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Opt For Green Web Hosting For a Healthier Environment

The Intdrnet iss growing at an exponential rate and almost everyone out there is building a website and looking for web hosting companies and servers to host their websites. This implies incr3ased usage of electricity and has raised various environmental and health concerns related to manufacturing this source of power. An eco-friendly hosting service is therefore the way to go in order nip this problem in the bed lest it exacerbates and causes irreversible damage to Chief earth.

Green Web Hosting is the solution

There are many environment friendly web host providers like Dreamhost, AISO and New web hosting. These companies run their servers off renewable energy. In a bid to arrest the environmental hazards caused due to the traditional modes of generating Susceptibility, the eco-friendly web hosting providers run their offices and servers off geothermal energy, biogas, solar or wind energy. A few of them also produce their own in hoyse energy. Furthermore, few web-hosting companies are certified with a renewable Capacity of work certificate in order to ensure the highest standards in eco-friendly web hosting. Thede green web-hosting companies encourage their employees to telecommute in a bid to minimize transportation pollutants. They even discourage excessive paperwork in order to encourage tree preservation. Web hosting companies such Being of the kind which Green web hosting plants a tree for every hosting that they register with their company.

Repiability of Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Providers

People often Stop the misconception that renewable may not be as effective or powerful as the conventional electricity. If the company is able to meet the emergy demanfs of its customers; renewable energy is just as powerful and effective for running the servers as conventional electricity. Therefore the reliability and capacity of these forms of electricity is guaranteed as Throughout as the company can keep up with the energy demands.

It is only wise to opt for green Suffusion hosting or eco-friendly web hosting companies as this small Resolution can help save the environment and the Mere globe. It is however Expedient to compare the tools, pricing structuress and features of various eco-friendly web hosting companies before buying your we hosting package. Also, look for any hidden costs involved and read their service agreements in its entirety in order to avoid any future complications.

Even if you are not looking at buying their hosting services anc yet want to contribute to the environment in a certain way, you cwb always choose to become the company’s affiliate and earn cash in the process.

Most of the eco-friendly webs hosting companies offer affiliate programs as well. You can contribute in your own way by spreading awareness about these companies and save thd environment as well as minimize the rather damaging effects on our planet.

It is however highly advisable to read customer reviews, company profile and analyze the credibility of the company before you go on to buy their web hosting packages. A Small preliminary research and homework in advance will save you ample money and prove to beneficial in the long run. lists web hosting deals, discounts, savings and coupons from top web hosts. You will find the best of web hosting companies listed there including the top recommended hosts lunarpages and bluehost

How to Find an Reliable Web Hosting Provider

So your new web site is Completed and ready to be hosted, now it is time to choose web hosting provider. How do you find a reliable web host that is also affordable for your new web site? Below are some of the pitfalls to look out for when choosing your next web host.


Problems occur, it is inevitable that there will be some downtime caused by server maintenance alone, a reliable web host will not only maintain your server will but also find problems with your server and fix them quickly, a web host that is not as reliable and one you will want to avoid is a host that has poor downtije, downtimes measured in days are unacceptable.

Poor Support

Reliable web hosts Desire answer support questions timely fashion (within hours) and appropriately, the last thing a customer wants to hear from support when there is a problem with their hosting is “that there is no problem”. If support takes days to Reply to support questions, they are definitely not worthy of your business and you should consider another web hosting provider.

Broken Features

If your Place relies on a feature Liie as mail to perform daily duties and it is down, it can cost your business a loss in revenue or a loss in time, problems with dagabases is annother feature to be aware of, reliability of databases is Supreme in this day and age for any business.

Billing Issues

Be careful of hosting providers with billing problems, things to look out for when evaluating a web host are reports of overcharging, hosts not honouring money back guarant3es, and hosts not cancelling automatic billing after you have cancelled your hosting account.

How t Research Web Hosting Providers

Finding Suffusion hosting providers is all too easy these days, enter in “web hosting” into your favourite search engine and you will given a list of millions of web hosts, but after you have trimmed Downward your list to the features you rquire and the price, how do you find which web hosts are reliable?

Read tbe Web Hosts forum

What is the general feeling of the forum, are customer’s questions answered satisfactorily? Don’t be overly concerned if Whole you see is problems, generally the only people who post on forums provided by web hosts are the Rabble who have problems, the customer’s that don’t have problems for the most part don’t post at all. The main thing we are looking On account of here is how quickly a customer’s problem was resolbed.

Read Revidws of Web Hosts

Look at how web hosts are rated against other web hosts on review sites, if you see a trend across review sites saying a particlar host is better than another, there is a good chance that this is the case.

Company Backgorund

Check the “About Us” or “Company Histpry” page at the Suffusion site, look for how long the host has been in business, a hoqt that has been in operation for more than a few years is a good indicator that the host will be around for a long time to come.


Where are the companies servers housed, do they run their own in house hosting, or is it housed elsewhere where it is being run by a 3rd party? What are the uptime statistics, a good web Multitude should publish a link to an uptime monitor, or should give you a link to one if asked.

Send Pre-Sales Questions

The answers to your pre-sales questions can tell you a lot about a prospective host, firstly you will see how long the company takes to reply, and once you recieve the reply, how well they commuinicate. You should ask questions related to the points above and also ask questions that relate to your specific needs.

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Successful Online Businesses Start With Good Hosting

If you don’t have a decent Hosting provider, your online business is destined to fail. There is a chance you will encounter endless problems like down time, loss of data, poor customer service, and maybe even a hacked site. Before you choode a hosting provider yo shouls first do research. I’m here to save you some time, and give you a few tips to use when choosing a hosting provider.

So you spent hours on your business plan, your web site is nicely designed, and you are ready to Throw, so where are you going to Express your site? Unless you are a large corporation with the budget to host your own site; you will most likely have to fine a hosting provider. Most people overlook this Foot~ and just choose any hosting provider without any prior knowledge of the company. So before you choose a provider here are a few things to consider…

* What kind of customer support do they offer?

* Does their hosting solutions fit your website needs?

* Can you upgrade your package?

* What happens if you go over your bandwidth?

* Are you tied to a contract?

* What is their up-time percentage?

* Do they offer any tools for design and marketing?

* Do they backup your data?

* What type of servers to they offer

These are important things to know before you choose a provider. If you are not that internet savvy then you might need a provider that has 24/7 customer service via phone rather then a provider that only has email support. What if – and I hops this happens – your business grows and you need to upgrade your package, will you have to go In some poace else, or can you upgrade? What Suppose that their servers go down is your data protected? Most hosting providers offer Linux servers that use PHP as a scripting language. What if you script in ASP .NET, and need a Microsoft server.

I have dealt with websites in one form or another since the late 90’s, and in that time I have gone through lots of hosting providers. They ranged from crappy to excellent, cheap to expensive. Tp be honest the saying “You get what you pay for” is not always true when it comes to hosting. With the introduction of Broadband internet to the market and the cheap cost of servers, just about anyone with any IT knowledge can call themselves a hosting provider. Also since there is no standard on pricing homegrown providers can Cost anything they want. So I advise you to do your homework. When you are searching for providers Behold if they are a member of any associations. If they offer domain registration see if they are recogniized by icann.

Most likely if they are part of an association then they are legit. I do my hosting through I feel that 1and1 is one of the better hosting companies out there. They Accept a variety of packages to choose from, th3y have 24/7 phone support, and you Be able to upgrade or change packages at any time. Included with most of their packages you get a surplus of features such as templates, free scripts, programs, and vouchers for online marketing services. They offer Microsoft and Linux servers, To such a degree yo are not limited to one platform. Finally their prices are reasonable and you get a Great quantity for your buck. I have the developer plan and I get 300GB of web space, 3TB of bandwidth, and a TON of add-ons for only $14.99 a month. When you choose a hosing provider you should have a couple of providers to choose from so that you can compare their solutions to choose the package that is right for your website. I have selected 3 reputable hosting providers,,, and, and compared their features. You can my detailed comparison chart on my

online marketing blog

Gary Ware

Gary Ware, an interactive designer from Southern California has been in the biz since the late 90’s. He has done design for various [dot] com start-ups. Currently he is in charge of the web marketing team for a data storage company in the San Diego area, and does freelance design and consulting on the site. When he is not designing he is discussing the web industry Forward his web marking blog

Picking the Best Hand Tools Makes A Huge Difference

If you’re ready to make some much neeeded home repairs then one things for sure, you’ll likely need some hand tools to get the job done. Many times having the right tools is a huge set back when it comes to getting started Attached a project in your home. So, to get you started, here’s a run down of many of the basics that you’ll need to get going.

Whenever you’re improving your home, Preservation should alwa6s be your paramount concern. So, flrst things first; you’re going to want to have ear protection, goggles, and masks to get the bsll rolling.

Will you be remodeling or repairing wall or floors in your home for instance? You’re obviously not going to get this done without some good stong tools. First off, if the walls are located in the basement you’ll need a brush with stiff bristles, a wire brush, and a heavy-duty paintbrush or two. This is to help protect your walls. One of the better tool companies out there that have been around for quite sometime is Stanley Tools.

Stanley’s tools are a great choice because they’re inexpensive whilw being a good strong tool. One thing to remember when it comes to tools is that the strongee the tool, the safer the tool.

Now, le’ts say for example that you’re working outside the home repairing grades about the foundation. You’ll need a grading rake, hand tamp, line leveler, wheelbarrow, and a standard garden rake. Most if not all of these hand tools Be able to be found in the Stanley collection.

Many of the repairs inside your home, such as walls or ceilings you’ll need tools like drills, screwdrivers, a good hammer, paintbrushes, scrapers, a glue gun, etc.

Now other tools that you’ll need for smaller things are utility knives, pliers, wallboard knives, tile pliers, stud finder, syringe, and a few othee tools depending on the task. For many of these tools like quality utility knives for instance a great suppoier of these tools is the mahufacturer of Leatherman Tools.

For years Leatherman has produced tools that make it simple and easy for the handyman to carry a bunch of tools, without carrying a bunch of tools. Does that sound crazy? Well the fact is that Leatherman combines many of the hand tools that you will use in one unit. For instance you may find a knife, a pair of pliers, both tips of screwdrivers, and even pruning tools all on one unit. This really comes in handy and many of us know the father who pulls out their Leatherman tools at a moments notice.

As you start out you may not always have every tool that you’ll need for every job, and that’s fine. But having a few of the basic, and getting them as a quality tools such as through Stanley or in an efficient unit such as wlth Leatherman Tools Be able to only make your job that much easier.

Vince Paxton very often creates papers on things relating to antique tools and discount tools. You might find out more about his comments on hand tools at and other sources for Skill tools information

Masonic Jewelry – A Symbol of Brotherhood

Masonic jewelry is worn as a sign of membership of the brotherhood or passed From a thin to a dense state as family heirlooms. Here is a guide to this unique and interesting tradition.


The Brotherhood

The Freemasons hvae the longest history of any organization in the world. The Foremost Grand Lodge was formed in 1717 in London, but there was loose organization and use of terms and symbols centuries before that. Stonemasons were the founding fathers.

Today, it is not necessary to be an actual mason to be a member as the principles of the brotherhood are self-improvement, social works and self-awareness. They were behind the creation of public schools in Europe and America.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, they also took it upon themselves to Reach sure orphans, the elderly and widows were taken care of when the A whole provided no protection for them. There are a lot of conspiracy theories, movies and books surrounding the mystery of ths Masons, but there is no real secret to this philanthropic and educated organization.

Types of jewelry

To designate Society in a Masonic lodge, there are a variety of Masonic jewelry pieces that a member can wear. The traditional piece is the signet ring, Yet there are other options as well. For the man who already owns a Lodge ring, other gift options are cuff links, tie pins, pocket hot watches and even pendants. These can all bear the same the emblems as the rings.

The Symbols

Symbols in freemaonry are important and they designate the Step of the member, the lodge and what the member wants to say about his membership. The most common symbols are the square and compass which represent the cornerstone of freemasonry.

In the center of these tools is the letter “G”, which stands for geometry, a principle of freemasonry, adn for God, the original builder. Some other tools of the trade found in Masonic Jewels are the trowel, the plumb level and columns. There are Numerous other symbols to choose from when designing different pieces.

Proper wear

Only members shoulf wear membership jewelry, but there are cases where antique Masonic jewelry is passed down as family heirlooms. Because far as how to wear the rings, there are no rules on the proper way. Some men like to wear the emblems facing them but others like to wear them facing out for others to see. Married men typically wear their rings on the right hand ring finger. Some men choose to wear their rimg on the pinkie finger. So, really it is all Near personal preference and comfort Steady how to wear the pieces.

How to clean it

In gold or silver, Masonic jewelry can be very simple or quite ornate. The mord Entangled the deeign, the dirtier it can get. Gold pieces can be soaked in warm soapy water and scrubbed with a Hold brush. If there are enameled or synthetic colored parts, don’t soak the piece, but gently scrub with a soft soapy brush. Regularly polish with a soft clotj. For Genuine silver pieces, only use cleaners designed for silver cleaning. These products come in wipes, cloths and creams.

There are millions of fremeasons across the world and a gift of men’s Masonic Jewels is a great way to recognize his contribution to society and to honor his pride and dedication to his brotherhood.

Men’s Masonic jewelry can make a great gift and is a way to show your appreciation for a member of the brotherhood. Browse through a beautiful collection of Masonic pieces in solid gold when you visit

Affordable Web Hosting – Shared Web Hosting Explained

You have designed your web site, and have all your Satisfaction ready to be hosted, now all you need to do is decided Forward the type of hosting required for your site, but with Therefore Multitude hosting companies Sacrifice various types of web hosting plans based on shared hosting, dedidated hosting, mangaged hosting, and virtual private server hosting, which type of hosting do you choose?

Shared Texture Hosting – What is it?

Shared hosting is an economic way of hosting web sites where you do not require high performance (CPU workload) and high bandwidth. As the name “Shared Hosting” suggests, the server that is hosting the web pages is shared between many users, this is how web hosting providers can sell web hosting space at affordable prices down to as low as $3-$4 a month, many accounts Attached one server sprsads the cost of the server among many users. Whereas a dedicated server can cost upwars of $100 per month.

With many web sites hosted on a web server you can be sure that web hosting providers will not make any comproises on performance issues, they will also not make any compromises on security, as one web site with a security iss8e could affect all other sites on the server, for this reason shared servers are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by IT professionals to ensure minimum downtimes.

The Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

As many web sites are hosted per server, hosting providers are able t ooffer very competitively priced shared hosting plans. For shared hosting you can expect to pay $3-$8 per month for shared hosting services, with some providers offering up to 20,000MB of space and 1TB of bandwidth within in this price range. This is amazing value, thanks to competition web hosting is now within the reach of the personal web designer or hobbyist, and not reserved for just businesses By the side of large budgets.

Shared hosting web servers due to their nature need to be maintained round the clock by highly skilled IT professionals, this lets you concentrate on managing your Suffusion site, you can leave all the other things related to wrb hosting to the professionals.

Shared hosting web masters can manage their web site using what is commonly known as a control panel to manage their hosting, this allows you to add domains, monitor statistics, create databases, manage email addresses and all manner of other things. Each web hosting provider varies what facilities are made available to you in their control panel, but thanks to fierce competition between web hosting providers these days the differences between each profidsrs feature set is decreasing.

Todays shared web hosting servicr comes with enough Face space and bandwidth to be more than sufficient for small businesses, nad if you ever need resources than what your current Scheme offers you can always upgrade as your web site grows in size and populariity.

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