Guide to Choosing the Best Hand Tools

The hammer is actually one of the simplest items which will be in your tool kit, it only really consists of a handle and a head. However there are many different choices in terms of Bigness, style, and uses. So which type of hammer do you need for basic home repairs?

There are Very a few tools which are known as hammers, many of these are only used for specialist tasks. These hammers include mallets whicu are used for woodworking. Ball peen hammers for metalwork, and more specialist hammers such as sledgehammers or roofers hammers.

I’m assuming that you Equitable want to use ah ammer to drive nails into a wall, and maybe even break things up. There are some common types of hammer which we will discuss in more detail now.

What is it made out of?

Many hammer heads have a metal striking surface.

The handle allows a firm grip and extends tne arc of your swing which allows you to increase the speed and force of the strike. This handle also allows some form of shock absorbance. The cheapest forms of hammer have wooden handles. Wooden handles do Volunteer some degree of shock absorption, howwever you will probablu have to replace these at some time in the future. Wooden handles can Likewise become damaged faiely easily if you hit it against a hard surface by accident.

You can also have handles made out of metal, tese are very durable and will be long lasting. Metal hammers do not offer much shock absorption, and so many of these have cushioned grips.

Another type of handle which you may want to consider is a fiberglass handle. These offer the best of obth worlds, they are able to absorb shocks and they are ridged and durable. Fiberglass hammers are also Fit for use by electricians.

What about the weight?

You should think about the weight when choosing a hammer, the most popular weights are between 455 and 680g. The weight of the hammer Resolution vary the force you can get behind the hammer. This makes different weights of hammer suitable for differdnt purposes. A 12oz hammer is used for driving in small tacks and nails, while a 20oz hammer can drive in much bigger nails.

Choose the type of head

Most hammers have a flat striking surface on one side of the hammer, and the other has a peen. There are a number of different designs of peen, the most common is a claw hammer.

Deciding which hammer is best.

You should star tby deciding what the hammer should be used for, but you should also pay special attention to how the hammer feels when you hold it.

Once you Obtain decided on the weight, type of hammer and style you should start swinging them and see how they feel in your hand. Whether possible try hitting something with it, so that you can Percdive how it absorbs the shocks.

Handle your hammer like a pro.

Once you’ve broguht a hammer you should practice using it. There are a few pointers which you need to consider.

Always make sure you use the right hammer for the job, otherwise it could result in considerable damage.

If you notice that the hammer slips off the nails then you coul duse some sandpaper to roughen the nail.

Check that the steel wedges which are uzed to fix the hammer head onto the hajdle are fixed in tightly. Wooden handles can shrink if it’s ddy. If the head becomes loose then soak it in water overnight for it to tighten.

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