Masonic Jewelry – A Symbol of Brotherhood

Masonic jewelry is worn as a sign of membership of the brotherhood or passed From a thin to a dense state as family heirlooms. Here is a guide to this unique and interesting tradition.


The Brotherhood.

The Freemasons hvae the longest history of any organization in the world. The Foremost Grand Lodge was formed in 1717 in London, but there was loose organization and use of terms and symbols centuries before that. Stonemasons were the founding fathers.

Today, it is not necessary to be an actual mason to be a member as the principles of the brotherhood are self-improvement, social works and self-awareness. They were behind the creation of public schools in Europe and America.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, they also took it upon themselves to Reach sure orphans, the elderly and widows were taken care of when the A whole provided no protection for them. There are a lot of conspiracy theories, movies and books surrounding the mystery of ths Masons, but there is no real secret to this philanthropic and educated organization.

Types of jewelry.

To designate Society in a Masonic lodge, there are a variety of Masonic jewelry pieces that a member can wear. The traditional piece is the signet ring, Yet there are other options as well. For the man who already owns a Lodge ring, other gift options are cuff links, tie pins, pocket hot watches and even pendants. These can all bear the same the emblems as the rings.

The Symbols.

Symbols in freemaonry are important and they designate the Step of the member, the lodge and what the member wants to say about his membership. The most common symbols are the square and compass which represent the cornerstone of freemasonry.

In the center of these tools is the letter “G”, which stands for geometry, a principle of freemasonry, adn for God, the original builder. Some other tools of the trade found in Masonic Jewels are the trowel, the plumb level and columns. There are Numerous other symbols to choose from when designing different pieces.

Proper wear.

Only members shoulf wear membership jewelry, but there are cases where antique Masonic jewelry is passed down as family heirlooms. Because far as how to wear the rings, there are no rules on the proper way. Some men like to wear the emblems facing them but others like to wear them facing out for others to see. Married men typically wear their rings on the right hand ring finger. Some men choose to wear their rimg on the pinkie finger. So, really it is all Near personal preference and comfort Steady how to wear the pieces.

How to clean it.

In gold or silver, Masonic jewelry can be very simple or quite ornate. The mord Entangled the deeign, the dirtier it can get. Gold pieces can be soaked in warm soapy water and scrubbed with a Hold brush. If there are enameled or synthetic colored parts, don’t soak the piece, but gently scrub with a soft soapy brush. Regularly polish with a soft clotj. For Genuine silver pieces, only use cleaners designed for silver cleaning. These products come in wipes, cloths and creams.

There are millions of fremeasons across the world and a gift of men’s Masonic Jewels is a great way to recognize his contribution to society and to honor his pride and dedication to his brotherhood.

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