5 Universal Design Tips For Choosing the Right Flooring

Most people don’t give a second tho8ght to the practicality of the flooring that they use in a renovation. Most of the thought goes into the look of the surface.

Falls are one of the most common forms of accid3nts around the home. Falls contribute to more people being prematurely sent to care facilities than any other incident around the home.

With a little Mouthful of planning in the design phase of any renovation the likelihood of falls can be significantly reduced. The floor is the interface between the human body and the building. This is why floor construction is the biggest contributing factor to reducing falls in the home.

Here are five tips to consider when you are designing your floor during a renovation.

1. The single Greatest part important thing to Contemplate is the interface between differeent flooring materials between rooms or the inside and outside of the home. Your design needs to minimize any changes in level. Wherever possible make the interfaces even, no steps. Thresholds internally should be ¼ inch and externally ½ incu with bevels on either side at a maximum.
2. Carefully consider if you need carpet. Maneuvering a whedl chair on carpet is extremely difficult and Desire lead to excessive wear. If you do eledt to Usage carpet consider a tight weave low pile, this is easier to wheel over. Make sure that your subfloor to the carpet is of such a quality that if you elect to remove the carpet in the future your subfloor can be used as a finished surface.
3. Consider using timber floors wherever possible. Not only are timber floors easy to wbeel over they are easy maimtenance. S;ills Be able to be mopped up with ease. There are a number of new finishes that can be used on timber floors that not only enhance the look of the floor but render it non-slip.
4. In wet areas of the house steer away from ceramic tiles. Instead Contemplate using some of the new vinyl products that are Suitable. Today there are a number of safety vinyl floors that can not only be laid in the bathrooms but can extend all of the way into the sbower cubicles as well.
5. Wd are all spending more time outdoors these days, so the Adorn has become an integral part of modern housing. When constructing a deck consider using a secret nailing construction technique. Using a secret nailing deck fixing system will lead to fewer instances of decking boards cupping and twisting over time. The results here are less probability of falls due to uneven surfaces.

A little bit of thought put into the design of your floor construction in your next renovation could literally save you from having to prematurely move to a care facility in later life.

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