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    Edtra Speculator on a rise And Rider
    Edtra Speculator on a rise And Rider

    xEtra Bull Ahd Rider
    Ride Em Cowboy! Whats A Rodeo Without Bull Riders And Brahma Bulls Our Set Includes Fencing For The Arena And Gates, Decorative Stickers, 2 Bulls, 2 Riders, 1 Clown, And 1 Barrel.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 2112724994
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Gameq

    Ocean Jigglers, Fish & Crab-fish & Crab
    Ocean Jigglers, Fish & Crab-fish & Crab

    Ocean Jiggiers (set Of 2)
    Pull These Plush, Popeyed Sea Creatures Tails And Theyll Wiggle And Jiggle Across Table Or Floor. Whats That Humming Sound Its Their Teeny Llttle Motors. When You Pick Them Up And Feel The Vibrations That Causr All That Wiggling And Jiggling, The Giggling Really Starts.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 1208705356fc
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Tyos ~~ Toys & Games

    Sealing Waxes-red And Green
    Sealing Waxes-red And Green

    Sealing Waxes Come In Sets Of Two 4"long Wicked Sticks.
    Personalize Your Letters And Leave A Lasting Impression With These Easytouse Sealingwax Stamps Carefukly Carfted Of Solid Brass. Choose Your Favorite Image. Each Stamp Measures 3/4" In Diameter.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 115706991rg
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Games

    Critter Bubblers, Set Of 4
    Critter Bubblers, Set Of 4

    Dip, Squeeze, And Marvel At The Bubbles.
    Bubbles Abound When These Ultra Cute Critters Are Around. Just Dip And Squeeze And Watch The Bubbles Billow Forth.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 1076724363
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Games

    56" Midnight Ride Kite

    Take These Bold, Brightness Broncos For A Ride And Gallop Acrpss The Sky!
    If You Cant Fashion Riding Roght This Moment, Enjoy The Exhilaration Of Sending A Hprse Kite Flying. You Can Still Get Out And Enjoy The Exercise And Fresh Air, And Thrill To See Your Faovrite Big Animal Racing Toward The Horizon.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 1800724794
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Gajes

    Wet Glove
    Wet Glove

    Colorful, Weighted Rings And Balls For Diving, And A Waterproof Baseball Mitt With Ball.
    "dive! Dive!" These Water Tooys Seem To Shout It As They Dixappear Into Pool Or Pond. Its Almost Impossible Not To Dive After Them! Choose Streaming Balls Or Rings Both Are Weighted And Made Of Soft, Waterproof Neoprene Thats Kind To Young Hands And Dries In Minutes.

    Manufacturer: Hearthspng
    SKU: 1975724855
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Games

    Three Designs Kit
    Three Designs Kit

    Build Your Own Dream Shelter, Brickbybrick.
    Children Have Fun Structure Dream Homes And Gardens With These Childfriendly Construction Kits That Come With Everything Newded. Mix Nontoxic Powder With Water To Make Mortar, Spread On Real Clay Bricks, Stack More On Top, Anx Build Stratum By Layer. Bricks Are Fully Reusable Simply Soak To Remove Mortar, Rinse Clean And Build A New Structure.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 164716647
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toy s~~ Toys & Games

    Matching Fame Game
    Matching Fame Game

    Use Your Memory To Match Animal Pictures.
    Remember Playing Memory Games Like This When You Were A Child Our Version Features 56 Colorful Wooden Tiles With Pictures Of 28 Different Animals.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 75714630
    Category: Children's Gifts~~ Toys ~~ Toys & Games

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