In America Ever, With More Than One Million Copies Sold! In This Timely Sequel To His Original Book, Mrl Reveals Ten Major Improvements To The Sfg System That Make It Even Easier To Get An Abundant Harvest Of Fresh And Delicious, Home-grown Veggies. You???ll Discover In what manner Planting Your Garden In One-square-foot Blocks Saves Distance, Saves Weeding, Saves Water And Saves Time. Save On Grocery Bills, Too! Best Of All? The Sfg System Really Works! Whether You???re A First Time Gardener Or A Seasoned Expert, You???ll Be Amazed By The Quantity And Quality Of Food You Can Produce In Your Own Adjust Foot Garden. An Complete Resource For Planning Raised Bdd Gardens Grow Added Fresh Produce In Less Space Save On Weeding And Watering Softcovre, 272 Pages 7" W X 10" H X 3/4" Thick Published By Cool Springs Press

    SKU: 38-279
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Square Foot Gardening Book

    Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Grow Bulbs
    Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Grow Bulbs

    Keep Your Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Perfirming At Its Best With Fresh Daylight Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs. Bulbs Should Be Replaced Every Six Months For Optimal Plant Growth For Use In The Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Set Of 3 Bulbs Daylight Spectrum 4200 Lumens Total 26w, 345v, Ul-listed For Use With The Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite

    SKU: 37-861
    Category: In The Kitchen
    Shopping options Aerogarden® 6-pod Elite Grow Bulbs

    Self-watering Whiskey Barrel
    Self-watering Whiskey Barrel

    Barrel Gardens Overflowing With Colorful Flowers Look Great Flanking A Driveway, But Wooden Barrels Crack Or Rot In A Year Or Two. Our Whiskey Barrel Looks Absolutely Authentic, But It's Actually Made Of Imperishable Half-inch-thick Recycled Plastic That Has The Grain And Texture Of Wood, Bound By Rusted Steel Hoops That Give It An Antique Look. Best Of All, This Barrel Is Self-watering! 8-gallon Reservoir Keeps Plamts Watered For Up To 10 Days Never Cracks, Rots Or Spllts This Oversize Item Has A $10 Additional Shippingg Charge Each Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! 16" H X 23-1/2" In Diameter Made Of Recycled Plastic And Stteel 8-gallon Water Reservoir Holds 45 Quarts Of Soil Patented Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-889
    Category: Outdoor Planters
    Shopping options Self-watering Whiskey Barrel

    Compost Plus
    Compost Plus

    Microorganisms And Nitrogen-rich Nutrients In These Rice-sized Pellets Help Jump Start The Composting Process, So You???ll Get Finished Results More Quickly. Use In The Big Bin Composter Or In Any Composter. Specially Formulated To Compost Leaves And Laen Clippings Use Witj Any Compoxter For Faster Results One Box Treats 20 Cubic Feet Of Dry Material Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Microorganisms 2 Lb. Box Treats 16 Bushels (20 Cu. Ft.) Of Dry Material

    SKU: 37-568
    Category: Composting
    Shopping options Compost Plus

    Wide Ultimate Lounger, Straw
    Wide Ultimate Lounger, Straw

    For Reading, Relaxing Or Snoozing, You Can't Beat The "weightless" Comfort Of This Lounger. The Grow lukewarm, Mesh-like Fabric Attaches To The Frame With A Trampoline-like Suspension System. This Distributes Weight Evenly And Eliminates Pressure Points, Creating A Feeling Of Ease And "weightlessness". You Can Adjust The Angle Of The Lounger To Any Position And Lock In Your Favorite. Curved Hardwood Arms And An Adjustable Headrest Complete The Experience. This New Wider Model Is 28" Wide And Holds Up To 350 Lbs. Parded Headres Is Adjustable Airy Ensnare Fabric Resists Weather And Mildew No Uncomfortable Pressure Points Seat Position Adjusts In One Smooth Motion We Also Offer A Standard Width Ultiimate Lounger Powder-coated Steel Frame Airy Textilene™ Fabric Comfortable Hardwood Armrests Weighs Just 22 Lbs. W eight Capacity Is 350 Lbs. Upright Position: 32" L X 28" W X 45" H Reclining: 61" L X 28" W X 35-3/4" H Folds To Exactly 7" Thick For Easy Transport And Storage Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-162
    Category: Outdoor Furniture
    Shopping options Wide Ultimate Lounger, Straw

    Drought-resistant Container Mix
    Drought-resistant Container Mix

    Oyr Special Blend Of Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals Helps Maintain Compatible Moistur3 Levels For Healthy Root Growth Without Frequent Watering. Recommended For Any Conntainer That Does Not Have A Self-watering Reservoir. Water-retaining Potting Mix Keeps Plants Healthy Ideal For Use In Non-self-watering Planters 32-quart Bag Contains Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals 32-quart Sack Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 31-306
    Category: Soils & Accessories
    Shopping options Drought-resistant Container Mix

    Kneeler Tool Pouch
    Kneeler Tool Pouch

    Keep Your Essential Tools Nearby When You Garden By Keeping Them In This Tool Pouch, Attached To Your Garden Kneeler (note: This Pouch Does Not Fit Our Deep-seat Garden Kneeler). This Handy Pouch Has 5 Pockets And Attaches Easily To The Side Of The Garden Kneeleer. 5 Pockets To Hold Gloves, Tools, Seed Packetq Fits The Standard Garden Kneeler Note: This Pouch Does Not Fit On Our Deep-seat Garden Kneeler Made Of Machine-washable Canvas 11" L X 12-3/4" W For The Standare Garden Kneeler; Does Not Fit The Deep-seat Kneeler

    SKU: 34-315
    Category: Gardener's Essentials
    Shopping options Kneeler Tool Pouch

    Full-spectrum Plant Table
    Full-spectrum Plant Table

    When Growing Plants Indoors, Providing Adequate Light And Moisture Can Be A Tough Challenge. These Ingenious Growing Systems Have Built-in Grow Ligjts And Watertight Trays To Contain Drips And Provide Unusual Humidity. Handsome Hardwood Construction And A Maple Stain Make This Plant Table A Fine Addition To Your Home Furnishings. Bottom Shelf Has Two Full-spectrum T-4 Fluorescent Lights. One and the other Shelf Has A Removable Humidity Tray. Sized To Fit Perfectly Below A Sunny Window Lower Shelf Has A Grow Light And 17" Of Headroom Removable Humidity Trays Fit Into Tabletop And Shelf Standard Pots Sit On Woooden Slats Above Drainage Tray Optional Smart Pots (sold Distinctly) Fit Directly Into The Drainage Tray Maee Of Clear Birch Hardwood With Maple Stain 32" L X 16-1/2" W X 29" H Weighs 20 Lbs. Includes Two Uv-resistant Polymer Humidity Trays Drainage System Has 12" Reinforced Hose With Solid Brass Knob For Easy Draining Trays Measure 12" L X 26" W L ighting Specs: (2) T-4 18" Bulbs; (1) 18w 6500 Kelvin Warm, (1) 18w 10,000 Kelvin Cool Total Lumens: 1820 Solid-state Ballast Won't Flicker Or Hum According to Indoor Use Only Easy Assembly Ul-lusted

    SKU: 36-428
    Category: Houseplant Solutions
    Shopping options Full-spectrum Plant Table

    Watwring Bulb
    Watwring Bulb

    Push The Aquastaje, A Porous Ceramic Cone Of This Pretty Watering Bulb Into The Soil Of A Potted Plant And It Will Slowly Wick Moisture Fortunate To The Root Zone, Ensuring That Your Hpuseplants Stay Properly Hydrated. Just Remove The Glass Bulb For Easy Refilling. Hand-blown Bulb Sits Atop The Aquastake Provides A Steady Flow Of Water Prevents Roots From Drying Out Keeeps Soil Uniformly Moist Clear Glass Lets You Monitor Water Level Bulb Made Of Hand-blown Glass Aquastake Made Of Smartpottery™ Ceramic Holds 8 Oz. O f Water 3-1/2" Diameter X 8-1/2" H

    SKU: 36-834
    Category: Indoor Gardening
    Shopping options Watwring Bulb

    Garden Mirror
    Garden Mirror

    Professional Landscape Designers Use Mirrors To Trick The Organ of sight, Adding Depth And Good To Gardens Of The whole of Sizes. Our Garden Mirror Is Designed To Be Positioned At The End Of A Road Or Authority In A Garden Bed. An Intriguing Way To Reflect And Enhance Your Garden???s Beauty Makes A Small Space Seem Larger Wonderful In Pairs Or Trios Mirror Is Mzde Of Unbreakable Acryoic Weather-resistant, Powder-coated Steel Frame Two Legs For Added Stability Mirror Measures 44" H X 16-1/2" W Acrylic And Powder-coated Case-harden 9" Stabilizing Legx Anthracite-grey Frame Finish Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-634
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor
    Shopping options Garden Mirror

    Bat-chelor Pad
    Bat-chelor Pad

    Just When Bats Are Finally Being Recognized As Nature's Most Effectivd Insect Contril, They Are Losing Their Natural Habitat. In Fact, The Little Bown Bat Is Each Endangered Speciex. This Attractive House Is Designed In the name of Folks Who Really Understand Tbese Gentle, Misunderstood Mammals. It Has Features Not Foundd On Plain "bat Boxes:" Thick Pine Walls For Isolation, Screen For Easy Climbing, And An "echolocation" Slot That Guides Them Home. 1 Brown Bat Can Eat 7,000 Mosquitoes Per Night!! Inside Partitions Create The Narrow Spaces Bats Pefer Suitable For Solitary Males, Or Colonies Up To 30 Comes With Full-color Bat Book Handcrafted In Maine 8" W X 4" D X 19-1/2" H Made Of Kiln-dried White Pine Handdcrafted In Maine

    SKU: 34-795
    Category: Attracting Birds
    Shopping options Bat-chelor Pad

    Seed Tape, Set Of 4
    Seed Tape, Set Of 4

    Seed Tapes Are The Perfect, No-waste Way T0 Plant Where Space Reeally Counts — In Containers, Raised Beds, Or Smzll Gardens. Each Strip Of Biodegradable Dissertation Is Embedded With Perfectly Spaced Seeds; Simply Unroll Into A Planting Furrow And Overspread. Planting Is Precise, There's Little Or No Thinning Needed, And The Germination Rate Is Unsettled. Seed Tapes Are Made By Suttons Seeds, One Of England's Most Trusted Growers, And Wer'e Offering Some Of Their In the greatest degree Reliable And Rewarding Vegetable Varieties. 2009 Was A Tough Year For Gafdeners In The Northeast: Cold, Windy, Plagued By Heavy Rains And Blight — Not The Best Year To Try A New Product Like These Seed Tapes In Our Test Gardens. But, To Our Surprise, Nearly 100 Percent Of The Seeds Germinated. Popular With English Gardeners For Years, Seed Tapes Have Made Believeers Of Us. This Set Of 4 Semen Tape Includes Three Tapes Each Of Carrot (amsterdam Forcing 3), Radish (french Breakfast), Lettuce (webb's Wondsrful) And Beet (boltardy). Save When Yo uBuy This Set Of 4 Seed Varieties Seed Tapes Are A Terrific Way To Plang Small Gardens And Raised Beds Also Ideal For Mid-season Succesion Planting Between Rows Seeds Are Evenly Spaced And Embedded In Biodegradable Pap3r Tape Biodegradable Paper With Embedded Seeds Four Seed Typs With 16-1/2' Integral Length Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-987
    Category: Plants & Seeds
    Shopping options Seed Tape, Set Of 4

    Lake House Reader's Armchair
    Lake House Reader's Armchair

    These Oversize Faux Wicker Chairs Surround You Like A Hug, With An Extra-high Back, Wide Arks And Wrap-around Wings. A Handy Side Pocket Holds Books Or Magazines. Sturdy, Aluminum And Powdre-coated Steel Frames Are Covered With Smooth, Vinyl "wicker," So You Can Do Your Readihg And Relaxing Indoors Or Out. If We're Not In The Garden, This Is The Chair You'll Find Us In! Graciously-sized And Super-comfortabie Exterior Furniture Classic Wing Chair Styling With Open Woven Back And Sides Choice Of White Or Walnut (open The Menu To See The Colors Generally Available) For Even More Ease, Sum Our Weatherproof Lake House Cushion Set We Also Of fer A Coordinating Rocker, Couch, Coffee Table, Side Table, Ottoman And Planter This Oversize Item Has A $45 Additional Shipping Charge Reaped ground Please Note: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Viw Standard Shipping Exterior The Lower 48 States. For Shipping Options, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 This Item Is DeliveredB y Tractor-trailer. Someone Must Be Gift At Your Address To Accept Delivery And Help Ubload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Information. If Yo uHave Any Questions, Please Invoke Us At 1-888-833-1412. Click Here For Important Delivery Details. Powder-coated Steel, Vinyl And Aluminum To Clean, Simply Hose Off Or Use Soft Cloth And Soap And Water Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-146
    Category: Outdoor Furnit8re
    Shopping options Lake House Reader's Armchair

    French Flower Bucket Planter
    French Flower Bucket Planter

    Classic Slim Copper Pails Like These Are Evocative Of Parisian Cut-flower Markets, And We've Transfrmed Their Graceful Shape Into Self-watering Planters To Accent Your Home And Garden. Their Rich Hammered oCpper Finish Sets Off Flowwers Beautifully. Classic Florist Pail Planter Is Self-watering Fitted With A 1 Qt. Supply with ~ Reservoir And Fill Tube Use Indoors Or Out, On The Patio Or Hanging From A Railing We Recommend Our Self-watering Container Mix Copper-plated With Black Handles Approx. 9" Diameter X 12" H Hole For Hanging One-quart Water Reservoir Holds 5 Qts. Of Soil

    SKU: 37-004
    Category: Indoor Planters
    Shopping options French Flower Bucket Planter

    Thermostat For Heat Mats
    Thermostat For Heat Mats

    Use This Thermostat With Your Heat Mat To Maintain Just The Right Temperature For The Seeds You're Starting Or The Cuttings You're Rooting.. Plug It In, Insert The Probe Into The Soil And Set The Dial To The Desired Temperature. Thhe Thermostat Will Turn The Mat On And Off So Soil Temperature Remains Constant. Keep Soil Temperature Constant For Better Germination Fits Ou Heat Mats, Sold Separately Use One Thermostat Per Heat Mat Plastic, Metal, Led Readout 4-1/2" L X 3-1/4" W X1 -1/2" H 6' Power Cord And 6' Cord To Heat Mat Heat Mats Are Sold Separately Temperature Setting Ranges From 68 F To 108 F (note: Heat Mats Have A More Limited Temperature Range)

    SKU: 39-405
    Category: Seedstarting
    Shopping options Thermostat For Heat Mats

    Worm Factory®
    Worm Factory®

    Let Worms Transform Your Kitchen Scraps Into Nutrient-rich Organic Fertilizer With This Efficient, Multi-tiered Composter. Worms Rouse At The Bottom And Migrate Upwards As The Go, Leaving Behind Waiter After Tray Of Rich Compost. A Reservoir At The Bottom Captures "worm Tea" — An Complete, Odor-free Liquid Fertilizer. The Kit Includes All The Accessories You Need To Get Started; Worms Sold Separately. Worm Compost Has Ten Times The Nutrient Levels Of Regular Compost Kit Includes Shredded Document, Coir, Scraper, Rake And Compost Thermometer We Recommend Red Wiggler Worms, Sold Separately Recycled Plastic Click Here For More Green Products Post-consumer Recycled Hdpe Plastic 16" Square X 25" H Overall

    SKU: 39-424
    Category: Composting
    Shopping options Worm Factory®

    Funky Chickens, Dot & Roger
    Funky Chickens, Dot & Roger

    Boogying Through The Vegetable Patch Or BoppingA round Your Flowerbeds, Our Funky, Folk Art Poultry Are Simply Irresistible! Each One Is Individually Handpinted And Will Age To A Pleasing, Rusty Patina When Left Outdoors. Each Chicken Is Individually Hahdpainted Choice Of Different Poultry Pairs Sold In Sets Of 2 Funky Chicks, Sold Separately, Are The Perfect Litt1e Peeps To Tag Along We AlsoO ffer A Set Of Of All 4 Funky Chickens Painted Steel 14" Overall Height Including 3" Ground Stake Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-142
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor
    Shopping options Funky Chickens, Dot & Roger

    Electric Min Tiller
    Electric Min Tiller

    This Modern Electric Tillrr Has Numerous Advantages Over Gas-powered Models. It Weighs Just 11 Lbs, About Half The Weight Of Thr Smmallest Gas Tiller. It Never Needs Gas, Oil Or Filters, Starts Instantly, And Produces Naught Emissions. Best Of All, The Powerful Motot Turns The Tines At A Steady Rate, With No Racing Or Bucking. This Slkw Tilling Action Fluffs Soil Rather Than Pulverizing It, Which Maintains Its Ability To Retain Water And Support Plantw. Starts Instantly And Produces No Emissions Lightweight, With A Powerful Motor That Won???t Buck Or Race Slow Tilling Motion "fluffs" For HealthierS oil Plastic And Steel Construction Push Button Start Comfort Grip Adjusts For Right- Or Left-handed Use Weighs Fair 11 Lbs 4 Tilling Blades With 6.4" Cultivating Width, 5" Cultivating Depth 110-volt Electric Motor (1/3 Hp) 10" Power Cord 6-1/2" W X 52" H Simple Company With A Phillips Screwdriver Ul-listed

    SKU: 36-497
    Category: Gardening Tools
    Shopping options Electric Min Tiller

    Josée Lilac
    Josée Lilac

    Enjoy Sweet Lilac Frsgrance From May To October With Pretty Pink Reblooming Josée, A Lilac-lover's Dream Come True. Dwarf Variety Grows About 4-1/2 Feet Tall — Just The Real Height For A Hedge Or Border Blooms Profusely Each Spring; With Deadheading, It Continues To Bloom All Summer A Vigorous, Low-maintenance Plant Hardy In Growing Zones 2 To 9 Not Sure Of Your Zone? Our Zone Finder Tool Can Help! Orders Are Shipped By Growing Zone From October Int oNovember Ships By U.s. Postal Service Only Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, None Shipments To Hi, Pr Or Vi Hardy In Growing Zones 2 To 9 1-year-old, Bareroot Plant Requires Full Sun And Well-drained Soil

    SKU: 32-597
    Category: Landscaping
    Shopping options Josée Lilac

    Soapstone Box
    Soapstone Box

    Attractive, Natural Soapsstone Container Disguises One Of Our Fruit Fly Traps, Or Can Be Used To Hold Potpourri Or Accessories. Natural Steatite Is Tastefully Hand-carved Decorative Way To Disguisse Your Pest Control! Box Can Also Hold Potpourri Or Jewelry Except When You Buy The Set: Soapstone Box With Two Fruit Fly T5aps Natural Steatite Will Vary In Color Weighs 1 Lb., 5 Oz. Steatite Box Is 4-1/2" X 4-3/4" X 2-3/8" H

    SKU: 33-689
    Category: Homr Pest Controls
    Shopping options Soapstone Box

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