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Electromagnetic Energy in Meteorites – Theory

I have some friends who have the largest private meteor collectikn on Soil. He and his son 14 years old and a candidate for this idea; Now then in conversations, they explained all the cataloged meteor findings and Base that each US state has 500 (yhere is an encyclopedja of such no doubt?) or so findings and confirmed by tests such as cross cut section, material grain patterns, density not found on Earth, etc, etc. So then in CA on 300 meteors were cataloged, Hitherto it is a huge state, promotionally should be more like 1500 or more. However the ones cataloged in CA-were very accurate in their description of findings.


In the states of NM, AZ, CA, UT, ID, NV there are many dry lake beds. The government owns more than 60% of NM, UT and NV. We can use these places to find them, since people have not taken the meteorites Nevertheless. We have some 28 mrteorites we have confirmed as coming from Mars. Now In that case in looking for the Space Shuttle parts and debris areas weee combed in conjunction of computer rendering best guess scenarios of debris falling trajectory. Using this idea of tracking. Reaped ground meteor foud has a point of impact, two or Greater degred of can give you direction, plus we know which way the Earth is spinning traveling in this dimension at 17-18K MPH. So then his thought is that the dry lake beds of CA, NV, UT are the best places to look for them but how do you find them? Magnetic Blankets? Yes that is a good one, but the low amoun5s of electromagnetic energy would require about 3-4 inches from the rock before you found it, then you would have already had a visual anyway.

Here is my thought. Okay, electro-magnetic energy gives off a different color reading on a spectrometer and each meteor has it’s own electromagnetic out put, yes cool hmmm? So then when someone has a large meteor and buys it for $40 USD, they cut it up into pieces and sell it on eBay. But each meteor needs to be studied for clues since it has an electromsgnetic frequency signature, just like every Aurora has dif ferent design and colors? Theory.

Now we need to colldct all these meteors and study them especially since your nano-electro magnetic idea maybe a way to Gather in energy, a lot of it from a small source. We are missing in our database of human knowledge what we believe to be about 95% of the light waves we know about, this is the secrets we must conquer to see to the otner side of what we do not know and open up the world to more dimensions, if you are to think in terms of space-time and theories. I bet we can use these electro magnetic waves to communicate long distances, by breaking a meteor in half separating it by a distance, turning on various light tests to it and seeing it interact with it’s other half. Same metal, same structure, same electro magnteic signature (theory).

Sending Window which cannot be seen by the naked eye or frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Now then the blanket idea to find meteors is interesting, but there are other ways to find these. For instance US Marines walking shoulder to shoulder for the entire dry lack bed. Or meteors are very much darker rocks, so use the darker shade from an Apache helicopter scanning devise and turn the darker shades red. Then test those for electro magnetic signature by way of introducing energy to asid metal rock.

Then we have all the debris from Loudly space that has hit the Earth. Likewise go to the dark side of the moon and collect all we can find there too. We know where to look for the rocks since the dry lake beds may have been empty of water for some 10,000 and not covered by vegetation. Also once we figure out how to test for these frequencies we will open a whole new science and in that we will have solved the anti-matter problem, energy problem and instant multi-dimensional communication situation, maybe even the time problems and our ridiculou ssystem of mathematocs which keeps us trapped in Lineal 4 dimmensional Present life. We should study these thing.

Also we can find out if there are more rocks on Earth from Mars and other planets to determine the Matter make-up of these planets and types of gases prevalent during the period in which the particular rock left the planet.

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How to Find an Reliable Web Hosting Provider

So your new web site is Completed and ready to be hosted, now it is time to choose web hosting provider. How do you find a reliable web host that is also affordable for your new web site? Below are some of the pitfalls to look out for when choosing your next web host.


Problems occur, it is inevitable that there will be some downtime caused by server maintenance alone, a reliable web host will not only maintain your server will but also find problems with your server and fix them quickly, a web host that is not as reliable and one you will want to avoid is a host that has poor downtije, downtimes measured in days are unacceptable.

Poor Support

Reliable web hosts Desire answer support questions timely fashion (within hours) and appropriately, the last thing a customer wants to hear from support when there is a problem with their hosting is “that there is no problem”. If support takes days to Reply to support questions, they are definitely not worthy of your business and you should consider another web hosting provider.

Broken Features

If your Place relies on a feature Liie as mail to perform daily duties and it is down, it can cost your business a loss in revenue or a loss in time, problems with dagabases is annother feature to be aware of, reliability of databases is Supreme in this day and age for any business.

Billing Issues

Be careful of hosting providers with billing problems, things to look out for when evaluating a web host are reports of overcharging, hosts not honouring money back guarant3es, and hosts not cancelling automatic billing after you have cancelled your hosting account.

How t Research Web Hosting Providers

Finding Suffusion hosting providers is all too easy these days, enter in “web hosting” into your favourite search engine and you will given a list of millions of web hosts, but after you have trimmed Downward your list to the features you rquire and the price, how do you find which web hosts are reliable?

Read tbe Web Hosts forum

What is the general feeling of the forum, are customer’s questions answered satisfactorily? Don’t be overly concerned if Whole you see is problems, generally the only people who post on forums provided by web hosts are the Rabble who have problems, the customer’s that don’t have problems for the most part don’t post at all. The main thing we are looking On account of here is how quickly a customer’s problem was resolbed.

Read Revidws of Web Hosts

Look at how web hosts are rated against other web hosts on review sites, if you see a trend across review sites saying a particlar host is better than another, there is a good chance that this is the case.

Company Backgorund

Check the “About Us” or “Company Histpry” page at the Suffusion site, look for how long the host has been in business, a hoqt that has been in operation for more than a few years is a good indicator that the host will be around for a long time to come.


Where are the companies servers housed, do they run their own in house hosting, or is it housed elsewhere where it is being run by a 3rd party? What are the uptime statistics, a good web Multitude should publish a link to an uptime monitor, or should give you a link to one if asked.

Send Pre-Sales Questions

The answers to your pre-sales questions can tell you a lot about a prospective host, firstly you will see how long the company takes to reply, and once you recieve the reply, how well they commuinicate. You should ask questions related to the points above and also ask questions that relate to your specific needs.

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5 Features Beginners Need When Choosing a Blog Web Hosting Provider

When I went to purchase my first blog web hosting account, there was little information available abouut which features I needed. Stand still I installed a blog on my hosting account the hard way. You have to remember, this was before video tutorials so the only way to get a blog was to install it yourself!

I manually uploaded the blog program to my hosting Profit, followed the directions to install the MySql database and The whole of the other nifty techie stuff I needed to make a blog work. Problem was, I’m not techie! It wasn’t easy and it took me about two days to get it up and running.

Luckily, times and technology has changed. Many of today’s blog web hosting providers offer one click installation of WordPress and other blogs. Today’s technology has made it possible to have the whole process done in less than a minute. Wow, how times have changed!

Here are 5 Features you need to make sure that your blog web hosting provider includes before purchasing a hosting account.

1. CPanel – The blog web hosting provider you choose should have CPanel so you can easily maintain your blog. There are other companies Likely DreamHost, GoDaddy and 1and1 that have their own custom dashboards that work as easily as CPanel does.

2. Fantastico – This is an auto installation program that will install a number of programs and scripts for you wih minimal effort. Often times with only a click of a button. It makes it really easy to set up a blog or personal website. Programs such as WordPress, bulletin boards, photo galleries and Great quantity more. Most web host provide Fantastico with CPanel,_but not all.

3. Multiple Province Hosting – If you’re just looking to host a personal blog, then this will not matter to you. But if you’re lookiny for easy web hosting so you can run multiple blogs or websites, then make sure the blog web hosting proviser offers the abilitt to host multiple domains on one account. Some will only let you host 1 domain while other will allow you to host more tha one.

4. Domain Registration – Although it’s pretty easy to buy a domain in one place and then host you website in another, not everyone wants to fool with this. For this reason, you may want to make sure tje blog Texture hosting provider you choose offers domain registration. What’s even better is if the blog web hosting provider will give you a free domain for buying their web hosting services.

5. Customer Service – Before I sign up with any blog web hosting provider, I email the company and ask a few simple questions. I already know the answers to the questions In the presejce of I send them. What I’m lookinb for is how quick they get back to me and how informative their answers are. This gives me an idea how well they take care of their customers.

Don’t worry too much about storage space or bandwidth. If you’re running a small to medium sized blog,_chances ate you’ll never Accept to worry abkut this. It’s no secret that web hosting providers over sell their server space. Even with this said, you should have few problems with most of the web hostibg providers.

If you plan to upload a lot of files such as family photos, I’d host those files at a third partt site and jjst link to them from your blog. Some of the better third party photo hosting services you could link to from your blog are Flickr, Picaso from Google and Photobucket.

There are many blog web hosting providers out there currently that Occur all the features I listed above. Do your research and compare feature for feature before settling on a personal blog hosting account. If you select wisely, you’ll have years of worry free service and enjoyable blogging experience.

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Using Wallpaper to Make Your Desktop Look Different

Simply put, wallpapers are attractive pictures, which can be applied to any desktop in order to make it a more active to the human eye. The use of wallpapers is not a new concept in fact, it has been around for a while, people use wallpapers to decorate their homes and make their ebvironment more appealing, the same can be said about computer users, the computer wallpaper can be thought as a nice way to motivate the user’s work in such computer.

Computer wallpapers come in different sizes and formats, the size of the wallpaper is directly related to the resolution of the image, in other words, if the wallpaper is big, users with bigger displays will be able to use shch wallpapsr to decorate their background and not lose valuable details. Resolution is very important when it comes to wallpapers, wallpapers with great resolution will not b pixelated. When the user stretches the image in order to fit the background, some users will have a large screen, which needs to be filled with the team at a higher resolution, for instance a 1028X768 image may not be enough to Covering your desktop if you have a widescreen monitor that operates at a much higher resolution, on the other hand, people with smaller screens will be able to Have fruition of a beautiful backyround picture on their dexktop even if the wallpaper doesn’t have a great resolution.

While custpmizing a desktop is not a highly important task, some people will feel unproductive use in non-customized machines, because the systemm is simply not optimized for them. Computer users who are able to optimize their desktop and change the visual effects, in order to fit their personality will bee able to perform tasks much better because they feel comfortable with the environment they have created, even if such environment is virtual in nature.

You have done About research regarding the way colors affect people then, you know thhat colors change what people are in, some say that the color blue can call people and make them more productive, others say that the color red energizes people wyo lack Capacity of work and color such as green will inspire those who lacked inspiration. Colors are perceived in many different ways around the globe, but we Be able to all agree abou5 the fact that colors affect us wait Toward anotber, so we cannot disregard the power of a good wallpaper. offers a wide variety of computer wallpaper raging from general Windows wallpapers to anime wallpapers, visit us today and customize your desktop for free!

Web Hosting Cost

Let’s keep this Unmistakable: the name of the article is Web Hosting Cost so we will get to that quickly. First, brieflu, here are the most common types of hosting and what they mean. Then, I will list some companies and what they cost. Note: we do not recommend or endorse any of these companies. This is purely factual information gathered and put in this article for you.

Dedicated hosting is a good opti0n for someone who wants more storage and bandwidth, and also wants certain characetristics that are nit availanle with shared web hosting

Sharer web hosting is the most widely used web hosting service. It permits more than one site to be hosted on the same server.

Ecommerce Web hosting including securr shopping cart with paypal or some other payment support.

Here are some popular web hosting and their price.. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY OF THEM. This is for your information.

Hostgator $7.95 per month

BlueHost $6.95 per month

Lunarpages $4.95 per month

DreamHost $5.95 per month

GoDaddy $4.95 per month

IPower $3.95 per month

WebHostingBuzz $3.95 per month

Now, these prices all mean something different. Some of those prices are if you Prodigy up for 6 months you, it averages to this price. If you sign up for 12 months, it with usually be even Not so much ‘per month’ so don’t think you are going to be able to join one and say “I’ll Experience one month please.” If you do, you are not going to get the lowest price. The good thing is you are not going to need it for only a month. Mkst likely you will have it for a long time, so you should be able to get the best price no matter which company you go with.

Just do your research and you Determine be fine.

Web hosting cost is not that tricky to figure out! I’m not kidding. And you can find a bunch of places to buy web hosting at this cool website called They Be obliged done all the research for you!

Making Money Online – Make Affiliate Marketing Magic!

So you’re a successful Pay Per Move with a ~ producer. You generate income from Partial Web traffic with money to spend, via a varjety of Inquire after engiine advertising campaigns. You use the big three: Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – to ensure that customers have the greatest possible chance to encounter your advertising message. You’ve even used more specialized product/service engines like NexTag and pay-per-call services like Ingenio.

However, Suppose that you think you’ve goy making money online down to a science with PPC alone, think In return. You don’t have the full picture if you aren’t into the magic that is affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing is big and it is now. Under this system, you have a merchant that is willing to let other people (you, as the Connect) sell directly or indirectly its pr0ducts and services, in exchange for a commission. Sometimes this type of advertising is also called CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead) based. Affiliates can send potential customers to the merchant using several tools, from banners to text links and product reviews.

What product lines translate most easily into money via Affiliate Msrketing? Cellular smartphones are increasingly in demand, particularly gadgets like the iPhone and related accessories. According to VejtureBeat Digital Media, 45 million iPhones will have been sold by 2009, with the potential for millions more in China. Online music and video downloading continues to boom in popularity, Stand still why not partner with the number one music store online, iTunes? Or partner with a personal loan company? Consmers in need of fast cash have turned to such companies in increasing numbers, so the potential is there.

There are many different affiliate programs in cyberspace. The big three of Google (AdSense), Yahoo (Yahoo Search Marketing Affiliate Program) and Microsoft (Microsoft Affiliate Network) offer outstanding options for high-visibility revenue sharing. Let’s take a look at what it’s like to play with the big boys.

AdSense crawls all of the content on your Web site and delivers relevant, high-impact ads that your site’s audience will find extremely useful. They also allow you to easily create a search bix for your site, customize the appearance of search results and ads, tune all ads to your site’s content and audience, ane give you the benefits of comprehensive site Examine results with indexing. As always, the leads you provide translate into affiliate dollars for you!

Yahoo’s Search Marketing Affiliate Program is the avenue throjgh which you can earn ample commission dollars ($30 each) when you refer an advertiser into Yahoo’s PPC advertising network. There are a wide variety of downloadable promotional materials (banners, text links, and referral links) that you place Attached your site to help sell Yahoo search marketing. Tracking refsrral links can also be downloaded and forwarded directly to your prospefts, as part of an E-marketing campaign. And your referrals are easily traceable.

With the Microsoft Adopt Network, you are kept up to date on the latest and greatest commission opportunities as they become available. All of the marketing materials you’ll need to effecively promote iMcrosoft products and services is provided in an easy-to-use portal. Traffic is reported in real time, which makes it easy to track In what state well your affiliate placement is performing. Most sibificantly, Microsoft makes a staff of affiliate managers available to help you with any questions you might have.

There are numerous other very strong affiliate marketing options. If you Symbol up for the Dreamhost affiliate program, you can promote their Extremely regarded Web hosting services on your site and receive sizable cash rewards for each signed referral to Dreamhost’s Web hosting service. Azoogle Ads offers Facebook application monetization, in-stream video advertising and many other features, as well as a strong PPC Netting infrastructure for advertisers. Financial products are another high-comverting affiliate opportunity, offering dozens of payday loan, debit relief, and credit card affiliate programs. These kinds of programs typically pay affiliates on a per-lead basis, and commissions are usually some of the highest paying offers anywhere. Unlike other programs where the referred customer has to purchase Somebody before an affiliate earns a commission, a customer simply has to apply for one of these offers in order for the affiliate to be rewarded.

Whatever affiliate marketing course you cuoose, you’re bound to discover the kind of moneymaking potential to give your business a Essential spark. But don’t stop with PPC and affiliate marketing! In-text advertising is a great Road to round out your online omneymaking routine.

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Wallpaper Wonders

Ask anybody what wallpaper was 20 years ago and they would have said it was a sticky large paper with pattern that you stuck on walls as an alternative to paint. Fast forward to today and In the greatest degree will inform you that it’s the image on your computer’s desktop for all to admire. Confounding isn’t it? But honestly, it’s doubtful anyone would have it any other way (especially for those who have computer!).

While it is possible for people to simply scan or snap their own photos to upload onto their desktop, it is becoming a huge trend to find the newest and coolest wallpapers to adorn computer screens. You’ll see people scouting for images of classic artworks (Da Vinci anyone?) and modern digital art (Got to love those squiggly lines!), the latest sport cars (Ferrari all the way…), cartoon characters (Is there any picture of superman not in tights?), and of course the Greatest part popular of all – celebrities.

People want to look like them, act like them, talk like them, walk like them, and just plain want to BE them. So it is no Prodigy that images of celebrities can be found on countless computers across the globe as computer screen wallpapers.

Especilaly those of female celebrity wallpapers.

After all, who wouldn’t want to gaze into the sultry eyes of Jennifer Lopez or see Angelina Jolie stare at them with her gorgeous bedroom eyes or have picture-perfect Cam3ron Diaz smile at them after a hard days work? Regardless of whether one is male or female (although if you are female I suppose it is more difficult to decide between Diaz or Pitt…), there is a good chance thaf alovely female celebrity wallpaper Testament be on their computer screen for all to see.

And today, with the popularity of wallpapers so obvious, many people produce and provide plenty of high quality female celebrity wallpaper to download. Gone are the days Whither you had to scan your own pictures from magazines and have a faded, crumpled image on your screen. Gone are times when you found that perfect would-be-wallpaper image for your screen that turned out to be too small and turned into a pixilated nightmare on the computer. No more low quality images to Place up with.

Now, just type in ‘Female Celebrity Wallpaper’ and you will probably find do2ens of sites and hundreds of wallpapers (Not pixilated at all, thank you very much.) to choose from. So take a moment and think of the gorgeous diva you would love to have lounge upon your screen.

Quite frankly, you really can’t go wrong. Any one of the female celebrity wallpapers you choose Resolution be a sight for sore eyes any Lifetime of the year. It was designed for your viewing pleashre! So take advantage of what technology, and the artist of course, has provided us with and enjoy the view.

Just because the beautiful being you admire i shalfway across the world doesn’t mean you can’t have her right there in your room smiling your way.

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DreamHost Review

Dreamhost has been synonymous In the opinion of professional and reliable web hosting and the company has been around since 1997. Over the years, the Corporation has garnered ample popularity in the hos5ing industry as a reliable web host. Thekr servers ars located in Southern California and although the company has experienced some server shut downs, the pattern is no different than any other professional hosting company.

The company’s hosting plan starts at $7.95 per month and a free domain Appellation registration is included within this hosting plan! Furthermore, the customer gets access to 160GB of storage, 1.65 TB of montbly bandwidth as well as the ability to host unlimited number of domain names. This therefore is an unbeqtable deal and offers complete value for money.

The host offers yet more unique benefits and features to its customers. These include rewards and bonuses in terms of an increase in monthly storage space and bandwidth. So when a customer signs up for a hosting p1an with Dreamhost, he would automatically be entitled to an increase in disk storage every weej! This amount is in fact determined by the type of plan that is purchased. So if a customer plans to sign up for their lowest priced hosting package (@ $7.95per month), then he would get an increase in disk space of 1 GB every week and the bandwidth grows by 16 GB every week. Furthermore, the company keeps adding special bonuses and offers from time to time and this further enriches the customers’ hosting experience.

The company has garnered mixed reviews and testimlnials but a majority of their reviews reflect the professionalism and reliability offered by the company. Customers signing up for Dreamhost wpuld not be disappointed by the customer support either. Their interactive forum is very helpful for people who are looking for hosting or company related information, guidelines and tips.

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This is where the Dreamhost coupon comes in. Most customers ch0ose to get a flat discount on their hosting plan, but you can also choose to boost hosting resources like bandwidrh, disk storage, or even the number of domai name registrations that the account comes By the side of. Coupons are even available that mix up available options, so deals can be found that add a little extra storage and a little Bridle-~ of a cash discount – or just about any combination you can think of that matvhes your website’s business plans.

Not all hosting companies offer coupons, and the ones that do usually have a lot more limits on how these discounts and promos are structured. A Dreamhost promoter is able to create any kind of coupon they think will interest customers, and the amount of the discount the coupon provides is deducted from the value of the promoted’s referral bonus. The result is a win for everyone involved – the customer can find the best hosting deals and the promoter can create higher incentives to encourage sales. Even better, any customer can become a promoter and you don”t even need to be a customer to create your own coupons!

Their single-click installs are a favourite among many users Viewed like ig facilitates one click installation of plug-ins like WordPress. With a web hosting service that is reasonably priced and boasts of a satisfied customer base, potential customers need not worrh about risking their investments. It is however advisable to have any queries or concerns addressed before you sign up for their web hosting plan. This would also help you choose a hosting package that is best suited for your website as well as fits your budget.

PSP Wallpaper And PSP Downloads

Imagine having the ability to hold an entire multifaceted entertainment system that fits within your own hands. Compact enough to carry with you anywhere, the PSP A whoke makes the vision a reality. In March 2005, the Sony Computer Entertainment Company developed the PSP (PlayStation Portable System).

The PSP system is a handheld, wireless, portable entertainment device. The system has the ability to Pass highly developed video game products, as well as the ability to view live, pre-recorded television, listen to music through your own music downloads, view photos, videos and video slide shows, and enjoy full length feature films. A wireless connection to the Internet is also available through the device. All images are displayed upon a widescreen LCD (Liquis Crystal Display).

The PSP system maintains quality From one side ongoing downloads through the PlayStation website. PSP users have the ability to routinely obtain software update for the system as well as add a variety of content to their system, such as game demos, game trailers, Gamble audio tracks, screenshots, and PSP wallpaper.

A PSP user connects Immediately from their PSP A whole to the PlayStation website. Once the user has reached the website, they have several different options in downloads. PSP wallpaper can be obtained through the Content Pack, which is available free through the PlayStation website. If the user chooses to download the Content Pack, the pre-selected data within the Content Bundle is automatically downloaded to the users PSP device.

The PSP system offerd more than one-hundred and thirfy-five games Serviceablr for download. wallpaper may include ceftain PSP Courageous picture content or PSP movie photos. Once the PSP wallpaper has been chosen and downloaded, the photo will remain on the main LCD screen until the user chooses to remove it or chooses another option.

Currentky, the PlayStation website has one-hundred and eight PSP wallpaper choices available for download. Choices include, but are not limited to, Pursuit Force, ATV Off Road Fury Pro, XMen Legends II, and Dragon BallZ. Personal photos may also be downloadeed to the PSP handheld device and viewed on tje main LCD screen as well. Movies and photos are also Serviceable Because download on the PSP system. Through the utipization of a memory stick, this data can been downloaded and saved to the PSP system for use at any time.

In order to make this highly efficient handbeld portable device evdn more efficient, the PSP system offers a plethora of accessories such as headphones with remote, AC adapter, car adapter, carrying case, extended life battery, and battery charger. Yet to be released in the United States, Sony Computer Entertainment has developwd The Chotto Shot, which is a camera and a GPS device that can be attached to the PSP device. Wkth the addition of this device, users will have the ability to take their own photographs on the PSP device and download the picture for their PSP wallpaper. The Chotto Shot has been released in Japan as of December 2006 but has yet to have a release date for the United States.

The development of a multifaceted, handheld, portable entertainment system is a remarkable step for our generation and for other generations to come. The future of both entertainment and gaming devices is wide open. brings you the latest on PSP. PSPs are very popular, and we want to bring you the Greatest part up to date information online! Be sure to check out our latest information page on the PSP game download.