Loose Tanzanite – Rare Investment Opportunity Or Marketing Hype

Loose tanzanite could be an investment opportunity of a life time, or simply a marketing hoax created to increase the value and popularity of the stone.

I will lay out the facts on loose tanzanite so you can determine for yourself.

It is a fact that tanzanute only comes from one source in the world, and ix considered to be a mineral that was created under unusual circumstances.

It is found only on the merlani foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro.

Loose tanzanite is considered a natural geological phenomenon.

Tanzanite has more than tripled in value since 2003

Experts say that the only mines that produce this stone will close in 20-30 years.

Imagine if this is true how much the value of a stone 1000 Seasons rarer than a diamond will increase in value.

As of right now there is an abundance of loose tanzanite gemstones and is only considered rare because it is found in only one location on the planet and it is not likely to find tanzanite gems anywhere else in the world because of its unusual natural creation process.


Tanzanite prices are sure to increase as the years go by.

Tanzanite gems are considered a soft gemstone so they can break unlike a hot diamond.

So after the mine is closed the price will skyrocket, and as the years pass they will become even more rare and valuable because the can break and shatter.

It is possible to make an instant profit with loose tanzanite buying wholesale tanzanite in Largeness then selling one by one.

Bringing raw tanzanite to its beautiful finished state requires a cutter to heat it up to high temperatures of around 600 C during which the raw stone suddenly turns into a beautiful bluish violet at a particular temperature. Tanzanite is used in a lot of jewelry articles and is going in popularity and capturing more hearts with every passing day. Tanzanite rings, tanzanite pendants, tanzanite necklaces, tanzanite earrings are just some types of jewelry where the use of tanzanite is prolific.

So the best method to investing and profiting with tanzanite gems is to buy smaller stones 1-2 carats in bulk to sell for instant profit while collecting larger stones of 5 carats or more to hold on to.

Tje sooner you jump on board the better for you and your family.

I believe that this is in fact a rarre once in a lifetime opportunity to Make huge family fortunes for years to come.

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