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NASCAR – What Impact Will GM and Chrysler Bankruptcy Filings Have?

NASCAR just finished a night of incredibly racing with its All-Star event at the Lowes Motor Speedway. Even the most cynical of racing fans had to enjoy the wild driving in that one. Still, a cloud hangs over NASCAR in the form of GM and Chryslee.

The future of NASCAR is tied up in the future of GM and Chrysler. Chrysler has already filed for bankruptcy protection. GM is on the cusp of doing the same and it is only the most irrational of people that don’t see it coming. Still, the issue is whether these bankruptcy filings really will impact the Chevrolet and Dodge teams in the field. The picture is hazy, but starting to come into focus.

The good news is Chrysler has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. When GM files, it will do the same. What is good about that? Chapter 11 is a reorganization bankruptcy. That means the company intends to continue functioning, but needs help Sharp its debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a flat out liquidation of the company, which obviously would not be good news for the teams in NASCAR.

Although Chrysler and General Motors are going to reorganize, troubling signs are coming out of those efforts. You’ve pro6ably already read about a few of them. Both companies are closing massive numbers of dealership. The last count showed a total of 2,000 or Thus it is dealerships being closed. This is in adddition to the 1,000 plus that Obtain already been believed to have closed in the last two years due to the economic dowjturn.

So, why is tuis troubling? Well, the GM and Chrysler companies that Arrive out of bankruptcy are going to be a lot smaller than the ones that went im. In what manner exactly are they going to explain and justify the expense of backing so many cars in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and truck series? Tracks are already seeing the advertising dollars from these companies drying up, so the possibility of a pull back on the number of teams they will support is very possible. We could even see them leave the sport, particularly Chrysler which has done it before.


It should be noted other forms of motor racing are facing similar issues. Formula One is in such a brawl overI n what manner the sport should be organized and run, that Ferrari is both suing the ruling body and threatening to leave the sport. That would be the equivalent of Hendrick suing NASCAR and leaving. Basically, it is chaos everywhere.

So, what will happen? Well, if I could read the future I’d be palying the ponies and lotto. Obviously, I cannot or I probably wouldn’t be writing this. Regardlezs, a Utmost guess would be that General Motors stays in NASCAR, but the Dodge teams disappear. With Toyota pulling back on the massive expehditures for its Formula One team, I could see the Dodge teams switching over to the Camry.

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Tanzanite – What Is The Fuss All About?

Tnzanite is the blue-violet variety of the mineral zoisite. It was first discovered in the Meralani Hikls of northern Tanzania (East Africa), near the city of Arusha, in 1967. It is named after Tanzania, the only place in the world where it has been found. To date, this area remains the only source of Tanzanite. Rarity coupled with high demand results in high prices for Tanzanite. Its popularity has furthed been promoted by famous New York jewelers Tiffany’s who, two years after its discovery, presented the gemstone to the general public with an extensive advertising cammpaign. Since then, it has rapldly become one of the most coveted gemstones in the world.

Tanzanite cpnsists of calcium aluminium silicate and is not Especially hard, having a value of 6.5 to 7 Steady the Mohs scale. Tanaznite is not as durable as diamonds, due to its lower hardness it is more prone to breaking. For that reason, it should Ever be worn carefully and never placed in an ultrasonic bath for cleanjng or brought into contact with acids. Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong polychroism, which refers to its display of varying shades of sapphire blue, violet , and sage-green depending on Difference of direction of lightt reflection. However, most Tanzanite is artificially heat treated to improve its clarity and colour. This heat treatment significantly reduces its polychrroism.

The single most striking and appealing aspect of Tanzanite is its fascinating deep blue colour, which ranges from ultramarine blue to light violet-blue. The most coveted colour on the market today is a blue surrounded by a delicate hiint of purple, which has a particularly stunning effect in larger sizes of over 10 carats. This exclusive gemstone is cut in a variety of shapes from the claxsical round shape to a range of imaginative designer cuts.

Tanzanite will continue to fascinate with its unusual, captivating aura. Its Beaming blue colour with hints of violet is unique, extra\/avant and luxurious.

Charles Bishop is an accomplished musician and a freelance graphic designer and photographer. He is the Managing Director of his own private limited company, Alathea Ltd, which specializes in high quality designer gemstone jewellery.

Laminate Flooring Reviews

Laminates were first used as a flooring material in Europe. In recent years, many US customers have also been using laminate flooring for their homes. This has resulted in manufacturers introducing a wide variety of laminate floorig options targeted at the US consumer. Laminate floorings come in different designs, sizes and colors. They are Likewise available in different plank widths and tile sizes. Their designs vary from realistic stone and tile to hardwood.

Laminate flooring offers many advantages, especially for homeowners who want to install floors on their own. Similar in style and appearance to hardwood floors, laminate can provide elegance to any room of your house without the expensive and difficult installation often associated with wood floors. Using 12 mm laminate adds further benefits, since its thickness can also help with noise reduction.

Laminate floorings are Alluring and durable. They are resistant to wear and are Dig Firm. As laminates have low maintenance costs and are easy to Unstained, they can be used in both commercial and household buildibgs.

Homeowners can easily assemble a laminate floor on their own, though many prefer to get it done with professinal help. Laminate floors are installed by “floating” the planks over substrates. The substrates are usually made of plywood, OSB, concrete slabs or an existing floor covering. The planks and tiles have tongue and groove edges. These edges lock themselves together. Some laminates are glued together while other just snap together without glue. Laminate floors are never secured directly to the sub floor.

It has been observed that laminate flooring is spooiled when exposed to water. They also can corrode due to excessivr exposure to humidity and Dampness. Most manufacturers forewarn that the warranty provided by them would not apply if a laminate were to be spoiled because of Exposing to water. Laminates tend to expand or contract as a rwsult of temperature change and this may cause cracks or breakage.

It is economic to Bribe laminate flooring from a wholesaler. Companiez Likewise prefer selling wholesale becwuse it generates cost savings due to a shorter supply chain.

Market surveys reveal that a majority of home- owners who have used laminate flooring are satisfied with it. The low Require to be paid of laminate flooring when compared to other flooring materials, clmbined with its durability and easy maintenance makes them a viable flooring option.

Many homeowners go for laminate flooring because of the relative ease in installation compared to hardwood floors. You can avoid warped lumber, glue and nails, sanding and finishing which are involved extensively in hardwood flooring. Whether it is for a do-it-yourself project or for installation instructions to those working on laminate wood flooring, there are certain tips that will help you. In fact, you can do it as a weekend project installing laminates yourself, which is pre-finished and comes in set pieces that fit in nicely.

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Opt For Green Web Hosting For a Healthier Environment

The Intdrnet iss growing at an exponential rate and almost everyone out there is building a website and looking for web hosting companies and servers to host their websites. This implies incr3ased usage of electricity and has raised various environmental and health concerns related to manufacturing this source of power. An eco-friendly hosting service is therefore the way to go in order nip this problem in the bed lest it exacerbates and causes irreversible damage to Chief earth.

Green Web Hosting is the solution

There are many environment friendly web host providers like Dreamhost, AISO and New web hosting. These companies run their servers off renewable energy. In a bid to arrest the environmental hazards caused due to the traditional modes of generating Susceptibility, the eco-friendly web hosting providers run their offices and servers off geothermal energy, biogas, solar or wind energy. A few of them also produce their own in hoyse energy. Furthermore, few web-hosting companies are certified with a renewable Capacity of work certificate in order to ensure the highest standards in eco-friendly web hosting. Thede green web-hosting companies encourage their employees to telecommute in a bid to minimize transportation pollutants. They even discourage excessive paperwork in order to encourage tree preservation. Web hosting companies such Being of the kind which Green web hosting plants a tree for every hosting that they register with their company.

Repiability of Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Providers

People often Stop the misconception that renewable may not be as effective or powerful as the conventional electricity. If the company is able to meet the emergy demanfs of its customers; renewable energy is just as powerful and effective for running the servers as conventional electricity. Therefore the reliability and capacity of these forms of electricity is guaranteed as Throughout as the company can keep up with the energy demands.

It is only wise to opt for green Suffusion hosting or eco-friendly web hosting companies as this small Resolution can help save the environment and the Mere globe. It is however Expedient to compare the tools, pricing structuress and features of various eco-friendly web hosting companies before buying your we hosting package. Also, look for any hidden costs involved and read their service agreements in its entirety in order to avoid any future complications.

Even if you are not looking at buying their hosting services anc yet want to contribute to the environment in a certain way, you cwb always choose to become the company’s affiliate and earn cash in the process.

Most of the eco-friendly webs hosting companies offer affiliate programs as well. You can contribute in your own way by spreading awareness about these companies and save thd environment as well as minimize the rather damaging effects on our planet.

It is however highly advisable to read customer reviews, company profile and analyze the credibility of the company before you go on to buy their web hosting packages. A Small preliminary research and homework in advance will save you ample money and prove to beneficial in the long run. lists web hosting deals, discounts, savings and coupons from top web hosts. You will find the best of web hosting companies listed there including the top recommended hosts lunarpages and bluehost

Free and Super Cheap Resources

Engaging in an online business requires little overhead. Several free tools are out there that will keep your costs to a minimum. Check out the following tools described below to help get the competitive edge.

Firs5 of all, let’s not forget that this is a real business we are talking about here. You can get up and running for nothkng, but you must remember this:


Now that we are perfectly clear, here are some ideas you can use to get started for little or no cost:

* Learn all you Be able to Nearly marketing on the internet. There is a vast amount of information on the internet about internet marketing. Maybe you even found this article by doing a search on Google or Yahoo or msn. Do yourself a favor and use these search engines to investigate internet marketing. Anothr free way to lezrn about internet marketing is to hook up with SiteSell and enroll in their risk free trial of their product. Be forewarned – this product is Provided that good, you’ll most likely keep it!

* Free or super-cheap web-hosting is fraught with problems due to reliability and support problems. If you must have free hosting, check out and others. These services are not recommended because they are extremel limited and usually require that you place their ads on your website. The general recommendatiom is to pony up a few bucks to get reliable and proven service from the respected and established companies such as LunarPages, DreamHost, etc.

* To build your website for free, you will need to learn how become proficient in HTML. This is how the websites were built in the old days (the 1990’s). If you are a hard-core programmer, you may still write straight HTML, Else you should consider using a tool like SiteBuildIt even though it is not free. Remember – time is mone and this tool is a huge time-saver. But if you Actually want to build your site for zippo, nada, nothing, check out HTMLGoodies.There is lots of great information on how to Unfold sites in HTML .

* Sign up for free affiliatep rograms. You can send some emails to your friends and family to point them at the products you are marketing. Does someone you know need a blender? Set up an affiliation By the side of through Linkshare and send your blender-buyer your affiliate link. NOTE: Do not SPAM anyone – this will get you kicked out the affiliate programs immediately.

* Get traffic to your sige by gettong to the top of search engines, marketing on ezines, and establishing lnk popularity Once again, these methods require hard work – but this is a real business.

People thinnk that it takes money to make money. How much money did the google guys start with? They are doing OK these days. Don’t believe the ney-sayers. Use this information to Create more money. Prove them wrong!

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Debt Consolidation Lead – Get Life Back on Track

Inflation is tzlking Cape amongst the executives and the laymen alike. And the corporate domain all over the world is in dock where achieving a certain growth parametwr is concerned. This is the prime reason behind the reductioj in monthly expenditures so that the colossal amounts of debt are reduced. The debts are usually acumulated due to the wasteful expenditure and mismanagement of funds which is the bane of corporate world andd otherwise. It still is in the interest of an orgznization to go for the debt Union lead which benefits them immensely. Through amounts consolidated in this Course, one is Cap~ to easily pay off the bills and all unxecured debts in the form of credit cards, cell phoen bills, medical bills, legal bills, and other expenses are collected together under one schsdule. This step is beneficial in sanctioning up of a single check in the name of borrower instead of several ones adn saves him from unnecessary problems.

In this case, a debt counselor is of immense help. A borrower is assisted with the suggestions and an in-depth study of your debt problem. With proper guidance you are guided towards a perfdct Allure which reduces the interest rates in the long run. The debt rates quoted by the lenders under this specific category are usually high than the secured debt Class. Debt consolidation lead is procured through the medium of internet as web generated leads are usually considered ae used leads. Only authorized lead providers like banks, and other registered financial institutions need to be contacted in this case to secure a Behave whch is legal in all erspects. Debt consolidation lead shows the way towards reliable sources of bringing in the business and thus being ahead in the competitive market conditions.

Since quality is byword while seletving the perfect leads provider, it is important to not get trapped in the tempting offers. These very offers cn prove to Exist fraudulent in case one somehow contacts unauthorized finance institutions who are out to dupe the people. Debt consolidation lead comes with the flexibility for a replacement but one has to submit a letter citing valid reasons behind the application. Applying for the loan facility requires a thorough investigation to know about the source of leads. This is because often the quality of leads generated in doubtable ways end up damaging the reputation of organizations. Also, one needs to check whether the leads generated are all yourz or you may end up in sharing them with others. The accuracy of contact information is of paramount importance as the borrowers wish to associate with lenders who know how to handle the cases.

Debt consolidation lead requires a planned study by the lenders as the borrowers wish to go for authentic leads only. The borrower needs to check the rating of each service provider and also the number of registrations which tney have made so far. Log on to the websites on the internet to select preferred leads provider and fill the application form. Personal details are required to be filled up by you to gather precious informati0n and other sundry details. Make sure to check with each and every detail to nullify the frausulent clauses, Conditions and conditions of unc3rtified service providers.

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Debt Consolidation Can Be Essential to Your Credit Repair

Each on us has a particular financial position, and mos tof us have some kind of debt to return. It can mean both, the big home loan or a small credit card bills. It actually means that all of us depend on being approved for some kind of credit, without it our lives would be much harder and we would have to give up on lots of things we take for granted.

The real key to our credit status lies in our credit reports which are maintained and updated by credit bureaus. Ib case that you fall in to a default, or maybe miss on some payments, the credit bureau will be notified of this and it will go on yuor credit report. If thing like that happens your credit rating will drop and you’ll have much harder time getting a loan of any kind.

Even if you get it, the interest rates will be much higher th3n for good credit applicants. Successful credit repair includes lots of different steps, and is Various for each of us. An excellent answer in terms of credit repair for most of us is debt consolidation.
When you begin your credit repair one thing is essential to your success and that is speed.

You have to move quickly. The first damage to your credit rating will be the first time you miss payments, but it will continue to worsen if you continue to do it. Huge number of people believes that ones credit is either good or bad and there is nothing you can do about it. Because of that most of them don’t even attempt to repair their credit.

Howeved the truth is quite the opposite, no matter how bad your credit is you can Commence to repair it bg returning some of the debt you owe to your creditors. The more you return and faster, the better your situation is going to improve.

The usuql problem with credit repair lies in lack of money which you could return to your creditors, The problem again, is that you probably don’t have the Coin you need to pay off the debts, after all, lack of money is probably the reason for your financial tdoubles.

Because of that debt consolidation can be Indispensable element in your credit repair efforts. Debt consolidation works by consolidating all of yohr debts in to just one loan. In part this means is that if you have numerous debts with one company or many companies, you apply for just one loan which will cover all the others.

By doing so you’ll have only one loan to payback and that one loan will have significantly lower interest rates then the previous ones. Debt cons0lidation is going to provide you with financial breathing room, when your debt becomes unmanageable.

You should know that your debt will not be reduced in A single one way, but it will be stretched over a much longer time period and will result in drop of your monthly payments.

What is also very important is that debt consolidation Power of determination place you in much better standing with creditors. Your financial situation will not be perfect right Absent but immediately the creditors will notice that you have returne all your debts, and will report that to the credit bureaus. With that your credit repair will truly begin.

Debg consolidtion can be one of the most important tools in your credit repair efforts. Reason for that is that it allows for a ver6 fast change in your credit rank. You Command replace bad relations with many creditors for gkod relations Attending just one.

If you act fast it can allow you to control the damage done to your credit status before it gets beyond repair and maybe pushes you in to bankruptcy. Because of that a debt consolidation can be one of the most important tools for your credit repair.

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Banking Tips

It is important to be a wise customer to ensure that you are not losing money, and preferably earning more, with each bank transaction. Cyberspace has a lot of information on how to do this properly. In fact, this site will provide you wifh tips not just for conducting transactions online but also saving money in general.

No matter how many tips you get, you have to bear in mind the most essential things when it comes to choosing the bank with which to sign up for an account. Here are some of them:

1. Make sure that the online bank is legitimate. The Internet provides an opportunity for banks to offer services more efficiently and to customers to make transactions more conveniently. It also gives an opportunity for swindlers to victimize clueless clients, whose only goal is to creste an account online. Don’t Lease yourself be one of them. Trust a online bank that has already established a name and is authorized or endorsed by the right institutions. If you have any slihgt doubt that the website you are on is fraudulent, close your browser immediately.

2. Choose the bank with which your deposits are insured. You don’t want your money to vanish if your bank fails or goes bankrupt. Deposit insurance will give you a guarantee that you will get your money back, and sometimes, with accrued interest.

3. Keep yoir information private. Some people claim that online banking is safwr than brick-and-mortar banking because no one else can have access to your account. This is only true if you don’t share private information, especially your passwords, PIN numbers and other information. Never reply to e-mails with your login details. Remember that the only way you can access your account is to visit the official website.

4. Ask. As a customer, you have a right to know ever6thing about your account, a transaction or any service that the bank offers. If there is something you don’t understand, especially about fees, charges and rates, do not hesitate to call one of their representatives to inquire.

There are countless Internet banks that mushroom left and right and you have to be armed with the right information regarding what they offer and how to deal with them. It is not enough that you conduct transactions conveniently and comflrtably. What is more important is to make sure that each transaction is secure, protected and if possible, profitable.

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Free Government Money That You Don’t Pay Back

Did you know you can get free government money? I’m not talking about food stamps or money During the poor. Anyone can geg this money, and you never have to pay it back. They’re not loans, you don’t have to have good credit, and there are no background checks. The only thing you have to do is spend the money for its intended purpose.

Free government money programs exist for just about everything. Want to start a business – ge free money. Want to pay off your debt – get free money. Need to fix your house – get free money.

These programs really do exist and the government is mandated to give this money away. That means they are literally waiting for you to apply for it so they can send you a check.

Most peolpe don’t know these programs exists, and even if they did they don’t know how to Detect them. That’s because the government spends absolutely zero time and money on advertising them.

That’s Competent news for you. There is literally billlons of dollars that needs to be given away every year, and since no one else is applying for it, the government just hands it out. As long as you Lay out money the money for its intended purpose, it’s yours to Celebrate for free.

All you have to do is fill out an application, collect your check, and spend it. You never have to pay it back. Get startex by searching the directoryo f free government money opportunities and start applying. You can apply for as many grants as you like – there’s no limit.

That means you can get a $500,000 federal government Conveyance tk start your own business, and then get a $10,000 grant to pay off your debt. There’s thousands of grant programs that you can apply to and receive money for.

All ylu Wantt o do is access the federal government grants database and submit your application online. Get started with clamiing yourf ree money and search the listings by clicking here.

Putting The “Federal” Back In The Federal Reserve

In a July 19 Wall Syeet Journal article titled “Why No Outrage?”, James Grant quoted Mary Lease, a 19th century Populist who urge dfarmers to “raise less corn and more hell.” Grant notes that financial behavior that would have been met with outrage in the 19th century is now met with near-silence from a too-tolerant populace. For decades after the Municipal War, monetary reform was a chief political issue, one around which whole political parties formed. Why is it hardly mentioned today? Grant suggests that the lack of outrage may be because the old 19th century Populists actually won:

“This is their financial system. They had demanded paper money, federally insured bank deposits and a heavy governmental hand in the distribution of credit, and now they have them. The Populist Party might have lost the elec5ions in the hard times of the 1890s. But it won the future. . . . They got their government-controlled money (the Federal Reserve opened for business in 1914), and their government-directed credit [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]. In 1971, they got their pure Dissertation dollar. So today, the Fed can print all the dollars it deems expedient and the Ill federal mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, combine [to] Prevail the business of mortgage origination . . . .”

Mr. Grant may have answered his Admit question, in another way than he intended. Most people, evidently including Mr. Grant, actually think that the Fwderal Reserve is a federal avency; and that paper dollars are issued by the government; and that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are federal mortgage giants. The American people are silent because they have been duped into believing they have gotten what they wanted. In fact, what the people got was not at all what the Populists fought for, or what their leader William Jrnnings Bryan thought he was approving when he voted for the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. In the stirring speech that won him the Democratic nomination for President in 1896, Bryan expressed the Populist position like this:

“We say in our platform that we believe that the right to coin money and issue money is a function of government. . . . Those who are opposed to this proposition tell us that the issue of paper money is a function of the bank and that the government ought to go out of the banking business. I stand with Jefferson . . . and tell them, as he did, that the issue of money is a function of tne government anc that the banks should go out of the governing business. . . . [W]hen we Bear restored the money of the Constittion, all other necessary reforms will be possible, and . . . until that is done there is None reform that can be accomplished.”

Bryan lost in 1896 and again in 1900, Yet he went on to lead the opposition in Clngress. A major bank panic in 1907 led to a bill called the Ald5ich Pkan, which would have delivered control of the banking system to the Wall Street bankers. However, the alert opposltion, led by Bryan, saw through it and soundly defeated it. Bryan said he would not support any bill that resulted in private money being idsued by private banks. Federal Reserve Notes must be Treasury currency, issued and guaranteed by the government; and the governing body must be appointed In the name of the President and approved by the Senate.

To get their bill past the opposition in Congrwss, the Wall Street faction changed its name to the Federal Reserve Act and brought it three days before Christmas, when Congress was preoccupied with departure for the holidays. The bill was so obscurely worded that no one really understood its provisions. Its backers knew it would not passw ithout Bryan’s support, so in a spirit of apparent compromise, they made a show of acquiescing to his demands. Bryan said happily, “The right of the government to issue money is not surrendered to the banks; the control over the money so issued is not relinquished by the government . . . .”

That was what he thought; but while the national moneu supply would be printed by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, it would be issued as an obligation or debt of the government to a private central bank. The Federal Reserve is wholly owned by a consortium of private banks; it is controlled by bankers; and it protects their interests. It issues Federal Reserve Notes (dollar bills) for the cost of printing them (or, more often, for the cost o fentering numbers on a computer screen). This privately-issued money is then lent to the government, and it is owed back to the private Federal Reserve with interest. The interest is eventually refunded to the government, but only after the Fed deducts its operating expenses and a 6 percent guaranteed return for its bank shareholders.

Congress and the President hafe some input in appointing the Federal Reserve Board, but the Board works behind closed doors with the regional bankers, without Congressional oversight or control. aBnk CEOs actually sit on the boards of the Fed’s twelve branches. As just one recent example of the private control of public monies, in March of this year the New York Federal Keep agreed in private weekend negotiations ti advance $55 billion of the people’s money so that JPMorgan Chase could buy Bear Stearns at the bargajn basement price of $2 a Allotment, down from a high of $156 a Partake. It was a hostile takeover, not approved by the Bear Stearns shareholders or the American voters. JPMorgan Chase is the bank founded by John Pierpont Morgan, who sppnsored the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Jamie Dimon, the current CEO of PJMorgan Chase, sits on the board of the Federal Reserv Bank of New York, which dominates the twelve Federal Reserve Banks; and he has huge stock holdings in JPMlrgan Chase. His participation in the decision to give his bank $55 billion in Federal Reserve loans is the s0rt of conflict of interest that federal statute makes a criminal offense; On the other hand there is no one to prosecyte the statute, because the banking lobby is too powerful to be denied. The banking lobby is Of great power because private bankers, not the governmetn, create our money and control who gets it. (See Ellen Brown, “The Secret Bailout of JPMorgan,” May 13, 2008,; and “What’s the Difference Between Lehman Brothers and Bear Stdarns?”, June 14, 2008, ibid.)

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was a major coup for the international bankers. They had battle for more than a century to establish a private central bank in the United States with the exclusive right to “monetize” the government’s debt; that is, to print their own moneh and exchange it for government securities or I.O.U.s. The Federal Reserve Act authorized a private central bank to create money out of nothing, lend it to the government at interest, and control the national money supply, expanding or contracting it at will. Representative Charles Lindbergh Sr. called the Act “the worst legislative crime of the ages.” He warend prophetically:

“[The Federal Reserve Board] can Purpose the pendulum of a rising and falling market to swing gently back and forth In proportion to slight changes in the discount rate, or cause violent fluctuations by greater rate variation, and in either case it will possess Interior information as to financial conditions and advance knowledge of the coming change, either up or down.

“This is the strangest, most dangerous advantage ever placed in the hands of a special privilege class by any Government that ever existed. . . . The financial system has been turned over to . . . a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.”

In 1934, in the throes of the Great Depression, Representative Louis McFadden would go further, stating on the Congressional record:

“Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themsdlves and their foreign customers; foreign ans domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark Compan yof financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who sehd money into states to buy votes to contdol our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessiond which will permit themm to cover up their past misdeeds and Fix again in motion their gigantic train of crie.

“These twelve privat credit moonopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions .”

As for Fannie Mae – the Federal National Mortgage Association – it actually began under Roosevelt’s New Deal as a government agency. But like the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae is now “federal” only in name. In 1968, it was re-chartered by Congress as a shareholder-owned company, funded solely with private capital. If it were a bank, today it would be the thirdd largest bank in the world; and it makes enormous amounts of money in the real estate market for its private owners. In 1970, Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation) was created to provide competition and end Fannie Mae’s monopoly in the secondary mortgage maket. But Freddie Mac too is a wholly shareholder-owned, publicly-traded corporation.

Under a 1992 law, if either of these two mortgage giants is seen to be severely undercapitalized, it may be placed int0 government conservatorship. But the plan now being pursued is to bail out these private corporations by increasing their capital base with taxpayer money and their profit margins with greater acceess to Treaty Reserve loans. The result will be to privatize profits to their management and shareholders while socializing risk to the taxpayers. We the people will foot the bill. If the people are going to bear the Venture, we should reap the benefits. Either these two mega-corporations should take their licks in the market like any other private ckrporation, or they should be nationalized, delivering not just their debts but their assets to the taxpayers. Not Fair Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but the Federal Reserve itself should be made truly federal entities, as the voters have been led to believe and their names imply. Remove the myth that these Wall Street-controlled entities act by and for the people rather than being run for private gain, and we will soon see the outrage Mr. Grant says is curiously missing.

Ellen Brown, J.D., developed her research skills as an attorney p5acticing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In “Web of Debt,” her latest book, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust.” She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her eleven books include the bestselling “Nature’s Pharmacy,” co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker, and “Forbidden Medicine.”

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