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We Are Not Alone – Asteroids

Asteroids, comets and meteorites are all around us, most are no threat to earth. However those that are Added than 15 m (500 ft) in Distance through the centre and generally have orbits that cross ours or come close to us, (0.05 AU , roughly 7,480.000 km or 4,650,000 mi), are considered Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.(PHAs) […]

Meteor Showers – Nature’s Celestial Show

A “fallng star” is one of nature’s true spectacles. For a few brief seconds these darting flares that burn across thee night time sky will easily out-dazzle their Heavenly competition. We may call them “stars” but they’re not really. They’re actually meteors and on almost any night, if you’re diligent, you can Blemish a few […]