Graduation day is one of those special days

When others are decking their houses out in ghouls and ghosts, it is inevitable also that you may be invited to participate in events you’re not 100 percent comfortable with. You can instead schedule your own celebration, for example a dress up party with a particular theme that you enjoy, such a an under the sea or beach party or a snow party or seasonal theme. You can invite people who would enjoy a party with a ghoul-free theme, and who would usually avoid any kind of celebration around that particular time.

Easter is a once a year celebration that a lot of people wait for with eager anticipation. This is not surprising as Easter is synonymous with fun and excitement with its Easter egg hunt, colorful eggs, bunnies, chicks and chocolates. Most families have their own special way of celebrating Easter, but there is always room for improvement. If you want to host an Easter party that will be filled with excitement, then you are in the right spot as the rest of the article is going to offer a few tips to have a great Easter party.

I love Halloween. I love watching the children going from door to door, bags dragging on the ground as the contents grow heavier and the sky gets darker. I love the costumes; the little fairies and princesses, the superheroes and monsters, the witches and the cowboys. I love carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds and eating pumpkin pie. I love the fake cobwebs draped on doorways and the scary noises emanating from decorated houses. Most of all, I love the candy and the excuse to gorge myself on my favorites – any combination of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. My children still have not forgiven me for stealing a few candy bars out of their bags when they were sleeping.

Spring has finally sprung!! With the excitement of warmer weather and spending more time outside comes Spring Break and Easter. Do you worry about how to keep the family amused, making lasting memories for your children and maybe how to out do your efforts from last year? Worry not, because I’ve put together some great ideas for family fun to keep you all happily occupied.

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