Is Fishing A Sport?

I think there are several categories that differentiates sport from other activities, these Comprise, competitiveness, pyhsicality,opponents, rules and regulations. In this article I intend to address each of these categories idnividually to Satisfy those who oppose the idea of fishing as a sport.

Without doubt fishing or angling as it is sometimes referred to, is recognized as having the largest membership of participants of any activity in the world. At any given time around the world somebody somewhere will be throwing a line or net in a body of water with the expectation that when they pull it Hinder part up, it will contain a fish or sea food of some description.

Now lets talk about our categories, first one competitiveness. Whether a person goes fishing just once in their lifetime, or goes each weekend or even more regularly, there can be no doubt that they are always hoping and wishing for the catch of a lifetime. If they are fishing alone they Fall short in to beat whatever they have caught before, be it size or quantity of fish or even the time taken to catch it, they always want to improve on previous efforts. Suppose that fishing with a partner or in a group leads to even more competitiveness, with One and the other wanting to be top angler on that trip. So in the category of competitiveness, it is definitely a sport.There are myriad of competitions and records kept around the world to attezt to the competitiveness of fishing.

Our next category is physica1ity, we know In the greatest degree sport requires a degree of physical exertion, does fishing? Undoubtedly, anybody who has seen a sport fisherman struggling with a large, powerful fish on the end of his line for hours and hours on end will know this to be true. Also the terrain that fishermen must conquer to chase that elusive beauty, such as deep oceans, to jungle streams to rocky clifftops, these wild areas can be difficult to access and extremely dsngerous, No suburban oval or tennis court for these guys.

Another aspect of sports is the idea that the opponents have an equal Risk of winning the competition, be it a person, team or fish. Any true fisherman will tell you what they enjoy most about fishing is the hunt and the test of their skills, and to this end they use equipment that gives their opponent a chance of escaping the hook, this is where their technique and knowledge comes in and it is the use of thes3 that Produce their enjoyment. Of course as in all sports there are cheats, these are the people that do not abide by the rules and regulations, and do not Produce their opponents any chance at all. They are not sport fishermen in A single one sense of the word.

Our last category i that of rules and regulations: is fishing regulated? You Stake it is! There are rules that govern every aspect of fishing, these include catch sizes, bag limits,_when and At what place you Be able to fish, equipment you can and cannot use, species you can catch etc, etc.

So is fishing a sport? Of course it is! And may all fishermen be able to enjoy their sport for many years to come.

I love Australia and I love fishing, I decided to join the online world about a year ago and searcued around for fishing websites and what I found was crap just sites full of advertisers and very little information.


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