Holidays are special, and we all want to decorate

Skirts – ladies who want to avoid wearing pants, the sexy short or the peasant long style skirts are a good choice. Of course, the skirt should look tattered and torn and hence don’t simply cut anywhere you like. Remember you can always wear the skirt again for another occasion, if you cut it meticulously. Or unless, you have always chosen an old skirt for the costume you don’t have to worry how to cut and make it look old.

It’s great fun to organize an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Depending on the weather, it can be done indoors or outside, all you have to do is get a bit creative! Write out ten clues, each leading from one place to the next and don’t forget to provide a clue to get them headed towards the first hiding place. Don’t make the clues too difficult, remember to keep in mind the ages of all who are participating in the hunt. Each hiding place could contain the next clue and a plastic egg which is filled with a small toy or mini chocolate eggs or jelly beans. Have the last clue lead to a main prize, such as their Easter Basket. Make it more fun by creating clues that rhyme and by giving all participants baskets to hold all their prizes. Have your kids invite a few friends or host a larger version outside for all the neighbor kids. Even the adults can get involved.

Make sure that you make a list of things that you will need while travelling, and during your stay at the ski destination. Even if you miss out on anything, you can buy it on the way, but it would be an out of the budget expense.

On Halloween night, we had an early dinner and waited for the first gremlin. And we waited and waited and waited. That’s when it finally dawned on me that the only children in our neighborhood were in high school. The good news was that I had a lot of candy that needed a home but the bad news was that I would no longer have an excuse to buy candy for Halloween in this neighborhood. Even worse than that, we wouldn’t be opening the door again to any adorable trick or treaters.

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