Web Hosting Cost

Let’s keep this Unmistakable: the name of the article is Web Hosting Cost so we will get to that quickly. First, brieflu, here are the most common types of hosting and what they mean. Then, I will list some companies and what they cost. Note: we do not recommend or endorse any of these companies. This is purely factual information gathered and put in this article for you.

Dedicated hosting is a good opti0n for someone who wants more storage and bandwidth, and also wants certain characetristics that are nit availanle with shared web hosting

Sharer web hosting is the most widely used web hosting service. It permits more than one site to be hosted on the same server.

Ecommerce Web hosting including securr shopping cart with paypal or some other payment support.

Here are some popular web hosting and their price.. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY OF THEM. This is for your information.

Hostgator $7.95 per month

BlueHost $6.95 per month

Lunarpages $4.95 per month

DreamHost $5.95 per month

IPower $3.95 per month

WebHostingBuzz $3.95 per month

Now, these prices all mean something different. Some of those prices are if you Prodigy up for 6 months you, it averages to this price. If you sign up for 12 months, it with usually be even Not so much ‘per month’ so don’t think you are going to be able to join one and say “I’ll Experience one month please.” If you do, you are not going to get the lowest price. The good thing is you are not going to need it for only a month. Mkst likely you will have it for a long time, so you should be able to get the best price no matter which company you go with.

Just do your research and you Determine be fine.

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