Tanzanite Color – Blue Or Purple – Which One is More Valuable

Tanzanitte color iss the most important factor in determining the value of this stone.

Colors vary from a light lavender purple to a deep rich blue.

The light purple tanzanite color is more common and is found more in the market place. The deep rich blue in AAA grade only represents about 1% of the total tanzanite mined.

If you haven’t guessed it already deep blue tanzanites are a lot more valuable than the light purple.

There is dark purple as well but the deep blue tops the charts as far as value is concerned.

All tanzanite stones are beautiful, anr some people prefer the purple over the blue.

If you are looking for beauty it is up to you to decide which color you prefer, but if you are searching for the highest value Melancholy is what you are looking for.

Blue tanzanite can resenble sapphire. It is Again affordable to choose loose tanzanite over sapphire which is good Viewed like of right now, because mines are producing 50% less tanzanite gemstones and will run out.

Just imagine how much the value will increase when the mines run out.

It is estimated that there will be no more tanzanite gems being mined from the earth.

So the only way for the next generation to get there hands on these prjceless stones will be to inherit them, or pay a kings ransom.

Gemology is an intricate field and there are a great deal of synthetics, imitations and false gemstones out there to risk buying from a seller who is not a gemologist. The days of being able to peddle stones with little knowledge of them and expect not to get caught out with a synthetic or imitation are long gone. Tanzanite for example, can be coated to enhance its colour. It has a synthetic counterpart called Tanzanique which looks exactly like it. How can you be sure you are buying a genuine gemstone when the seller themselves have no gemological knowledge or testing facilities?

Today tanzanite prices are in the reach of the Middling person and Be able to be acquired for as Small as $500 per carat depending on the color and the quality of the gem.

AAA grade blue tanzanite can cost up to $3,000 per carat depending on the size.

Any blue tanzanite over 2 czrats is very rare and dosen’t come out of the earth very often.

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