Meteorite – Danger Towards Humans

Our biggest concern isn’t being hit by a huge meteorite it’s a smaller one that could know us out of our orbit. If earth would be sent towards the sun the oceans would evaporate in a few seconds. Just Thus you know meteors (or falling stars if you like) come towards earth all the Spell but with the universe being so huge it a very slim chance that a meteorite (rocks that actually reach earth) would hit us.


Meteorites hit earth every day. they’re usually tiny though. there are some larger ones that are called near miss but near miss can still mean thousads of miles off.

A small meteorite would not change earths orbit. gravity would correct for it pretty fast. it would have to be a uhge heavy meteorite to change it Sufficiently to decay it.

yeah, but I know it’s one criteria scientists look for when seeing if other planets have Mode , if it has One ‘incubation planet’ like Jupiter that can help with any meteors. Who knows what would have happened if that series of meteors didn’t intercept Jupiter a few years ago. Just imagine how many small asteroids must hit those gas giants daily. It helps, but you are right, there is still a chance.

Why didn’t they even mention the Jakarta meteorites shower 5 days before the tsunami hit Indonesia that it could be the event which caused the tsunami and caused this big impact afterwards, Gravity is not condidered the most important force anymore, scientists are shifting to the electro-magnetism force effect.

Have you noticed – the object in the video is spherical, has craters on it and a molten core. This is no asteroid. This looks more like someone’s moon.

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