Halloween means lots of fun and fancy dress costumes

Anthropologists postulate that the ritual of gift-giving dates back more than 50,000 years ago when they found that women were decorated with “ornaments” or jewelry. People of this time were distinguishing themselves from one another with certain pieces of clothing, jewelry, body markings, scarring or piercings. In large gatherings, these distinctive elements created an identity and let others know that they were part of a particular larger group. It is theorized that there was an exchange of knowledge and tangible items to help define these different social groups.

To have the best impact, an Easter party should be held in the garden. Flowers are your best option for the main decorations. You can plant or purchase them ahead and decorate them around your party space.

Let’s face it. You don’t come to a graduation party wearing a bow tie and expecting to hear a boring speech and then go home. You’re there to have a very good time and there’s no better way to do that than by sliding down an enormous dry slide! And you know what? You don’t even have to take turns since you can just distract your friends with some drinks and you’ll have it all for yourself. However, don’t get too crazy and start rolling watermelons on it since some people will be angry for not being able to enjoy that delicious watermelon punch later!

Our first Halloween in Florida, I followed my usual routine; I placed two pumpkins right outside the front door, hung fake cobwebs on the front shrubs and checked out the candy displays at the grocery store to make my selections for hand-outs on October 31. Actually, this exercise gives me an opportunity to look at all these wonderful sweet confections but I always end up buying the same thing: one bag each of the mini Milky Way bars and mini Hershey bars. This way, if there’s any left over, the big kid in the house gets to finish it.

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