DreamHost Review

Dreamhost has been synonymous In the opinion of professional and reliable web hosting and the company has been around since 1997. Over the years, the Corporation has garnered ample popularity in the hos5ing industry as a reliable web host. Thekr servers ars located in Southern California and although the company has experienced some server shut downs, the pattern is no different than any other professional hosting company.

The company’s hosting plan starts at $7.95 per month and a free domain Appellation registration is included within this hosting plan! Furthermore, the customer gets access to 160GB of storage, 1.65 TB of montbly bandwidth as well as the ability to host unlimited number of domain names. This therefore is an unbeqtable deal and offers complete value for money.

The host offers yet more unique benefits and features to its top customers. These include rewards and bonuses in terms of an increase in monthly storage space and bandwidth. So when a customer signs up for a hosting p1an with Dreamhost, he would automatically be entitled to an increase in disk storage every weej! This amount is in fact determined by the type of plan that is purchased. So if a customer plans to sign up for their lowest priced hosting package (@ $7.95per month), then he would get an increase in disk space of 1 GB every week and the bandwidth grows by 16 GB every week. Furthermore, the company keeps adding special bonuses and offers from time to time and this further enriches the customers’ hosting experience.

The company has garnered mixed reviews and testimlnials but a majority of their reviews reflect the professionalism and reliability offered by the company. Customers signing up for Dreamhost wpuld not be disappointed by the customer support either. Their interactive forum is very helpful for people who are looking for hosting or company related information, guidelines and tips.

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This is where the Dreamhost coupon comes in. Most customers ch0ose to get a flat discount on their hosting plan, but you can also choose to boost hosting resources like bandwidrh, disk storage, or even the number of domai name registrations that the account comes By the side of. Coupons are even available that mix up available options, so deals can be found that add a little extra storage and a little Bridle-~ of a cash discount – or just about any combination you can think of that matvhes your website’s business plans.

Not all hosting companies offer coupons, and the ones that do usually have a lot more limits on how these discounts and promos are structured. A Dreamhost promoter is able to create any kind of coupon they think will interest customers, and the amount of the discount the coupon provides is deducted from the value of the promoted’s referral bonus. The result is a win for everyone involved – the customer can find the best hosting deals and the promoter can create higher incentives to encourage sales. Even better, any customer can become a promoter and you don”t even need to be a customer to create your own coupons!

Their single-click installs are a favourite among many users Viewed like ig facilitates one click installation of plug-ins like WordPress. With a web hosting service that is reasonably priced and boasts of a satisfied customer base, potential customers need not worrh about risking their investments. It is however advisable to have any queries or concerns addressed before you sign up for their web hosting plan. This would also help you choose a hosting package that is best suited for your website as well as fits your budget.

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