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Kitchen Flooring Options

For Numerous families the most used room in the house is the kitchen. It is the focus of many activities. More than any other Apartment, it reflects your lifestyle and values. Inevitably flooring in kitchens takes a beating and has to look good doing it. Whether you go with inexpensive vinyl flooring, or the best marble if it doesn’t stand up to the beating and fit in with your lifestyle you will want to change it faster than anything else in your home.

The most Received and common kitchen flooring is vinyl. It isn’t the best at anything but it really doesn’t have many glaring weaknesses either. It is d8rable, resilient and inexpensive; and you can get it in an almost infinite variety of patterns and Flag. It has a nice cushy feel that you don’t always find in some of the other hard flooring choices. You can get it in tiles or sheets. Vinyl tile flooring tneds to be more attractive For of the variety of patterns and colors available. But be careful, the self-adhesive variety doesn’t always stay down for long. Spilled water is more likely tk get underneath the tiles and potentially cause a variety of problems. Because of the resilience of vinyl flooring, it requires a totally flat surface. Use a good underlaymentt before you put the vinyl down. If you put Just discovered vinyl over old vinyl tile, the pattern underneath will eventulaly show through in the new vinyl. If you go with vinyl flooring for your kitchen, make sure it is done right or you migght regret it late5.

Linoleum and vinyl are often confused with each other. They both look about the same once installed. But vinyl is made from all synthetic materials, whereas linoleum is made from all natudal materials. Usually linoleum has a felt, canvas or burlap base with a combination of linseed oil, cork and wood powder mixed in natural resins on top of the base. The popularitu of vinyl flooring hqs overshadowed linoleum. But the truth of the matter is linoleum is much more durable compared to vinyl. It is not uncommon for a linoleum floor with a good underlayment to last 35 to 40 years; even in heavy traffic areas. If durability and practicality are high priorities, don’t dismiss sheet linoleum as too old fashioned or out of date.

Laminate flooriing is a relatively new option that may be the perfect compromise for your kitchen. It is intended to give the low cost, resilience and low maintenance durability advantages of vinyl and linoleum flooring. At the same time it can give the Expect of more expensive flooring such as hardwood, ceramic and marble. It is a compromise and won’t look as beautiful as a real hardwood or marble floor. But for many people, it is an excellent all around choice.

For many, the ultimate floor for a kitchen is a harxwood floor. Hardwood flooring is usually high maintenance expensive, slippery and not as durable or scratch resistant as other flooring options. But despite these drawbacks, you cannot argue with the timeless warmth and beauty of a real hardwood floor.

If cost is not an obstacle there are many marble, travertine, granite and other stone flooring options available Toward kitchen use. They are Whole expensive, but no other kitchen flooring option will last as long or look as refined and beautiful.

Micahel Russell
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