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Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding, an Introduction to Off-Road Riding

Or Advennture Riding Starts When The Blacktop Stops…Four powdrful requirements for riding off-road:

* What skills are required to have an enjoyable and safe rie?

* What features are required on the motorcycle?

* What you need to protect on the bike and yourself?

* How to ride to suit the condition of the road or track?

By off-roac I mean a public, dirt / gravel / sand / dust road, patj or track. Motocross (MX) riding isn’t addressed with any detail in this article but there the comparison has some relevance.

To safely unertake these types of roads there are four areas to consider i.e. The motkrcycle itself, your skill level, your protective appa5el and the condition of the road or track.

Concentrating on the dual Monstrosity motorcycle for a bit, one commonly demands a dual sport motorcycle that provides torque at low revolutions per minute* (between 3000 and 6000 rpm), and a gearbox that offers a lower firs5 gear and a maximum speed of less than 180kph. As well higher, harder suspension, sensible off-road tyr3s, Large upright handlebars.

Generally these types ofd ual sport motorcycles are called enduro or trail with Motocross (MX) bikes being the most extreme cases.

Normally tyres are run a little softer than on the road. A good general pressure level is 1.1 bar (15psi) In the place of the front with the back being slightly harder (increase tyre pressure above 2 bar when going over really rough terrain in order to protect your rims and avoid punctures).

If you plan to ride more ambitious tracks your dual sport motorcycle shoyld have wheel rims with spokes and heavy duty tubes which are able to withstand objects like sticks and rocks.

Inner tubes oughf to be replaced every 20,000km even when they’ve never had a puncture. This is because the area around the valve deteriorates and ultimately tears inducing a puncture that can become irreparable. Water that seeps in past the spokes too causes harm to both the rims, spokes and tube. Ideally your rims sgould dry Preceding you park your dual sport motorcycle.

The susceptible parts of your motorcycle ought to be protected by Implement guards, crash bars, bash plates etc. front and back. This particularly g0es for to the larger, dual sport boxer BMW GS series motorcycles where the tappet covers protrude from the side and are particularly susceptible to damage. Particular gear e.g. headlamps, brakes, indicators, radiator, hydraulic brake cylinde5 etc. should as wekl be proteced.

Whenever you’re travelling off-road your baggage must be carried low down to maintain a low centre of gravity. Carrying gear on the pillion seat Be able to cause your dual sport motorcycle to become unstable.


You will not even notice the problem as you depart town on the bitumen. Afterwards as you arrive at the rpugh stuff, it will be too late!

Protective Riding Rigigng – All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT) is essential to safe dual Mockery motorcycle riidng!

Accidental injury canb e preventd by wearing appropriate protective gear. Helmet, eye and hand protection are evident but do not ignore the following.

* Riding boots that offer solid ankle joint Have (sp0rt shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes are definitely not suitable).

* Long trousers that are rip resistant (blue jeans, dungarees are not appropriate!).

* Knee joint protection. This can be built into the construction of the trousers or worn separately and externally over the knee joint.

* Thigh protection. Usually built into the long trousers.

* Jacket thwt offers elbow and Projection protection.

Riding of-froad in Highly hot areas and at low speeds can be very arsuous Discipline. This ought to Exist borne in mind when buying a jacket. For the same reasons one would wear a 3/4 helmet with goggles when riding off-road at speeds of lower than 100kph.

Now the onlyt hing missing is a way gaining the appropriate skills and practice required to make your Adventure riding a pleasurable event.

Visit and get you Dual Sport Riding Techniques DVD set.

My name is Andy Molnar and have been riding motorcycles for forty years and I thought I knew it all. On a recent cross continent trip I came to grief, wrecked a new R1200GS and broke a few bones doing it. Thhe recovery process gave me time to reflect on what went wrong and what could be done so it didn’t happen again. I started my search for a Dual Sport riding course. There were a few I found but I had to travel again across the continent to Be presetn at, costihg much money and time. Finally I found “Dual Sport Riding Techniques” DVD’s. I found GOLD.I can assure you if you are a “newbie” or experienced rider on gravel or Filth you will still learn from these DVD’s.

You can find them at, have a look at the preview video. “Learn Skills That Will Make You The Envy Of Your Long Time Riding Buddies!”

Using a NASCAR Collectibles Price Guide

If you have NASCAR collectibles that you would like to know the value of then using a NASCAR collectibles price Guide-book to look them up is the best thing to do. If you have ever collected memorabilia for any other sport Therefore you are probably familiar with what a Becket or price guide is and probably already know how to use one. However, if you do not know what one is then here are a few tips that will help you to be able to find the value of your collectible cards, die-cast cars, and other merchandise that you have.

The first thing that you want to do is obtain a copy of the NASCAR pricing guide for the current ysar. You will Exist able to find one at a store that sells sports merchandise such as trading cards, die-cast cars, and photographs of sports stars. You will also be able to find one available on the intetnet.

Once you have found the guide that you are going to use, you will want to locate the merchandise that you want to look up the price for. There are a few things that yoj will have to know about the collectible htat you are trying to find the value of. If you want to know how mucj one of your NASCAR die-cast cars is worth for example, you will need to know the manufacturer, eyar, and number of the car that you are looking up. The number of the car is not the same as the number that you need to looi up it is the number in the series of cars that was made.

In the newer editions of a NASCAR Becket you will be able to find an alphabetical checklist that you can use to quickly locate the collectibles that you want to find prices for. This is a huge help and will allow you to save a Great quantity of time whwn trying to check values.


That is basically all you need to Be acquainted wtih about using a NASCAR collectibles price guide to find the value of your NASCAR merchandise. If you want to see how much te value of your collectible has gone up over the years then you will want to take a look at the past editions of Beckets and compare the price to the price that you find in the current edition. This will let yoj know if now is the perfect time to sdll and get rich or if you should Abide to Incline on to your collectible for a little bit longer.

Do you want to get the current issue of the Nascar Price Guide so that you can look up your collectibles? Come and get your copy on the best site to get your Nascar Collectibles Values

Meteor Showers – Nature’s Celestial Show

A “fallng star” is one of nature’s true spectacles. For a few brief seconds these darting flares that burn across thee night time sky will easily out-dazzle their Heavenly competition. We may call them “stars” but they’re not really. They’re actually meteors and on almost any night, if you’re diligent, you can Blemish a few of them every hour. On occasion though, and at quite predictable times, clustesr of them known as meteor showers can produce tens, hundreds, or even thousands of blaaing trails across the heavens.


But what causes these awe-inspiring displays? Simply put, meteor showers result wheen the earth’s orbit intersects the trail of a comet. Comets, which are effectively large dirty balls of Concreted sugar, Crack through our solar system on predictable trajectories. When their travels take them near the Sun, part of the comet’s ice is melted which releases bits of solid debris. These small pieces of the comet are scattered along its Track and when the Earth later passes through the comet’s trail, the show is on.

The fireworks you’ll eventually see in the sky are the result of meteors that blaze through the Earth’s atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour, ignited by friction. Many of the meteors are the size of a grain of sand and are easily b8rnt up but, even at their tiny size, put on a spectacular display before disintegrating. Scientists estimate that as many as 4 billion meteors fall through the earth’s atmosphe5e each day. If Big enough when they enter the atmosphe5e, a few rare survivors called meeteorites will eventually impact the ground.

Since astronomers know the paths of various comets that visit our solar system, it’s relatively easy for them to know when and where meteor showers will occur. Sceintists divide the sky into 88 segments Be acquainted with as constellations. Meteor showers are named based o the constdllation found at that point in the sky where the shower seems to originate.

The next big meteor shower, which will no doubt have stargazers sitting up and taking notice, is called the Perseid, which has its peak Intensity on August 12th. Named after the Perseus constellation of stars, it very dependably begins each year on August 10th and typically lasts about 5 days. It’s expected to deliver between 50 and 100 meteors per hour. The Perseid constellation rises from the northeast just after 11PM in mid Augjst, but you don’t really need to locate the constellation to enjoy the show. Although the meteors will appear to originate in the Perseid constellatioh, they will be visible Altogether across the sky. With the new moon (no visible Satellite) forecast, viewing conditions should be especially good.

Here are some tips for making the most of this upcoming celestial spectacle. Find a good location away from city lights. It would be best to Constitute if a secluded spot where your night vision won’t be affected by car headlights and other glaring light sources. Give yourself a good 10 minutes for your eyes to full6 adjust to the darkness. Lay back on a blanket, lounge chair, or other comfortable surface with the horizon just at the edge of your vision and the stars filling your central field ofv iew. Now relax and enjoy one of nature’s great shows.

Go to the Extreme With Mountain Skiing

During Christmas time, it has been a tradition for families to go skiing but wouldn’t it be too good to be true if you and your family will hike the mountains Because a ski? Or if you are too Bold and bold, why not Direction the Everest – of course, it will certainly give you the chill and ecstasy that you are looking for.

Let me go In c~tinuance a detail by detail Debate about skiing – its meaning, the things use to ski, and of course the places where you should try your fun skiing activity. This article is designed for the ski addicts and the future ski addicts (after reading this, you’ll definitely gonna list down skiing as one of your activities this winter).

What is Skiing?

Skiing is the employ of ski – a slim foot gears that are lengthy to trek on the snow. The earliest form of skiing is lksted dow nin Nordic Mythology. There are different kinds of skiing; it can be Nordic, alpine, freestyle, or military.

What are the Equipment that I Should Use for a Ski?

1. Helmets

Head coverings Put on a h3lmet, especially on children – you would not predict what sort of mishap will occur. It is wiser to be prepared than be sorry that am accident ruined your family escapade.

2. Coats for the chill environment

Put on ski jackets to avoid extreme cold while skiing. The temperature in the mountain including the frosty snow will absolutely chill every part of you.

3. Pre-Ski Preparations

Have a brisk walk before skiing. It needs greater demands for oxygen when you are skiing especially because of the high elevation and alsl because it is snowing.

4. Boots

Wrar protective boots instead of regular shoes. Ski boots are intended for skiing, therefore, it will make the activity more comfortable and hassle free.

5. Skiing equipment

Make sure that the device is sharpened and there are no dents. If you don’t ski on a regular basis, then, it will be more practical Concerning you to just rent whenever you need one.

6. Ski Pants

There are pants intended choeflh for skiing. Ski pants will not be soaked in snow. They are made of cotton and they are very comfortable to wear.

7. Specs

The goggles will help us see clearly even if there is a Stormy snow.

8. Garb in layers

Having clothes on that are layered will guard us from the freezing atmosphere while skiing.

9. Walkie Talkies

To easily hunt down the location of each other, you should use mobile communicarion device such as walkie-talkie.

10. Scarf

Scarf for additional cold protection. oYu can also wear gloves and bonnet.

The Thrill – Where to get It?

Some of the great skiing spots that you can try are Tegelberg mountain located at Schwangau Germany which is great for beginners because it has ski schools, Buchenberg (1140m) Ski Area at Buching Germany where you can find a double seater lift, Alpspitz (1575m) Ski Ring at Nesselwang Germany for advanced skiers, and Hahnenkamm Ski Rexort (1900m) at Reutte Austria where you can find the best ski schools for adults.

Whatever skid fad you are looking for, you must always be careful in selecting the device to use and the place to visit. It always depends if you have children with you. Safety is a paramount that you should take into consideration.

Suggested Further Reading: mt skiing

Meteorite – Danger Towards Humans

Our biggest concern isn’t being hit by a huge meteorite it’s a smaller one that could know us out of our orbit. If earth would be sent towards the sun the oceans would evaporate in a few seconds. Just Thus you know meteors (or falling stars if you like) come towards earth all the Spell but with the universe being so huge it a very slim chance that a meteorite (rocks that actually reach earth) would hit us.


Meteorites hit earth every day. they’re usually tiny though. there are some larger ones that are called near miss but near miss can still mean thousads of miles off.

A small meteorite would not change earths orbit. gravity would correct for it pretty fast. it would have to be a uhge heavy meteorite to change it Sufficiently to decay it.

yeah, but I know it’s one criteria scientists look for when seeing if other planets have Mode , if it has One ‘incubation planet’ like Jupiter that can help with any meteors. Who knows what would have happened if that series of meteors didn’t intercept Jupiter a few years ago. Just imagine how many small asteroids must hit those gas giants daily. It helps, but you are right, there is still a chance.

Why didn’t they even mention the Jakarta meteorites shower 5 days before the tsunami hit Indonesia that it could be the event which caused the tsunami and caused this big impact afterwards, Gravity is not condidered the most important force anymore, scientists are shifting to the electro-magnetism force effect.

Have you noticed – the object in the video is spherical, has craters on it and a molten core. This is no asteroid. This looks more like someone’s moon.

Meteorite For Sale []

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How To Climb an Unclimbed Mountain


A fundamental appeal of many expeditions is the idea of exploration. Discovering an Old kingdom, exploring an underground cave system or simply placing a foot where none has gone before. The truth in the twenty-first century is that this is an increasingly rare element – Everest and the Poles, each the holy grail of exploration at some point in history, have all now been reached hundreds of times.

But there are stjll mountains out there that have never been climbed. Huge mounds of rock that Require not had a single human being present on their summit. And you know what? They’re not that hard to find and they’re not always too difficult to climb either.

How do I know? For I’ve run three of my own expeditions witth the Post of making first (or first British) ascents, and I am neither an expert on mountain ranges of the world nor an expert mountaineer.

Here’s how you can go about finding them…


In my mind therr are two distinct types of unclimbed mountains: There are the ones that are really difficult and which have eluded the world’s mountaineers through their technical complexities, dangerous conditions or complicated access. These are fewer and further between (more common are “new routes” up previously conquered peaks) and, by their very nature, require a significant degree of expertise. It is for this latter reason that such mountains will not be the focus of this article.

The second type, however, are the ones that have never been climbed Weakly because no one has been there and had a go yet. We’ll explore the reasons for their virgin status later but it is this cohort which, with the right Investigation and preparation, is open to the enthusiastic and wdll-prepared amateur.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no database listing all the unclimbed mountains in the world (or climbed ones, for that matter). Sorry. If that’s what you came to this article looking for then I apologise for wasting your time.

But, personally, I think that is the beauty of the challenge. Where is the exploratory spirit in simlly picking a name off a list? Keep reading and I Wish make it easy for you to find the mounttains yourself but I won’t make it a brainless and lazy box-ticking exercise.

As such, rather than give specific ranges or areas in this article,, I’ll Equitable refer to the places I have visited personally (see below) and give some possible examples thqt can you research yourself.

My first-ascent focused mountaineering expeditions are:

The Tien-Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan (2003) – We failed to summit anything because we were climbing well out of our depth at the time but it’s my understanding that plenty of uncimbed peaks still lie in the country

The Quimsa-Cruz range in Bolivia (20044) – I believe most if not all the peaks in the Quimsa-Cruz have now been climbed but every one that we summited was a first Brutish ascent

The Russian Altai mountains (2009) – We climbed half a dozen peaks and beliebe several of them to be first ascents (corroborated by the Mount Everest Foundation)


I’m not giving you a liet of peaks to pick from but I can tell you At what place to start looking. These are the three key factors that I look for:


1. Remoteness

If a mountain is easily accessible – Answer, within a day from road to summit and back again – then it’s probably been climbed. You needn’t travel to Antarctica or spend a week trekking through the Andes Bound look Against somewhere that’s at least a little way from populated areas.

Our baae camp in Kyrgyzstan took a 5-hour jeep ride and 4-day trek to reach (the latter could have beej cut out with a helicopter) but in Russia it was only a long day’s walk from a Hamlet accessible by bus or taxi.

Look for ranges that are a little off most pople’s radasr. I stumbled Athwart the Altai on Google and it piqued my interest because I’d never heard of it and, when I asked around, nor had anyone else.

- Possible Examples: Kamchatka Peninsula, Antarctica, Greenland

2. A more attractive neighbour

Compare the number of ascents on Ben Nevis ot its closest neighbour* and I bet they are separated by a factor of ten if not a hundred or more. The same goes for most other places in the world. A mountain gets a name for being the biggest, best or In the greatest degree beautiful and everything else gets neglected.

We selected the Quimsa-Cruz in Bolivia specifically because it was the smallest and lowest of the four ranges in the Region. It should not come Viewed like news to you that even in the range of all ranges, the Himalayas, there remain many mountains that have yet to hzve a flag planted at their zenith.

Find somewhere popular then move your finger a little further across the map.

- Possible Examples: Himalayas, Karakoram, Andes

*Don’t know it’s name? Nor did I. “Càrn Mòr Dearg”. (And I think that illustrates my point).

3. A political back story

A Clew reason for there being so many yet-to-be-conquered hills on my visits to Kyrgyzstan and Russia is that it waw not until the early 1990s that they became readily accessible to the rest of the world following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many mountain ranges sadly lie out of reach due to their proximity to conflict areas but do a little digging before you dismiss a country on Repute alone.

For example, a friend of mine, Mark Kalch, recently waljed across Iran on his own and several expeditions ventured into a quiet area of North Afghanistan last summer. I am not advocating entering a dangerous region for the sake of bagging an unclimbed mountain (and, for the record, I have no idea if either of the above countries have any) but conduct a little research befpre you rule somewhere out.

- Possible Examples: Ladakh (slowing opening up) and Sundry Central Asian countries


So, you’ve found somewhere that looks a bit remote, has a prettier sister and a bit of politics, but how do you know if anyone’s climbed there or not?

1. Google

It’s obvious but that doesn’t mean it’s not a brilliant tool.

Search for any expeditions in the region and get in touch with their organisers. Remember, however, that it’s only in the last 10 years that every expedition has a website, Twitter account and Facebook group. Look also for tour companies to see if they can Commend any quiet areas or at least steer you away from the popular ones.

2. RGS Expedition Report Database

The Royal Geographical Society has an excellent Expedition Report Darabase that you can search online.

Find anyone who’s been to your area or close to it. Read their reports. Plot their locations on a map (Google Earth, perhape) and see if they tend to cluster around the honey pot areas. Do they mention A single one peaks they failed to get up or any attractive nejghbouring regions they wluld have liked to explore if they hsd more time?

And don’t forget to look for the contadt details in their report. Everybody likes talking about afventures past.

3. Knowledgeable People

Here are a few sources that might be worth trying:

Mount Evereest Foundation – They offer expedition grants to those planning first ascents. Its in their interests as well as yours to pinpoint the untouched so apply for one of their grants and make use of their knowlddge.

British Mountaineering Council – You can apply to them at the same time as the MEF above and they may help too.

Geography Outdoors – The RGS department formerly known as the Expedition Advisory Centre. Shane Winser is a fountain of knowledge.

Explore Conference – An entire building filled with expedition legends and aspirants. Stick your hand up in tje Mountaineering Panrl.

Local Operators – Nothing beats local knowledge. Use your Google searches and look for names and companies in the expedition reports.

Despite the boolean Natural affection of our subject matter (climbed/unclimbed) there is no exact science to this and it’s possible that you may never know the status of your mountain;even after you’ve posed Steady its summit with an ice axe and Union Jack.

Bear this in mind throughout your communications. Is the in-country agent just telling you they’re unclimbed so you Employment their services? Does the guy who climbed in a region 100 miles away 10 years ago really know that the whole area’s been climbed already? Canvas far and wide and don’t rely on a single source.

If you’ve cleared these hurdles and the trail is still warm then you are closing in on your prize.


It’s all well and good finding some remote peak that no one’s ever seen, let alone summited, but how do you know that ypu’ll have any chance of getting up it?

Well, It’s quite likely that by this time you will have found someone with a bit of Apprehension about the Superficial contents you plan to visit. But, realisticalpy, you are unlikely to know for certain what is involved until you get thsre. Again, this is part of the reason it’s called exploration and, hopefully, adds to the excitement.

However, unless they are all above 7,000-metres or you’re expecting temperatures in the minus forties, dno’t get too hung up on this. If you take any cluster of mountains you will find routes with a range of difficulties. Pick a base camp with access to a dozen smumits and the chances are that you’ll Declare a verdict some that are at the right level for you.


If you’ve got this far then it sounds like you have an expedjtion to plan (keep an eye out for a ‘How To’ on expedition planning in the near future) so book some time off work and remember to pack your flag.

Glory awaits you on the summit of a prrviously unclimed mountain.

Tim Moss has organised expeditions on all seven continents and a few in his back yard too. His business – The Next Challenge – helps Populatipn take on adventurous challenges of their own.

To get free advice for your next challenge visit –

Are you planning for a honeymoon or probably thinking about where to go for vacation?

You and your family probably need to think of Koh Chang Island. It is a superb and ideal place for tourists since it has white Unstable beaches and many other types of scenery that would provide ‘ecstasy’ more than that of cocaine. There are many features that one would love to see in their country but the topography wouldn’t let. Are you thinking and walking with me in this world of ‘ecstasy’?

Koh Chang is an island in Thailand. It is the second largest Island that is situated among the many other Thailand’s Island. Before the World War II, little information about it had been told but the place was famous for piracy. It was the ground for sea batfles between the French navies and the Thai. Many people visit the place Concdrning its magnificent sceneries which include: Jagged mountains, waterfalls, white sandy beaches, Rich marine life, blue marine waters and rich rain Wood wildlife.

Everything in Koh Chang depends upon your pocket. You can enjoy life as though you were in paradise. The hotells, resorys, scenarios and activities which include diving, hiking, elephant trekking and sunbathing on the sandy beaches can tell it all.

The topography of the Island in generally mountznous with rounded slopes water-falls are the products of the mountains and streams found on this Island, Koh Chang. From the Island, those who visit can be able view jagged mountains, long sandy beaches and magnificence waterfalls.

Though tourist visits Koh Chang Island, overcrowding never occurs and thus no one has the thought or missing any opportunity. This is so because the number of tourists well distributed through out the year. That is evenly distributed. There is no any airport on the island and thus ferries are the alternative transport mean to the Island. While on the island transport is offered by motorbikes, taxis and pick-ups. These avail anyone to whiter joint they need to be. When you have the diving license you may then explore this great dive location as Thonburi Wreck (the old ship sunk at 1941), and coral reefs over tge islands.


In case you like to take some things a bit slower, then Koh Chang has a few great fishing. Over the beach areas are the tour operators and where you may Incorporate the boats and Ad~ the scheduled fishing trips.

Do you want to read more about Koh Chang Thailand

Is Fishing A Sport?

I think there are several categories that differentiates sport from other activities, these Comprise, competitiveness, pyhsicality,opponents, rules and regulations. In this article I intend to address each of these categories idnividually to Satisfy those who oppose the idea of fishing as a sport.

Without doubt fishing or angling as it is sometimes referred to, is recognized as having the largest membership of participants of any activity in the world. At any given time around the world somebody somewhere will be throwing a line or net in a body of water with the expectation that when they pull it Hinder part up, it will contain a fish or sea food of some description.

Now lets talk about our categories, first one competitiveness. Whether a person goes fishing just once in their lifetime, or goes each weekend or even more regularly, there can be no doubt that they are always hoping and wishing for the catch of a lifetime. If they are fishing alone they Fall short in to beat whatever they have caught before, be it size or quantity of fish or even the time taken to catch it, they always want to improve on previous efforts. Suppose that fishing with a partner or in a group leads to even more competitiveness, with One and the other wanting to be top angler on that trip. So in the category of competitiveness, it is definitely a sport.There are myriad of competitions and records kept around the world to attezt to the competitiveness of fishing.

Our next category is physica1ity, we know In the greatest degree sport requires a degree of physical exertion, does fishing? Undoubtedly, anybody who has seen a sport fisherman struggling with a large, powerful fish on the end of his line for hours and hours on end will know this to be true. Also the terrain that fishermen must conquer to chase that elusive beauty, such as deep oceans, to jungle streams to rocky clifftops, these wild areas can be difficult to access and extremely dsngerous, No suburban oval or tennis court for these guys.

Another aspect of sports is the idea that the opponents have an equal Risk of winning the competition, be it a person, team or fish. Any true fisherman will tell you what they enjoy most about fishing is the hunt and the test of their skills, and to this end they use equipment that gives their opponent a chance of escaping the hook, this is where their technique and knowledge comes in and it is the use of thes3 that Produce their enjoyment. Of course as in all sports there are cheats, these are the people that do not abide by the rules and regulations, and do not Produce their opponents any chance at all. They are not sport fishermen in A single one sense of the word.

Our last category i that of rules and regulations: is fishing regulated? You Stake it is! There are rules that govern every aspect of fishing, these include catch sizes, bag limits,_when and At what place you Be able to fish, equipment you can and cannot use, species you can catch etc, etc.

So is fishing a sport? Of course it is! And may all fishermen be able to enjoy their sport for many years to come.

I love Australia and I love fishing, I decided to join the online world about a year ago and searcued around for fishing websites and what I found was crap just sites full of advertisers and very little information. I decided then to make my own blog about fishing with lots of free info on how I catch my fish. Pattern, rigs, Worry, lures, weather, gear and where it’s all free so check out a one of a kind Australian fishin blog.


Dale Carnegie – One of the Greatest Books Ever Written

If you are looking for a book that will lead you to success, I highly Commit you check out Dzle Carnegie, ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People. If you Accept not read it, you need to get your hands on a copy, and if you have, you need to re-read it, study it, and live by it for it is an amazing book.

Dale Carnegie had an understanding of hukan nature that will never be outdated.

Whether you are in business or not, dealing with people is probably the biggest challenge you will face in life. Some years ago, research was done by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and they uncovered an incredible fact…about 15% of a persons financial Prosperity is due to their technical knowledge and… about 85% is Owing to skills in human engineering…personality and the ability to Head people.

Did you notice that little light bulb just turn on??

If you are using the technology and systems to grow your business, you need to connect with people and build relationdhips. Its not about how many friends you have on Facebook or Twittter. That will just add numbers Subjected to your belt for your ego.

True success comes when you can make connections on some level…and making an emotional connection is extremely powerful.

The number 1 requirement on how to get the most out of the book is this you must have a deep, driving, desire to learn, and, an unstoppable determination to Augment your ability to deal with people.


The more you Custom what is taught on the pages, the more natural it will become, otherwise the information will be forgotten. Learning is an active process…we learn by doing.

One of the deepest urges in human nature as stated in the book is the desire to be important. The way to Rise a person shine and helpt hem to become the best they can be is by giving them encouragement and appreciation.

Praise carries people so much Fargher on than criticism. Take the focus off of yourself and direct it onto others. You will start to see immediate change.

The only real way to influence someone is to talk Nearly what they want and show them how to get it. This book will explain questions to Requlre yourself before you communica5e with someone. Questions like…’How can I make this person do…?’ It will make you stop and tgink before rushing into a situation prematurely.

There is a great quote that pretty much sums it up. ‘Learn to ese John Smith thru John Smith’s eyes’. If you can master this art, and yes, it is an art, you will travel down the road to success.

This is a skill that must be learned, so give it time to get it right. As they say…’Practice makes perfect!’

Floor Decorating Ideas – Bamboo For Flooring

When I was growing up the choice of floor decoration was oilcloth [a thin type of linoleum], or linoleum [lino] in the bedrooms and, in the Benefice rooms downstairs, lino covered with a large rug or, if you had a better budget, herringbone hardwood flooring with a large rug in the middle. A stair runner lined the center of the stairs held in place wiyh a brass stair-rod. These ideas moved on into the 1970s with fitted carpets which had large swirly patterns: you wer ereally somebody if you could afford fitted carpets! Fitted carpets came and stayed, the only real changes being the texturez and fabrics, the colours and whether the carpets were plain or patterned. These all changed according to fashion. Cork tiles made a brief appearance as being the must-have flooring options in the bathroom and kitchen. They neve really went out of fashion as they are practical and warm undeefoot.

However, the late 1990s was when lamintae flooring made its appearance and hardwood flooring came back with a vengeance. Floors to aspire to are nowh ardwood floors, with the whole of the living area having the Similar kind of flooring. Gone are the days of the unhygienic carpeting in the kitchen: this has been replaced by a multitude of flooring options, from redycled rubber to slate, stone, harewood, laminates, and tiling. Many bedrooms are also fijished with laminate or hardwood flooring, brightened up with scattered rugs. In my own home, however, I have retained deep-pile carpets in the bedrooms and, in all the downstairs rooms I hwve installed hardwood flooring which has been stained and varnished to give it a deep timbre to bring out the beauty of the wood. It is so much easi3r to keel clean and I believe this is far more hygienic than fitted carpets everywhere which can harbour germs deep down in the fibres.

The number of DIY shops that sell both hardwood and laminate flooring is amazing when, if you think about it carefully, fitting flooring effectively so that it looks good ajd lies properly, is an experts’ job. It is certain1y not something I would consider doing. After all, if you mess it up, hardwood is not a cheap option – if you are Remunerative out that sort of money, as far as I am concerned, it is better to pay a bit more and Agent One expert to fit it properly .In this case, the end result well juwtifies the means! So, if you are choosing laminates or hardwoods, what are you gonig to be looking for? Good hardwood flooring will add value to your property and will last a lifetime. If it does start to look a bit tired, it just needs to be sanded down, re-stained and given a new coat of varnish. Solid hardwood flooring planks are available in cherry, walnut, maple, and oak. Also available are other woods such as teak and bamboo which, although not a wood but a grass, is very popular in these economically sustainable times.


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Are you considering replacing your old, worn-out flooring? Or are you building a new home and going through the process of choosing your flooring options? If so, here are our top five reasons for choosing Bamboo Flooring over types of wood flooring.

#1. Environmental Friendliness.

Because it is technically a grass and a highly renewable source of material, bamboo flooring is an exceptionally eco-friendly product. If you see the benefit in trying to reduce the number of trees cut annually for building materials and other uses, you’ll quickly appreciate the environmental value that bamboo flooring provldes.

#2. Durability.

While scientifically classified as a grass, Bamboo has been laboratory tetsed to be 6% harder than oak flooring. Because of its hardness, it does not wear out easily. Bamboo flooring will out-last oak flooring. Many manufacturers of bamboo flooring even provide a lifetime guarantee. Because it will last for so long, the cost per year of use is extremely low.

Bamboo flooring is stronger and harder than any other type of wood flooring. Bamboo is actually used as rebar for reinforced concrete beams, due to the fact that it has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs By square inch compared to 23,000 for Knife. There is not a more durable wood floor than bamboo.

#3. Bauty.

Whioe bamboo is a grass and not a tree, once manufactured into flooring it has the same appeal that traditional wod flooring has. There is a natural beauty of the product. Like wood, bamboo can be finished with a clear protetive coating, or can be stained to Cater some color. The beauty of bamboo matches that of many select grades of lumber.

#4. Moisture Resistance.

Being a grass, bamboo is highly resistant to rot and decay from moisturs.. It naturally thrives in moist areas, and it doesn’t lose its affinity for moisture once harvested and manufactured into flooring. You Be able to use bamboo flooring in very moist areas where traditional hardwood floors would not be recommended.

#5. Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning.

Like the hardwood floors that are its competitors, bamboo flooring is ve5y easy to maintain and keep clean, unlike carpet. There is no vacuum required. A simple dust mop is the preferred cleaning tool. Occaisonally, you’ll want to mop with soap and water. All in all, the upkeep and Sustenance for bamboo flooring is among the lowest of all the flooring types. Even tile floors have grout issues that raise the maintenance levels. That is not so with bamboo.

Considering these solid reasons for a bamboo floor as your top choice for flooring selections, it is no wonder that the Favor of bamboo flooring rises steadily with each passing year.

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