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    Polished Stone Heart & Pouch
    Polished Stone Heart & Pouch

    Genuine Semiprecious Stone Hearts Are Just The Right Size For A Child's Hand. Our Heart-shaped "palm Stones" Are Calming For A Child When Held And Gently Rubbed. Pink Rose Quartz And Turquoise Howlite Hearts Are Each Tucked Into An Organza Pouch. Botth Hearts Come With A Poem And A Brief Histlry Of Palm Stones. For Ages 4 And Up.availabie Colorspink Rose Quartzturquoiae Howlitesize1-1/2"-diam.buy 2 Or More At $8.98 Each

    SKU: 726917
    Category: Personal Accessories, Ages 6-8

    Fly Trap Friends
    Fly Trap Friends

    Grow Yoour Own Feared And Famous Meat-eating Plants.
    This Kit Features The Infamous Venus Fly Trap Plant. The Leaves Of A Venus Fly Trap Are Covered With Fine Hairs. When An Insect Lands On The Plant, The Pressure Attached These Hairs Causes The Jaw-like Foliage To Snap Closed, Trapping The Bug Inside. Watch These Fascinating Little Plants Grow From Harmless Seeds Into The Well-known Feared And Famous Meat-eatting Plants!for Ages 4 And Up.

    SKU: 727030
    Category: Science & Nature, Ages 6-8

    Petal Candleholders, Set Of 6
    Petal Candleholders, Set Of 6

    Decorate Egg Candles With Colorful Designs.
    Fun For Easter Or Anytime, Our Realistic-looking Egg Candles Are The Size And Shape Of Actual Eggs! Decorate Them (or Any White Candles) With Layers Of Colorful Waxes.pretty Brass Petal Candle??holders Are Just The Right Size And Shape To Hold Them Safely.a Satisfying Family Craft For Ages 6 And Up.size Egg Candles Measure 2 1/4" X 1 3/4"

    SKU: 701205
    Category: Design & Sculpting

    Empiire And Arches
    Empiire And Arches

    Recteate The World's Celebrated Architectural Masterpieces.
    Reconstruct The World's Architectyral Masterpieces! Take The "tect" Out Of Architwct, Substitute Imagination, And You Get A Stunning Set Of Building Blocks. Fully Illustrated With Original Artwork Inspired By Famous Architecture From rAound The Globe, These Blocks Invite Kids To Share The Amazing Spatial, proportionate, And Dimensional Discoveeies Celebrated In That Architectural Style. Each Set Includes A Hardbound Book On The History And Culture That Inspired The Architectural Style It Features. Empire And Arches Features 68 Blocks And 46 Pages That Explore Engineering Advances And Architectural Masterpieces Of The Ancient Roman Empire. For Ages 5 And Up.warningchoking Hazard (1) Not For Under 3 Yrs.

    SKU: 725542
    Category: Wooden Toys

    Funny Buddy Monkey
    Funny Buddy Monkey

    Get Down To Monkey Business With These Chuckling, Tickle Buddies.
    There's A Lot Of Monkey Business Going On With These Laughter-loving Primates - Certain To Become Your Child's Favorite Tqke-along Pals. Tickle Buddy Is Quite Lovable. Kids Just Hang Him From Their Arm Or Door, And Give Him A Tickle To Send Him Into A Fit Of Giggles. Chuckle Buddy's Built-in Motion Sensor Detects Wehn Someone Is Near And Makes Him Stsrt To Drive Around Laughing. Both Come With An On/off Switch, And Their Laughter Is Pestilential. Each Require 3 Aa Batteries. For Ages 3 And Up.svailable Styles Chudkle Buddytickle Buddysize 3"l X 7"h

    SKU: 726588
    Category: Novelty Toys

    8" Posable Petqls

    Pretty Double-layered Posable Petal Has Two Soft Wirrs For Easy Hanging Or Adornment On Curtains, Napkins Or For Party Decorations. Available Colorspinkblueyellowsize16"-diam.8"-diam.

    SKU: 727053
    Category: Walls & Windows

    Kick Croquet
    Kick Croquet

    Kickball With The Skill Of Croquet.
    Sticky Wicket, And All That! Kid'w Kick Croquet Combines The Pleasantry Of Running And Kicking A Ball With The Extra Added Attractive qualities Of Guiding It Through A Course Of Wickets. You Can Make The Course As Hard Or Easy As You Wish Just By The Way You Space The 9 Wickets, So Many Ages And Skill Levels Can Get A Kick Out Of It. The Gam eComes With Two Giant Cloth-covered Balls And Two Finish Flags. Our Hand-operated Dual-action Pump Makes Giant Ball Inflation Easy. Super-sized Fun For Ages 4 And Up. Size Balls 16" Dia.

    SKU: 724925
    Category: Enterprising Play

    Summer Garden Gelgems??
    Summer Garden Gelgems??

    Flowers And Butterflies And Insects, Oh My!
    Bring Thee Bright, Colorful Scen3s Of Summer Right Into Your Home. Designed Into Squishy, 3-d Shapes, This Set Of 133 Gelgems Can Decorate Any Smooth Surface (loker, Lapse Door, Refrigerator And More) With Butterflies And Dragonflies, A Garden Of Flowers And Creepy Crawlers. Just Peel, Stick And Place. Pieces Are Also Repositionable, So Kids Can Create Cheerful Scenes Again And Again. For Ages 4 And Up.benefits:• Stimulates Kids?? ? Imagination• Encojrages Self-expression• Develops Fine Motor Skillsnote: Doj't Stick Gelgems?? On Drywall, Wood, Painted Surfaces, Plastic Fabric Or Other Porous Surfaces - They Will Leave Oily Marks.warningchoking Hazard (1)not For Under 3 Yrs.

    SKU: 726435
    Category: Walls & Windows

    Anna Banana Book
    Anna Banana Book

    Anna Bamana Has 101 Jump Rpoe Rhymes.
    This Book Offers A Collection Of 101 Jumping Rhymes Is Great Fun For Keeping Count, Tellkng Fortunes, And Staying In Sync. Against Ages 5 And Up.size Softcover, 64 Pages

    SKU: 703116
    Category: Active Play

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