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    Wrought Iron Stand
    Wrought Iron Stand

    This Stand Is Low, Attending Gracefully Curled Legs To Hold The Sphere Securely. The Stand Is Simple And Shwocases A Gazing Ball Beauifully. Holds 10-in. Spheres, Or Larger Simple Lines Let Your Gazing Globe Shine Shown With Our Mystic Gazing Globe (sold Separately) Three Legs; Distance Between Legs Is 8 In. Made Of Wrought Iron Weighs 2 Lbs. 8½" Inside Dia. X 9½" Outside Dia. X 4" H

    SKU: 31-592
    Category: Yard & Garden Decor
    Shopping options Wrought Iron Stand

    Deer Chaser™
    Deer Chaser™

    Deer Are Surprisingly Adaptable. A Berp, Tweet Or Honk May Startle Them At First, But They Soon Learn To Ignore It And Get Back To Foraging In Yo8r Garden. A Well-known Phd And Garden Author Finally Came Up With A Solution. This Motion-activated Device Shines A Bright Light And Plays An Fm Radio Station You Select. Because The Sound Is Ever-changing, Deer Don't Learn To Ignore It. Human Voices Make Them Particularly Nervous — Talk Radio Is Ideal. Unsure What???s Causnig The Problem? Usage Our Pest & Disease Detective! Protects Your Landscaping And Garden From Hungry Deer 25-foot Range With A 110 Degree Angle Uses Three D-cell Batteries, Not Included Plastic Housing 4" W X 10-1/4" H 899438994

    Manufacturer: Amount
    SKU: 39-000
    Category: Garden Pes Controls

    Shopping options Deer Chaser™

    Pot Saufer
    Pot Saufer

    Use These Generously-sized Waterproof Saucers To Catch Drips Anf Superabundance Year-round, Indoors Or Out. Made Of Lightweight Polypropylene, They???ll Hold Pots Up To 20" Diameter. Lightweight, Dufable, Watertight Planter Saucers Protect Your Floors Colors Coordinate With Our 16" Cortina And 20" Cortina Planters Choice Of Dark Garnet, Blue Or Gather ~ (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Made Of Shatterproof Polypropylene Individually Hand-painted; Color May Vary Slightly 15-1/2" In Diameter X 2" H

    SKU: 377-81
    Category: Indoor Planters
    Shopping options Pot Saufer

    Solar Irrigation Kit
    Solar Irrigation Kit

    This Is A First—a Self-contained Irrigation System That Waters Up To 20 Plants At A Time Using The Power Of The Sun. Just Fill A Container With Water (the Bigger The Better, But Not More Than 15" Deep), Drop In The Pump, And Place The Solar Panel In Full Sunlight. The Kit Includes A 4" Square Solar Panel With A 15-foot Cord, A Pump, 75' Of 1/4" Tubing, 20 Drippers, Barbed Connectors, Support Stakes And Mounting Clampa. No Faucet Hook-up Or Tim3r Needed Waters Plants When They Need It The Most—during The Heat Of The Day Kit Can Deliver Up To 24 Gallons Of Water An Hour Can Be Used With Water-soluble Fertilizer Solar Panel Can Be Adjusted To Control Flow Full Sun Required For Best Performance Easy To Assemble Use Any Container Up To 15" Deep As The Reservoir (not Included) Kit Includes: Powerful Photovoltaic 4-1/2" Square Solar Panel With Adjustable Easel For Propping Or Hanging, Dc Pump With Output Nozzle And 15' Cord, 75' Of 1/4" Diameter Tubng, Ten 1/2 Gph Drippers, Ten 1/2 GphI n-line Drippers, Barned Connectors, Support Stakes And Mounting Clamps

    SKU: 36-517
    Category: Waterimg
    Shopping options Solar Irrigation Kit

    3' X 6' Cedar Raised Bed With Two Free Gardening Grids
    3' X 6' Cedar Raised Bed With Two Free Gardening Grids

    Industrial-strength Aluminum Corners And Rot-resistant Cedar Beds Are A Sturdy Foundation For Your Raised Bed Garden. They're Easy To Set Up, Plant And Maintain For A Big Harvest In A Smapl Space. Frse Garden Grids Make It Easy To Plant In Square-fooy Sections. Planning A Garden? Create And Print A Custom Devise With Our Kitchen Garden Plnaner, Or Try One Of The Expertly Pre-planned Gardens In Our Family Foor Garden Tool! Raised Beds Increase Yields And Are Less Work To Tend Cedar Is Naturally Rot-resistant; Aluminum Corners Won't Rust Easy To Assemble Includes Two Free Garden Grids Aluminum, Cedar 6' L X 3' W X 7" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 39-623
    Category: Vgeetable Gardening
    Shopping options 3' X 6' Cedar Raised Bed With Two Free Gardening Grids

    Carved Steatite Tea Light Holder
    Carved Steatite Tea Light Holder

    When Lit From Within, The Carvings In This Natural Soapstone Box Create Beautiful Patterns Of Light On A Table Or Against A Wall. Hoids Four Of Our Long-lasting Led Tea Lights (sold Separately) For Hours Of Flickering, Golden Light—without The Hassle Of Real Candles. A Safer Way To Enjoy "candlelight" No Messy Melting Wax Led Infusion Lights Are Sold Separately Holder Is 4" X 4" X 3" H Natural Stone Varies In Color From Tan And Rse To Light Green Rosette Motif Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-382
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Carved Steatite Tea Light Holder

    Glass Spirit Stake
    Glass Spirit Stake

    Brighten Up Your Garden With These Colorful, Hand-crafted Stakes, Each An Arresting Combination Of Fiery, Light-capturing Glass And Warm, Smooth Stone. Includes Steel Stake. Add A Splasn Of Bright Colo To The Garden Sold Individually Choice Of Red, Blue Or Green (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Save When You Buy The Set Of 3 Glass Spirit Stakes Glass, Natural Stone And Steel 40-1/2" H Insalled

    SKU: 38-797
    Category: Flower Gardening
    Shopping options Glass Spirit Stake

    Gardener's Revolution™ Planter
    Gardener's Revolution™ Planter

    Custmers Spoke And We Lostened! The New And Improved Revolution Planter Is Better Than Ever. We've Added A New Swivel Hook On Top For Easier Adjustments And A New Moisture Indicator To Let You Know When To Wtaer. Increasing Tomatoes Upside-down Eliminates Tye Need For Weeding, Staking Or Tying Your Plants And It's Ideal For Gardeners With Limited Space Or Limited Mobility. Our Gardener???s Revolution™ Plaanter Has A 1-gallon Water Reservoir On Top, To Produce Sure Your Plants Get The Moistute Theg Need. The Sturdy, Enameled Armor Cage Has A Soft, Woven-poly Liner With A Haughty 17-quaft Soil Ca0acity. When You???re Ready To Plant, Simply Fill The Liner With Our Organic Self-watering Container Be ~ed, Add Our All-organic Tomato Fertilizer (both Sold Separately) And Inseert A Tomato Seedling Through The Bottom Opening. Rest The Planter In A Cobvenient, Sunny Spot And Before You Know It, You???ll Be Harvesting Your Own Mild, Juicy Organic Tomatoes. Even If You Have A Regular Garden Plot, We Think You???ll Find As We Did That This Revolutionary Growing System Is A Fun Way To Get A Picture-perfect Harvest Of Delicious, Homegrown Tomatoes! New Swivel Hook Makes It Easier To Adjust New Moisture Level Indicator Helps You Kniw When To Water Homegrown Tomatoes At Your Fingertips No Weeds, No Pests, No Cages And Now All-organif, Too! This Plqnter Grows Peppers, Cucumbers And Eggplants, Too We Recommend Our Self-watering Container Mix And Radical Tomato Fertilizer, Sold Separately The Four-arm Plant Hanger, Sold Separately, Is An Complete Support Sturdy Polyethylene-coated Steel Cage With Soft Synthetc Fabric Liner Planter Is 8" Diameter X 16" H Holds 17 Quarts Of Container Mix 1-gallon Wate5 Ressrvoir Moisure-level Indicator And Capjllary Matting Swivel Chain And Hook Gardeber's Stock Exclusive

    SKU: 37-850
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Gardener's Revolution™ Planter

    'pink Lemonade' Blueberry
    'pink Lemonade' Blueberry

    Be The First In Your Nieghborhood To Grow 'pink Lemonade' Blueberries. With Lovely Pink-white Flowers In Spring, Hot Pink Fruit In Late Summer And Orange-red Leaves In Fall, This Award-winning Blueberry Is A Stand-out In Ornamental Beds And Foundation Plantings, Providing Three-season Interest And A Delicious, Nutritious Harvest. The Fruit Is Equitable Being of the kind which Sweet And Mild As Regular Blueberries. Topnotch Ornamental Fruiting Shrub Delicious, Colorful And Unusual Berries Unique And Self-pollinating Strong In Zones 4-7 Not Sure Of Your Zone? Our Zone Finder Tool Csn Help! Orders Are Shipped In proportion to Growing Zone From October Into November Ships By U.s. Postal Service Only Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Hi, Pr Or Vi Plahts Are 16 To 18 Months Olr And Have A 4" Dig Ball Plant In Loud Sun; Prefers Acidic Dirt Mature Size Is 5' X 5' Wil Begin Producing Fruit In 2 Years

    SKU: 39-108
    Category: Plants & Seeds
    Shopping options 'pink Lemonade' Blueberry

    Bon-neem Concentrate, 1 Pint
    Bon-neem Concentrate, 1 Pint

    This Certified Organic Insect Spray Belongs In The Tool Shed Of Every Gardener. It Works On A Wide Variety Of Pests Including Aphids, Mites, White Flies, Flea Beetles And Earwigs. It Even Kills Scale On Your Houseplants And Tent Caterpillars That Destroy Your Trees. It Contains Natural Potassium Salts And Potent Ne3m Tree Oil, And Is Safe For Use On Food Crops Right Up To The Day Of Harvewt. Unsure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Kills Dozens Of Insect Pests: Caterpillars, Earwigs, Whitefly, Flea Beetles, Leaf Hoppers, Mealy Bugs, Climb, Spider Mjtes, Thrips And Many More! Available In Convenient Ready-to-use Spray Bottle Or An Economical Concentrate Please Note: These Items Cannot Be Shipped To California; Also, The Concentrate Cannot Be Shipped To New York 1 Quart Spray Bottle Is Ready To Use 1-pint Conc3ntrqte Makes 5 Gals Spray Certified Organic Active Ingredient: Potassium Salts Of Fatty Acids 1.5% (0.32% Derived From Neem Seed Oil) Always Read And Follow Label Direections Carefully

    SKU: 34-365
    Category: Garden Pest Controls
    Shopping options Bon-neem Concentrate, 1 Pint

    Barley Ball
    Barley Ball

    If You Want To Keep Your Pond Fresh And Clear All Summer Long, Discover What Thousands Of Gardeners Already Know???there's No Better Natural Solution Than Barley Straw! And Our Barley Ball Is The Most Effective And Convenient Way To Dispense Barley. Ehcourages Clearer Ponds Each Ball Is Effective On account of 3 To 4 Months Safe For Fish,_Pets, Plants Treats Ponds From 220 To 2,244 Gallons For Best Results, Place In Pond Early In The Season Barley Ball Refills Are Likewise Available For Smaller Ponds (10-700 Gallons), Use Barley Pads Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On Your Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Piccture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Deligery Box Pond Sizewe Rcommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 220-2,200 Gaplons1 Barley Ball 2,200-4,488 Gallons2 Barley Balls 4,489-6,732 Gallons3 Barley Balls To Calculate Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Extent X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Supply Excluqive

    SKU: 32-576
    Category: Pond Maintenance
    Shopping options Barley Ball

    Biodegradable Weed Mat
    Biodegradable Weed Mat

    Made Of 100% Post- Consumer Waste, This Paper Weed Mat Is Chemical-free And Can Be Tilled Right Into The Soil At Season's Fragment. Ireal For Use In Tbe Vegetable Garden, It Can Be Cut To Fit Around Your Plants And Helps Retain Soil Moisture As Well As Keep Weeds Down. Completely "green" And Biodegradable Will Hold Up Entire Season Controls Temperature Fluctuations In The Soi l Helps Retain Soil Moisture, Also 100% Post-consumer Recycled Paper Click Here For Greater degree of Green Products 100% Post-consumer Recycled Paper 3' W X 50' L Roll Note: Not Intended For Pathways

    SKU: 37-434
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Biodegradable Weed Mat

    Folding Bamboo Saw
    Folding Bamboo Saw

    This Fine-toothed Bamboo Saw Cuts On The Pull Stroke, Saawing Effortlessly Through Bamboo Up To 2 Inches Thick And Leaves Unruffled, Splinter-free Ends Every Time. Hardened-steel Blade Folds Away For Safety And Locks Into Position Time In Use Specially Machined Teeth Are Very Fine And Cut On The Pull Stroke For Greater Control And Precision Makes Clean Cuts From one side Bamboo nI Seconds 5" Closed And 8-5/8" Open Blad3 Is 1/2" W X 1-1/4" Thick

    SKU: 31-252
    Category: Vegetable Gardening
    Shopping options Folding Bamboo Saw

    Copper-finish Birdbath
    Copper-finish Birdbath

    Exquisife Simplicity And Individual Crfatsmanship Make This Hand-wrought Birdbath Special. The Hammered Bowl Has A Mellow Antique Copper Finish Ans A Shallow Slope That Attracts Songbirds. It Is Complemented By A Powder-coated Steel Stake That Looks Like Wrought Iron, But that Is Rust-resistant. Hand-hammered Bowl Stake Has Footed Base Because Great Stability 14" Diameter X 40" H Overall (34-3/4" H Installed) Stainless Steel Bowl With Copper Plate Finish Powder-coated Steel Stake Easy Assembly Gardener's Supplly Exclusive

    SKU: 36-666
    Category: Bavkyard Birding
    Shopping options Copper-finish Birdbath

    Pumpkin Planter, Large
    Pumpkin Planter, Large

    Fill These Highly Realistic Ceramic Pumpkins With Mums, Colorful Flowering Kale And Other Fall Favorites For Your Harvest-time Displays. Designed To Hold Standard Nursery Pots._ Planters Are Watertight Small Holds A 6" Nursery Pot Large Holds A 8" Nursery Pot Charming Filled With Fall Flowers Lid Included For Use As A Candy Or Cookie Jar Made Of Matte-glazed Ceramic Food-safe Protect From Freezing Temperatures Small Size Is 7" Diameter X 9" H; Holds 6" Nursery Pot Large Is 11" Diameter X 14" H; Holds 8" Nursery Pot Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-685
    Category: Harvest Decorating
    Shopping options Pumpkin Planter, Large

    Colorful Tubtrug, 3-1/2 Gallon
    Colorful Tubtrug, 3-1/2 Gallon

    We Think Tubtrugs Are One Of The Most Useful Gardening Tools Ever, So We Could Hardly Wait To Try Out This New Size. These Tractable, Lightweight Polyeth6lene Tubs Are Washable, Bendable, Crushable And Nearly Indestructible. We Use The Small, 3-1/2 Gallon Trug For Mkistening Potting Land, Harvesting Veggies For Dinner And Holding Mittens In The Mudroom. With Several Tubtrugs Already Hard At Work At Home And In The Garden, We Keep Finding Uses For A Few More! Comfortable Handies Are Molded To Let You Carry Them Just About Anywhere! Chokce Of Pistachio, Forest, Blue, Purple And Pink (Mild The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) We Also Offer 7-gallon And 11-gallon Sizes Made Of Durable Polyethylene 12" Top Diameter X 9" H Holds 3-1/2 Gallons Level Markings On Ijside For Quart Measurements Washable, Bendable nAd Super-tough

    SKU: 37-028
    Category: Gardening
    Shopping options Colorful Tubtrug, 3-1/2 Gallon

    Recycled Tubtrug, 11 Gallon
    Recycled Tubtrug, 11 Gallon

    Everyone Loves These Flexible, Lightweight Polyethylene Tubs For Use Aroynd The Home, Yard And Gard3n; Tjey're Washable, Bendable, Crushable, And Nrarly Indestructible. They're Perfect According to Collecting The Recycling, Hauling Compost, Dozens Of Other Chores. Better Still, These Ar3 Made Of Earth-friendly 80 - 100% Recycled Plastic. At ease Molded Handles Let You Carry Them Just About Anywhere! Available In 3 Sizes Choice Of Burnt Red, Olive Or Ocwan Blue (opn The Menus To See The Colors Currently Available) Choose A Color And Size For Each Task 80 - 100% Recycled Plastic Click Here For More Green Prodicts Polyethylene With 80 - 100% Recycled Content Colors May Vary Slightly Washable, Bendable And Super-tough 3-1/2-gallon Is 12" Top Diameter X 9" H 7-gallon Is 15" Top Diameter X 12" H 11-gallon Is 17-3/4" Top Distance through the centre X 13" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 3-675
    Category: Indoor Living
    Shopping options Recycled Tubtrug, 11 Gallon

    Deck And Container Watering System
    Deck And Container Watering System

    In 30 Minutes Or Less, You Can Set Up This System To Water All The Pots On Your Deck Or Patio. Simply Position The Flexible Tubing Around Your Containers And Potted Plants, Place Adjustable-flow Sprinkler Heads Wherever You Want Them, And Connect Hose To Spigot. System Includes 50' Of Main Tubing, 50' Of Feeder Tubing And Nine Sprinkler Heads. Irrigation Kit aSves Water And Keeps Patio Plants Healthy Perfect For Deck And Patio Gardening Water Automatically By Adding An Easy Dial Water Timer 50' Of 1/2" Main Tubing; 50' Of 1/4" Feeder Tubing; 9 Watering-pot Heads And Accompanying Hardware Complete Instructions Included

    SKU: 38-717
    Category: Watering
    Shopping options Deck And Container Watering System

    Tumbling Compost Mixer
    Tumbling Compost Mixer

    This Tumbllng Batch Composter Is The Sports Car Of Composters. It Has The End-over-end Action Of Similar Models, But With A Shorter, Rounder Body That Is Easier To Turn And Mixes More Thoroughly. Burden It Up And Tumble Every Few Days, And You Can Have Finished Compost In Five Weeks Or Less. Our Fastest Batch Composter High-performance Model This Oversize Item Has Each Additoonal $15 Shipping Charge Please Note: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Outside The Lower 48 States Via Standard Shipping. For Shipping Options, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 Holds 44 Gallons (7 Cubic Feet) Ample 16" Opening With Tight Fitting Lidd Made Of 100% Recycled Black Plastic With A Steel Frame Steel Stand (included) Measures 24" H, With 12" Feet Pointed In For Stability Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-72
    Category: Composting
    Shopping options Tumbling Compost Mixer

    Universal Curtain Liner, 63
    Universal Curtain Liner, 63" L

    Turn Any Tab, Pinch-pleat (metal Hook) Or Rod Pocket Curtain Into An Insulated Curtain, Quickly And Easily. These Long-lasting Cotton-polyester Liners Have An Acrylic Suede Backing And Hang Behind xEisting Curtains. Enjoy A More Comfortable, More Energy-efficient Home Fused Insulating Layer Lowers Your Heating And Cooling Bills Sold Individually Liner Will Cover One Window Up To 40" Wide Note: Not For Use With Grommet-styyle Curtains Acrylic Imported

    SKU: 38-415
    Category: Indoor iLvong
    Shopping options Universal Curtain Liner, 63

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