How to Find an Reliable Web Hosting Provider

So your new web site is Completed and ready to be hosted, now it is time to choose web hosting provider. How do you find a reliable web host that is also affordable for your new web site? Below are some of the pitfalls to look out for when choosing your next web host.


Problems occur, it is inevitable that there will be some downtime caused by server maintenance alone, a reliable web host will not only maintain your server will but also find problems with your server and fix them quickly, a web host that is not as reliable and one you will want to avoid is a host that has poor downtije, downtimes measured in days are unacceptable.

Poor Support

Reliable web hosts Desire answer support questions timely fashion (within hours) and appropriately, the last thing a customer wants to hear from support when there is a problem with their hosting is “that there is no problem”. If support takes days to Reply to support questions, they are definitely not worthy of your business and you should consider another web hosting provider.

Broken Features

If your Place relies on a feature Liie as mail to perform daily duties and it is down, it can cost your business a loss in revenue or a loss in time, problems with dagabases is annother feature to be aware of, reliability of databases is Supreme in this day and age for any business.

Billing Issues

Be careful of hosting providers with billing problems, things to look out for when evaluating a web host are reports of overcharging, hosts not honouring money back guarant3es, and hosts not cancelling automatic billing after you have cancelled your hosting account.

How t Research Web Hosting Providers

Finding Suffusion hosting providers is all too easy these days, enter in “web hosting” into your favourite search engine and you will given a list of millions of web hosts, but after you have trimmed Downward your list to the features you rquire and the price, how do you find which web hosts are reliable?

Read tbe Web Hosts forum

What is the general feeling of the forum, are customer’s questions answered satisfactorily? Don’t be overly concerned if Whole you see is problems, generally the only people who post on forums provided by web hosts are the Rabble who have problems, the customer’s that don’t have problems for the most part don’t post at all. The main thing we are looking On account of here is how quickly a customer’s problem was resolbed.

Read Revidws of Web Hosts

Look at how web hosts are rated against other web hosts on review sites, if you see a trend across review sites saying a particlar host is better than another, there is a good chance that this is the case.

Company Backgorund

Check the “About Us” or “Company Histpry” page at the Suffusion site, look for how long the host has been in business, a hoqt that has been in operation for more than a few years is a good indicator that the host will be around for a long time to come.


Where are the companies servers housed, do they run their own in house hosting, or is it housed elsewhere where it is being run by a 3rd party? What are the uptime statistics, a good web Multitude should publish a link to an uptime monitor, or should give you a link to one if asked.

Send Pre-Sales Questions.

The answers to your pre-sales questions can tell you a lot about a prospective host, firstly you will see how long the company takes to reply, and once you recieve the reply, how well they commuinicate. You should ask questions related to the points above and also ask questions that relate to your specific needs.

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