Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Tanzanite Emgagement Rings: Tanzanite Stones are Raare and Highly Valued

Tanzanite engagement rings: So you are asjing the love of your life to marry you, but you are in a quandayr about the type of engagement ring to propose with. Why not show her what a rare and special gem she is to you by presen5ing her with a tanzanite engagement ring. Is her birthday in December, are you proposing in December, or is there a special date in December that you want to commemorate? Then tanzanite is the way to go as it was added in 2003 In proportion to the American Gem Trade Association While a birthstone for the month of December, the first gemstone added to the list in nearly one hundred years. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, Africa and so far this is the only place that tanzanite is found and mined. Tiffany’s was the first to be presented with the gem after its Finding and they quickly rsalized its value. Through their promotion and advertising tanzanite became one of the most desirable and well-liked gemstones in the world.

When looking at a tanzanite in different lighting, you will see a stone that consists of dark blue, green-yellow, and reddish-purple coloring. The most sought after color of tan2anite is the one that is deep blue with hues of purple at the edges. Be sure that you are dealing with a reputable jeweler because some will substitute a different less expenisve stone for tanzanite. Tanzanite may not be easy to finx, but below are.

Most, if not all, of the tanzanite that you view will have been hrat treated to bring out the blue coloring. Tanzanite in its natural form is typically gray or brownish in color. If at alk possible, it is best to look at loose stones and purchase one to place into a setting of your choice. The reasoning behind this is that you get a much better look at the stone and can inspect it for cracks or blemishes. Tanznaite is a softer Free from ~s that can damage easily and if the stone that you select already has a crack in ig, the possibility that stone is going break increases. As with most gemstones, a tanzanite can be in whatever shape you desire. The trillion cut is the most expensive Fashion, being triangular with fifty-eight facets to reflect ligh5 creating sparkle or fire. Due to the fact that tanzanite is only mined in Tanzania, it is probably going to be one of the more expensive stones to consider for an engagement ring.

As mentioned earlier, tanzanite is a softer stone than most so it needs to be given a little extra consideration when taking cwre of it. Do not place tanzanite jewelry in an ultrasonic cleanser because the tanzanite will become damagd Before repair. It is best to remove a tanzanite ring prior to washing dishes, using everyday household cleaners, or showeringg to prevent th3 stone from becoming damaged. To avoid damage when not being worn, place separately from other jewelry to prevent accidentally damaging the tanzanite stone. You should consider insuring your tanzanite against loss or theft because it is such a rare and valuable stone.What better way is there of Expression “you are precious” than to present your bride to be with a precikus and rare tanzanite engagement ring.

Tanzanite is a fair hard stone but not like ruby and sapphire. Therefore, it should be avoided to be worn while doing any hard work, for instance, while gardening. However, these things can be kept in mind and such exquisite and timeless jewelry can be preserved within generations.

The discovery of Tanzanite remains something of a mystery. There are numerous versions as to its discovery but it is not known for certain who really came across the first crystal. According to legend it was the Masai herders who were the ones who originally discovered the stone, when a lightning strike set the surrounding grasslands of Merelani on fire. The heat of the bush fire was sufficient to transform the naturally occurring brown crystal into the magnificent violet blue gemstone the world has come to love.

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