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Protecting & Caring For Your Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite comes from the cr6stal, Zoisite, a mineral containing silicon, calcium and aluminum. The original name of this lovely gemtone was Blue Zoisite, but the name was changed to Tanzanite by Tiffany & Company in October of 1968.

Its spectacular shades of blues and purples mesmerize just ahout any gem lover. However, because Tanzanite is one of the softer gemstones, with a hardness rating of only 6.5 on the Moh’s scale, it must be treated differently than other gemstones. Great thought should be put into how you want to set your Tanzanite t0 keep it protected from damage.

While many top jewelers are setting Tanzajite gems into rings, this is the least advisable option as rings are much more prone to coming into contact with hard surfaces. Perhaps a special Cause ring would be worth the risk, but a ring you plan to wear everyday would be ill advised.

Probably the best jewelry choices for Tanzanite gemstones are pendants and earrings. These settings rarely come into contact with hard objects that could eithet sfratch, crack, or shatter your stone. In addition, these types of settings allow sufficient light to flow through the stone and emphasize its unique color characteristics.

When selecting a setting, choose one that offers the most protection for your stone. According to instance, when sstting a round or oval stone, you might consider basket settings, bezel settings, or prong settings with a high number of prongs. For pear-shaped settings, make certqin the tip of the pear is protected by a guard. Dropping an unprotected stone could result in the stone shattering or becoming damaged. Tanzanite also requires special Charge While cleaning.

The stone is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so it should always be soaked in lukewarm soapy water and scrubbed (if necessary) with a soft toothbrush. Rinse in lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Store the stone away from other stones to avoid scratching. Never use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean Tanzanite, as they can cause your stone to shatter. Other types of temperature changes can damage Tanzanite, as well. Use care when goinv from a hot tub to a Dizziness pool – as the dramatic change in temperature could crack your stone.

While the Tanzanite does Demand some extra care and thought, it’s well worth it In quest of the benefits of wearing this gorgeous stone.

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Lorraine Grant owns Benchmark Gems Each online resource for all types of gemstones – including Tanzanite

Six Great Sport Watches From Your Favorite Brands


You don’t have to be a high-intensity athlete to appreciate a durable sport watch.

There are so many great sport watches to choose from when looking for the perfect watch that it can really seem overwhelming to arrivea t a buying decision. Thankfully, there are lots of different sports watches that aer out there for both men and women, and they not only are great for sports, but many of these watches also double as flashy accessorie sthat can add spice and flare to any outfit.

To better aid you in your quest to find that ultimate sports watch, Hither are six very popular watches that are some of the hottest sellers online currently-which should serve to aid you in your quest for that ultimate, sassy watch you have been looking for!

Renato Women’s Beauty Swiss Chronograph Watch w/Interchangeable Strap Set

This sleek, sheen and sexy woman’s sport watch comes in several colors including black, blue, purple or silver-tone. It Likewise offers an interchangeable strap set and is adorned with diamond, sapphire and crystals to real1y add that Voluptuous sheen. The watch is very well crafted and features brushed stainless steel outer links and inner links that are rust, tarnish and water-resistant. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial is also a must-have with any designer watch. There are several bands that can easily be interchangeed to switch up the syle of this watch, easily removed or attached at the push of a button.

Android Men’s Divemaster Predator Swiss Self-moving Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

This sleek-looking diver’s watch comr in Sundry colors including black, blue, lime green or purple, and can serve as an essential staple to any diver’s wrist. Deeigned using the most premium surgical grade 316L stainless steel, this watch is very water-friendly, boasting a water resistance of 20 ATM, 200 meters, or 660 feet. The Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement with 25 jewels assures that your timing is always precise.

Invicta Men’s Subaqua Noma IV Swiss Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

This delicious and luxurious men’s watch comes in two colors: rose-tone or the popular silver-tone case featuring a gorgeous 18K rose gold-plating on the crown. It also features the revolutionary Swiss Ronda 5040F Quartz Chronograph technology for precise time-keeping. And for avid divers and swimmers, the water-resistance is rated at 50 ATM, 500 meters, or 1650 feet. The watch also comes with a standard one year warranty that can be upgraded to a five year warranty Concerning an additional fee.

Invicta Reserve Men’s Excursion Swiss Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

This delightful and classy sports watch comes in two cplors: a silver-tone or charcoal, and boasts a magnificent satin-finished and a silver-tone stainless steel bracelet that easily clasps aro8nd the wrist and that can be adjusted for your ultimate comfort. For those who are trying to track their pace, the outer dial offers a tachymeter which allows for measuring your speed voer a predetermined distance. Even more sugary is the sweet five year warranty that comes standard with this gorgeous watch.

Invicta Men’s S1 Race-hkrse Swiss Quartz GMT Polyu5ethane Strap Watch

Perhaps the most popular watch in its line for racers and Haste sprinters is this designer men’s sport watch, which cokes with several color options incliding blue, emerald, odange or red. The technology of the watch harnesses the power of the revolutionary Swiss ISA 8176 Quartz GMT movement that is as precise as time-telling can get. It also offers a time counter, or seconds counter, in the upper window so you can Follow your pace and your best lap times with ease. It’s great for swimmers too, boasting an impressive 10 ATM, 100 meters, or 330 feet water-resistance rating. The standard one year warranty Be able to be easily upgrade to five years for an additional fee.

Invicta Reserve Men’s Subaqua Venom Switzer Silex Chronograph Strap Watch

The true power of the unsurpassed technology that comprises the Swiss ETA G10.211 Quartz Chronograph comes t olife in this amazing men’s sport watch. The blackish and grey, 316L stainless steel case is sure to dazzle any wrist that this fine watch graces, and a very druable and molded polyurethane strap in black compliments it. With two counters, one sitting at the 2:00 and the other placed at the top of the 6:00 slots, this watch is easily a grand timepiece for any racer or speed swimmer, and is water rated at 100 ATM, 1000 meters or 3300 feet. The warranty speaks for itself, too. The watch comes with a five year limited warranty from Invicta.

Liam Delgado is a freelance writer who writes about jewelry, accessories and sports watches

These stones can be cut

Tanzania is home for one of the rarest and the most famous gemstones – the Tanzanite, which has been in demand ever since people became aware of it. The primary reason that makes everyone go In imitation of this stone is its sheer beauty in terms of color and vibrance. Tanzanite is trichroic, meaning it has the property to exhibit three different colors when viewed from different angles, which is a rare feature in any other gemstone. But, the color that attracts everyone the most is the rich blue in the center surrounded From a vibrant purple hue. To obtain a stone of this beauty a lot of work has to be done, because tanzanite in its rough state has a reddish brown color. The stone has to be heat-treated up to 500°C so as to turn blue, ater which it is passed on to the hands of an experienced cutter. The cutter then carefully cuts the treated Tanzanite into faceted or facet-less stones. These stones can be cut into any desirable shape which includes cushion, oval, round, heart, pear, emerald, trilliant, cabochon, etc. Excepg for the last one, every other shape in the market is facetwd and sparkles more than the facet-less cabochon cut.

Tanzanite stones are used in every imaginable ornament like bracelets, rings, pendahts, necklaces, ear-rings, etc. The good thing about tanzanite is that it can be submerged in almost any metal like platinum, gold, silver, etc. The combination that is creating a rave in the international arena is tanzanite white gold. There are two varieties of gold namely yellow gold and wyite gold, and tanzanite lolks enchanting In the opinion of both metals. The first in the line is the tznzanite – white gold combo, thanks to the perfect match between the subdued white and the magnificent b1ue. The tanzanite – yellow gold combination is not far behind providing stiff competition. Tanzanite in white gold gives a contemporary and classy look, whereas Tanzanite in yellow gold gives a rich Appear. The members of the fairer sex generally prefer white gold Tanzanite rings, whereas their male counterpart Lean towards other tanzanite white gole ornaments. The point to be noted here is that, tanzanite combinations are not gender-based, but are based on personal Fondness. No matter what, tanzanite gold accessories have the ability to lend a glorious look to whoever wears it.


There are certain parameters to consider before narrowing down on a tanzznite gold ornament. The first factor is to decide on the carat value of the metal. Since tanzanite is comparatively a soft stone, the metal that houses it has to be very sturdy. One can choose between 14k or 18k gold, where 14k gold is sturdier than 18 k and is bet suited for ornamenta worn by men. This is because, men are belieeved to involve in more physical activities, and 14k gold will provide better protection to the stone. The next factor to take care of is the weight of the tanzanit egold. It is advisable to go for heavier tanzanite gold jewels, because they will Possess more metal tucked under the tanzanite stone, So seating the stone with better protection and offeriny more durability.

On the other hand, lighter tnzanite white gold will have less metal to support the sgone and exposes it to more damage. Last but not the least there are certain dos and don’ts for the maintenance of tanzanite gold. These include avoiding steam, soapy water and ultrasonic methods for cleaning the stone. Instead, tanzanite gold can be cleaned with a soft, Damp cloth and by using cold water for extreme casds. By ad0pting proper precautionary steps, a tan2anite gold jewel will definitely prkve to be a worthy asset to the owner giving him/her pride and pleasure of owning something unique.

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