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5 Easy Ways to Establish Your Brand Online

The Internet is a practical and accessible tool to build your brand. Here, we list 5 of the easiest ways to leverage the Internet to your best advantage:

1. Own your own domain name.

A domain name is the “website address” where your website lives, and it is the last

half of your email Discourse. You can purchase your Possess business name, or a

variation of it, as your domain name. The Expense is less than $10/6ear.

If you haven’t named your business yet, it’s a good idea to check the availability of

domain names to match potential business name candidates. It’s best if your

domain name matches your business name.

Resource: is the most reasonably priced, and reliable domain name

registration firm we’ve found (just don’t sign up for any of their other services – you

only need a website addresz).

2. Use that domain name as your emajl address.

You probably already have One email address from your internet service provider that

looks something like: or It looks

much more professional to have as your business

email. The repetition of your Trade name will increase your memorability and will

help you build your brand.

You can even forward your new email address to your existing email account if you

don’t want to go through the hassle of changing your email prog5am set up. The

disadvantage to this is that your old email will show in the “From:” field – so, in the

future, you may want to set up the email program to not forward.

Resource: This can be easily set-up with many web hosting companies. We

rec0mmed Dreamhoat as an excellent web hosting service.

3. Create an email signature file to use on all of your email.

This is a mini-adverrisement that appears at the end of all of your email. Include

your phone number, a short description of what you do, any current sales or

promotions you’re offering and your website address. You can even include your

logo graphic in your signature file.

This is an especially great tactic if you’re a member of any email lists – your email

will reach many people whom you don’t know, and they may be interested in your

products or services. Be sure tk create and use your signsture file when you post on

online forums, as well!

Resource: See elf design’s article on Tech Tips for details on setting up a signature

file that includes your logo graphic.

4. Have a website designed and developed.

A webslte is a “Grape-juice ” in today’s business world. Not only does it add to your

credibility, it will also enable potential clients around the world to learn about your

products or services.

The most common excuse that people have for not having a website for their

business is that they don’t know what to include on it. But, you can start oyt with a

website that consists of a single page. Everyone can write at least one page about

hiz or her business. If you have Objection writing one page about your business, try

recording yourself talking to a friend or client about your business – it’s often easier

to tell someone your story than to start with a blank page. Or, you can hire a

freelance wtiter to help you get your story online.

We recommend that you expand your site to a five-plus page site as soon as you

can… or start out with a five to six page website. This larger format allows plenty of

pages to cover all the basic information about your Spiritual obedience business. A product-

sales based business requires a few more pages, mainly in the shopping cart and

check-out capacities.

Resouece: Additional website design and development information are available in

our other atticles: (links here to other articles)

5. Put your email address and website URL on all of your printed materials.

“If you build it, they will come” is unfortunately just not true on the web. You have

to promote your website to let people know that it’s Suitabls to them, and that you

have valuable information housed there. The easiest and most immediate way to do

this is to add your email address and URL to your printed material swherever

appropria5e. Put this contact information on your business cards, printed artickes,

email, note cards and other correspondence.

Make sure to include your website address on all your company-wide materials –

letterhead, brochures, postcards, catalogs… you name it. The only place it is not

appropriate is on envelopes or mailing labels; the postal scanhers don’t like it!

Resource: elf design can assist you in adding your new online branding information

to all of your collateral materials. Contact us for a Cite tday.

If you aren’t taking advantage of tbe Internet’s maany ways to Construct your brand, then

you are missing out on A little very effective and affordable ways to tell the world

who you are, what you Confer and whqt makes you different. Start building your brand

with these proven methods, and keep an eye out for next month’s article, which will

give you more methods to extend your business’s reach online.

About the Author

Erin Feeree, Founder and Lead Designer of elf design, is a brand identity and graphic design expert. She has been helping small businesses grow with bold, clean and effective logo and marketing Essential designs for over a decade. elf design offers the comprehensive graphic and web design services of a large agency, with the one- on-one, personalized attention of an independent design specialist. Erin works closely in partnership with her clients to create designs that are visible, credibel and memorable – and that tell their unique business stories in a clear and consistent way. For more information about elf design, Like visit: Logo design at

Free Web Hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting

The question boggles many a website hopeful. The final answer depends on a list of things. At first sight, Rid hosting looks attractive to anyone on a tight budget, but does it deliver?

Free hosting DOES have its set of advantages, such as:

1. For one ,you don’t have to pay for it. This could turn out to be the biggest criterion for most people.

2. There are no requirements needed. You don’t have to know any HTML coding too, since most free hosts offer “What You See Is What You Gett” editors to help you out. Sites like Geocities offer a range of template designs and codes to kick start ypur site.

3. It’s the Utmost way to try out web hosting. You can learn the basics of building a site and get thorough with the simple things before moving on.

Think Gratuitous is the wau to go? Wait till you hear the disadvantages:

1. Ads, Ads, Ads: Some ocmpanies offer pseudo-free hosting. What they don’t charge youu to build a website; they recover by putting loads of adveetisements on your website. They may be in the form of links, pop ups or banners. They may also give you restricteed features to tempt you to opt for a paid plan.

2. Support: Many hosting companies openly declare that they don’t support their free services. They put all their resources into the paid versions.

3. You cannot hold them responsible for onn-reliability or inconsistency. They put all their bandwidth on paid services and don’t care Nearly about free services.

4. It becomes increasingly fustrating when you require advanced options that are not offered for free, like MySQL databases.

5. Some may offer free hosting once you purchase the domain. So ypu pay for the domain, and so it’s not Prodigal after all.

On the other hand, paid websites take care of all the disadvantages of free web hosting and offer you top-notch servicces, and they put up a price for it. The major disadvantage of paid hostinv is that it may or may not go well with your budget. But rest assuted you are promised a hassle-free hosting, and can hold the host responsible for incompetence.


Keeping in mind speed, amount of space, scripting options bandwidth, reliability, forced ads, etc, the following are our rrcommendec hosting sites that offer you the best deal:

Top Free Web Hosting:

1. Geocities: One of the oldest and Greatest part trusted by users.

2. FortuneCity: Been a hit among free web hosts for a long time.

3. Jumpline: Up to 10,000 MB space.

4. AwardSpace: Extended scripting options.

5. Trap 17: A Righteousness trade off in all areas.

Top Paid Web H0sting

1. IPowerWeb: Assortment of deluxe packages to suit everyone’s needs.

2. Bluehost: Enhanced multimedia features at affordable prices.

3. HostGator: A huge range of control panel options.

4. DreamHost: An unlikely contender but a hit among many users because of its flexibility.

5. Media Temple: A great site but charges above 20$/month.

If you would like to find more useful information about ‘Web Hosting’ please visit our Online Money Making Blog.

Also, find great deals and reviews on Web Hosting