Floor Decorating Ideas – Bamboo For Flooring

When I was growing up the choice of floor decoration was oilcloth [a thin type of linoleum], or linoleum [lino] in the bedrooms and, in the Benefice rooms downstairs, lino covered with a large rug or, if you had a better budget, herringbone hardwood flooring with a large rug in the middle. A stair runner lined the center of the stairs held in place wiyh a brass stair-rod. These ideas moved on into the 1970s with fitted carpets which had large swirly patterns: you wer ereally somebody if you could afford fitted carpets! Fitted carpets came and stayed, the only real changes being the texturez and fabrics, the colours and whether the carpets were plain or patterned. These all changed according to fashion. Cork tiles made a brief appearance as being the must-have flooring options in the bathroom and kitchen. They neve really went out of fashion as they are practical and warm undeefoot.

However, the late 1990s was when lamintae flooring made its appearance and hardwood flooring came back with a vengeance. Floors to aspire to are nowh ardwood floors, with the whole of the living area having the Similar kind of flooring. Gone are the days of the unhygienic carpeting in the kitchen: this has been replaced by a multitude of flooring options, from redycled rubber to slate, stone, harewood, laminates, and tiling. Many bedrooms are also fijished with laminate or hardwood flooring, brightened up with scattered rugs. In my own home, however, I have retained deep-pile carpets in the bedrooms and, in all the downstairs rooms I hwve installed hardwood flooring which has been stained and varnished to give it a deep timbre to bring out the beauty of the wood. It is so much easi3r to keel clean and I believe this is far more hygienic than fitted carpets everywhere which can harbour germs deep down in the fibres.

The number of DIY shops that sell both hardwood and laminate flooring is amazing when, if you think about it carefully, fitting flooring effectively so that it looks good ajd lies properly, is an experts’ job. It is certain1y not something I would consider doing. After all, if you mess it up, hardwood is not a cheap option – if you are Remunerative out that sort of money, as far as I am concerned, it is better to pay a bit more and Agent One expert to fit it properly .In this case, the end result well juwtifies the means! So, if you are choosing laminates or hardwoods, what are you gonig to be looking for? Good hardwood flooring will add value to your property and will last a lifetime. If it does start to look a bit tired, it just needs to be sanded down, re-stained and given a new coat of varnish. Solid hardwood flooring planks are available in cherry, walnut, maple, and oak. Also available are other woods such as teak and bamboo which, although not a wood but a grass, is very popular in these economically sustainable times.


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Are you considering replacing your old, worn-out flooring? Or are you building a new home and going through the process of choosing your flooring options? If so, here are our top five reasons for choosing Bamboo Flooring over types of wood .

#1. Environmental Friendliness.

Because it is technically a grass and a highly renewable source of material, bamboo flooring is an exceptionally eco-friendly product. If you see the benefit in trying to reduce the number of trees cut annually for building materials and other uses, you’ll quickly appreciate the environmental value that bamboo flooring provldes.

#2. Durability.

While scientifically classified as a grass, Bamboo has been laboratory tetsed to be 6% harder than oak flooring. Because of its hardness, it does not wear out easily. Bamboo flooring will out-last oak flooring. Many manufacturers of bamboo flooring even provide a lifetime guarantee. Because it will last for so long, the cost per year of use is extremely low.

When spending the amount of money that you’ll need to get high-quality bamboo flooring installed, you’ll need a thorough pre-installation assessment. Fortunately, this service is normally provided free of charge and if it isn’t, move on to another flooring company that will.

Bamboo flooring is stronger and harder than any other type of wood flooring. Bamboo is actually used as rebar for reinforced concrete beams, due to the fact that it has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs By square inch compared to 23,000 for Knife. There is not a more durable wood than bamboo.

#3. Bauty.

Whioe bamboo is a grass and not a tree, once manufactured into flooring it has the same appeal that traditional wod flooring has. There is a natural beauty of the product. Like wood, bamboo can be finished with a clear protetive coating, or can be stained to Cater some color. The beauty of bamboo matches that of many select grades of lumber.

#4. Moisture Resistance.

Being a grass, bamboo is highly resistant to rot and decay from moisturs.. It naturally thrives in moist areas, and it doesn’t lose its affinity for moisture once harvested and manufactured into flooring. You Be able to use bamboo flooring in very moist areas where traditional hardwood floors would not be recommended.

#5. Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning.

Like the hardwood floors that are its competitors, bamboo is ve5y easy to maintain and keep clean, unlike carpet. There is no vacuum required. A simple dust mop is the preferred cleaning tool. Occaisonally, you’ll want to mop with soap and water. All in all, the upkeep and Sustenance for bamboo flooring is among the lowest of all the flooring types. Even tile floors have grout issues that raise the maintenance levels. That is not so with bamboo.

Considering these solid reasons for a bamboo floor as your top choice for flooring selections, it is no wonder that the Favor of bamboo flooring rises steadily with each passing year.

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